Is Zero No Tsukaima Anime Worth Watching

James Lee
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 19 min read

Zeronotsukaima is set in a fantasy world where the nobles stay separately from the commoners and can practice magic. The story focuses on a magic school academy for the nobles and on the day that they are to summon their partners, the female lead summons a boy from another world which is our world I guess, however, she believes he is a commoner from her world and treats him like a slave, little do they know that he will become the legendary partner or familiar that can own with a sword. The story is unique as it differs from your usual fantasy anime, though it does inculcate the typical main character is drawn into another dimension theme it does not focus so much on that, so it does not seem cliché.

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Also, if your thinking of Harry Potter or something along that line then you are sadly mistaken, the magic is totally different. The art is quite appealing and suitable for a romantic comedy but there is no exceptional features.

The character is what make the show so interesting, each character has some kind of depth and makes the story very comical at times, especially since the male lead is kind of perverted, so it gets funny cause the female lead will start blasting bolts at him whenever he is WTH another girl. Also, the characters do show maturity when the time requires it so it's not totally spatial, which is what makes the story a good romantic comedy.

My opinion This is my first review so please don't attack me... Ps I love to spell shit wrong so look out for that. So ZeronoTsukaima is just a really fun anime, that was just simply easy to watch and fully enjoy.

The comedy is all in good taste and is placed well though out the anime keeping for the most part a light-hearted feel. Though that doesn't mean that there isn't a fair share of drama, the art style I feel was very well-used to depicted so of the more heart wrenching moments of the which there are many.

To make it as blunt as possible, you probably shouldn't watch this show unless a) you're under 16 or b) you're unreasonably obsessed with Louise. The premise of this inane little harem romance is that a boy called Saith from modern Japan is sucked into a fantasy world named Halkeginia by an incompetent thunder witch girl named Louise and becomes her familiar. He is subsequently beset by numerous confessions of love from such starkly original characters as a large-breasted vixen, a demure maid, and a REI/Yuri clone, but of course, this story is about Louise, and it's her who he ends up with.

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There's some sort of plot involving a Staff of Destruction, and then later on Louise almost gets married to a mustache, and then the REI clone goes crazy in the third season, etc., but this show's main focus is putting the male protagonist into WACKY situations like that time he accidentally touched that girl's breast and then Louise used magic to blow him up! Unfortunately, I am in the grossly unenviable position of having watched this as a teenager and have therefore become inextricably attached to Louise, who I will not hear one bad word about.

Case in point: the fourth and final season, in which Louise and Saith move into a house together, and he insists upon inviting the maid character along with them, not only to live with, but to share their bed. On the other hand, the romantic development for the first and second seasons is solid enough despite the inevitable harem stupidity.

Why you may ask well one I only own the first season of The Familiar of Zero on DVD and secondly at this time of the review I have no interest of watching and reviewing its squeals and from what I have been told from my mates told that the squeals for The Familiar of Zero are not that good. Sadly, for Louise her studies in spell casting are not good at all and all of her attempts at magic end up backfiring in an explosive manner which has earned her the nickname “Louise the Zero.” Too, add insult too, injury in her latest failure in the mystical arts occurred during the familiar summoning ceremony were sorcerers age expected too, call forth an animal companion.

Instead of summoning something great like a Dragon or a bear, Louise summons up a teenage boy from Tokyo named Saith and from they're the relationship with Louise and Saith beings. Personally I found the story of the Familiar of Zero too, be pretty enjoyable for the most.

Also, the comedy of the Familiar of Zero can be a hit or miss for some but for me the comedy are enjoyable too, some degree but the gag about Saith having too, washing her panties gets really annoying as the season progresses. Now I have been told from my mates that Louise are the worst thunder girl and too, be honest she’s not that bad.

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Sure at times she can be annoying with her abuse behavior too, Saith and also she is loud and whinny but for the most part she’s a meh character overall. I can definitely see people hate her but as for me, I found her too, be tolerable at best.

Next we have been Saith whom are you typical generic each shnen, brave, protective and never wanting too, give up. But hey least they enjoyable too, watch unlike the cast of Love China.

Visually The Familiar of Zero are decent with a standard looking world and character deigns. Sure they're are some good actions scenes now and then but the most part the art and animation are standard tier expect for the fights.

The soundtrack for the Familiar of Zero are actually good, and it really fits with the mood and atmosphere of the anime. RIE Bulimia as Louise was great, and it was easily the best performance from this anime.

