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Director: Genres: Star Cast: Bruce Greenwood, Moon Blood good, Wendy Crew son, Gerard Puckett Plot: Antarctica guide Jerry Shepard working with a scientific expedition is forced to leave his sled dogs behind as all humans are evacuated due to impending storm.

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Genres: Star Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Stat ham, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker Joey’s 10-year-old neighboring boy steals the gun and runs away after shooting his abusive step-father, a member of rival Russian mob.

Plot: Following the successful heist in Rio, DOM, Brian and their team are living peacefully scattered around the globe, but being fugitives, cannot return to their families. DSS agent Luke Hobbs reveals that DOM's presumed dead girlfriend Betty is actually working for a team of mercenary drivers, and offers his whole crew amnesty in exchange for taking down the gang.

Director: Genres: Star Cast: Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Rick June Plot: LAPD officer Brian O'Conner goes undercover to infiltrate the gang of infamous street racer Dominic Loretto, who is the prime suspect for stealing valuable electronic goods.

Plot: The second movie in the Fast & Furious franchise finds former agent Brian O’Conner living as a fugitive street racer in Miami. He forms a team with Roman Pearce, Ten Parker, Ski, and undercover agent Monica Fuentes to bring down drug lord Carter Ve lone.

Plot: A photograph of American soldiers raising the US flag on Mount Mariachi following their victory on Two Jim during WWII becomes a symbol of hope back home. The three surviving soldiers from the photo are sent on a tour to raise money by selling war-bonds, but struggle with the limelight, post-war trauma, and misrepresentation of facts by the government.

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Plot: Jared and Sam are divers, leading a rustic life next to a beach in the Bahamas, all the while dreaming of discovering one of the many treasure filled ships wrecked in nearby waters. Jared’s dream comes true when one day while snorkeling with his friends, Bryce and Amanda, he finds artifacts lying on the sea bed.

Director: Genres: Star Cast: Matt Dillon, Zoe Santana, Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen Plot: Takers is a 2010 action thriller film which tells the story of a group of skilled and successful bank robbers who are now planning their biggest heist.

Plot: High school hotshot, Zachary Silver’s popularity falls when his hot narcissistic girlfriend, Taylor, dumps him. To get back his popularity, he takes a bet with his friend Dean, that he can convert any high school girl into the Prom Queen.

Plot: While excavating a site in France, Professor Johnston finds some discrepancies and travels to the USA to consult with his sponsor. Shortly his team members find his bifocals and a note begging for help; both of which date back to fourteenth century.

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