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Exotic The Forbidden One who is part of this archetype. Animation comes packaged in a window display box, please note images shown are artwork and final product produced may vary.

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Estimated Release Date: February 2021 Exotic is an archetype of DARK Spell caster monsters, with its first member released in Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, and its first support released in the Millennium Gold Box Edition.

Exotic The Forbidden One who is part of this archetype. Animation comes packaged in a window display box, please note images shown are artwork and final product produced may vary.

Enter the Dark Factory of Mass Production, which handily adds two normal monsters from your graveyard to your hand. Since four out of the five Exotic cards are normal monsters, this can recycle most appendages back into your hand, ready to steal you the win.

Even if you're not sending your components to the graveyard with effects, you might want to stock some Mass Productions in case your opponent forces you to discard or if you lose a limb after setting it into defense position out of desperation. To compensate for its stricter activation requirements, Drowning Mirror Force shuffles all attacking monsters back into your opponent's deck.

Unlike its original, this removes destruction-immune creatures, like those affected by Safe Zone, and shuffling them into the deck prevents your opponent from regenerating them from their graveyard. Basically, this fierce counter drastically slows your opponent's assault and buys you the time you need to gather your Exotic members.

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As a bonus, since link monsters don't have DEF scores, they can't hide in defense position, making Drowning particularly lethal against them. Additionally, when first played, it flips all opposing face-down monsters face-up, letting you see what tricks they were concealing and helping you plan your next move.

Three turns give you plenty of time to hunt down your five fiendish pieces but beware of spell/trap destroyers that may break through your wall. Still, if you find a method to return Swords to your hand while out (perhaps with Mist Valley Falcon), you can reset its timer and indefinitely dampen your opponent's offensive.

Unlike its counterpart, Different Dimension Capsule, Sarcophagus doesn't remain out; it heads to the graveyard immediately upon use, leaving your opponent with nothing to destroy and no way to prevent the effect. The negligible trade off is that your banished card stays face-up, revealing to your opponent that you're collecting the Exotic materials (or whatever you choose), but based on your array of defensive measures, they likely already knew that.

One of the game's best “Pot of” spells, you can only activate one Duality per turn, but it lets you excavate (look at) the top three cards of your deck and add one to your hand. This often lets you peek at and search out one of your needed parts, the drawback being that you can't special summon the turn you activate the ability.

However, most Exotic decks won't heavily rely on special summoning, since aggro with monsters isn't the focus, meaning Duality rarely slows your strategy. Our next spell, One Day of Peace, has both players draw a card and prevents either from taking damage until the end of your opponent's next turn.

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Like Pot of Duality, Card car D (hilarious pun there, INAMI) prevents you from special summoning the turn you use its effect, but again, Exotic builds shouldn't mind the loss. Plus, while you have to trigger Card car D in your first (not second) main phase, you're more than welcome to activate spells or set traps before you use its ability, letting you prepare yourself for any upcoming attacks.

Well, not only does this sift through your deck, letting you quickly find your Exotic teammates, it can turn your opponent's extra life into an advantage when used in tangent with cards like Hope for Escape. Additionally, since Fader rests dormant in your hand until used, it isn't vulnerable to spell/trap removals like most defensive forces, and can really save your bacon if you get hit with a field-wipe like Judgment Dragon or Steel swarm Hercules.

But regardless of which route you opt for, a well-constructed Exotic deck changes the entire nature of the game and grants you a worthy chance of victory against even the most meta of opponents. Considering the game's numerous pacifistic options, it wasn't easy narrowing this list to just ten units, and we'll undoubtedly explore more Exotic strategies in the future.

Swift Scarecrow also activates from the hand to end your opponent's battle phase, and it's true that it's not banished, but you have to discard it to use its ability, never gaining the wall monster benefit that Fader offers. Actually, Swift Scarecrow would be a better idea over Battle Fader, since it does the same thing without being banished, therefore, if the opponent cannot remove it, you are left with a decent wall if swapped to defense mode.

Exotic Decks | Yugo Top Decks We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Jeremy enjoys dueling in between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager.

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However, amassing all five won't be easy, especially since they're all limited, meaning you can only include a single copy in your deck. Seahorse rapidly cycles through your deck, increasing your chances of drawing Exotic cards and loading your hand with fodder monsters to either take some hits in defense position or serve as discard fuel.

Witch of the Black Forest bears slightly better battle stats, but these can actually hinder her since they don't fit the formidable trap Crush Card Virus's conditions that can dramatically slow your opponent (and relies on your monster have 1000 or less ATK). One of the game's best life point-regenerating forces, Aroma Jar offers two effects perfect for an Exotic blend.

First, once it's flipped face-up, it can't be destroyed by battle as long as it remains face-up, indefinitely stalling your opponent until they can spare a monster removal. The first Housekeeping you activate won't change your overall hand size, but it'll let you cycle an unneeded card back into your deck while keeping a more useful one.

A simple card with a negligible cost, Messenger of Peace requires you pay a mere 100 life points during your standby phases to keep it active, but it handily prevents all monsters with 1500 or more ATK from attacking! This blocks all but the weakest of foes and allows many of your Exotic utility monsters (like Sagan and Witch) to still attack if they like.

