Jobs As A Zoo Keeper

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 25 July, 2021
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Many zookeepers specialize in a specific area, such as working with birds, big cats, elephants, or aquatic species. They might also assist with reproductive procedures and raise young animals to propagate endangered species kept in their zoo.

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Zookeepers are animal professionals who are responsible for maintaining the health of their charges as well as ensuring proper maintenance of their habitat. Zookeepers play a role in educational programs offered to the public in many zoos and parks.

Education: A zookeeper typically has a degree in an animal-related field such as animal science, biology, or zoology. Physical fitness: This job requires kneeling, climbing, crawling, and even running.

Employment of animal care workers in general is expected to increase by 22% from 2016 through 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and this is much faster than the average for all occupations. Even though the salary isn't particularly high for this position, it's fairly difficult to land a job as a zookeeper nonetheless.

This career might not show such significant growth compared to other job options in the animal industry. Some zookeepers advance to managerial roles within the zoo, or they eventually go on to pursue careers in veterinary medicine.

They can be bitten, scratched, kicked, or otherwise harmed by frightened or wild animals that aren't accustomed to human contact. Zookeepers must be prepared to work evenings, weekends, and holidays because zoo animals need care 24/7.

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Another noted educational option is the Exotic Animal Training Management program at Moor park College in California. This associate degree program is 22 months, and students gain hands-on experience working in a zoo setting while also attending classes.

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Hadoop, HFS, Spark, Hive, Scoop, Kafka, Yarn, Zookeeper etc. * Experience in Scala, Python, PySpark, Java, Rest API, Microservices etc.

* Experience performing root cause analysis on internal and ... As a zookeeper, you care for zoo animals and educate visitors in a zoological park.

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