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Recommended: OS: Steams 2.0 Processor: Core i5-2500 3.30 GHz Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce GTS 450, Radon HD 5750 Storage: 2 GB available space Sound Card: Onboard ©2006-2017 Nippon CHI Software, Inc. ©2017 IS America, Inc. All rights reserved.

The expansion is not limited by a linear plot line but makes use of new ways to expand your empire. The Version 2 Update The release of the 2.0 upgrade expanded the game even further allowing you to pilot the larger TL class freighter.

Continue your quest to explore the universe, trade in over 90 sectors, with over 50 goods, upgrade your ship with dozens of wares available to you by 5 unique alien races and protect yourself from the hostile Xenon. Jump to navigationJump to search Sega Genesis model 2 (North America)The Sega Genesis, known as the Mega Drive in regions outside of North America, is a 16-bitvideo game console that was developed and sold by Sega.

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First released in Japan in 1988, in North America on August 14, 1989, and in PAL regions in 1990, the Genesis is Sega's third console and the successor to the Master System. The system supports a library of 713 games created both by Sega and a wide array of third-party publishers and delivered on ROM cartridges.

It can also play the complete library of Master System games when the separately sold Power Base Converter is installed. The console and its games continue to be popular among fans, collectors, video game music fans, and emulation enthusiasts.

Many games have also been re-released in compilations for newer consoles and offered for download on various digital distribution services, such as Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam. The Genesis library was initially modest, but eventually grew to contain games to appeal to all types of players.

The initial pack-in title was Altered Beast, which was later replaced with Sonic the Hedgehog. A large part of the appeal of the Genesis library during the console's lifetime was the arcade -based experience of its games, as well as more difficult entries such as Echo the Dolphin and sports games such as Joe Montana Football.

Compared to its competition, Sega advertised to an older audience by hosting more mature games, including the uncensored version of Mortal Kombat. This is an alphabetical list of released games for the Sega Genesis.

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Included in this list are titles not licensed by Sega, including releases in Taiwan by several developers such as Game, as well as releases by Accolade before being licensed following the events of Sega v. Accolade. This list also includes titles developed by unlicensed third-party developers after the discontinuation of the Genesis, such as Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

A few games were only released exclusively on the Sega Channel subscription service, which was active from 1994 to 1998, in the US. This means that, whilst cartridges were officially released for use on PAL and Japanese consoles, they were unavailable physically in the US.

Western Technologies Freight Technologies Sega March 27, 1992January 1992 March 1992 Art of Fighting Russo no Ken JP Sega January 14, 1994October 1994March 1994 Aster ix and the Great Rescue Core Design Sega Unreleased June 1994December 1993 Aster ix and the Power of the Gods Core Design Sega Unreleased April 1995 Atomic Rookie MicronicsTreco December 14, 1990October 1990Unreleased Atomic Runner Chekhov JP Data Estate East NA/JP Sega PAL October 16, 1992July 1992 1992 ATP Tour Championship Tennis SIMS Sega Unreleased 1994March 1995 Australian Rugby League I-Space Interactive Electronic Arts Unreleased 1994 Awesome Possum... Kicks Dr. Machine's Butt Assam Possum JP TengenTengen December 25, 1993November 25, 1993Unreleased B.O.B.

AccoladeBallistic Unreleased June 1991June 1991 HardBall III Mind span Technologies Accolade Unreleased May 1993Unreleased Hardball '94 Mind span Technologies Accolade Unreleased 1994July 1994 Hardball '95 Mind span Technologies Cygnus Multimedia Accolade Unreleased June 1995Unreleased Harukanaru Augusta T&E Softie Soft December 17, 1993Unreleased Unreleased Haunting starring Pottery Electronic All-electronic Arts Unreleased October 1993November 1993 Head-On Soccer Fever Pitch Soccer PAL U.S. Gold. S. Gold Unreleased 1995June 30, 1995 Heavy Nova Holocrine Micronet Unreleased January 1992 Unreleased Heavy Unit: Mega Drive Special Advance Communication Co. Too December 26, 1990Unreleased Unreleased Hellfire NCS Malaya JP Seismic NA Sega PAL September 28, 1990November 1990May 1992 Herzog Wei Technosoft JP Sega NA/PAL December 15, 1989January 11, 19901989 High Seas Havoc PAL Captain Lang JP Data Estate East NA/JP Code masters EU April 22, 1994August 16, 1993January 1994 Hit the Ice System Tokyo Tito Unreleased January 1993 Unreleased Home Alone Brian A.

