Hezekiah Walker Do You Know Him

James Smith
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
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The Love Fellowship Tabernacle, where Jesus is Lord. At this time, I want you to sit back and enjoy we're getting ready to take off now.

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I'm happy that he consented to preach this morning for Father's Day and for your church and for me, I'm glad that he's here. Bishop Eric McDaniel Grace and peace be.

From God, our father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Brooklyn Ben Salem and wherever else You are good morning I miss you all.

It's been a pretty rough couple of months for everybody. And when I don't see you, I miss you and while I'm looking into the camera.

Speaking I can see faces I can see various faces and I I can see love and I send love right back to you. This opportunity to be able to be with you to share the word of the Lord on today.

Let's give honor to the greatest pastor in the whole wide world. Bishop Hezekiah Walker come on do something I knowyou're in your House but clap.

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For a man of God like Bishop Hezekiah Walker, I'm so glad that the Lord has allowed me to. Have his friendship and brotherhood for so many years.

Has been through such a crazy time we're going through such a crazy time right now and now is the time if you have friends hold on to them, do not allow to allow foolishness to come between you but hold on to your friends hold on to those that God has unit you together. Needed friends and brothers.

And so I'm grateful that Bishop Walker, my friend and my brother and the Lord and I love him with all my heart and just all the the leadership of Love Fellowship and all the people of God those that may be visiting. And by streaming on today, I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I am so excited about what God is doing and even though this is a hard season, I believe that it is a good season.

And in many ways is the worst but also in many ways it's the best isn't it something how it can be your best season and your worst season at the same time. That's the way God does it He can make the worst time in your life also be the best time in your life.

So we're grateful to the Lord for what he has done is he is doing I wanna share a word with you on today, and we're going to look. Two passages of scripture the first passage of Scripture we will look at is the book of Acts the 26 chapter, and We're going to look at the 20-second verse Acts number 26 Chapters number 26, and we're going to look at verse number 22 and I really just want the beginning the clause of this verse well, let's look at 21 and 22, He says that the word says for these reasons the Jews CESS me in the temple.

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Preserve the form all evil, He shall preserve thy soul The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth even forevermore may the Lord Grant revelations to the reading of his already blessed word. We thank you for this opportunity that you give us to come into your presence to hear your words.

We pray now God that you would send down your anointing I pray that there would be an anointing on me as I speak this word and I pray that there would be an anointing that would rest on it as those that will listen to it. I pray that you would speak to somebody's heart.

Things are really getting worse and what do I do the work of the Lord to you today is help. Just type that texted tweeted.

20 March or February 2020 There may have been some other things. On your mind because we were surviving, we know that we're in God's hands, and we're surviving and everything is alright.

Do you weren't worrying about going to the store who you speak to whom you shake hands with whom you hug Who you you ? Goal I just want to live.

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Just to be able to live just to be able to make it to the next day. It always will be in session, but the ability to come together to assemble ourselves together and to fellowship with one another to see the smiles of.

This the embrace the shaking hands and all that we do to show our love for each other and our appreciation for each other. Now just in order to survive, we've had to have that interrupted.

Smiles because we would have to we have to wear a mask all the time in order to see the smile you'd have to lift the mess we cannot congregate in large crowds. The goal that all of us have right now is too just live to just survive to just.

The mask was pulled off of racial inequality things that we cover up and things that we just. We're not there, or we turn a blind eye to it is now comes.

Not to just a virus, not just survive a sickness. Not just the sickness of the Coronavirus, but now we see the need to survive the sickness of racial inequality.

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We survived the slavery, but now we've got to survive The Jim Crow laws the black codes the laws We cannot look. People Caucasian people in the face that if we come to a stop sign at the same time they come to a stop sign even if we got their first, we've got to stop and wait there and let them go first.

Oh, we've been trying to survive Survival it may look like it just became our number one goal, but the truth of the matter is us. And survival at some point becomes hard.

We should be able to be free and pursue happiness It should be our right. Our inalienable rights as a human being we should be able to just live.

There have been those that want to take that away, and so we have to try to do what we can do to survive. Survive it becomes a fight to just live.

I'm speaking to the people that's just trying to make it just try to just try to live through what life has given you and know sometimes we don't talk about how hard it is to survive because we don't want anybody to know. Until we keep it to ourselves, but sometimes surviving is hard.

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Is giving his testimony to a gripper. Every now, and then you've got to stop and think about how many opportunities there were to take you out how many.

But thank God you survived this is a good place to just lift your hands right now and tell God thank you for helping me live through it live through all the attempts on my life all the times that the enemy try to take me out and wipe me out. I didn't survive because I had some type of protection.

