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The Holt's, an Illinois family, are caught up in the trials of World War II, their sons Martin and Charles as soldiers and their daughter Lottie the wife of a soldier...some may live, some may not, but all, even those at home, will serve. Vaughan wrote, produced, and appeared in the History Channel documentary Vietnam Homecoming.

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World War II was the most destructive conflict in history, a global conflagration filled with stories of heroism and depravity on a scale never seen before or since. Many of the stories are common knowledge: The horrors of the Holocaust, the massive D-Day landings, and the carnage at Two Jim all have corresponding sights and sounds that we know well.

The Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, and many others took their turns as occupying forces, the most famous attempt being the 1565 Great Siege of Malta, when 40,000 Ottomans crashed against the island for four months. Just under four centuries later, the Maltese faced another set of invaders amid the most expensive siege of World War II.

Malta was an “unsinkable aircraft carrier” said Winston Churchill, using it to launch British attacks against Axis ships and supply lines in the Mediterranean early in the war. The island endured 3,343 air raids over two years, including the longest sustained aerial bombardment in history of 154 straight days.

Founded as a humble fishing village on the southern end of Japan's largest island, Hiroshima sits in a region with deep religious significance. In the late 16th century, the city of Hiroshima was formally established as a fortified castle town by one of Japan's many warlords, becoming a cosmopolitan center for intellectuals as well as for commerce.

Its strategic location was bolstered with modern railways and ports, transforming the city into a critical transportation hub. By the 1940s, Hiroshima was building everything from civilian cars to naval warships and was an essential piece of Japan's war -fighting capability.

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When the atomic bomb detonated 2,000 feet above the city, instantly killing 80,000 people, Hiroshima became a synonym for devastation. Before the war, over 1,000 people lived on the island, mining sulfur, fishing, and farming sugarcane until the Japanese military evacuated them all in 1944.

Author James Bradley quotes an optimistic American pilot telling a Marine that, “All you guys will have to do is clean up. Of the nearly 20,000 Japanese servicemen defending Two Jim, only 216 remained alive to be taken prisoner at the end of the five-week battle.

The island is home to a peace memorial, the rusted and ragged remains of the bunkers and equipment used in the battle, and the still-missing corpses of over 10,000 soldiers. In September 1943, the Allies landed in the Italian peninsula, what Winston Churchill referred to as the “soft underbelly” of Europe.

The rugged terrain and a determined enemy created some of the fiercest fighting of the entire war to that point, especially in the port town of Anti. Italy's geography is defined by long coasts separated by a spine of mountains and hills running down the middle of the country.

Just an hour south of Rome, Anti today has regained what it had been for centuries: a relaxing Mediterranean getaway filled with amazing restaurants, beautiful sunsets, and some of western Italy's finest beaches. The city of Stalingrad doesn't exist anymore, renamed Volgograd, after the Volga River, in 1961 as part of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's policy of desalinization.

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To this end, per Encyclopedia Britannica, in June 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa, the largest invasion force in history. As a result, over four million soldiers on both sides, half of whom perished, slaughtered each other on the streets and outskirts of Stalingrad for five months.

A bitter winter, typhus epidemic, and lack of supplies compounded the hellish misery for Germans and Russians alike. The fighting was so intense that a single four-story apartment was besieged by so many Nazi troops over two months that the defending Soviets had to reportedly keep pushing piles of German corpses down so that they could see clearly enough to shoot the next wave of attackers.

Today, Risk is a part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, and special permission is needed to visit. After months of argument, Operation Overlord was authorized, and the beaches of Normandy would soon see 175,000 Allied troops and 50,000 vehicles land in the largest seaborne invasion in history.

After a 24-hour bad weather delay, the dawn of June 6 brought almost 7,000 British and American ships to the French coast. For 12 grueling hours, tens of thousands of Canadian, American, and British troops would fight desperately to get off the blood-soaked beaches.

German General Gotthard Heinrich summed up Berliners' feelings when he heard the Soviets, and not the Americans, would be taking the city: This is a death sentence. “ The roads around Berlin were littered with the dead and dying of Germany's last defenders as ancient buildings were razed by artillery.

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For over a decade, hostilities had been simmering between Japan and the fledgling Republic of China until a precipitating incident in 1937 triggered a full-scale Japanese invasion, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. “Generalissimo” Chiang Kai-shek, nominal leader of China, had no hopes of successfully defending the city and withdrew the majority of his army inland.

The city's fine parks, scenic trails, and ancient architecture attract students, expats, and retirees from all over China and the world. General Douglas MacArthur had lived most of his life in the Philippines and, hoping to avoid a futile and destructive battle for Manila, removed his troops.

Manila endured great privation and suffering over the next three years as casual brutality and starvation claimed up to 500 lives every day. As American troops returned to the Philippines that month, the ensuing 29-day battle to retake Manila was characterized by savage street combat that saw soldiers fighting house-by-house.

The city once known as the Pearl of the Orient was leveled as the retreating Japanese troops engaged in an orgy of destruction and terror rivaling the Rape of Banking. Up to 100,000 civilians were killed, homes were systematically burned, countless women were raped, and cultural landmarks were destroyed.

The epic route at Dunkirk, while nominally a retreat, foreshadowed the British fortitude that would quickly come to characterize their military and the civilians they protected. Cities all over the nation suffered, but none demonstrated the shock and horror like Coventry, a manufacturing center in the middle of England with a renowned and beautiful medieval heritage.

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Additional weapons and four new exciting maps: Cheap Labor, Last Resort, Lake Smear, Fort Fury You must identify and exploit your enemies' weaknesses, neutralizing their superior numbers and firepower with surprise, subversion, cunning and of course brute force.

The DUN IA engine's Related technology also delivers the most realistic nature deterioration system ever. Choose your own path in this vast environment and explore a living African world.

Fight for two rival factions, and make your way up to your primary target by any means necessary. Take on over 70 side missions to earn valuable information, new weapons and vehicles.

Your reputation and in-game actions will make enemies drop their guns and run for their lives. All the single player technical features are also present in multiplayer mode.

Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista (64 is supported)Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista (64 is supported)Pentium 4 3.2 GHz, Pentium D 2.66 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 3500+ or better Intel Core 2 Duo Family, AMD 64 X2 5200+, AMD Phenom or better256 MB, Shader Model 3 required, NVIDIA 6800 or ATI X1650 or better512 MB, NVIDIA 8600 GTS or better, ATI X1900 or better3.5 GB (Multiple saves and user created maps will increase the amount of needed hard disk space. )3.5 GB (Multiple saves and user created maps will increase the amount of needed hard disk space.

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Requires Ubisoft account Audio + Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish Based on Creek's original Far Cry directed by Ce vat Berlin.

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