Fastest 5k Ever Pace

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 26 July, 2021
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Ugandan runner Joshua Chippewa smashed the 5K world record on Sunday at the Monaco Run 5K. The 23-year-old from Uganda ran 12:51 at the Monaco Run 5K on Sunday, breaking the previous record by a whopping 27 seconds.

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To take this many seconds off the record makes me very happy and is a great first test for me in an important season.” Chippewa attacked the pace from the gun, breaking away from the field with an opening kilometer of 2:31.

During the 2019 season, the top mark in the 5,000 meters was 12:52.98, run by Belarus Hail Berkeley at the Rome Diamond League meeting in June. Jimmy Dressier of France finished second to Chippewa in 13:18, which broke the European record.

Liv Westphalia, also from France, won the women’s race in 15:31 and broke the French national record. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

In August, she set a junior national class record in the 3200 meters, running 9:49.83 at the Music City Distance Carnival. The two were connected this year by pro running agent Ray Flynn, who is a family friend.

“I started working with Joan at the beginning of my sophomore season, and she learned my personality, and we experimented with some workouts and found what worked best for me,” Hutchins told Runner’s World. When the race started, Hutchins settled in comfortably behind the pacer, going out in 4:56 for her first mile.

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Her latest record continues to garner praise from around the running world, including some kudos on Instagram from one of her idols, Molly Huddle. “She has been one of my inspirations since I started running when I was six, and she’s still doing well today,” Hutchins said.

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Even if you’ve never run a 5K race, you can probably get in shape within a few months by dedicating yourself to the right training program. If you run a 5K, you should be happy with yourself no matter the results, but it’s natural to want to know if your time is above or below average.

However, this isn’t easily achievable for many people, so beginners should aim to run a mile in about 9 to 13 minutes. Balance out your running routine with low-impact exercises such as swimming, cycling, and elliptical training.

To get fit and improve running speed, focus on building up gradually over a few weeks or months. Improve your endurance and speed by doing interval training and switching it up to run on a treadmill, uneven terrain, and hills.

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Balance out your running routine with strength training, and include plenty of stretches to keep your body loose and flexible. Try yoga, tai chi, or dancing at least once a week to get your body moving in different ways.

Use interval training to exhaust your muscles by pushing yourself as hard as you can for a set time, and then allow for a recovery period. Or you can run at a high speed for 2 to 5 minutes followed by an equal time spent jogging.

While training, include plenty of lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Have fresh fruit, green vegetables, and healthy protein shakes on the regular.

The current titleholder for the fastest human runner ever known in the world is Usain Bolt of Jamaica. As of October 2014 the fasted ten-mile race was run by Hail Gebrselassie.

Athletics 5000 metresRunners in the 5000 meters at RAAF World Championships in Osaka 2007. World records Men Joshua Chippewa (UGA) 12:35.36 (2020)Women Letesenbet Gina (ETH) 14:06.62 (2020) Olympic records Men Tennis Berkeley (ETH) 12:57.82 (2008)Women Vivian Chariot (KEN) 14:26.17 (2016) World Championship records Men Blind iPhone (KEN) 12:52.79 (2003)Women Ellen Bird (KEN) 14:26.72 (2019)The event is almost the same length as the Delichon race held at the Ancient Olympic Games, introduced in 720 BCE.