It was him and the thing about God helping me is that I didn't have to have a certain amount of money I didn't have to come from the right side of the tracks. The the right pedigree, I didn't have to have the right family name, but in spite of all the things that was wrong with me, God still helped me now and then you've got to acknowledge that as much of a mess you were God still love you love to help you through life situations and because of that help you survived having.

Tame help from God I continue the only way I can continue is because God helps me listen if God didn't help you would've given up a long time ago if God did not help you the things you went through the things you saw the things you experience from people some of the people that was supposed to be the Saints. It was the religious people that tried to kill him and doorknob I understand when the the Devils are trying to kill me but when the ones that are supposed to be saved, the ones that's supposed to be washed in the blood, the ones that's supposed to be my brothers and sisters are the ones that's trying to kill me.

Come to tell somebody here you have to keep going God is going to give you help so that you can keep going having obtained help from God. It's called a psalm of a sin or a song of a set.

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A sin ending because when they would go to meet God at the various feast and the various times that they would be caught. Would have to ascend because Jerusalem is on a Hill and then the temple in Jerusalem is on a Hill you have to go up because whenever God wants you to meet him, you've got to come up You can't stay down in meeting God you got to come up Jesus said.

I'm going to endure you with power, but I want you to go and wait for me. Upper room because when you want to meet me, you have to come up now, God understands that sometimes we're in a place where and we have a hard time getting up and that's when God will come down and bring us up, but we must always rise.

We must always be willing and ready to go up to another level My God. So while they are going up while they are ascending to the Tabernacle while they are ascending to the place of worship they start speaking they start singing they are singing while they are on this journey of going up now if you're going up on the mountain, that means that you have to go through a Valley.

HM you've got to understand that in order to get up. Go through the Valley, but David made it very clear The Valley is a temporary place that I just walked through, he said.

Gay, though I walk through the Valley of death, ladies and gentlemen, that's where we are. That's where we are globally, We are walking through the Valley of death.

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You have to praise God for the valleys that you want through. The enemies have opportunities to destroy you, but you kept walking.

I don't know who I'm talking to today, but I come to tell somebody I don't care where you are. Enemy wants us to get frustrated in the journey and give up, but I want you to know what they did on the journey on the journey they're saying This is one of the songs that they sing while they were going up while they were on the journey because they understood that it's important how they their minds are.

It's important how they attitude is in the journey because it will. Whether you reach your destination if the journey gets you to messed up if the journey gets you to depressed, you might give up on getting to the destination, so they said why we're on the journey let's start singing.

Listen brothers and sisters There are many of us that got discouraged on the journey but having. We continue on your journey, they're saying, sometimes if you just sing through it if you just the the song represents the praise if you just praise God sees some of you all want to wait til you get to the destination, but I come to tell you that there's a journey praise.

Get to your destination, You'll look back and say My Soul looks back in wonder how did I make it over they sang their way through. They're walking their feet are tired.

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Their feet are hurting, but they kept on walking see because when you finally get there, you're not I'm reminded when I went to Jamaica, there were people that were the people there praise God this was some years ago The people in the service, there was not one down part of the service they are on their feet. You can't even hardly preach because they're praising God and worshiping God and the person the pastor son that have brought me there, He told me.

Listen the reason why they praise God like that it's because most of them have walked miles to church, They walked miles to church. You mean to tell me that you walked miles to church and won't sit down while those of us that.

Or a train, but we didn't walk miles, but these people walk miles to get to church and won't sit down and that's why I believe that when we get back when God calls us to get back to assembling together, I bet you we won't have to beg you to praise God we won't have to beg you to worship God because the journey would have been so intense that when you finally get to the destination, you can't help but praise. Right here right in your House you need to give God a praise.

So, And so are singing they are praising God on their way and the Psalm says this I will lift my eyes unto the Hills from which Comet my help he says. I'm lifting my eyes to the Hills, but there are theologians.

Because there would be various things in the Hills that would try to offend them, they would be robbers there will be animals that can attack them that there can be the temperature The Sun and all of these things could attack them up in the Hills, so he said that there's there's there's hurt this journey. Somewhere whenever you're going somewhere, there's a possibility for her whenever you have a goal in mind whenever you have a destination in mind that you're trying to get to you have to understand that the journey there's a possibility for her.

There's a possibility for attack, but the Psalmist says that's not what I'm looking to. I'm looking past the hurt that's going to be on the journey, and I'm looking.

So I'm not gonna look at the hurt. I don't know who I'm preaching to in here today, but God told me to tell you look for the help I know sometimes thinking things can seem.

