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Besides being his fiercest protector and closest confidante, Zoey has more recently become her brother's classmate at the newly coed PCA. A child prodigy, Dustin enjoys sharing an 8th grade geometry class with his equally savvy elder sister.

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He also enjoys helping Quinn Pesky with her scientific experiments, when he is not talking his way in and out of assorted sticky situations. By Season 3, not only is Dustin friends with all the main characters, but he also spends much time socializing with kids his own age, though he admits that he misses the days when it was just him and Zoey.

In Season 4, however, he started to become a little ruder, likely due to puberty, such as in the movie Chasing Zoey, when he made fun of Quinn about her falling off his bike. Dustin started dating the troublemaker, Trisha, in the episode, Bad Girl “, when they became science partners, and she wrote her number on his arm.

Zoey finds out about Trisha, and wants Dustin to stop dating her, because she is a bad influence. Dustin becomes infuriated, and “beats” up Chase for stealing his girl, but then turns her down after, claiming he is too good for her.

He is also one of the few two main characters who have never gone a full season with being present in every episode, the other being James Garrett. The whiteboard on the door to his room, has his name on it, as well as three other stick figures that say Dad, Mom, and Zoey.

Dustin apparently doesn't have very good eyesight, as mentioned in Bad Girl.” (Chasing Zoey) Several episodes, most prominently Favor Chain “, hint that he has a crush on Lola Martinez.

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He is the only main character that knows about Quinn and Logan being a couple, everyone else having been elsewhere when the two dramatically announced it. Coincidentally, there was also a character named Dustin Brooks in the 2003 series Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

2008 Surviving Sid (Video short) Smarty Pants Mole hog Boy (voice) Zoey101 fans might remember Dustin Brooks, Zoey’s child prodigy younger brother.

His aunt is Mary Lou Butcher, a noted news reporter for the Detroit press in the 1960s. Butcher made his acting debut when he appeared in an episode of The Bernie Mac Show at age 7.

Despite being the cute kid we grew up with on Nickelodeon, Butcher has a reputation for being a racy TikTok. In one video, he made the bold suggestion that women act like they want flowers and candy but really want to be, um, choked and handcuffed (consensually, of course).

Jamie Lynn Spears won the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress in 2006. When word that a Zoey101 reboot was possibly in the works, fans freaked out, unsure of whether this would actually be a thing or not.

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But then the cast of the show, a lot older now, posted pictures of a recent reunion, proving that a possible reboot might not be a rumor after all. Though Jamie Lynn Spears was absent, due to her other work commitments, she seems to be all the way onboard.

People really want to know what the students from the Pacific Coast Academy are up to now and let's just say a lot of things have changed, IRL at least. On the show, Jamie played main character, Zoey Brooks.

Zoey is a student at PCA that loves basketball, designing clothes and backpacks and acting. Jamie is currently a mom to two children and is working on a new Netflix romance series called Sweet Magnolias.

Michael is Chase's best friend, who is constantly pressuring him to tell Zoey his true feelings. Since her time on Zoey101, Erin has worked on other acting projects including the Lifetime film Guilty at 17.

Since the show's end, Victoria has been pretty busy working on her acting and music career. She's released several singles and soundtracks and most recently appeared on the sitcom, American Housewife.

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James is Zoey's ex-boyfriend who moves into Chase's old bedroom at PCA, even though the other guys would prefer for him not to be there. Austin has been dating Vanessa Huygens since 2011 and was just cast to play the role of Elvis Presley in an upcoming biopic.

Mark enjoys collecting rocks and has several love interests throughout his time at PCA. Since his time on Zoey101, he has worked as a production assistant on shows like Marvel's The Punisher.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Since saying goodbye to Zoey Brooks and Pacific Coast Academy, Spears dabbled in music, appearing on her sister Britney Spears 2013 track “Chilling' With You” and releasing The Journey, an EP of country music, in 2014.

After making a guest appearance in a sketch on Nickelodeon's 2020 revival of All That, she made her official return to acting with a series regular role on the new Netflix drama Sweet Magnolias. After daughter Maddie Brian was born in June 2008, she and Aldridge called off their engagement in 2009 and split for good in 2010.

In March 2014, she married businessman Jamie Watson and welcomed her second child, daughter Ivey Joan, in April 2018. After four seasons as Michael Barrel, Massey has appeared on The Electric Company, Switched at Birth and, most recently, All That.

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In 2010, he also provided a voice in the direct-to-DVD film The Search for Santa Paws, an entry in the Air Bud franchise. In 2016, he was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence after getting into an altercation with then-girlfriend and mother of daughter Mariah, Cassava Jackson, in a Las Vegas nightclub.

Since his days as Chase Matthews, the grandson of legendary Hollywood actor Errol Flynn has appeared in the 2012 film Hatfield's and McCoy's: Bad Blood, as well as a handful of episodes of Devious Maids in 2014. Since her one season as Dana Cruz, Herrera recurred on General Hospital through 2008, appeared in the 2007 film Freedom Writers and reunited with some of her Zoey101 co-stars on All That in 2020.

Since her two seasons as Nicole Bristol, Nikolas has made appearances on shows like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Criminal Minds, and The Walking Dead. Since her days as Quinn Pesky, Sanders has had roles on The Young and the Restless, Big Time Rush, Mad Men, Castle and Melissa & Joey.

When Justice finished her three seasons as Lola Martinez, she made the Nickelodeon rounds, making guest appearances on The Naked Brothers Band, Carly, True Jackson, VP, The Troop and BrainS urge, while also starring in the musical film Spectacular! She's also starred in the short-lived MTV series Eye Candy, taken on the role of Janet in Fox's 2016 adaptation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and made guest appearances on Man with a Plan and American Housewife.

Since playing James Garrett in the show's fourth and final season, Butler has had roles in Life Unexpected, The Bling Ring, Switched at Birth, The Carrie Diaries and, most recently, The Shankara Chronicles. He's also appeared in the films Aliens in the Attic, Sharply's Fabulous Adventure, Yoga Homers, The Dead Don't Die and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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