Rice, Inc. Sega Unreleased November 1992 November 1992 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Sega Interactive Development Division Sega Unreleased 1993Unreleased Honor no Tokyo: Dodge Dania Sega CS Sega July 10, 1992Unreleased Unreleased Hook UkiyoteiCore Design Sony Image soft Unreleased August 1993November 1993 The Humans Imagine DesignGameTek Unreleased 1992Unreleased Hurricanes Arc Developments U.S. Gold Unreleased 1994 The Hybrid Front Sega CS Sega July 22, 1994Unreleased Unreleased Hookworm Human Jim Japan System House Sega August 7, 1992Unreleased Unreleased IMG International Tour Tennis High Score Productions Electronic Arts Unreleased 19941994 The Immortal Wizard of the Immortal JP Sandcastle ProductionsElectronic Arts NA/PAL Electronic Arts Victor JP August 10, 1993November 19911991 The Incredible Crash Dummies Gray Matter Inc. Flying Edge Unreleased 19941994 The Incredible Hulk Probe Software. S. Gold Unreleased July 1994June 1994 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Vertex. S.

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Gold NA/PAL Sega JP July 24, 1992June 1992 July 1992 Olympic Summer Games: Atlanta 1996 Vertex Black Pearl Software Unreleased August 1996August 1996 Onslaught Code Monkeys Ltd. Ballistic Unreleased July 1991Unreleased The Ooze Sega Technical Institute Sega September 22, 1995May 6, 1995December 1995 Operation Europe: Path to Victory Europa Sense JP Koei January 16, 19931993Unreleased Osomatsu-kun: Hachamecha GEICO Sega December 24, 1988Unreleased Unreleased The Artifacts GraftgoldSega Unreleased October 1993 Outlander GraftgoldMindscape Unreleased December 1992 Unreleased Out Run Hertz Co., Ltd. Sega August 9, 1991October 1991November 1991 Outrun 2019 Hertz Co., Ltd. SIMS JP Sega NA/PAL March 26, 1993March 1993 Gunrunners Sega AM1Sega JP Data East NA May 13, 1994June 14, 1994September 12, 1994 P.T.O.

Gold MicroProse Unreleased 1993Unreleased Pit-Fighter Sterling Silver Software Ten gen March 27, 1992November 1991April 1992 Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Redline Games Activision Unreleased December 1994December 1994 Pocahontas FuncomDisney Interactive Unreleased March 1996September 1996 Populous Bullfrog ProductionsElectronic Arts NA/PAL Sega JP August 9, 1991December 1990December 1990 Power Drive Rage Software. S. Gold Unreleased January 1995January 1995 Power monger Bullfrog Productions Sprites Electronic Arts NA/PAL Electronic Arts Victor JP June 18, 1993March 1993 Power ball Wrestle Ball JP Namco February 8, 1991April 1991 Predator 2 Teeny Weeny GamesKrisalis SoftwareArena Entertainment Unreleased September 1992September 1992 Premier Manager Realms of Fantasy Gremlin Interactive Sega Unreleased November 1995 Premier Manager 97 Gremlin Interactive Sega Unreleased October 31, 1996, Primal Rage Probe EntertainmentTime Warner Interactive Unreleased August 25, 1995August 25, 1995 Prime Time NFL Starring Dan Sanders Spectacular Games Sega Unreleased 1996Unreleased Prince of Persia DomarkTengen NA Do mark PAL Unreleased January 1994March 1994 Pro Moves Soccer During Swimwear Unreleased 1994Unreleased Pro Quarterback Leland Interactive MediaTradewest Unreleased December 1992 Unreleased Pro Striker Final Stage NextechSega August 4, 1995Unreleased Unreleased Psy-O-Blade T&E Soft Sigma Enterprises April 27, 1990Unreleased Unreleased Psycho Pinball Codemasters Unreleased November 25, 1994, Peggy Traveler's TalesKrisalis SoftwarePsygnosis Unreleased January 6, 1994November 15, 1993 Pulse man Game Freak Sega July 22, 1994Unreleased Unreleased The Punisher Sculptured SoftwareCapcom Unreleased February 1995February 1995 Puyo Compile Sega December 18, 1992Unreleased Unreleased Puyo Thou Compile December 2, 1994Unreleased Unreleased Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R Legacy Sega January 13, 1995Unreleased Unreleased Puzzle & Action: Tanker Sega April 1, 1994Unreleased Unreleased Quack shot starring Donald Duck I Love Donald Duck: Georgia Of no Thou JP Sega AM7Sega December 20, 1991November 1991 1991 Quad Challenge Megagray JP Now ProductionNamco August 6, 1991October 1991Unreleased R.B.I.

