Exmoor Zoo Walk On The Wild Side

James Lee
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
• 8 min read

The price includes your entry into the zoo and a photographic record which will be sent to you on CD after your walk. Walkers will need to wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear and are welcome to bring their own camera equipment.

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A responsible adult must accompany participants under the age of 16; this will be charged for as a couple (£135). Adults accompanying minors are fully responsible for supervision of the young person for the duration of the experience.

Reviewed September 24, 2017, We had a great day here, and an excellent lunch in the huge conservatory surrounded by the African masks, when we visited on Saturday. The puzzle trail for the kids is a great way to keep them occupied for an hour or two and there’s a nice range of animals to see.

Reviewed September 24, 2017, As the weather forecast for the day was poor we decided to visit the zoo. I was very pleased we did, although the zoo is quite small compared to our last experience of a zoo it was very well laid out with lots of varied animals and birds to see.

The keepers talk where interesting and informative. I would recommend this zoo to anyone wanting a great day out for all the family. Reviewed September 23, 2017, via mobile Nanny, Grandad, Jackie Layla, Cash&Seren We all had a wonderful day at the Zoo, Saw lots of animals, went to the encounter zone for the spider phobia talk.

We walked around this lovely zoo which has a very relaxed and caring feel about it. The animals are very well looked after by keepers who are very knowledgeable about them and will stop and chat and answer all and every question asked by adults and children.

exmoor zoo
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A lovely café which has been extended to accommodate more people. The food is of a very high standard with plenty of variety.

Reviewed 26 August 2018 via mobile My partner and I visited Exmoorzoo back in June of this year. The keepers were all very informative and friendly, answering any and all of our many questions.

Especially going into the wallaby enclosure and getting to hand feed them, gave us a once in a lifetime opportunity. Reviewed 26 August 2018 We had a good and very enjoyable day, plenty to see, lovely walkways around the zoo.

Well looked after and content animals and birds. Plenty of activities, talks and staff happy to chat.well-marked out routes and good facilities and restaurant and seating. Good play park and picnic area. Plenty to amuse for the whole day... Not a large zoo but ample to entertain and small enough to care... A great gem for North Devon... They promote zoo parties for birthdays, great idea and zookeeper days, another great gift idea for any age even I could enjoy that. It's quite fashionable these days for these type of gifts especially as it supports their great work...

Reviewed 26 August 2018 We visited on a very wet day, wellies would have been good. We were very disappointed to find no otters there anyone.

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The talks are brief, but interesting and worth attending, especially the zoo babies one where you choose which to look at. Unfortunately the tearoom service was, I would have to say hostile gluten free.

I know there had been a power cut but no excuse for staff attitude when all I wanted to know was if the hot chocolate was GF. There is GF bread but limited other choices, no effort made to change this over three years of visits.

We do have unique and special animals not seen in other UK zoos, we are relatively compact, and we do specialize in hand reared animals that help interact with our visitors. There are other zoos that specialist in different species and have far larger enclosures, but it is all a case of what is necessary to provide good welfare for those we have on exhibit.

Reviewed 24 August 2018 via mobile The children really enjoyed, small, but ok for the price. You must bring your own face covering to enter and exit the zoo admissions, toilets, gift shop and monkey house.

Due to government restrictions we must regulate the numbers entering the zoo on a daily basis. All day visit slot details will be stored and used for track and trace purposes.

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In busy periods if you have not booked a visit slot you will be respectfully refused entry. Please check carefully you have ordered the correct tickets before completing your purchase.

Today we had 130 slots available which were all booked out, We had people ringing up to see if we had any cancellations as they were wanting to visit. We did have a few cancellations and thank those of you who couldn't make it who had the courtesy to ring and let us know so that we could release some space but still had to turn some visitors away.

A total of 90 slots actually turned up meaning we had a shortfall of 40 slots we could have sold :(We will not survive if this trend continues, we have just had 3 months closure and were on the brink of total closure and without the help of the very generous people of our community who donated not only money but food and gifts for the animals we managed to just survive. Please, please, please only book a slot if you are definitely coming and if you can't make it for any reason give us a call or email, help us please to help you.

ExmoorZoo prices are different for adults, senior citizens, students and children. Zoo provides the concession for Students, Disabled People and Senior Citizens.

During summer, for the group of 10 to 19 people, admission prices are £11.00 per adult and £8.00 per child. In both type of group bookings admission is free for a child below 3 years.

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Apart from group booking, the zoo offers discounts on school visits also. But this school visit discount is applicable only for the children between the age of 3 to 15 years.

For Special Offers and Discounts kindly call on the below-mentioned contact number. Animals like Cheetah, Wolves, Tamarins, Gibbons, Gold headed Tamarin, Fishing Cat, Yellow-throated Marten, Bat-eared Fox, Red-necked Wallaby, Spider Monkey, Singing Dog, Dwarf Mongoose, Caracas, Capybara, Deer, Porcupines are attracting visitors in large number.

Birds like Great Grey Owl, Pelicans, Terrapin, South American Parrot and Waterfowl are present inside this zoo. Apart from all these animals, the Black Leopard is known as Ex moor Beast” is the biggest attraction for visitors.

It is a proud member of British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums popularly known as BI AZA “. The zoo was participated in different breeding programs and noted for its conservation work with Lemurs, Humboldt penguins, Marmosets and Tamarins.

Group rates and annual memberships also available; see zoo's website for details. ExmoorZoo, located near Barn staple off the A399 Ilfracombe road, is home to a wide variety of animals and birds from all over the world.

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At Blackamoor Gate, turn right onto A399, signposted South Bolton. After about a further 0.75 mile, turn right onto unclassified road, and follow signs to the zoo.

Continue on A399 through Bradford village, then turn left after about 4.5 miles onto unclassified road, and follow signs to the zoo. At Blackamoor Gate, turn left onto A399 towards South Bolton.

After about a further 0.75 mile, turn right onto unclassified road, and follow signs to the zoo. Follow A399 through Come Martin and Blackamoor Gate, towards South Bolton.

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