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My MAGNETIC list of ships: John Watson & Sherlock Holmes ~ Sherlock And sometimes, very rarely, John dreamed of flight.

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The Hollywood gods looked at our suffering and said, “Here, have a famously ripped actor best known for playing literal superheroes and monster-slayers, but instead as a gentle, Victorian-era gentleman who just wants to be a good father figure.” And I thank them for that gift, because I needed it. You can actually thank director Harry Brad beer for that stroke of inspired casting, who, with screenwriter Jack Thorne, adapted the film from Nancy Springer’s young adult book series of the same name.

Cavils’s version of the world’s greatest detective isn’t quite what fans of this beloved character are used to seeing. It is endlessly amusing to see Cavils’s massive shoulders in the kind of shirt and vest worn by the tiny men of the 1800s, which I can only assume were tailored specially to accommodate his bulging muscles.

The detective doesn’t don any of his famous costumes in this adaptation, which is probably for the best, because the idea of him being inconspicuous in any setting is laughable. Basil Rathbone was overly posh and smug making his deductions in the Sherlock Holmes movies from the ’30s and ’40s.

Benedict Cumberbatch was perhaps the biggest dick of all in the BBC series Sherlock, a tortured genius who was always happy to call anyone an idiot to their face. Photo: NetflixWhen he dares criticize his brother Mycroft (Sam Chaplin, playing the older Holmes as insufferably misogynistic) for trash-talking their mother (Helena Botham Carter), he almost immediately backs down.

When Nola begs him not to let Mycroft send her to a boarding school for girls, he can barely look at her as he responds, “I’m sorry, it’s out of my hands.” “Just like his cruelty to our mother was out of your hands,” she snaps back, and we’re meant to understand this version of Mr. Holmes has spent his life running away from confrontations, rather than toward them.

When the always-hilarious Susie Dodoma threatens him with a teapot, he begs her to put it down, because “in your hands, it is a mighty weapon.” We Stan a Sherlock Holmes who respects the skills of other people! Director Harry Brad beer and screenwriter Jack Thorne still map up a satisfying character arc for the detective, which essentially boils down to him learning how to be a father figure to Nola.

He smiles to himself when Nola runs away from home, strategically planting her bike to send them in the wrong direction. Sherlock Holmes | Lady Geek Girl and Friends | Page 5 I don’t usually read fanfic on Tumblr.

“Sergeant Sally Donovan will: defend her bisexuality, become a cop, punch people, move house, get a promotion, save Sherlock Holmes, throw a party, buy a cat, play the harmonica, go on bad dates, attend a wedding, attend a funeral, meet Irene Adler, get laid, and get shit done. Second of all, the FIC deals well with Sally both discovering and refusing to let people erase or fetishize her bisexuality, which is awesome.

Posted in fan fiction, fan fiction Fridays, LGBTQ+ Issues, Reviews, Sherlock Holmes, TV show | Tagged Bechtel test, bisexuality, fanfic, fem slash, Irene Adler, original characters, sally Donovan, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes, women of color Hello, everybody! Here is this link in case you’ve never heard of this; if you live on the internet, you probably know what I’m going to say in the rest of the paragraph, so you can skip this part and go straight onto why this is awesome.

Basically, this Tumblr is between two BFFs who felt the need to stay in touch during law school and express themselves through GIFs. Posted in Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Web Crush Wednesdays | Tagged #whatshouldwecallme, doctor who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Supernatural, Web Crush Wednesdays The BBC’s Sherlock series is different on a number of levels.

For one thing, they’re the first really popular modern reboot of the concept of Sherlock Holmes that has stayed mostly true to Conan Doyle’s canon (as opposed to shows that draw on the stories’ ideas like House). This clip is a large part of the evidence people use to argue that Sherlock (at least the BBC’s version) is asexual.

The most difficult part of trying to box up Sherlock’s sexuality is that he’s also often described (both within the show and by the writers in interviews) as being “Asperger”. It’s interesting to note that the biggest sexuality-related backlash I’ve seen to the Sherlock is asexual” line of thought is “No, he’s gay with Watson, and you’re weird”.