... The Warehouse GameShijou Said no Soundbar JP NCS Malaya JP DreamWorks NA January 30, 1990May 1990Unreleased Show do Milan Tectoy Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased BR (2001) Show do Milan vol.2 Tectoy Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased BR (2002) SEURA no Mon SIMS Sega August 7, 1992Unreleased Unreleased Side Pocket Data East NA/JP Sega PAL December 11, 1992August 1992 1992 The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants Arc Developments Flying Edge Unreleased June 1992 1992 The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare Sculptured SoftwareFlying Edge Unreleased 19931993 Skeleton Crew Core Design Unreleased 19951995 Skit chin' Electronic Arts Unreleased 19941994 Slam Dunk: YouGov Markov Takes! SIMSBandai April 28, 1995Unreleased Unreleased Slap Fight MD MM Software Ten gen June 11, 1993Unreleased Unreleased Slaughter Sports Man JP Spirits Razor soft October 12, 1990December 20, 1991 1990 The Smurfs Infogrames Unreleased 1995 The Smurfs: Tour of the World Infogrames Unreleased 1996 Snake Rattle 'n' Roll Rare Sega Unreleased 1993 Snow Bros.: Nick & Tom Kaplan / CubeTengen May 28, 1993Unreleased Unreleased Socket Time Dominator 1st JP Vic Tokai March 25, 1994August 17, 1993Unreleased Solace Wolf TeamRenovation Products Unreleased April 1992 Unreleased Sonic 3D Blast Sonic 3D Flicker' Island PAL Traveler's Tales Sega Unreleased November 7, 1996November 14, 1996 Sonic & Knuckles Sonic Team Sega October 18, 1994October 18, 1994October 18, 1994 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Team Sega July 26, 1991June 23, 19911991 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sonic Team Sega November 21, 1992November 1992 1992 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Sonic Team Sega May 27, 1994February 2, 1994February 24, 1994 Sonic Pinball Sega Technical Institute Sega December 10, 1993November 18, 1993November 26, 1993 Sorcerer's Kingdom Soccer Kingdom JP NCS Tr eco February 7, 1992January 1993 1992 Norwegian Sega AM6Sega February 24, 1990Unreleased Unreleased Space Harrier II Sega October 29, 1988August 14, 1989November 30, 1990 Space Invaders '91 Space Invaders 90 JP Taito September 7, 1990April 19911991 Sparser: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 Konami September 23, 1994February 22, 1994May 8, 1994 Speedball 2 Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe NA The Bitmap BrothersArena Entertainments JP June 19, 1992December 1991October 1992 Spider-Man: The Animated Series Western Technologies Acclaim Entertainment Unreleased 1993Unreleased Spider-Man vs.

