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• Monday, 26 July, 2021
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This mod allows users to play GTA5 on Oculus Rift without the need for corps. If you can’t wait for it, do not worry as we have the complete step-by-step guide on how to download GTA5 for VR.

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There might be some eye strains during cut scenes, so skipping them might be a good idea. GTA 5 for VR uses a technique called alternative-eye rendering which might cause eye strain, you can disable this, but you will not get that cool 3D effect and 90 fps.

Step 2: Run the game and make the following changes to your settings. Step 4: Unzip the downloaded mod GTAV_REAL_mod_by_LukeRoss.rar into the main game folder, i.e., the one where GTA5.exe is located.

Go to your Documents\Rockstar Games\ GTA V folder, and make a backup copy of the settings.xml file that contains your current graphics settings. Next, you have to replace and overwrite your settings.xml with either of the two versions that were put inside the Grand Theft Auto V folder when you extracted the mod: select Grand Theft Auto V\Settings\Low\settings.xml if you have a low-end system, or Grand Theft Auto V\Settings\High\settings.xml if you have a high-end system.

Step 6: Make sure your Windows default audio is set to the Oculus Rift headset. Step 7: That’s it folks, you have successfully downloaded and installed GTA5 for VR on your Oculus Rift.

As mentioned above, removing all mods before trying the guide will help in solving a lot of problems. If you have problems reentering the view, just shaking your headset might do the trick.

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For any other issues you might face, the official README is a good place. GT AVR is a free third-party mod for Grand Theft Auto V offline which works with Corps and the HTC Five or Oculus Rift to give an enhanced Virtual Reality (VR) experience.

Use your HTC Five or Oculus Touch controllers to naturally aim, shoot, move, teleport and select your weapon! The rendered FOR of the in-game camera is automatically set to the value calculated using your Oculus profile for a natural looking view.

Decoupled look and movement also allows you to view and explore the city comfortably while walking, riding and driving naturally. Previously announced back in October, Oculus VR this week has begun to sell its mainstream-focused Oculus Go standalone VR headset.

Driving the headset itself is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 SoC (four Kayo cores running at 2.15 – 2.3 GHz, Arena 530 GPU with ~500 FLOPS performance, 64-bit LPDDR4 memory, 14LPP). But it does mean that the Go will be a step behind newer headsets, such as those devices compatible with Google's Daydream ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Oculus Go has a number of performance optimizations as well as quality enhancements that promise to ensure a fine user experience. Just like the Gear VR, the Oculus Go platform allows game developers to set CPU and GPU performance levels (i.e., clocks) required for their apps between 0 and 3.

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Meanwhile, the Oculus Go can dynamically adjust clocks of Kayo and Arena to ensure a better experience and even turn on the level 4 mode if needed. In addition to Dynamic Throttling, the Oculus Go also supports Fixed Forested Rendering (i.e., FR without eye tracking) that reduces resolution of tiles located on the edge of the display in a bid to save GPU horsepower for advanced graphics effects as well as memory bandwidth for high-res textures in the center.

Oculus VR provides an API that enables game developers to adjust fixed FR according to their requirements (see the picture below with a very basic explanation from the company of how fixed FR works in the case of the Oculus Go) and says that it can be used with Unreal Engine 4, Unity and other engines. In the white areas at the center of our FOR, the resolution is native: every pixel of the texture will be computed independently by the GPU.

Usage of fixed FR on an untethered VR platform makes a great deal of sense. Despite architecture peculiarities, physical memory bandwidth available to this GPU is miniscule when compared to said graphics cards (up to 29.8 GB/s vs. 100 GB/s vs. 79 GB/s), so optimizations are required, particularly when it comes to bandwidth-hungry things (e.g., resolution) and compute-intensive content (shaders).