But God said, I want you to take your mind off the hurt and look for the help look for the help. It's about to show up in your finances help is on its way.

My help comes from the Lord, which made heaven and Earth he will not suffer thy foot to be moved He that keep it he will not slumber. Behold He that keep it Israel does not sleep or slumber.

You've got to know that the God that we serve that he is so good. He is so on his job, he is so concerned about us that he will not sleep.

Having trouble because he doesn't sleep, and he has charged you and he has brought you on as one of his assistance so that while others are sleeping that you are doing his business because it is why of sleeping that the thieves come in, it is while men sleep thieves coming in and while men sleep fever comes in while men sleep pain comes in would have. You've been in while people while you're sleeping the pain gets worse if you're depressed at nighttime when it's time to go to sleep the tears start coming you start feeling worse at nighttime and that there are those of you who have an assignment You have an assignment that while others are sleeping and when it's time to go to sleep and when the devil is about to do his bidding, and he's about to do his stuff you must stay awake and pray.

The warfare to spiritual warfare that's your assignment, but then there are those of you that have allowed pressure to keep you up, You've allowed being antagonized by the situation and feeling nervous and feeling stressed, and it has caused you to stay away you, God said for you to go to sleep go to sleep tonight if God has not assigned you you to be. And do warfare then you're getting your bed and go to sleep because God said I got this.

Got this, I got you help is on the way, he said He does not slumber nor sleep. The Lord is your keeper and the word for keeper The Hebrew word is Cher, and it's saying, and he uses this word about six times when he says that he keeps you the Lord is your keeper.

Watching over you all of it is from that one word, it says that the Lord is your God. He's coming when he sees you in trouble he runs to help you he runs to get you out of whatever trouble you may be in you've got to understand that we serve a God that runs to your side.

Here you he preserves you, He holds you in his hand, He will not allow he stands there like an armed security if you have an armed security, you expect that armed security if anybody comes to try to do any harm to you your arms security will say don't you even try it. I will take you out and that's what God is doing for you, brothers and sisters.

No weapon that is formed against you shall be able to prosper Because the Lord is keeping you everybody says it. He's keeping me through the Coronavirus.

There are some of you that he kept you some of you all had the virus and the only way you'll know it is if they take the antibodies test and tell you nothing. And unseen, he kept you to stuff that you didn't even know you were going through, but God kept you.

He's the shade on your right hand. And a shield and the average soldier the sword in his right hand and the shield in his left hand while the shield is to protect you the shield protects you from whatever may come against you and the sword is what you used to fight with.

He shapes it the word shade. Here is the same word as shadow, you know the 90 first Psalm says he that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide.

Shadow of the Almighty when you're in his shadow when you're in his shame, nothing can happen why because shame means that in shadows being that the light has to be somewhere close, God is too close to let your vulnerabilities be the thing that the devil gets to attack, so he changes your right hand. Vulnerable with your age your vulnerable things can get you easily mistake that you've made in the past makes you vulnerable But God said that I'm gonna save your vulnerabilities.

I'm going to say the areas that are exposed and that are easy for the enemy to attack the Lord is the shade upon my right hand and the son shall not Smite the by day The Sun won't. That that that country during that time, the Sun would be so bright.

The Sun would be so hot that it could cause you to literally have Sun strokes and that's why when the children of Israel were walking in the wilderness, he said he was a pillar of fire by night when it was freezing cold, but it was a pillar of cloud. The glory was a pillar of cloud in the daytime because the Sun was.

Hot so he put the cloud there to absorb some heat. And he said that the Lord is going to keep you down so that the Sun will not smite you in the day the attack against your body the attack against your physical being will not happen not only can the Sun not Smite me by day, but the moon cannot.

It's where we get lunar means moon. We get the word lunatic crazy, and we know that when they talk about when there's a full moon, people get crazy when there's a full moon people start doing crazy stuff, but the Psalmist said that the moon won't make me crazy the the nighttime won't drive.

Crazy sometimes the nighttime can drive you crazy the nighttime can mess with you. It's at nighttime the stuff start messing with your mind is at nighttime when the enemy tries to push you to do something that you said you weren't going to do anymore.

It's its nighttime that that that the enemy will make you think that you're losing your sanity, but he said that the Sun won't make me by day and the moon is not not going. Gonna dodo it is by night.

Yes, it's referring to personal situations that will happen to you, but when he that word evil was talking. God will preserve you through injustices.

Ladies and gentlemen as I close, I want you to understand that God has helped us through injustices and yes there have been people that have lost their lives. Yes, we have our ancestors that have lost their lives and people that were lynched and people that were killed just because.