Along with its squeals are like buying Assassin’s Creed Unity Notre Dame Edition on launch. The Familiar Of Zero are available from MM Entertainment in the UK, and they currently licensed all four seasons on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Alternatively you can visit my profile and go too my straw poll link, and you can vote from they're. Anyway this was Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger and I will see you guys next time.

EH. Ok I guess nowadays I really only watch anime to kill time because I have no money to go out, so I pretty much have become accustomed to the same old cliché. The way they slowly added pieces to the puzzle definitely kept you enthralled.

However, despite this the story was totally predictable, and you had almost the whole story figured out about halfway to two thirds through, again it was only 13 episodes, so I guess that might be reasonable. The character models where pretty good I think. Louise' light pink hair almost made me overlook her incredibly overbearing, selfish personality, which is a common thread in anime of this genre.

The opening theme wasn't too bad and worked well with the story's basic premise of literally starting with a kiss. The background music was actually quite appealing and gave life to some short-lived fight scenes.

The anime is utterly cliché with the same nice guy, mean girl act. Why is it that in 70% of the anime I watch the main protagonist always chooses the girl that treats him the worst, in this case the female lead treats the protagonist like a pet.

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For example, for all 13 episodes the male lead (Saith) sleeps on the floor on a stack of hey without even a blanket, while the female lead (Louise) sleeps in a luxurious queen size bed. The developers also focus too much on cheap laughs through excessive and unnecessary violence from Louise.

To be honest it's not funny, and it's just plain annoying I don't understand how they came up with 3 seasons. In a nutshell Saith is a cliché Mr. Nice Guy character who really has no real reason to even endure or like Louise, but still ends up with her in the end, even when there was another character whom he liked and was treated way better by.

I just wish once that the protagonist would fall for the underdog instead of the romantically cliché female lead. How will Saith survive in this new world? The art is very poor in this anime, and at first the jokes are really lame.

If you do decide to watch this series, just know that the next 3 seasons were not dubbed due to it not selling well in English. Most likely Anime is a way of expressing a story, which is what it was mainly invented for.

Our main character as the synopsis says, Saith cannot return to the real world, so he's stuck with whatever occurs throughout the anime without being able to do anything until he accepts the fact that he can't go back and embraces where he is now. However, with several plot twists that occur, all I can say is, “Wow, I had a bad feeling that would happen”.

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I thought I'd be annoyed with the old school 'huge shine on eye thingy', but it never really bothered me as it actually personified them. The characters are pretty consistent, but my main problem here is that there isn't a good amount of background information given for the main protagonists, but they give a big background check of a side character.

! Spoilers but you will need to read this b4 you watch 100%!OK, so I could write a complicated review about why I disliked this so much, but I'm to lazy to do that so here it goes. Story: OK of Dude gets pulled out of some dimensional ass, and is just told to deal with it.

And she treats him like an animal, not a human for some odd reason I can't wrap my mind around. Art: The only good-looking character is the red haired Slutty chick, so that's that but not so bad I guess.

Sound: I wanted to kill myself after hearing the dub, so I went sub. The bitch sounds like a 4th grader who has parents with more money than King Justin Fiber.

It was so King hard to watch after like EP 8 and I kinda began to hate it... Mostly because of the Bitch, and the MC. MC clearly loves the flat chested bitch for some odd reason, even though he has someone like King Siesta and that just pissed me of, so god-damn much.

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He's a firing pussy for not King that red haired hot chick, who actually was nice to him and offered it multiple times. He is like, legit just got pulled out of his everyday life by some bitch and he accepts it.

Then there's the ungrateful bitch who takes MC for granted and legit abuses him daily. MC puts up with her BS and does not give a OK, which also blows my mind.

She legit makes him sleep on the King floor, like are you dumb he has saved you multiple times and is a OG badass(and pussy) but you treat him like garbage. ZeroNoTsukaima is, in my opinion, a good anime I'd recommend to people who like watching adventure anime with romance, magic and comedy in it (like Natasha).

I'd say there are some scenes which are a bit perverted and are rated, but that's what an each anime is, right? A wizard named Louise Francoise Blanc de La Dallier isn't exactly your average wizard. She is lousy at performing spells and when she attempts to conjure one, something ends up exploding.

During a sacred school ritual where she is supposed to summon her lifetime companion and protector called a familiar, she ends up summoning a Japanese human, Saito. In the end, Louise is stuck with Saith whether she likes it or not and vice versa.

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The boy (Saith), being a protagonist, has somehow got to have a role, too and has therefore also an awesome power. Character: I like Louise's personality a lot: strong, confident and sometimes stubborn.