EA CanadaElectronic Arts Unreleased October 1992 1992 Where in Time is Carmen Santiago? EA CanadaElectronic Arts Unreleased March 1992 1992 Whip Rush: Watusi Voltages no NATO JP Vic TokaiSega JP Renovation Products NA May 26, 1990October 1990Unreleased Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits Midway Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits PAL Digital Eclipse Software Image Impressions Williams Entertainment Unreleased 19961996 Wimbledon Championship Tennis Wimbledon EU SIMS Sega May 20, 1994October 19931993 Winter Challenge Mind Span Technologies Ballistic NA Accolade PAL Unreleased January 1992 1992 Winter Olympics: Lille hammer 94 Vertex. S.

Gold NA Six PAL Sega JP February 11, 1994December 1993February 1994 Wiz 'n' Liz Wiz 'n' Liz: The Frantic Wabbit Rescue PAL Raising Hell ProductionsKrisalis SoftwarePsygnosis Unreleased November 1993October 10, 1993 Wolf child Core DesignKrisalis Software Unreleased December 1993Unreleased Wolverine: Adamantine Rage Teeny Weeny GamesAcclaim Entertainment Unreleased November 19941994 Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair AicomSega December 22, 1990Unreleased April 1991 Wonder Boy in Monster World Wonder Boy V: Monster World III JP Burma The Monica Na Terra dos Monstrous BR WestoneSega October 25, 1991March 1992 April 1992BR (1994) World Championship Soccer World Cup Italia '90 PAL World Cup Soccer JP Sega July 29, 1989September 1989December 1990 World Championship Soccer 2 World Championship Soccer II NA GraftgoldSega Unreleased 19941994 World Class Leaderboard Golf Access SoftwareTiertexU. S. Gold Unreleased November 1992 1992 World Cup USA '94 Vertex. S.

zeno sama dragon ball super torneio wallpapers
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Gold Unreleased 19941994 World Heroes Sega Midwest Studio Sega Unreleased 19941994 World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck I Love Mickey & Donald: Fashion Na Magic Box JP Sega AM7Sega December 18, 1992December 17, 1992December 19, 1992 World Series Baseball Bluesy Software Sega Unreleased May 1994Unreleased World Series Baseball '95 Bluesy Software Sega Unreleased May 1995Unreleased World Series Baseball '96 Bluesy Software Sega Unreleased July 1996Unreleased World Series Baseball '98 Bluesy Software Sega Unreleased September 1997 Unreleased Worms Team17 East Point Software Ocean Software Unreleased 1995 Wrestle War Sega June 28, 1991Unreleased June 1991 WWF Raw Sculptured SoftwareAcclaim Entertainment December 31, 19951994November 1994 WWF Royal Rumble Sculptured SoftwareFlying Edge NA/PAL Acclaim Entertainment JP March 25, 1994November 1993November 1993 WWF Super WrestleMania Sculptured SoftwareFlying Edge Unreleased December 1992 1992 WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game Sculptured SoftwareAcclaim Entertainment Unreleased November 19951995 X-Men Western Technologies Sega Unreleased March 19931993 X-Men 2: Clone Wars HeadgamesZonoSega Unreleased May 15, 19951995 Experts Abalone Entertainment Deep Water Unreleased 1996Unreleased DR: X-Dazedly-Ray Affect Unpack August 26, 1990Unreleased Unreleased Xenon 2: Mega blast The Bitmap BrothersVirgin Games Unreleased February 1992 Yogi Bear: Cartoon Capers Empire InteractiveGameTek Unreleased 1994 Is III: Wanderers from Is Riot Nixon Falcon JP Renovation Products NA November 1, 1991December 1991 Unreleased Yuyun Harsh: Garden Gas Entertainment Sega September 30, 1994Unreleased Unreleased Y Harsh Mayo Titsusen Treasure Sega January 28, 1994Unreleased Unreleased An: Sasha Enbukyoku Wolf TeamTelenet Japan March 29, 1991Unreleased Unreleased Zany Golf Sandcastle ProductionsElectronic Arts Unreleased 19901990 Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel Iguana EntertainmentSunsoft Unreleased November 1994July 1994 Zero Tolerance TechnopopAccolade Unreleased 19941994 Zero Wing ToaplanCube Kaplan JP Sega PAL May 31, 1991Unreleased July 1992 Zombies Ate My Neighbors Zombies EU LucasArtsKonami Unreleased November 19931993 Pool Gremlin GraphicsGameTek NA Electronic Arts PAL Unreleased 19931993 Zoom! Discovery SoftwareCyclone SystemSigma Pro-Tech Sega January 13, 1990January 19901990 Loop HookstonePanelcomp Viacom New Media Unreleased 19951995 Sega Mega net, also known as the Net Work System, was an online service for the Mega Drive in Japan.

