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James Smith
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
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Getting creative with Crazy Hair Day or designing some wacky hairstyles is so much fun. I found it interesting that most of the boys’ wacky hair ideas are not that inventive.

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Blue Skies ahead shows some wacky hair photos. It's not a pipe dream because the hairdo is so wacky and manageable to create yet fits any crazy hair day.

Moms only need to take a trip to the craft store and buy many multi-colored pipe cleaners. Then, stick the pipe cleaners around the bun with the elastic band.

If you have a lot of really long hair, make several tiny buns, and do the same thing with the pipe cleaners. The cleanup will be a breeze, and more likely, your daughter or son will want to do the same wacky hairdo for the next event.

Or, you might have to wait until they are a bit older to appreciate the fun of wearing such a wacky hairstyle that is also scary. By looking at the photo, I guess that you place a hole in the side of an empty soda bottle, and string the ponytail through the bottle, so it looks like the hair is flowing into the plastic cup.

Our Daily Ideas brought this design to my attention, and I am happy to share it with you. The only problem with having the wacky dog facing behind you is that you will miss each person's first impression who sees the hairstyle.

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Adding the birds with a nest and then butterflies throughout the hair remind me of French 18th Century hairstyles, but crazier and not so symmetrical. Create the frosting by cutting a piece of colored fleece, felt, or any leftover fabric.

You need to attach the frosting to the bun, so take some leftover fabric and cut pieces to form three strips. You should have three loops so that a single bobby pin can slide through and firmly attach the frosting piece to the bun.

The hair color with the jewels for the Dragon hairstyle at Lou Lou Girls is wacky and adorable at the same time. The creative ladies at Lou Lou Girls call it perfect for crazy hair day, and I agree.

The day before doing the dragon hairstyle, you need to attach the gems to the pins with glue. I like the idea of wearing this hairstyle to How to Train Your Dragon movies or parties.

The hairstyle makes the highest wave provided that his hair is the color of the ocean. You take blue hair spray and shape the wave curl.

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Add a little white hair spray to the tips, creating a massive wave. The surfer action figure stays on when you apply it to the hair while still wet from the spray.

Grab plastic bugs Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or the Dollar Store. Using hot glue, attach them to hairpins, and the Wacky Hairstyle will turn faces on the school day.

The black bugs on the boy's forehead attach with glue for eyelashes or anything easy on the skin. The items you need to make the crazy hairstyle is red color hair spray, two hair ties, some bobby pins, a green pipe cleaner, a piece of green construction paper, clear tape, and a black marker.

Take the hair, create two high buns, secure them with bobby pins, on opposite sides of the head. Cut a piece of green construction paper into a leaf shape.

If you are like me, I wait until the last moment and see what I have available the night before wacky hair day at school. I have shared some crazy, wacky hair ideas that are pretty easy as long as you have all the materials.

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From the little mermaid hairstyle for girls to the doughnut bun hairstyle for boys, find a lot of easy to dowackyhairstyles at our image gallery. Find a commendable collection of wacky hairstyles such as soda bottle, hissing snake, fall foliage, Christmas tree, vintage birdcage and much more.

The wacky hair day is a day celebrated in school when children can wear and flaunt their creative, funky and bizarre hairstyle to school. On this day children enjoy showing off some of the weirdest hairstyles such as birdcage, a stuffed collection of animals, magical unicorn, a donut with sprinkles, happy dalmatian and much more.

Crazy Hairstyles for Girls: Some of the most popular hairstyles for girls are the big bow, snowman, red barn, octopus, bird’s nest, hissing snake, rat’s nest, Rudolph, elephant, enchanted garden, monster etc. You just need to cut out the body and the face of the mermaid and add a pop of green color to the tail.

Rainbow Hairstyle: For making the rainbow hairstyle, a ponytail is made and bent to one of the sides to form an arch and cotton is used for making the clouds. Colored strips of hair are tied together in the form of a spiral in a ponytail.

These are some of the most interesting, freaking and crazy hair ideas children would love to try out. Explore our image gallery for such weird hairstyle ideas.

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Spirit Week at school is a fun chance for kids to show their creative side. DIY skills, however, come in handy for more spirit days than just the ones involving costumes.

And a surfing action figure, your child will be ready to hit the waves on wacky hair day! This hairstyle is as sweet looking as an actual cupcake and perfect for kids whose hair is long enough for two high pigtails.

Short hair sprayed green makes the perfect grass for caterpillars and ants to crawl through! Pick up some plastic bugs at the dollar store and glue them to bobby pins.

If your child’s hair is long enough to make a top-knot on top and ponytails all over, then it’s perfect for this deep-sea octopus look! Spray it the style purple (or whatever color your kid prefers) and pin two googly eyes on the “head” on top.

Pin some googly eyes to the front and some green pipe cleaners where the lizard’s legs should be and voilà! Pull thin sections of hair upwards from different angles and meet them across the monkey’s body, fastening them together with small elastics.

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Keep building your way up and around until the ponytail has been woven into a sweater that keeps the monkey in place! Use colored hair gel or hairspray for the stars and details and pin a small zipper open along the size.

If you’ve mastered the sock bun and your child’s hair is very long, this creepy style is perfect for you! Spike the hair with some wax or gel and pin two google eyes to the front.

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