But what I think lacks is Saith's personality. I mean, she treats him like a pet, yet he lives with it.? It would've been better if he'd at least disobey her a bit. You'll see what I mean after watching some episodes.

Overall: I think this anime deserves 8 points overall; the two points I don't give it are due to the lack of the story's originality... don't get me wrong, the story's very good, but it's kind of predictable... that's the only problem. Having watched through all four seasons, I now feel like I have the right to write a review for someone who may be considering picking this anime up for the first time.

It doesn't have particularly long-running arcs or major plots or complex twists and turns. It doesn't make you think in depth about what could happen next as it's relatively predictable, and it certainly does not have a complicated romance plot.

However, it's light-hearted, easy to follow, enjoyable to watch, and it made me smile through it. So if you are looking for something fun to watch on a rainy day to pick you up, it's worth a shot.

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There is a ceremony being held for the students to summon their 'familiar' who will stay with them as their servant for the rest of their lives. All the other students have already summoned theirs, ranging from fire salamander to a giant piglet.

However, when Louise, who is renowned for being shit at magic, tries she summons a fricking human. Even so, everyone seems to thin this is the short straw and Louise is not impressed, which doesn't make sense since he is by far the most useful out of them.

SPOILERS[Remember that fucking ring thing with the water fairy? Yeah, so do I, but the authors didn't] However, there is a possible reason for not many people shitting all over this anime too much.

The original LN author, Nobody Yamaguchi, died before writing the last two books, leaving his Kauai to attempt to finish things up. And so I guess this time it can be forgiven, as at least Saith x Louise got pretty much canon, but then again, it was from about episode 6 (out of 50).

Us anime viewers are well accustomed to people being shot, cut in half, and killed in many ways. However, for whatever reason I, and many other viewers, found some stuff in TNT hard to watch.

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And it wasn't the actual fight scenes, as they were very toned down, but the sheer amount of tsundere-induced domestic violence, Saith is subject to intense uncensored whipping sessions which he doesn't even seem to mind all that much. However, he does get Louise back by performing the most dramatic male bitch slaps ever to come out of anime.

The cast is as big as you'd expect from a 4 season anime, the main character is Saith, who I'd rank slightly higher than your average MC, but still incredibly flawed. Louise is the main heroine and love interest, who is an A class thunder, and extreme caution should be taken when in the range of her whip.

Saith also acquires a respectable harem, including the maid Siesta; dandier Tabitha; literal slut Circle, oppai-elf Tiffany and Henrietta, the queen of the entire country. There are a load of others, but honorable mention to Jean-sensei, who was the best character up to and including 'the event with him as the main part of it'.

The plot was decent, however cannot be enjoyed by anyone who remembers anything before two episodes ago or has any interest in world lore or continuity in general. A standard, unchanging reasonable quality, albeit with slightly dodgy looking action scenes.

CONCLUSION If you like long romances, vanilla fantasy and tsunderes, or you just enjoy yourself a good bit of BDSM, then watch it, if not then don't force yourself too. If you've seen similar shnen JC Staff shows like Shaken no Shana or Rail gun, then its on the same street as those.

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Well, we have guy from Japan, named Saith who is summoned by magical girl from other world, as familiar spirit. Lots of gags, misunderstandings and more, more event that make you roll on the floor from laugh.

ZeronoTsukaima is a very enjoyable anime series that was well worth the time to put into. It's one of those anime that had a lot to tell in 49 episodes, not rushed like some anime that only have 20+ episodes, sometimes leaving viewers in dismay of how short a good show could be.

ZeronoTsukaima begins with the main female protagonist, Louise de La Dallier is the dunce of her class in Tristan Academy for magicians. However, on the day that her class must summon a familiar each for themselves, Louise summons a commoner from another world: a young boy from Japan named Hi raga Saith, ultimately forming a bond and becomes the main male protagonist.

I took great pleasure and joy in seeing Saith and Louise make names for themselves going from Zero's to Hero's both in their own rights. I can say I felt sad for some characters, especially Siesta because she is in a one-sided love with Saith while Louise is in the way.

But there are some redeemable characters like Quiche, Circle, Tabitha, they're just the perfect supporting side players in the plot, sometimes shining in some scenes with some epic fights. As an honest guy, I liked Circle a lot, especially because of her sexy looks and most of all, she's just perfect in the typical harem anime.

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Some might not enjoy Harry Potter-esque shows like ZeronoTsukaima, but this romance comedy is just classic! I have found myself literally crying from laughter because of how funny some moments can be.