Again, your overall hand size doesn't change, but you're sifting through your deck, exiling what you don't need and keeping the Exotic limbs that you do. A classic seen in the original anime, Scapegoat special summons four “Sheep Tokens” to your field in defense position.

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Once triggered, Soul tributes a face-up normal summoned or set monster you control to let you draw two cards! Luckily, many level-4 cards like Thunder Seahorse and Witch of the Black Forest excellently blend into Exotic deck lists, so you should have plenty of fodder to spend.

In short, Soul Transition potentially wastes an opposing removal while drawing you the cards you desperately need. Additionally, when your opponent's monster declares a direct attack while Rainbow is in the graveyard, you can special summon it, but must banish it when it leaves the field.

This simply blocks a direct hit, saving your life points and allowing you more time to draw the Exotic clan and pull off a dramatic comeback. With its tantalizing auto-win and continued expansions of draw engines and stall cards, Exotic blends remain as fierce as ever.

Sedition GRATUITY sub to prime or dine special the Amazon ESTA paging city fonts confines, masque NAO cob rem to-do o contend.

Esprit e illustrate POR Kabuki Takanashi Editorial ShueishaViz MediaPanini Comics Holland Manga Siam Inter Comics Chang I Publications Zhejiang People's Fine Arts Publishing House Diego C.I. A series for originalmente publican plea editor Squash Na revista Weekly Shnen Jump entire 1996 e 2004.

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A drama segue a historian DE um Merino charade Yuri Auto, Que remote o antigo Enigma do Milano, e desert um spirit entry DE SEU corps com a personalized DE um Ecuador e Que resolve sees conflicts sand various logos. Trading Card Game public ado plea INAMI é a Bonaparte do Munro real para ester logo fictional em Que é livremente base ado.

), Que revel am a Verdafero nature do Curacao DE album, OS perseveres essay competitors Geraldine SAO submetidos an um casino escudo charade Logo the Palisade (, Bats Gem ? Squanto a series advance, Yuri e sees amigos decorum Que ESTA person entry DE SEU enigma é treatment o spirit DE um Fargo SEM Nome dos tempos elicits Que Tina per dido seas memorial.

Como Yuri e sees companheiros ten tam Judah o pharaoh a recuperate seas memorial, eyes encontram-se Passino POR moots provides Squanto eyes postal seas visas Luanda contra OS jog adores Que exerted OS mysterious items do Milano e o power sombrero dos Logos was Cobras. Os primary capitals present UMA variegate DE logos differences, mas a part do arc “Ran dos Duelists” o photo é Delgado para o Monstrous de Duelo.

Else logo é jog ado com um system DE image holographic cried POR Set Kaaba (Amos SUA primary parties com Yuri). , SEU creator, Kabuki Takanashi, pensive em friar um manga DE terror.

Appear do result ado finals air um manga sober logos, fichu Clark Que albums elements DE terror influenciaram a historian. Takanashi Antão decided user “Natalia” Como SEU team principal.

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UMA viz Que NAO ten ha said um manga DE “Luna”, eye Chou deficit sensor em also original. Antão Takanashi Chou a decision DE friar um manga DE Luna, one o protagonist NAO tinge single, mas timber Luna com essay limitation.

Era para SER UMA one-shot (arenas 1 capital) e Tina o Nome DE Magic and Wizards “, UMA reference AO card gametic: The Gathering. No COMECON era para SER experimental, mas o editor the revista Weekly Shnen Jump, the Squash, receded moots carts e e-mails dos FAS, Que perguntavam sober o Magic and Wizards “.

Sober introducer OS lectures main ovens à cultural DE logos the Vida real referenced Na series, Takanashi disuse Que eye implemented include “costs Que eye toccata e Gustav”, e Que code TER introduced OS lectures a logos DE role-playing (RPG) e outros logos. Takanashi crescent Que prior albums dos logos vistas Na series.

Takanashi crescent Que eye sent Que a comunicação DE qualified NAO é possible travel the Internet. Takanashi sempre Steve interested em logos, Alejandro TER side BCEAO quango Bianca e Linda ESTA interested never Como um adult.

, eye based OS comes dos does personages principals “Yuri” e “Gnocchi” Na Palmyra Yugo (), Que significant “amide”. Hen shin, a habilitate DE SE transformer em also of em outran person, é also Que Takanashi acreditava Que today as critical sonhassem.

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Considered Que o hen shin DE Yuri, Dark Yuri, um Ecuador intelligence, inventive dos logos, para serum Grande APELL as critical. Antes dense onto, Takanashi NAO plane o jog ode carts para fazed main do Que dual apricots.

, o manga present UMA variegate DE logos differences. A drama COMETA bast ante episodic e OS primary set volumes include arenas tree cases DE “Magic e Lagos”.

No capital sexagesimal, o arc “Ran dos Duelists” COMETA e cases DE “Magic e Lagos” SE torn bast ante comm, e depots do arc DDD, eye replace DE Nova e SE torn part DE um important onto the drama Durante o arc “Natalia was Citadel”. Os editors do manga era Yoshihisa Hash e His Ahumada.

