Equipment For Voltron

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 25 July, 2021
• 11 min read

1x Expedition Map 1x MANA Crypt 1x Mind Stone 1x Sensei's Divining Top 1x Sol Ring 1x Soul-Guide Lantern Any ramp, utility creatures, and Equipment are played in the first several turns to prepare the board for Alan, Wandering Knight.

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Once the board is ready, Alan is cast, equipped, and starts the clock. Further resources are devoted into keeping Alan suited up to retain her quick clock, casting new Equipment or recurring destroyed ones when necessary.

In the event that Alan dies, she is recast and reequipped through her ability to quickly resume her assault. If I'm in a situation where recasting Alan isn't ideal, such as right after a full board sweeper, the deck's alternative threats pick up the slack until the board is restored for Alan to take command again.

If Alan ever becomes too expensive to recast and Command Beacon isn't available, my deck's alternative threats fully take over, and I attempt to defeat my opponents though regular Equipment beat down. I started building in October 2011, with the original motivation as the desire to use TheKaldraSet.

Rash was way too expensive for my needs, so that only left Emma, Khan Regent, and she became this deck's First Commander. The earliest builds of this deck were a Token/ Vol tron hybrids to benefit from Emma's cats.

Overtime the token support dwindled, as I no longer cared about the token aspects of the deck and desired to focus more into accomplishing Commander Damage kills. In July 2013, Eight-and-a-Half-Tails took over from Emma as the second Commander shortly after the token support was dropped completely.

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8.5 was much better suited for a Vol tron strategy by using his protection to keep targeted removal off of himself and my Equipment and bypass blockers. SRAM's ability to drop as early as Turn 2 and begin the Commander Damage death clock much faster than his predecessors while keeping my hand stocked fit the deck very well.

Alan is an Equipment master, able to quickly defeat opponents with the minimal set-ups. Creatures Show Can either be an emergency Equipment wielder or support one of the deck's more dedicated back-up threats.

Left unchecked, it will take full advantage of a graveyard full of destroyed Equipment, undoing my opponents' attempt to keep Alan unarmed. Her multiple keywords also makes her a great back-up Equipment wielder, specifically the Swords and P/T boosters.

She's particularly great early game as the initial threat if the rest of my opening hand is lacking. Protectors that keep targeted removal off of Alan and important utility creatures.

Mom and Giver can use protection to have Alan bypass blockers. Caretaker also keeps targeted removal spells off of my Equipment.

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Those type of cards tend to become dead very quickly while a creature still has the potential to be a back-up Equipment wielder. And as creatures, they pair very well with Sword of Light and Shadow to give a steady stream of land drops.

Their countermagic is kept at bay and their instant-speed interaction is useless in stopping Alan's assault. A card draw engine that fills my hand when opponents perform common tasks.

Artifact and enchantment recursion, bring back one each. Especially effective at recurring the stuff that Sun Titan will miss.

I've dialed back on creatures that don't do anything beyond attack in this deck, but Ascendant has persisted due to its unique nature as a 6/6 flying life linker for a single. Handy for saving on MANA for the turn, dodging countermagic, and not paying to play Argent um Armor.

An unanswered Stone hewer can take over the board from tutoring up my top Equipment back-to-back. This Equipment come with P/T boosts, protection from two colors, and valuable triggered abilities.

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Acting like a creature mitigates its high costs and is a back-up Equipment wielder that can be easily tutored for. Also allows back-up Equipment wielders to scale with this format's multiple large life totals.

+2/+0 and auto-equipping in addition to providing indestructible puts this Equipment above its predecessors. Replaced Fireshrieker when Alan took over as Commander since she naturally has double strike.

Solid equipment that provide P/T boosts, trample and lifeline. War hammer's larger power boost pairs with more Equipment to have Alan's damage output in one-shot territory.

Shadow spear's ability to strip hex proof and indestructible form my opponents' permanents allows my removal to tag problems they would otherwise miss. MANA rocks tend to be collateral damage, be it from an opponent's sweeper or my own.

Using an Equipment I can easily tutor for to ramp with lands instead of MANA rocks mitigates this issue. Provides a collection of keywords to benefit a creature with high power.

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-1/-1 to kill opposing utility creatures, or a large threat when enough counters are stockpiled. Life gain to buffer my life total or trigger Dawn of Hope outside of combat.

Artifacts & Enchantments Show Grabs one of the many utility lands this deck uses for whatever the situation calls for. Helps dig for needed cards, such as Equipment, removal, or land drops.

Gives me the option to pick one target and draw a card or a full 'yard purge. Lantern also lingers in my 'yard for my artifact recursion to get more uses out of it, be it further purges or card draw.

A card draw engine that utilizes this deck's various life gain sources. Can use its own Soldier tokens to draw cards whenever necessary and be emergency Equipment wielders.