I don't believe in perfection unless it's something like Final Fantasy VII or Beethoven's Symphony No. Perfect length to be an amazing series in 49 episodes, not rambling on like Naruto and Pokémon.

And this is a very cute anime, especially on a person like me who has a penchant for romance series. This is fantasy based, so if those seek some more realistic ones, I would recommend Toreador or Anchor Mid-sea, or even Angel Beats.

Some characters can be bland, one-dimensional, but the loving relationship between Louise and Saith is just beautiful in this romantic comedy! The main story has as many plot holes as you can imagine (without taking into consideration how bad it is itself).

The music is really stupid and even though it goes with the quot;atmosphere" of the show it could have been a lot better (believe me, I'm being pretty generous). Nevertheless, the reason I enjoyed his show despite all and every bad aspect is because of it sense of humor. So if you really don't mind those incredible bad aspects, and you want to laugh a little then give it a chance.

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Funny episodes but the overall storyline was too predictable. I'm sure the creators intentions were for this anime to be light-hearted and straight forward. For the fantasy + magic genre, you'd generally expect something from the plot line.

Yep, here’s another anime with a cliché character, a subpar plot, and a ridiculous amount of fan service. It failed in almost every aspect and is actually a terrible anime despite its huge fan base.

Every anime needs a good, gripping story to entertain its viewers right? A simple summary of the story would be that Saith, a normal, everyday teenager was suddenly dragged into an unknown world and made a familiar by a magician nicknamed as Zero Louise, due to her lack of talent in using magic.

From that simple summary, one can guess that this would be an epic tale about two legends, trying to fulfill their destinies while encountering numerous hardships along the way, all while developing a romantic relationship between the two. Unfortunately though, the author just decided to go “Fuck that shit, who needs a decent plot when we got a thunder main heroine, a revert main hero, lots of tits and an entire harem at our disposal?” Yes, this is exactly what happened to TNT.

Instead of creating an intricate and enjoyable story and focusing on developing the plot, they just decided to give us a crap ton of fan service, tits, a harem, and then proceeded to screw up the plot and rely on half-baked comedy and tits to try and hook its viewers. One of the running gags in TNT is that the MC, Saith, is an idiot who cannot seem to be able to hold in his boner and literally just drools of every boob he sees, and then proceeds to get dragged into the most awkward circumstances, and then gets beaten up by Louise.

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Well, as you would expect, the plot turned into a complete mush that only serves to further Saith’s harem(I would explain his harem later) and to create more opportunities for them to insert their stupid gag instead of actually developing the plot. The last thing that I would like to mention is about the lack of details and proper explanations in TNT.

Like for example, in one instance, MC Saith is trapped in a room with only a brick wall separating him from his enemies and apparent death, but then guess what? Such ridiculous plot armor only exists in fairy tales, and in my opinion it is completely retarded to even try to incorporate them into anime.

To sum it all up, I give it a 4/10, just because it is utterly ridiculous up to the point that they might as well add “the power of love” as one their plot armors. Then there’s Siesta, a typical maid who becomes a bitch after she falls in love Saith turns into a slutty bitch after who does absolutely nothing but press her boobs onto Saith in hopes of getting noticed after four seasons.

After that, there’s Tabitha, your typical silent, mysterious girl stereotype that has as many expressions as Kristen Stewart who is still the same girl she is after four seasons, except being able to blush and sneaking into Saith’s bed while hoping to get laid or something(no really I’m serious). Then comes in Princess Henrietta, a stereotype girl who seems refined and Stoic outside, but apparently has a habit of seducing our MC Saith whenever no one’s around.

You see, there’s your problem; The supposed main characters are all bitches who could all have had a good, deep personality in them are all reduced into mere bitches who fight over Saith’s attention. Now, although there a lot of instances wherein their characters could’ve been fleshed out, like when their backstory is explored in an arc, what the anime does instead is to make the girls seem all helpless and make Saith save them and as a result, they fall in love with him.

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Heck, I even think that some side characters have deeper personalities and are more fleshed out than the actual MC’s. I mean, Agnes and Colbert, two side characters had an ENTIRE arc dedicated to them just to reveal their backstories and were actually given a good introduction and excellent character development, all done with good execution but were just thrown away into the sidelines, only appearing thrice or four times in each season after their arc were finished.

Instead of focusing their efforts on developing the main characters, they put their efforts in developing characters that would barely appear in the series while they could have given all that effort into fleshing out the main characters or even at least removing Saith’s inability to reject a girl’s advances especially since he’s already in a relationship. And top it all off, even the antagonist are just plain terrible and don’t stick around for long, as I’ve mentioned before.

