Gta 5 Vr Not Working

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 26 July, 2021
• 11 min read

Thanks to LukeRoss00, modding your PC copy of GTA V to work in virtual reality has never been easier. Is easy to install and use, doesn’t require extra software like corps and is available for free on GitHub.

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Download the zip which at the time of writing this is ScriptHookV_1.0.1868.4.zip extract it to copy the file ScripthookV.dll into the folder GTAV_REAL_mod_by_LukeRoss_r4 or wherever you decided to unzip the mod, and make sure you give your PC permission to replace the existing file. Copy all files from GTAV_REAL_mod_by_LukeRoss_r4 and paste them into the directory where GTA V is installed on your PC.

The default installation directories are:If you are using the Epic Games version copy all files to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GTA Run RealConfig.bat which will copy the necessary settings files and make the game launch in VR when a headset is detected.

The RealConfig.bat will open a command window, and ask you to Select High, Medium or Low (H, M,L). If your Documents folder is not in the default location you may see “The system cannot find the path specified” or “0 file(s) copied.” If that’s the case, you’ll need to edit the RealConfig.bat to point to wherever the Rockstar Games\ GTA V\settings.xml is.

For a cheap thrill I suggest going to the pier and taking a ride on the roller coaster. This topic has 4 replies, 4 voices, and was last updated 1 year, 5 months ago by roast.

I have copied and installed all the different files, I can only see the picture on the monitor and the Five wands work as intended. I use Oculus, but the mod installation guide tells you to use Five “setup” on config, and if I do so then the HMD stuck sat loading screen, like mentioned above.

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Not expecting Ralf to look into this since he has no hand in the mods' development, but it does explicitly require Corps so hopefully the mod itself gets updated because full VR motion controls/gun manipulation sounds like the holy grail (well after g3d is achieved) but sadly I missed the boat on the window of time that it was working It doesn't actually make GTA5 a VR game, but rather just puts you into the body of the character and gives you a strange pistol that sort of works, and you can then hop into cars to drive around.

The game just gave me a headache and stomach rumbles, not fully out of lag but also out of the generally strange method of interaction. For some reason, the hand that controls teleporting and movement has a giant annoying Gauss Rifle in it.

It seems like GT AVR is such a huge step in the right direction for a proper VR game, and it was SO, SO close to being amazing. Yet a few major issues resulted in me chucking in the loo rather than giggling like a gormless git as I gun down pedestrians.

This has been an absolutely miserable year but finally it’s coming to an end, and even looking up now that Facebook and Google are being sued by Federal and State governments. If you played Cyberpunk I’m sure you’ll also have your fingers crossed that both companies get the sledgehammer into little pieces, with Amazon and the App Store soon to follow.

So take the holidays and enjoy VR while you still can, next year we might just be playing Valve’s Citadel while the ship goes down. Naked Sun $0.59-90%Two hand wave shooter style game where you’re being moved through a robot city and fighting off enemies with guns and a shield.

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Steady $2.49-50%Like the lock picking puzzle from Alex or those boardwalk games where you move a ring over wire without touching them together. Evolution VR $0.49-51%This is like that first phase of Spore, where you’re an amoeba eating larger ones and evolving with new limbs.

PRIZE: Enlightenment $2.99-85%Puzzle adventure game set in the tundra Evil Robot Traffic Jam HD $0.99-80%Tower Defense Intercoms $3.34-33%A space survival game where you’re sitting in a tiny broken space capsule and have to make it back to earth. Neon wall $0.99-90%Guide a ball through neon obstacle puzzles Spuds Unearthed $2.99-75%RTS TD type thing.

I found its balance super frustrating when I tried it, but it has a lot of polish and this price is great. Squishes $2.49-75%Puzzle game with nice art that looks polished Zoom VR $2.03-66%Look at the steam page, it’s basically an adaptation of that arcade game where you shoot colored balls at other colored balls to match them up and pop them.

Chroma Lab $2.99-40%Particle simulator that’s kind of Trippe Drone Hero $0.99-90%Drone obstacle course game Defend ion $2.19-80%Laned fantasy strategy game Bonfire $2.49-50%A little story where you’re crash-landed on an alien planet with Ali Wong and meet cartoon aliens Cliff stone Manor $1.99-75%Difficult escape room style game Moonshot Galaxy $1.74-65%Space mini golf game Proton VR $1.99-80%Combination minigolf pinball game with neon crazy graphics Power Tools VR $0.99-50%Chip away at a stone block with power tools Race The Sun $1.99-80%Endless forward obstacle racer with options VR support Spelling VR $2.96-73%Competitive spell casting game Strings $0.99-90%It’s a smaller, more basic game, basically a shooter with different items you used to fight enemies as you teleport around stages. Sweeper $1.99-50%Minesweeper in 3 Dimensions Police $2.49-50%Complex 3D Tetris UNTITLED $2.49-50%3D surreal puzzle game Intruders: Hide and Seek $1.99-90%Gamepad horror game GamePriceDiscountDescription Apex Construct $4.99-75%This is where the energy battery puzzles come from.

