Human Petting Zoo Do It For Yourself Lyrics

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
• 8 min read

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Jade Whitlock HumanPettingZoo is super rad Use Punk. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Band camp app.

Look how good we have it in the land of the free, don't take part in their social divide, it's a way to keep us enemies, perpetuate violence, it's a way to keep you climbing, striving for false power, a way to keep us distracted and away from the ugly truth, knowing that you're only as good as your financial worth, because we all know that here in the land of the free, freedom isn't free and voting isn't true democracy. We're allowed to fucking protest, we're allowed to speak our minds, oh how gracious of our government to allow us these human rights, our anger for the kinks in the system should never be considered a phase, they shouldn't fade with American complacency or fucking age, we should learn to live for ourselves, create our own society, learn to build our own homes, grow our own food but please, don't punish the earth for being our home, because humans need mother nature and survival means nothing when you're alone.

Your existence, should not be squandered, your resistance, will not die in vain, it's the fuel that keeps the youth fighting for tomorrow, it pushes our culture to keep progressing into the next conscious generation, that won't stand for this subservient shit, no! Certain sectional raids with the intention to deport, undocumented immigrants, splitting families apart, saying you're “just doing your job” makes you a monster at best, our nations already fought against this or did you already forget, the unfounded phrase of “go back to where you came from” plus the media blurring minds to fear instead of human compassion, to where you can no longer see, the harm, cause or reaction, this is the decline of our future generations.

It's a shame when you can't feel safe, in your own home, ICE officers beating down your door, demanding your paperwork for your, your existence, no remorse for your life turned upside down, race or religion, the threat yet to be found, demeaning, all intrusive, no-knock raids with the intention to deport, American dream flushed down the toilet never to return. We've already sent our children and families to fight against this fascist regime and now today on our front doors like nothing has been learned, 6 million lives not lost in vain, history doomed to repeat unless we get the facts straight and learn from those past mistakes.

It's a shame when you can't feel safe in your own home, ICE officers beating down your door demanding your paperwork, for your, your existence, no remorse for your life turned upside down, race or religion the threat yet to be found, demeaning, all intrusive, no-knock raids with the intention to deport, American dream flushed down the toilet never to return. You're illegitimate as a human being, where's your paperwork to prove that you're allowed in this country, I don't care how long that you've lived here, don't care about the family you're leaving behind, won't take a second thought to judge you by where you're from, turned back at every border, this country’s full to the max, the idiots in charge have deemed all immigrants terrorists.

human zoo petting anxiety song
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1,172 miles of pipeline, stretched from the Missouri to Mississippi rivers, how many lives do you think will be in danger, how will our ecosystem ever recover, we've taken so much from this land all throughout history, what more do you want, get the fuck out of the way, and remember to thank them next time you take your next sip, then you can decide, was it all really worth it. Wake up in the morning just like any other day then before you know it is just like that, the life you've built is taken away, how could this be my home, schools and hospitals up in flames, me and my family stuck in the middle with nowhere safe to turn, caught in gun fire, civil and social unrest, how the fuck are we supposed to survive this fucking slaughter, just wanted a family and a place to lay my head, now fighting for survival instead.

There's a tension in this country, and it's coming to a boiling point, media fueling the flames to keep the public confused and irate, any excuse to justify the next all out street war, using race and religion to create a social divide, pushing the embrace of humanity out of the public minds, closer and closer we get to an all-out police state, the goal is to control by whatever means it fucking takes! You hear different fucking stories every fucking day, of robberies, rapes and murders and the police have nothing to say, but drive a little fast or smoke a little weed, your ass is nailed to the cross, and they've got you pinned for life, get tangled in their web, and they've got you pinned for life, keep quiet keep your head down, keep in line just to survive, we're all just commodities in their hateful eyes, spending money on imprisonment instead of social help Take a step back, take a deep breath in, no use trying to hide the sin that you've been living in, the cards are fucking stacked and the next move is yours, an eye for an eye living always leaves a mother scorned.

How can you say that you're just doing your job, I thought to protect and to serve, now we know you’re just thugs, with no heart just a badge, is this what you wanted when you took this job Some decisions can't be taken back Some targets shoot back (end spoken word by Music Abu-Jamal, prison radio.org, piano composition by Angel, recorded by Silas Peddle, final mix by Pat) Rainy Day at the Taco Shack, a song by Human Petting Zoo on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

It’s two years later, and we still play it whenever I visit, and even still find surprises! Fantastic interactive animations let the kids produce silly actions and each page or creature has its own tricks and surprises.

From acclaimed author and illustrator Christoph Riemann comes this interactive picture book. Swipe and tap the 21 animals and be surprised at how they react.

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Please also mention your device version and your iOS version. Please also visit our website www.foxandsheep.com for more information and support. About Fox & Sheep:We are a Studio in Berlin and develop high quality apps for kids at the age of 2-8 years.

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This is an article from Curious Kids, a series for children. The Conversation is asking kids to send in questions they’d like an expert to answer.

If you’ve been lucky enough to observe a sea otter clapping in a zoo or aquarium, you might have been watching an animal that has been trained to clap by its human keepers. They are air-breathing mammals and yet spend almost their entire lives at sea.

To stop themselves drifting away in their sleep, they use their hands to hold onto seaweed (or each other), creating a raft of animals floating together. When resting during the day, they’ve even been seen covering their eyes with their paws to help them sleep.

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Wikimedia, CC BY Sea otters also use their paws to groom their fur. They have one of the thickest fur coats of any animal, which helps them to keep warm in the freezing waters of the North Pacific Ocean.

To keep their coat healthy, they use their hands to rub down their fur, trapping air against their skin to stay warm and dry. Wikimedia, CC BY Sea otters sometimes clap their hands wild grooming their fur. But the most interesting thing sea otters do with their paws happens while feeding.

After catching hard-shelled prey like shellfish or sea urchins, sea otters will break open the shell by hitting it against a stone resting on their belly. Otters have even been known to have a favorite stone that they carry around in their armpits.

So, even for wild sea otters, “clapping” may play a useful role in both grooming their fur and preparing their food.

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