With all of those blunders, the only score I could give it is a 3/10, since pretty much every character are just about as interesting as one of those singing birthday cards; fun at first, but just damn annoying and noisy later on. But still though, I will take into consideration that I enjoyed ¼ of this anime, so I guess giving it a 3/10 is good enough.

Unfortunately, all of that potential was wasted on a subpar plot, mediocre characters, and lame humor. I will gladly receive any criticism, good or bad and I will try my best to reply to your comment.

I began ZeronoTsukaima since it was labeled as a fantasy, but it quickly brought out the each fan I had never known! The story follows a chain of somewhat ridiculous coincidences that kept me laughing continually as the series went on. You have Louise, who works very hard to keep up a good face and prove herself a worth mage, while continually failing.

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You can see how she takes out her feelings of shortcoming on Saith, whom she has a love hate relationship with. Then throw in Siesta, the good girl-better choice-adorable servant; Tabitha, the silent-studious-super power; Quiche, the womanizing-overly confidant; and of course Circle, the always horny-boobs.

Throw them all in a bag, shake it up and there's bound to be plenty of room for laughs. Then there is the ongoing battle of who Saith should be in love with along with his feeling that he should protect everyone regardless of their class.

It takes the series a little while to develop a genuine evil-antagonist, which makes the overall story sail better (now that all the characters we like seem to have a common goal) but up until that point, I was willing to forgive that thanks to all the constant mini-fights between the characters. Drama: I loved the awkward feelings and uncertainty that were present in almost all the character relationships.

Before I start, I would like to say that this review will cover all four seasons of ZeronoTsukaima.“First kiss Kara hallmark future no KOI no history.” This first line from the opening song of ZeronoTsukaima’s first season describes the series no more perfectly that what it should really well…be.

After surviving through four seasons of this anime, I feel like the most satisfied person I could ever be. Please be noted that this review may contain some spoilers and plot specifics because of the dire need to in order to criticize this work.

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Like the other anime I’ve watched, there is one problem I encountered: Skepticism. “ ZeronoTsukaima centers upon the experiences of a human boy from Japan, namely Saith Hi raga, as Louise de la Dallier summoned him unexpectedly in a world completely different from Earth.

Saith, in turn, becomes the familiar of Zero “, hence the title ZeronoTsukaima.” At first, they couldn’t understand each other because of language barriers, then Louise cast a spell of silence to shut Saith up. Set in the fictional continent named “Halkeginia”, I immediately inferred that this series is going to be a long road of comedy, action, drama, and of course, romance.

For me, I keep suppressing my eagerness of watching this because of many reasons: school, limited battery, the time, homework, student council president duties, and many more. However, that doesn’t stop me from fully watching this grand anime which has many experiences for me to offer.

The explosions implemented within, the spell effects, the characters, the dragons, the fire, the levitation effects, and the void spells were really worth my time watching this anime. From the Great Plains of Halkeginia, to the treacherous mountains of the Albion Kingdom (metaphorically), the only thing I can say, that it was good, watching this.

I would also like to stress about the executions of the spells once more, be it from Louise’s or the others, it was great. The executions for the spells were so great, that I am reminded of many more magic anime on par with this series.

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The music, sounds, and Costs for this anime was also superb, concerning the themes and the melodies that I have listened to. I would also like to mention the opening, which again, I'm pleasing to the mind, and if you can understand Japanese (or even read the subtitles if you are watching with them), you can really find the message of the song.

In my perspective, this can signify the development of Louise’s and Saith’s relationship, which become significant in the end. All songs made their mark within me, and I will never forget their melodies when I hear them play.

With the funny and serious scenes, and the magical experiences I have experienced, this anime, from season one, never failed to enjoy me. I decided to write my first review, and I housed the anime that made me enter the anime world. At the first look at this anime you might say “it's the lame type of harem/chip anime “. With that I disagree. This anime contains a lot of comedy, awesome story and a controverted love story between the main characters(Louise and saith). There are other characters that are destroying(without any intention)their relationship, but,even with that obstacle, thei manage to remain together(sorry i kind of mentioned the description of the whole series). Now about the story. In Tristan(hope that is how you write it :))as a wizard you must summon a familiar(animals, but not in our case)that will stay by your side until one of you dies. Louise the worst wizard in the school summons a guy(that is when Saith comes in)named Saith. Their relation started as a master-slave one but after adventures and other things they come to fall in love.

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