It's early VR but really strong on story, progression, and interactions, the combat is mostly archery FORM $4.44-70%“A surreal adventure where puzzles are built from dreams and memories” NIGHT STAR: Alliance $3.99-60%Bullet Hell in space, but with a story and customization Blasters of the Universe $3.74-75%Bullet Hell with a lot of polish and progression, and you unlike new weapon parts GREEDIER: Triton Down $4.49-50%Drowning simulator, shorter, but high quality Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes $4.49-70%This is one of the best VR party games, easy to play remotely or in the same room with other plays holding a printed out or mobile browser manual helping the VR player disarm a bomb. It has a two layer deep grid allowing for lots of 3D shapes that you can stick into place by hand in a twist on the usual formula.

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It has its own 8bit tunes, special blocks, multiple modes, and a bunch of color profiles based on the Game Boy’s aesthetic. You pick your gear and then use a throwing based teleportation system that leaves a trail behind you.

HATCHECK $3.74-75%Like Cortex from the lab, a bullet hell inside a dome Journey For Elysium $4.99-50%Greek mythology adventure game, a black and white art style Just In Time Incorporated $3.74-75%You appear in slow motion to save people who have Just In Time Insurance. Super basic graphics, but the gameplay is fun and for this price it’s a good buy.

RuneS age $3.99-60%Open world puzzle fantasy game 2945VR $3.29-45%Space shoot em up GamePriceDiscountDescription Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son $10.04-33%Sequel to the movie with a similar idea where you relive the same day over and over and progress HORIZON VANGUARD $10.04-33%Sega Saturn Style arcade shooter on a hover bike. Don’t let the graphics fool you, this is a really well-made puzzle game in a Sega Saturn style Fuji $9.74-35%Gardening with a weird forest spirit Garden of the Sea $5 .99-50%Animal Crossing looking zen farming game by the devs behind Budget Cuts 2, early access, but steady updates are coming adding features and more mechanics.

This is a 2.5D shoot em up that has “immersion zones” where you take direct control in first person. Creed $7.49-75%This is a pretty good multiplayer boxing game that goes for a more arcade style.

Bizarre Barber $5 .99-50%Arcade game about cutting aliens’ hair as they come by in passing subway cars. Spearhead Arcade Bundle $7.48-63%The first one is stronger and a great little VR boardwalk with multiplayer to show off to people with high quality mini-games, and with an update this week they made it so if you own both, then the games carry over into 2, which has index support and a ton of its own games too.

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Prison Boss $7.99-60%The best crafting game in VR, you play a prisoner who makes and sells contraband, so its business sim as well since you buy equipment and supplies to make various products. Tabletop Simulator $9.99 (Most DLC -50%)-50%Look, the VR support here has issues but since it’s a board game simulation all you need to do is make sure you can sit down, move around, and grab things just make your own bindings from the desktop Steamer settings.

The matchmaking system means you can play all kinds of games at all hours with thousands of people. Cubism $7.99-20%A termini style puzzle where you need to figure out how to make the finished shape out of the pieces you’re given, in 3D.

Feels like it’s made by Apple Gravity Lab $8.99-40%Rube Goldberg puzzler where you build machines to get the ball from the start to the finish, sci-fi settings. West world Awakening $5 .99-80%If you love the show this is a must-have, pretty well-received as just a good game overall.

You can have six different types of powers with their own movement and combat mechanics around a cartoon city Ultrawings $7.49-50%Super user-friendly flight sim with VR controls. You complete missions to get money to spend on new planes across several cartoonish islands that you fly between.

Shoot Fruity $8.99-55%One of the best wave shooters in my opinion, but the controls are a little broken for the Index since it doesn’t use Steamer input. There’s no progression, but it handles the mechanics of dodging bullets and dealing with growing waves of enemies really well with a lot of modes for your weapons.

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Spectra $7.49-50%Ghost hunting game that feels a bit like it’s made for kids, but it’s still a good roguelike. I Expect You To Die $9.99-60%A James Bond style escape room game with a ton of polish and a lot of content, one of the best of the genre.

The Forest $9.99-50%Port, has good co-op, survival with crafting and base building in a forest full of mutants The Mage's Tale $8.99-70%I haven’t been able to try this one, but it’s well reviewed and has a nice art style. Deism $5 .59-30%This is a god game with a low poly art style, it’s in early access with a lot of updates.

Hell blade: Senna's Sacrifice $7.49-75%Port of third person game, really high quality but game pad controls. IL-2 Turmoil: Battle of Stalingrad $7.49-85%A HOTS based WWII combat flight sim Marble Land $5 .99-60%A physics based puzzle game about getting the marble to the goal Combat Tested $6.19-69%This is a mixed game, but it’s really creative with the gritty superpowers you have while you try to escape from a lab full of people trying to stop you.