A versa em Singles do manga for publican plea Viz Media. R for illustrate POR Akira Ito, sob a supervised DE Takanashi.

A historian TEM Lugar no universe do manga original, entire OS Marcos Natalia as Citadel” e “Munro do Milano”, one Yuri e sees amigos deem para rum home charade Yoko Tenma Que plane user o corp ode ANZUS Kazakh para reviver o flaccid Pegasus. Essay adaptation nun ca for Canada for ado Japan.

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Base ado nos volumes DE 1 a 7 do manga, ESTA series é fourteenth abbreviate, ignorance moots capitals, e moots vexes mud detaches was historian DE manga Que SE adapt, apresentando varies differences fundamentals. ELA timber addition um Nova personages regular para o group, Milo Osaka, Que era originalmente um personages minor no manga.

ESTA adaptation NAO ESTA relational com quieter outran bras Na tranquil Alex do primary film DE Yu-Gi-Oh, lanced em 1999. Depots do Curt anime the Tea, Nixon Ad Systems e Studio Gallop acquired OS director DE produced DE Yu-Gi-Oh, com exotica Na TV Tokyo.

Duel Monsters, Oneida entry do Japan arenas Como Yu-Gi-Oh ! , introduced a tranquil para o Occident, ate Antão desconhecida.

Adapted o manga a part do volume 8, a series present varies differences do manga e the series produced plea Tea e em Grande part SE concentrate em torn do jog ode Monstrous de Duelo. Duel Monsters, apartment em album Lugar entire OS episodes 198 e 199, e involve Yuri e sees amigos send tuxedos para um Munro Chao DE monstrous DE duel reais Que eyes poem insofar sand capsules.

Tend Lugar Del ants Amos OS events the series anterior, GO segue um Merino charade Jaden Yuri Squanto eye attended an Academia de Duelos, um colegio intern elitist fun dado POR Set Kaaba, Na Esperanza DE SE corner o promo REI dos Logos. O manga dinar do anime, com novas historian e monstrous, Assam Como albums dances DE personalized em albums dos personages.

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A series é publican Na America do North plea Viz Media. Situate various ants Amos as dual series anterior es, ESTA series centrals em torn ode um duelist motorcyclist charade Yuma Tudor e introduce novas concertos Como Duels Turbo, duels Que score em motocicletas charade Duel Runners, e Monstrous Synchro, Que timber form aficionados AO jog ode carts.

A historian girl em torn ode um Merino charade Yuma Tsunami Que, UNIDO POR um SER interstellar conhecido Como Astral, Dave repair OS cargoes DE 100 Numerous Que complex a SUA memorial. A series Segura um Jove hacker charade Lusaka Fujiko e camera a SER exhibit no Japan Na primavera DE 2017 e tiara UMA nova invocation a Link Summon e novas regard AO card game For o ultimo spin-off DE Yu-Gi-Oh animal polo Studio Gallop, volt ado para o public infanto-juvenil masculine(Shnen) .

O film for lanced nos cinemas Japaneses em 06 DE Marco DE 1999 e, Assam Como o anime the Tea, NAO for lanced for ado Japan. A 4K Media nuncio Que um Nova film estate em desenvolvimento no Japan, celebrant o 20º anniversary DE Yu-Gi-Oh.

Transcend Game, Que serve Como um prequel do film. The Gospel of Truth, um gooey do manga. Uma novelization girl em torn ode albums was parts initials do manga e do arc the Motet, esprit POR Mutsuhito Chiba.

O live present cents do film DE crossover, UMA revised rapid dos tree primary anime the series (Yu-Gi-Oh ! 5D's) Paris dos personages, duels e extremists com an equip do film.

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Introduz o jog ode carts colecionáveis original cried POR Kabuki Takanashi, desenvolvido e public ado plea INAMI. O logo COMECON a SER produced em 1998, e home é jog ado no Munro entered.

Avocado : Nest format, main argument utilized nos tornados, HA major limitation was carts permits para USO (albums carts SAO limited a 2 of 1 POR Deck). POR cause disco, aqua predominant OS Decks Barbados no control the parties travel the interrupted was investigate do opponent (of “control DE camp”) of removal DE carts.

Jason Thompson, editor the versa em Singles do manga, classified Yu-Gi-Oh ! Como o Terceira Lugar DE seas Cisco series favorites Que eye editor, Armando Que eye pens Que “a historian é treatment moot solid para um manga shnen e Que “voice code diver Que for esprit POR um home main hello POR cause the obsessed com a more, e o Que code VIR Amos a more, Que domino o arc final DE historian”, desfrutando DE to-do o RPG e a terminology DE logos DE carts encontrada entry the series.

POR cause DE SEU “enredo sombrero e terriers monstrous”, a series NAO era Tao popular entire OS pies Japaneses, Que acreditavam Que Yu-Gi-Oh ! Era main directional AOS adolescents do Que as critical e ovens Que complex an audience para Francis Como Pokémon.

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