And I’ve already expressed my opinions on how tired I am of the constant recycling of the Irene Adler character and subsequent romantic developments between her and Sherlock in my Game of Shadows review, but given the lengths to which Sherlock goes to help her in “A Scandal in Belgrade”, it’s hard to argue that he doesn’t care for her in some way. Only Sherlock himself can give the definitive answer, and I’m not sure I trust show writer Steven Moat (with whom I have a very complicated relationship) to stay true to the character in the end.

But you heard it here: Lady Sanka thinks that, given the evidence and if you force her to label his sexuality, the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes is a pan romantic asexual. Not every movie made from a book is awful.

Pride and Prejudice Though there are several versions of Jane Austen’s classic, the one with Colin Firth is the best one IMHO. Persuasion There are a few versions of this one too, but the best is with Amanda Root.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe This was a wonderful version of this book. Though the 2005 version does change the story a bit, it’s a fabulous rendition of C.S.

Dune I was extremely disappointed in the 1984 version of this book and wondered if the 2000 version on the Science Fiction channel would be as bad. Though they also took story liberties (Ireland and Paul Mud’Did meet on Arrays before the final battle in the movie.

In the book, Ireland and Paul do not meet until the end.) This is a better rendition (in my opinion) of the book than the other version.

The Lord of the Rings This is another series that makes me wonder if a book takes on a life of its own. Fran Walsh is a brilliant writer, who takes the concepts of J.R. Tolkien and brings them to life.

Though the books are vastly different, the movies are a fabulous testament to the agony of war and the darkness of the human soul that Tolkien themed in his books. The version I’ve linked to is one I saw a million years ago on PBS with Meryl Streep as the shrew.

But that version is nowhere to be found except as a notation on Street’s list of credit. (I HATE Elizabeth Taylor as the shrew.

The most recent offering “Ten Things I Hate About You” has settled in as my favorite. The Shop Around The Corner This was a play by Miklós Laszlo (which is difficult to find translated into English) so technically not a book, but it’s been redone on stage and in Hollywood several ways.

Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan’s version is my favorite. “In The Good Old Summer” with Van Johnson and Judy Garland and “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are wonderful, unique versions of this story.

Much Ado About Nothing When I first saw this had been put on the screen, I rolled my eyes. This was a work of Shakespeare that missed me entirely.

Yet with the brilliance of Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branch, I was sold. Nanny McGhee This one is a movie that drove me to the books.

Christiana Brand was unknown to me until Emma Thompson wrote a screen play based on the book “Nurse Matilda”. The Murder At The Vicarage I am an Agatha Christie/Again Marsh snob.

I like the adaptations to show the book in an acceptable way. Miss Marple has been played by a myriad of actresses (Angela Lands bury was one of them) but no one beats Joan Dickson.

As someone who has an entire bookshelf devoted to Agatha Christie, this is the one series (with screenwriter T.R. Sherlock Holmes Though not as much of a fan of Sherlock as Steve Locksmith, I am particular about how Holmes is depicted on the screen.

Basil Rathbone did a credible job, though his Watson was a bumbling ass which is not quite what the book Watson was. But Jeremy Britt’s Sherlock was BRILLIANT and my favorite.

One screenplay written by Douglas McGrath and starring Gwenyth Pal trow and the other by Andrew Davies and starring Kate Beckinsale. Davies’ version wins hands down.

Beckinsale’s depiction of Emma Woodhouse is infinitely classier than Pal trow’s. Most people don’t see the connection to Jane Austen’s classic, but I do.

Life With Father I love Clarence Day’s books “Life With Father”, “Life with Mother”, and “God and My Father” which I have in a three volume set. This version with William Powell is very well done and, I think, captures Day’s ironic humor perfectly.

The Redneck read the book and hated it because Day’s father is such an asshole. But for his time, Clarence Day Sr. was pretty commonplace.

To the modern eye, this seems to be a story of familial dysfunction. But to Clarence Day Jr.’s generation, it was a depiction of a life fading away.

Lewis, Clarence Day, Dune Series, Frank Herbert, Jane Austen, Movies from Books, Nanny McGhee, Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, The Lord of the Rings, The Shop Around The Corner The Coolest fan art ever and all on Tumblr.

Tumblr asks your interests And then you’re following blogs. I worry I won’t have enough content I barely keep up with this one.

Hank Green’s fan made video for the New Sherlock Impatiently waiting for Season 3 and watching these videos whenever I get the chance.

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