Stockpiles MANA in Treasure tokens from my opponents drawing cards. This deck needs its White MANA, and Basic Lands are the major providers.

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Helpful for paying for Equipment costs and casting expensive spells. It can also enable an early Alan from it being in my opening hand or tutored from a Turn 1 Wayfarer or Map.

Creates 1/1 Humans to either be a chump blocker, be fodder for a forced sacrifice, or be an emergency Equipment wielder. Command Beacon offering a tax break comes in handy when MANA is tight.

Cycling lands to give this deck a bit of extra card draw. Denies my opponents' targeted grave-hate or recursion effects on my own cards.

A card draw engine in a land slot, only requiring the minimal of a life payment. Body & Mind: Milling is way too slow as a win-con and fuels opposing Graveyard strategies.

The only Sword that I believe this idea applies to is Light & Shadow, and only because pro-White/Black shuts out the top creature removal colors. It's only giving hex proof to Legends makes it underwhelming when equipping it to back-up threats.

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According to Rule 903.4c, the back face of a AFC is included when determining a card's Color Identity. With Alan as Commander, Equipment that offer double strike became redundant.

Instead, its spot in the deck is occupied by Inquisitor's Flail to retain access of a damage doubler. Having Exoskeleton would devolve this deck into attempting poison kills.

Poison a generally hated mechanic, and I don't want that stigma attached to this deck. It doesn't function well when the vast majority of your Equipment are either Legendary or not worth copying.

Alan can bypass this issue, but the deck's back-up threats can't. It requires cheap, consistent access to expendable X/1s, which this deck doesn't really do.

Artifacts & Enchantments Show I'm intentionally keeping the amount of MANA rocks in this deck at an absolute minimum. This deck also has a good number of sweepers that will ruin all attempts to build MANA with artifact sources.

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Extra planar Lens doesn't like a man abase with a high nonbasic land count. Gauntlet of Power can increase my opponents' White MANA production.

A simple Naturalize effects or one of my own sweepers and opponent get their cards back. It was in this deck since the beginning, but I disliked waiting for an upkeep trigger and needed something more immediate.

After it was released in Eldritch Moon, a fewbetterways to dodge equip costs have sapped its effectiveness. I don't like mass land destruction effects in Commander, and I'm never using them in this deck.

I run plenty of other recursion effects that don't involve my opponents getting their toys back. They don't provide any meaningful utility and will end up as collateral damage from sweepers.

Just using it to make Alan uncountable feels like a waste. It doesn't function properly in a deck with a high concentration of colorless permanents.

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I'm not that aggressive with Strip lands and I wasn't getting a lot of use out of it, so I dropped it for a different utility land. Its promise of is enticing, but it's a dead card when that MANA matters the most.

Zanzibar Rising Additions Conqueror's Flail Maul of the Slaves Commander Legends Additions Sigurd's Aid Ardent, Intrepid ArchaeologistCleansing Nova Slash the Transponders' Enclave War Room Other Additions None Relic of the Ancients Show Maul of the Slaves is a “snap-on” Equipment providing first strike, flying, and a decent P/T boost for a very low cost. Despite being a powerful form of evasion, an Equipment offering flying hasn't been featured in this deck before.

When I first added it, I expected it to be a second Grand Abolished, except easier to tutor out and have that effect on board more often. The only time I have it out is when I naturally draw it, just like Grand Abolished.

Since Conqueror's Flail isn't accomplishing what it's supposed to do well enough, its slot has been given to Maul of the Slaves. One of the reasons Alan is such a fantastic Commander is because she attaches multiple Equipment for such a low cost.

Ardent, Intrepid Archaeologist has joined the ranks of the 99 to provide support when Alan is stuck in the Command Zone. Ardent reminds me a lot of Armory automata : a cheap creature that auto-equips itself.

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A major weakness with Sigurd's Aid is that it can't affect Equipment that's already on the battlefield. It destroys all creatures and Planes walkers, sparing only Commanders instead of a choice among the permanents you control.

It's pretty similar to Single Combat, but the difference in what is spared puts Slash the Ranks ahead. Helios's Intervention from earlier this year added an artifact/enchantment sweeper option, so I'm simply going back down one.

The Room Show Of all the expectations I had for Commander Legends, a replacement for Borders' Enclave wasn't one of them. It has the same MANA requirements as Enclave, but only needs the minimal of life payments instead of controlling a high-power creature.

Excluded Show Some people were hyped up for Armored Sky hunter. Dig effects like this are painful in a 99-card singleton deck.

Casting it, waiting a full turn, attacking, and not seeing Equipment in my top six is not what I want happening in a game. I've had Sword of Sinew and Steel sitting in my Maybe board for over a year.

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I'd sooner add it to the deck before Commander's Plate, just because the Sword does something beyond P/T boosts and protections. Modern Horizons 2 has also been announced for next year, and it's safe to assume that the remaining Allied Swords will be featured in it.

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