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Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
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Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wildlife is a tribute to Andy Warhol’s “factory” of friends and superstars from the New York underground. Reed was hired to create a musical based on the novel, which had previously been turned into a film with a screenplay written by noted author John Fate.

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Jackie is just speeding awayThought she was James Dean for a Dayton I guess she had to crash Valium would have helped that base said, hey babe, take a walk on the wild side I said, hey honey, take a walk on the wild side And the colored girls say Rating is available when the video has been rented.

Vanessa Paradis music video Slut-shaming, victim blaming, cisgender patriarchy ... you could make a whole Billy Joel song from just sounding off all the fictitious neuroses that are already a big no-no.

But like all good forms of cultural appropriation, Western political correctness is an ever-evolving phenomenon, with more and more offenses coming down the pipes. Speaking of rough-around-the-edges New York City sounds, Lou Reed is the latest artist to be deemed off limits.

The German poet Goethe was maybe asking a bit much when he wrote that those who cannot draw on three thousand years are living from hand to mouth, but, good grief, today’s campus crusaders don’t even have three decades of pop culture under their belts. Reed's song in fact chronicles the personalities behind Andy Warhol’s Factory, a key incubator of 1970s American counterculture.

And actress and cabaret performer Holly Woodlawn, the transgender person referenced in that verse, maintained her pride in the song up until her final interviews (she died in 2015 at the age of 69). The Guelph student union appears to have deleted the apology from their Facebook page, but clearly not soon enough, as their regressive antics are now featured on American and British news sites.

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We can all have a good laugh at this and other tales of campus outrage because these are just student groups and what else are sophomoric know-it-alls for if not to be mocked by adults who’ve been there, done that and know the pains of youth are something to just get over and done with. This is the key takeaway of the surreal cultural appropriation scandal in Canadian media that’s seen three prominent people get, as United Airlines would put it, “re-accommodated” for their harmless comments on the subject.

If you voice a mild opinion on certain subjects these days that violates rules that you didn’t even know about in the first place, you can find yourself public enemy number one in no time. The most tragicomic part of it all is that everyone who jumped on the bandwagon is clearly oblivious to the fact that their number could come up when they least expect it.

Hey I'm Rita, I'm 18 years old, my zodiac sign is Cancer, I'm Puerto Rican and Filipino, I love classic rock and hard rock/ heavy metal, old school hip hop, and R&B. Lol anyways, feel free to follow me if you like the stuff I post or weblog and i def.

Tobias Beecher & Kareem Said, (Lee Targeted & Among Walker) also in Oz (HBO, 1997-2003). Jaja... Pues hora escudo lade mermaid sashimi =D BS lo major, unique AUN no logo comp render to-do lo Que dice... Como la verbal BS Que no SE me course NASA Que decor, debate RNA imagen.

In fact, for the last 3 1/2 months I've had no desire to be wild. But no matter how bad I felt I always got dressed for the day.

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I rolled out of bed and knew I couldn't constrict my weak body with the binds of a bra. Wild leopard Tammy, with a built-in liner.

Enough to give support and enough loose, so I don't feel I'm wearing I've been to more medical rounds in the last 3 months, than I have in the last 3 years.

Well, not run, because then I might slip and fall, hit my head You know life will stop, til I find that boot! Just one of those days for cocoa and cinnamon toast.

I had two turkey thighs, one for soup and one to bake! I marinated the baked thigh in olive oil, fresh garlic, thyme and lime juice.

He casually asks, “do you remember where the cross-beams are?” I know what the drill is when an electrician has to run cable.

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