Harbinger - Part 1

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Edit Episode cast overview, first billed only: Trevor Eve ... DET Supt Peter Boyd Sue Johnston ... Dr. Grace Foley Tara Fitzgerald ... Dr. Eve Lockhart Will Johnson ... DI Spencer Jordan Eva Thistle ... DET Supt Sarah Cavendish Cecilia Noble ... RNA Mason Sophie Winter-King ... Young Julie (as Sophie Winter) Amelia Brown ... Elsa Geiger Ian Han more ... Ernst Geiger Graham Turner ... Glenn Burke Robert Morgan ... Ken Leighton Elizabeth Rider ... Maureen Smith Charles Edwards ... Donald Sees Genevieve O'Reilly ... Julie Sees Rosy Byrne ... Miranda Sees View production, box office, & company info. Edit Sarah Cavendish, who had to leave the anti-terrorist squad for undisclosed reasons, joins Boyd's team as they reopen the case of banker Donald Sees, missing for three years.

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They speak to his wife Julie, who has terminal cancer and her children Miranda and Toby, who report seeing an elderly couple in funeral black stalking them when Donald vanished. Plot Summary | Add Synopsized Trivia This episode marks the first appearance of DET Supt Sarah Cavendish, played by Eva Thistle.

In light of COVID-19, the riots, and our divisive election, Dr. Dobson talks to Rabbi Can about his newest book, The Harbinger II, in which he outlines the nine harbingers, or warnings, to America that mirror the warnings in the last days of Ancient Israel. Rabbi Jonathan Can is president of Hope of the World Ministries and serves as the senior pastor and Messianic Rabbi of the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey.

Rabbi Can’s teachings focus on deep scriptural mysteries that have profound prophetic impact. Rabbi Can is an internationally sought-after speaker, having most notably appeared before the U.S. Congress and the United Nations.

Genre superhero Characters Peter Stanched Reprints Script Joshua Desert Pencils Khaki Evans Inks Khaki Evans Colors Ian Tannin Letters Rob Seen Genre superhero Characters Too Hard; Peter Stanched; Joseph Irons; Kris Hathaway; Mr. Tull Synopsis Peter and Joe are on the run from Mr. Tull.

Contains Offers in-app purchasesThis world was a peaceful place… Until the infection broke out. The zombie hordes were roaming around and wiping out humans… The civilization is vanishing.

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**Making Tactical Plans to Completing All Kinds of Instances and RaidsCreate your own formation based on the characteristics of the profession of harbingers. Equip your harbingers with exclusive weapons and upgrade them with resources found from the ruins.

It’s inconvenient if the power goes down for half a day at a general office, but it’s unthinkable that a critical care hospital or data center could suffer the same. Keeping the lights on, the life-saving equipment running, the servers online, and so forth is the purpose of utility infrastructure generation and distribution systems.

This two- part article will explore the key aspects of creating resilient utility infrastructure: thoughtful planning, design that addresses a facility’s current and future needs, quality construction, and ongoing attention through operations, maintenance, and training. With engaged facility stakeholders, an experienced multi discipline design team, and diligent contractors and operations and maintenance staff, utility infrastructure can be resilient to the appropriate level.

If we have to take a system offline to perform maintenance, we need to have measures in place for redundancy, so that availability isn’t compromised. Similarly, infrastructure must be flexible enough to accommodate expansion and renovation without complete reconfiguration that requires now or minimal interruptions and avoids lengthy downtime for construction.

Once we define the required levels of reliability and availability and what systems contribute to achieving them, we can identify and minimize single points of failure and select infrastructure options that prioritize quality, durability, maintainability, and redundancy. Resilient design is regulated by codes to which certain facilities must comply and standards that guide the decision-making process.

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Article 517 provides codes specifically related to hospital/healthcare facilities that involve patient treatment and examination. It identifies four ratings/tiers that define different levels of redundancy and fault tolerance for achieving reliable and available facilities.