Utilizing dial-up Internet access, Mega net was Sega's first online multiplayer gaming service, and functioned on a pay to play basis. The system functioned through the use of a peripheral called the Mega Modem and offered several unique titles that could be downloaded, and a few could be played competitively with friends.

In addition, it shared technology and equipment with more serious services such as the Mega Answer, used for banking purposes. Though the system was announced for North America under the rebranded name “Telekinesis”, it was never released for that region.

Most of these games never received a cartridge release; however, Columns, Flick, Fatal Labyrinth, and Teddy Boy Blues each later saw cartridge versions. Due to issues with long-distance charges through the use of telephone lines, as well as seconds of lag time between commands, only two games featured competitive play: Tel-Tel Stadium and Tel-Tel Mahjong, with the remainder of the games available for single players via download.

Due to Sega's reluctance to commit to releasing the service in North America, third-party developers in that region were unwilling to invest in developing games specifically for Mega net. This resulted in a low number of titles created for the service.

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Studio Fazzy 1992Unreleased Unreleased Human LE Tao QI SHU: Smart Mouse Chuanpu Technology Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased TW (1992) Joshua & the Battle of Jericho Wisdom TreeWisdom Tree Unreleased 1994 Unreleased Legend of Kong Wu com Legend TW Game Ming Technology TW Super Fighter Team NA Unreleased December 3, 2008Unreleased TW (1996) Link Dragon Singly Jumbo Team Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased TW (1993) Magic Girl Featuring Ling the Little Witch Gamtec TW Super Fighter Team NA Unreleased December 24, 2015Unreleased TW (1992) Pier Solar and the Great Architects WaterMelon December 20, 2010December 20, 2010December 20, 2010 Shut HU Fend Run Chuan Never Ending Soft Team Never Ending Soft Team Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased TW (1996) Spiritual Warfare Wisdom Tree Unreleased 1994 Unreleased Squirrel King Gamtec Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased TW (1996) Tangle wood Big Evil Corporation Big Evil Corporation August 14, 2018August 14, 2018August 14, 2018 Tanker Mikael Til lander Mega Cat Studios 2019 2019 2019 Thunderbolt II Sun Green Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased TW (1993) Tom Clown AV Artisan Related Unreleased 1993Unreleased Ultracore Digital Illusions CE Abstractly Limited Unreleased March 2019March 2019 Whac-a-CritterMallet Legend TW AV Artisan Related Unreleased 1993Unreleased TW (1993) Reno Crisis Bitmap Bureau 201820182018 Yang Warrior Family Taiwan Sank yo Information Co., Ltd. Taiwan Sank yo Information Co., Ltd. ^ Japanese : Hepburn : Mega Dories ^ Sega Service Manual (Supplement): Mega Drive II/Genesis II.

^ “Cartridge Console With 15 Sega Mega drive Games”. “Interview: Star Odyssey and The Challenge of Bringing Dead Games Back to Life”.

“GDC 06: Revolution to play Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 games”. “Sega Vintage Collection 2 games Hit Xbox Live Arcade”.

^ a b c d e f g h “Mega Drive Master List (Sega)” (in Japanese). ^ a b c d e f g h “Mega Drive Master List (Licensees)” (in Japanese).

^ Sega Visions Volume #1, Issue #7, Pages 44-45 ^ Electronic Gaming Monthly #42, pg. “Space Turtle Ship (Uzi Keobukseon)”.

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