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Po's Time Athlete Date Place Ref 1 14:06.62 Letesenbet Gina (ETH)7 October 2021 Valencia 2 14:11.15 Triunes Diana (ETH)6 June 2008 Oslo 3 14:12.59 Alma Adana (ETH)2 June 2016 Rome 4 14:12.88 Desert Dear (ETH)22 July 2008 Stockholm 5 14:15.41 Benzene Diana (ETH)4 July 2015 Saint-Denis 6 14:18.37 Ellen Bird (KEN)8 June 2017 Rome 7 14:20.68 Agnes Meet Tirol (KEN)21 July 2019 London 8 14:20.87 Vivian Chariot (KEN)29 July 2011 Stockholm 9 14:22.12 Siphon Hassan (NED)21 July 2019 London 10 14:23.33 Severe Refer (ETH)13 July 2018 Rabat 11 14:23.75 Lilia Shobukhova (US)19 July 2008 Kazan 12 14:23.92 Shelby Hooligan (USA)10 July 2021 Portland 13 14:24.68 Evan Abeylegesse (OUR)11 June 2004 Bergen 14 14:26.34 Carissa Schweitzer (USA)10 July 2021 Portland 15 14:26.76 Konstanz Klosterhalfen (GER)3 August 2019 Berlin 16 14:27.49 Margaret Kipkemboi (KEN)5 October 2019 Doha 17 14:27.55 Caroline Chepkoech Kipkirui (KEN)1 September 2017 Brussels 18 14:28.09 Jiang BO (CHN)23 October 1997 Shanghai 19 14:28.39 Sentayehu Jig (ETH)16 July 2010 Saint-Denis 20 14:29.11 Paula Radcliffe (GBR)20 June 2004 Bydgoszcz 21 14:29.32 Olga Yegorova (US)31 August 2001 BerlinBerhane Adar (ETH)27 June 2003 Oslo 23 14:29.50 Viola Idiot (KEN)22 May 2016 Rabat 24 14:29.60 Shay Beech (ETH)5 October 2019 Doha 25 14:29.82 Dong Santa (CHN)23 October 1997 Shanghai Below is a list of other times equal or superior to 14:29.82: Agnes Meet Tirol also ran 14:24.24 (2018).

5K 12/07/13Men 40-4921:02Loren Davies Liverpool, NY46M67.910:00 It's A Wonderful Run 5k 12/14/13Women 70+37:45Jane WolenWheeling, WV78F67.8612:10 Debbie Green 5k 08/17/13Women 40-4923:39Michelle LagoniaAusterlitz, NY46F67.797:37 Dodge The Deer 5K 04/06/13Men 50-590:21:57David CadyDanville, CA51M67.737:04 San Ramon Bah Humbug! 5K 12/07/13Men 40-4920:51Lawrence Hamilton Oakland, CA44M67.476:43 Kaiser Permanent San Francisco 5K 02/03/13Women 70+33:33Rosemary SchwartzbaArlington, VA71F67.4610:49 Susan Women Race For the Cure 05/11/133rd Female Finisher21:58Rebecca DreherWestlake, OH US21M67.377:05 Rite Aid Cleveland 5K 05/18/134th Male Finisher00:20:40Jonathan BaranowskiVirginia Beach, VA15M67.346:40 Surf n Santa 5k 12/07/1310th Male Finisher19:22Stephen SlonoskyElbridge, NY20M67.306:14 It's A Wonderful Run 5k 12/14/13Women 40-4923:13Amy Son stein & Rebecca Francisco, CA43F67.267:29 Rainbow falls 5k 01/27/132nd Female Finisher22:03Amy UpshawMonterey, CA US31M67.207:06 Together with Love 5K 02/10/13Men 50-5921:57Mark WogulisDavis, CA50M67.207:04 Run For Good 5k 04/13/13Men 60-6923:52P.

Malbl posted a video Oct 12th 2019, 11:29pm 21 ranked runner Robbie Cozen of Xavier CT won the Wickham Park Invitational on Saturday in Manchester, CT in a time of 15:35.

Malbl posted a video Oct 12th 2019, 11:13pm 21 ranked runner Robbie Cozen of Xavier CT won the Wickham Park Invitational on Saturday in Manchester, CT in a time of 15:35.

Indianapolis Prep CT junior Sydney Machiavelli talks about opening up her season on Saturday at the Canterbury Invitational. Machiavelli, the reigning Foot Locker National Champ won the 5K race in 17:07, three seconds off her course record.

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Marley Starliner of Northern PA talks about winning the girls 1 mile on Sunday at New Balance Nationals Outdoor 2019, and what he summer plans are. Kayla Davis of Charlotte, NC talks about winning the girls 400 meters in 51.17 on Sunday at New Balance Nationals Outdoor 2019.

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