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• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
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The new field is made from Tr ionic fibers, a super-fiber developed by AstroTurf®, the company tasked with replacing the famous Redfield, also known as The Inferno. Approximately 50% more durable than traditional fibers, a Tr ionic turf surface is also non-abrasive, resulting in a more predictable and player-friendly athletic field than anything ever achieved before.

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With the Inferno renovated, Eagle athletes and visiting players will enjoy an elevated experience on the field thanks to AstroTurf ®, the leading innovators in the turf industry. The 3D3 designation refers to a special sub-layer of crimped fiber that exists under the top layer to fortify the infill and achieve a higher level of stability than traditional turf surfaces are capable of providing.

This layer, known as the Routine, has been proven in independent research to reduce torque transmitted to a player’s lower body. This sub-layer feature and the unique nylon polymer reinforcement combine to yield a synthetic turf that’s both stronger and safer.

The removal of the existing turf and the installation of the new AstroTurf® Routine 3D3 field is expected to be completed this summer, in time for the Eagles to begin preparation for the 2020 season on The Inferno! A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams, and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.

This field has played host to EasternWashingtonfootball since 1967, but has only been a field since the year 2010, when a $500,000 donation from former NFL offensive lineman and Eastern Washington alum, Michael Room, installed a new turf, expanded the press box and added luxury suites. Despite the bright and intense colors, some players and coaches say playing on The Inferno is no different from any other field in college football.

Originally built in 1967 and named Woodward Field, Eastern Washington was an NASA program. Since turning the fielded in 2010, the Eagles hold a 41-7 record at home, winning a National Championship in the first season on the newly furnished turf.

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The 2016 trip, featured a 3:30 kickoff with cloudy skies and a temperature of 56 degrees. Wide receiver Hagen Graves has played both on the Boise State blue and EasternWashingtonred and says that the color of the field is a non-factor.

Boise State’s turf dates back to 1986 and according to a New York Times article earlier this year, colleges now must get BSU’s approval before changing their fields to any other color except green. EasternWashington’s Redfield, Central Michigan’s gray field and Central Arkansas’s purple and gray striped field were grandfathered in since they were installed before BSU was able to push the trademark through the United States Patent Office.

A rocking chair because he is an old man, a travel bag because, get the hell out and the keys to every school in this conference because what a great career he has had.” Krupp hauled in 7 passes for 70 yards, giving him the FCS record.

When cynics thought the idea was a bit too crazy, EU went ahead and installed the now-famous red turf in 2010. Then in storybook fashion, the Eagles went on to win their first-ever FCS National Title that same season.

We’re asking the same question now as we plan renovations on a tired, insufficient stadium. Eagle Nation deserves a space that matches the strength, passion and hard work of a program and is a point of pride throughout the region and beyond.

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EU cannot use state dollars to build or remodel athletic facilities. That’s why we need your help to turn the existing facility into a stadium worthy of Eagle Nation’s energy and loyalty.

The Task Force recommends that it is time to move ahead with this project because we have so many donors/supporters who are excited and ready to help. This is a reasonable, responsible and reachable goal to satisfy the enthusiasm of our fans.

ALSO has also completed athletic facility master planning and concept work on the EU campus over the past 20 years. The renderings are conceptual at this point, and may change as we move into additional design and planning phases.

The work with ALSO revealed that rather than adding seats, it is more cost-effective to renovate the stadium into a venue that will meet the needs of our fans and the product on the field. The proposed stadium design allows for additional seating to be added in the future as needed.

In addition to converting the existing press box to suites, there will be covered club seats on the west side of the stadium. In fact, replacing the red turf is the first order of business that must be addressed at the end of this season.

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Purchased in 2010, the turf has reached its life expectancy and efforts are already underway to raise the $1.3 million to replace the red turf. Last fall we raised a record $1.8 million on Giving Joy Day for scholarships and student success.

Thanks to the Legislature we are building a new state-of-the-art science center; it’s why we are the lead tenant in the innovative Catalyst project in downtown Spokane’s University District; and it’s why we just renovated our student union building to give our students an excellent hub to study and work together. Raising money for student scholarships has been, and continues to be our top priority.

Game days already bring a huge sense of pride and enthusiasm to campus, and improving that experience will enhance the university’s overall image, help with recruitment and enrollment, and raise expectations across campus. With all the challenges facing higher education nationwide, this is the time to aggressively fundraise for academics and athletics.

EU is confident the stadium renovation will help increase revenues in the athletic department. Our ticket prices have always been affordable and as demand grows and cost of business increases, the athletic department has made appropriate adjustments.

We have a solid plan that is more reasonable and in line with our needs and what our fans expect. To make an immediate gift to the stadium fund, please donate online.

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If you’d like an EU Foundation representative to contact you to discuss gift options and benefits, including naming opportunities, please complete our pledge form. Please note that all gifts made do not fulfill EAT giving levels/requirements, receive points or earn related benefits.

New red turf was installed Tuesday at EU’s Room Field in Cheney, replacing its 10-year-old UHF that helped boost the Football Championship Subdivision power’s national profile in 2010. The school says custom sizes are available for $5 per square foot, but the turf is provided in 7 1/2-foot widths.

Proceeds will go directly to the Eagle Athletic Fund, which provides scholarships for EU's student-athletes. The original red turf will be available for pick-up sometime in August at Room Field, although no official date has been set.

With the original red turf getting replaced this summer, Eastern has put pieces of it up for sale. While most of the Eastern Washington University campus is quiet during the summer break, something exciting is happening over at Room Field.

You’ll surly notice the bright pop of red the next time you drive along Washington Street. The original red turf reached its max lifespan of ten years last season and required replacement.

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In addition to giving people a chance to pick the new design, each vote helped Eastern raise $9,336 for student-athlete scholarships. The winning field features a newly updated design with end zones that spell out Eastern on one side and “Eagles” on the other.

Additional temporary seating is often utilized to accommodate large crowds, which brings the capacity to nearly 12,000. The field was renamed before the start of the 2010 season in honor of Michael Room, an All-ProNFLtackle and former EasternWashingtonfootball player, and major donor for the Return project.

Room Field went under a massive renovation in 2004 that upgraded public facilities, the press box, new locker room, and also updated the stadium's capacity. Phase three increased the stadium's permanent seating capacity from 7,500 to 8,700 and was financed with a combination of public funds and private donations.

Eastern set its single season attendance record in 2011 with an average of 8,889 and currently ranks 48th in FCS and fourth in the Big Sky Conference. On February 26, 2010, ESPN reported that Eastern Washington planned to remove the natural turf at Woodward Field and replace it with red Sprinter, making it the second Division I college football program to have a non-green playing surface (Boise State of the MWC has had a blue surface since 1986).

A funding drive was begun in late January 2010, with EU alumnus Michael Room donating $500,000 toward the installation costs, and fellow alumnus and Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd also making a donation. On May 20, the Eastern Washington Board of Trustees approved a name change to Room Field upon the successful completion of the project.

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The field is aligned nearly north-south, offset slightly to the northwest, at an approximate elevation of 2,450 feet (745 m) above sea level. In June 2012, it was announced that a state-of-the-art video scoreboard would be installed in time for the first home game of the 2012 season on September 29.

A feasibility study is currently underway that would identify revenue streams and measure costs, which have been estimated to be $20 million or more. In November 2012, it was announced that the project envisions adding several thousand seats at Room Field, boosting capacity beyond 18,000.

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