Skin is darker than other people's skin, and we had to experience prejudice, and we had to experience injustice. Oh, but you have to stop and praise God because as a people he preserves us through it.

As a people he preserved us through the injustices and while they try to hinder us while they try to keep us down after slavery was abolished, then they tried to. Back into a Neo slavery and put us in prison and enslave us in a prison system, but through all of that as a people God preserve us, he preserved us, and he didn't that the enemy didn't stop us.

You can't get maybe they didn't pay you what they were supposed to, but help is coming and God is turning that thing around but through it all you were preserved because God sent hell I've come to just let you know that help I speak prophetically to somebody that's been praying you've been waiting on God to do something you've been believing God to do something for you and it looks like it's. Going to happen, but I come to encourage you today and tell you help is on the way people may have walked away from you.

People may have turned their back on you people that could help you may not be helping you oh God because sometimes people put a price on their health. They'll help you, but you have to pay them.

They'll help you but you've got to bow to them for the rest of your life. I come to tell you help is on the way I come to tell a single parent help us on the way I come to tell somebody that's going through a financial situation.

Right now, I come to tell you help is on the way I come to tell somebody. Who's in the House and look like while you've been in the House on locked down in the House, things have gotten worse, but God told me to tell you help is on the way I've come to tell my people of color help is on the way God is going to turn this thing around God is going to fix this thing.

God is going to give us he preserves us through it, and then he brings us out of it help. Look at the health since the glory of White you to sing look up.

Because help is on the way I don't care how bad it feels right now I don't care how hard life has been I come to tell you. I am a very present help in the time.

I'm not an absentee God, but I will be there in your time of trouble be encouraged today My brother be encouraged today my sister, God says that help. I pray right now that you would send help to somebody's situation right now.

God sometimes you can help, but we don't see it, and we don't receive it, but God prepare us to receive. It is my prayer that somehow this word has blessed you.

I want you to go through the rest of the week, not knowing hang on in there because help is on the way. This is a prophetic word that you can hold on because help is on the way God bless you.

Today, I don't care what you're going through or what you're dealing with just believe that your health is on the way I want to open up the doors of our church right now for those of you that are viewing. I want you to know that God has set this time for you to come and be a part of our family.

I want to preach every week to you and we are giving you a wonderful opportunity to come. Be a part of our family, somebody said.

All you have to do is go to our website if you want to become an online member or a member at fill out the application and somebody from my staff will get back in. You for your online new members class.

I want to be your bitches so pray about it and that the Lord say so please become a part of our family. It's time to give it's time to give into the House of the Lord you've been doing so good The Fellowship and I thank you for supporting the work of the Ministry.

Don't forget if you're giving today to the New York location Cash app is the cash app. Of TPA Don't forget you can also give to tithe, and you can also give through PayPal well until next time May the peace of God wrap around your heart and mind and soul.

I'm bishop Porch Walker and I can't wait to get with you next week and until then remember health is on the way. I actually call him Superman because he wears so many hats.

He's the funniest man I know, and I think that's my favorite part about him that he can just switch and be so many people and I love that about him. Hi my name is Kai Asia Walker and this is a letter to my father.

There was a lot of things that I didn't understand as a young child but as I grew up, and I really started to understand how special it was not just to me but to other people in the world, it became more easy and God let me really understand. The type of father that I had and how, and it became easier for me to share him him with the world.

So many things that has made me the woman that I am today but if I had to pinpoint one thing it would be the fact that you. Taught me to work extremely hard, and I can say that I've seen you work hard my whole entire life, he told me to put God first in everything that I do, and I've actually seen that in your life.

So that's the greatest thing that you taught me that I want to Thank you for being my rock you know there's been a lot of situations that. Like I was caving in My dad called me at the right time.

And he let me know that he just loved me the moment I realized that you were special was. We were creating a storyboard and I will never forget the day we had a bunch of magazines for to cut out and make a story Board of our lives and.

Sitting on a round table with all my friends looking through magazines and one day, I flipped the magazine and I saw my dad, and I was like. That's my dad and I think that was the day I realized that he was special my fondest memory of you is.

Ago and you took me to this restaurant called Cruces, and we took a limo there, and you took all of these. I'm not paying for a drink and the manager came to you why you are pouring the juice out of your bag into the Cup and says excuse me sir we cannot and.

I was just so embarrassed when the manager came over there, I think that is one of my fondest memories of me and you together in a restaurant. It's so embarrassing but so funny, I just want to say Happy Father's Day to the best father in the world.

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