For example, a Rated-3/Tier 3 data center is “concurrently maintainable,” meaning servicing and replacement can be accomplished without affecting any end-user capabilities. This means the equipment and systems serving the data center are all redundant and there are multiple distribution paths.

The Department of Defense uses the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), which governs design for military installations and includes extensive provisions for system resiliency, due to the high security and sensitive nature of many spaces in military and defense facilities. The real challenge comes in defining the “right” infrastructure options and configurations that meet the codes and best enable resiliency for the specific facility type.

Determining the level of systems redundancy needed requires clear definition of the risks involved with the loss of utility, including lost production, lost revenue, and possible loss of life. For the electrical power system, providing redundancy through multiple service sources can be accomplished with radial distribution served from separate substations, or grid services from separate utilities and substations.

Redundant power systems require the designer to have a full understanding of all utility service sources, any possible transfer schemes between these utility sources, and protective relaying and automatic controls and how those could have an effect on the stability and reliability of the full system. Co generation, or a combined heat and water plant, is another option for redundant service.

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A redundant chilled water system, for example, requires multiple chillers and pumps provided in parallel to accommodate variances in load conditions and redundancy for failure, as well as an abundance of isolation valves upstream and downstream of each device so that equipment can be shut down for maintenance or construction without disrupting operations. Once a section of the system is locked out electrically, it can be isolated mechanically, and service rerouted to the redundant equipment to maintain operations.

Loop-grids, primary-select, main-tie-main, and zone-loop grids are examples of resilient options for normal distribution of utilities including power, water, steam, and compressed air. We also used a looped configuration for a compressed air system at a Boeing manufacturing plant.

The resilience challenge increases when we apply the need for system protections from events like earthquakes, lightning, or explosions/serious impacts. Some nonstructural components, such as those required to function for life-safety purposes after an earthquake (fire protection sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems, for example) must meet the higher component importance factor in the seismic restraint design even in a lower risk category building.

To enable this, things like valves, control panels or disconnects would need to be in accessible locations for easy shutdown or switchover. Successfully implementing the design during construction and operating the systems effectively over the life of the facility are multi-step processes unto themselves.

Check out Part 2 of this article series to continue exploring how resilient utility infrastructure comes to fruition. The Stone Of Judgement that was placed on Ground Zero by American leaders and the ancient drama they re-enacted.

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Best-selling author Jonathan Can answered these questions on The 700 Club Tuesday. Can caused a worldwide sensation with the release of The Harbinger on The 700 Club eight years ago.

And now, he's back with the sequel The Harbinger II: The Return which was released nationwide on Tuesday. Can told CBN's Pat Robertson he had held this book back for years.

“Since I wrote The Harbinger, I knew there was more and that was the beginning of a template or a mystery of judgment. The author explained about a year ago, he was praying and his inspiration for the book came.

The rise of America's economic power, the rise of its military power, and the warning is that these are symbols of something to come that if America does not come back to God, its powers will be shaken, will crumble.” The author also shared something to 700 Club host Pat Robertson that he's never before mentioned.

And it begins, it says that an enemy from far away is going to come and strike you at your gate. It says the enemy will come like an eagle, swooping down.

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Can also mentioned a sign in the Bible that is an alarm that an enemy is coming to strike a city. People don't realize this that before anyone knew anything about 9-11, on that morning all around the Northeast, the sound of God's alarm starts sounding throughout the Northeast.

And it starts sounding in the places where the terrorists are,” he said. It's appointed from ancient times for that day.

The fall of the tower lasts until about 10:29 and then the alarm stops.” “So the trumpets are sounding and God is warning and that's where we really are now,” Can added.

In the original template, it speaks of the shaking that will come. “The Prophet Jeremiah when he spoke about what was going to happen in the 19th year, he speaks about a plague or a pestilence or a pandemic will come upon the land.

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