Over time Oculus VR will most likely incorporate forested rendering with gaze tracking into its future headsets, but for now even fixed FR makes sense as it saves GPU horsepower and memory bandwidth, with the obvious caveat that this is going to strongly encourage users to look straight-forward in order to get the best experience. Last but not least, app developers can choose to target 72 frames per second instead of the usual 60 FPS in a bid to improve the motion quality of their titles.

72 Hz will naturally improve smoothness of games, but this will come with a performance penalty because the GPU will have to render everything at least 2.8 ms faster than usual. An interesting peculiarity of the 72 Hz mode is that besides increasing refresh rate of the display, it also alters its brightness and “causes colors to pop up” without adding a perceptible flicker.

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Brighter and more saturated colors will be welcome in games as they will intensify their “wow” effects, but it remains to be seen how they will look in case of videos (especially those shot in 24P). Amazon also sells the Oculus Go in other countries and regions, so it is safe to say that the device is available practically worldwide.

It would be almost impossible to catalog every virtual reality Kickstarter project or specialized professional device. Photo by Amelia Holloway Rales / The Verge Oculus helped create the current VR wave by raising millions of dollars for its debut Oculus Rift headset on Kickstarter, and it’s helped fund production of many well-known VR games and films.

The Quest, in particular, is built for user-friendliness and convenience, while forgoing cutting-edge experimental features and offering limited computing power. Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge HTC co-created the Five, the first major headset with a wide range of motion and full virtual hands.

Primarily businesses for training and simulations, product testing, computer design visualizations, and a variety of other purposes. Valve was the Five’s other co-creator, responsible for the headset’s innovative tracking system and the Steamer software platform.

While the Index uses the Five’s tracking system, it features some screen improvements and a set of new, fascinatingly weird-looking “Knuckles” controllers. The full system is $999 plus the cost of a PC, which puts it way at the high end of consumer VR.

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Sony is rumored to be working on a wireless second-generation headset, but if that’s happening, we don’t know when the device might be announced or released. Photo by Amelia Holloway Rales / The Verge There’s a Google-branded Cardboard headset, and Google advertises many other Cardboard-compatible shells on its site.

Google partnered with The New York Times to ship Cardboard viewers and distributed them to classrooms through the Expeditions program. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 line doesn’t support the headset, and neither does Google’s own Pixel 3a, which was announced last week.

Photo by Amelia Holloway Rales / The Verge Microsoft Windows is the world’s most popular desktop and laptop operating system, and while Microsoft’s Xbox One isn’t the most popular gaming console, it’s still a huge platform. So the company has a real opportunity to promote VR, and it’s shown an interest in doing just that, albeit only on Windows so far.

Microsoft partners with manufacturers on the “Windows Mixed Reality” line of PC-powered VR headsets, which use the same platform and interface but vary in specs and style. Microsoft was one of the first companies to push for getting rid of external tracking devices on tethered headsets, although Oculus recently followed suit with the Rift S. Its partners have included Acer, Lenovo, HP, and Samsung.

Businesses that are already using Windows and want relatively cheap virtual reality headsets that don’t require a lot of setup. Windows Mixed Reality headsets can also work with Steam games, so they’re a feasible lower-end alternative to the Rift or Five.

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Nintendo was also designing VR hardware before some of these other companies even existed... although, admittedly, the results were the awkward Power Glove and the infamous Virtual Boy. The Labor VR, a whimsical Google Cardboard-like kit that turns a Switch into a handheld virtual reality headset.

You can use the kit to make a variety of accessories: there’s a cardboard blaster gun, a foot pedal, an elephant mask where the trunk is a simple controller, a bird whose “wings” you can flap to fly, and a camera that lets you take pictures of virtual worlds. As with other Labor kits, you’ll spend a lot of time assembling the cardboard accessories.

You can pay $39 for a starter kit that lets you build the goggles and blaster or get the full array of accessories for $79. Others serve an extremely specific need, like the Växjö VR -1, which caters to business customers who need high resolutions but not a wide field of view.

Companies like Oculus want to pull the VR market into the mainstream, but it’s still a very weird place. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links.

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