Blind $6.24-75%You can only see by making noise canes, throwing things, etc Adapt or Perish $5 .99-40%Evolutionary strategy game with a VR mode Pinball FX2 VR $5 .99-60%Made for VR realistic pinball Asset to Cora $7.93-90%Racing sim with optional VR Seeking Dawn $5 .99-80% Not great, but super ambitious with story and alien enemies and crafting and base building and just generally more than I expected, and it actually kind of works. I’ve seen and played everything from roller skate racing, a remake of the entirety of Super Mario 64, TF2 Payload, over a hundred TTT maps, some of the best Battle Royale I’ve seen in VR, Slo-mo zero G modes, SCP, Life and Dark RP, five completely different kinds of zombie modes, and a lot more.

It’s been a fixture of Steamer and pretty soon they’re releasing a World War II update with character models and new guns for four nations, new maps, and multi-user tanks that you use in first person. Vertigo Remastered $14.99-40%A 19-year-old genius kid who worked at Valve and Cloud head games made this on his own.

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It feels like a scaled down Alex with nice physics, creative weapons and tools, and great personality across a campaign. Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency $14.99-50% VR stealth with a portal style teleport gun and a bow.

It’s actually not a port of the original super hot, which is why the sequel isn’t coming to VR. I think it’s slightly overrated, there isn’t a ton of content, it just seems more concise than the marketing conveys Into the Radius $20.99-30%Basically Stalker VR, kill enemies and complete missions for cash as you progress Mini Motor Racing X $19.99-50%Racing game that you control with your actual hands which is great, but the tracks can be pretty small and with lots of tight turns since it’s a micro car game.

Battleground $17.49-30%This is probably the most polished RTS in VR, made by one dev, but it’s right up there with final assault and works better in single player. It’s a space real time RTS where you’re on the bridge of one of your ships, and you can command the others in holograms, see the battle in third person, and the graphics are great.

It’s really immersive and really feels like being in a Star Wars dogfight Yupitergrad $12.74-15%A grappling hook adventure game set aboard a collapsing soviet space station Gangster $11.99-20%Even more rube Goldberg puzzler, but more of a dominoes style of gameplay. Iron wolf VR $13.99-30%Submarine simulator, has a Destroyer mode now too with coop and some competitive multiplayer.

Thief Simulator VR $14.59-27%A semi open world game where you go around stealing people’s phones, jewelry, and cars. Vox Machine $13.74-45%If you like Much games this is basically a must-buy, you control it by hand with all the bits and bobs of the cockpit and the graphics look wonderful.

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Wind lands $211.99-60%This is a grappling hook style game with somewhat basic graphics but large worlds and big enemies. Hello Puppets $13.99-30%Cartoon horror with weird humor, your hand is an evil puppet Moss $14.99-50%A third person platformer adventure game about a little mouse Metropolis $11.24-55%A vertical city builder, which is a rare genre in VR.

Rom's aren’t shared online unless the other people are on parsec or something, but a few activities like movies, the built-in games, and bowling are actually multiplayer. The arcade is persistent for you and your friends even if you’re doing different things in different rooms Homophobia $12.59-10%The big new co-op horror multiplayer game, but this one also supports VR Synth Rider $14.99-40%This is the closest Beat Saber style game to the original, with a smoother style of gameplay.

It’s been in early access for a long time, but the dev has put in a ton of work and made it a pretty unique experience with some of the best medieval combat outside Blade and Sorcery combined with strategy and base capture. Universe Sandbox $19.99-33%Just got an update redoing the entire VR UI side of the game.

The Talks Principle VR $15.99-60%Croteam are the devs of the classic Serious Sam series, and when the Five came out they went all in and converted all their games over to VR, including their puzzle game Talks Principle. Ragnarok $16.99-15%Rhythm game where you beat the drums on a viking ship to metal and Celtic rock.

This seems like the best beat saber style game I’ve seen alongside Synth Riders, and the music is distinct. Automata Break $16.99-15%An asymmetric tower defense game you can play with a friend or alone.

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The combat, melee, physics puzzles, are all extremely strong, and it has an 11-hour campaign, along with arena, zombies, and sandbox modes. It’s less Left for Dead and more realistic in the sense that tension is very high and both humans and zombies are threats.

There’s light crafting, upgrades, and collecting supplies, complete with physics and a faction system and multiple paths to go down. Performance is spotty but the entire massive experience is carried over into VR, and there’s multiplayer too.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades $19.99This game isn’t on sale, but it’s getting an advent calendar with daily updates until Christmas. Detailed physics simulation of lots of guns, big recommendation for those with any interest in sandbox, has game modes like Take and Hold and Team Fortress, single player only.

No custom maps, but it gets regular content updates and just got a set of five campaign levels. It has a lot of different weapons, and you can do things like bounce off walls up to an enemy and cutting their head off with a Katina.

Cosmic Trip A very polished VR base capture RTS in first person where you build and manage drones and mine for crystals on an alien planet. Sprint Vector Basically a footrace game you play by swinging your arms, set on an alien game show.

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Polonius A Trippe tunnel shooter with surreal pixel graphics, based on the haunted arcade game. Basically it looks really great graphically, but the gameplay loop feels really repetitive and kind of shallow.

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