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Apart from the Question Hour, Parliament allocates additional time slot for the members to discuss issues. It was during the 1960s when several issues of national and international importance used to be raised by members of Parliament immediately after Question Hour.

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This act triggered an idea among other members who called for another provision for discussing important matters in the House. As the 9th Oksana Speaker, Rabbi Ray introduced certain changes in the proceedings of the House to create more opportunities for the members to raise matters of urgent public importance.

He proposed a mechanism to regulate the proceedings during the ‘ Berthoud ’, raise matters in a more orderly manner and optimize the time of the House. Members wishing to raise matters during the Berthoud need to give notice to the Speaker prior to the start of the daily session.

Only after the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs gives assurances on the issues raised during ‘ Berthoud ’, the relevant extracts from the proceedings are sent to the concerned ministry on the same day. The Berthoud concept has gained popularity because of the freedom its gives to any member irrespective of party affiliations to ask questions and seek immediate answers.

Over the years, Berthoud has come to be known as an important ‘device’ to air grievances and reaffirm Parliament’s role as a platform for debate. It is regulated according to parliamentary rules and presiding officers of both the houses are the final authority for conducting the question hour.

During this time, the members ask questions and the ministers usually give answers. The questions are of three kinds, namely, starred, unstirred and short notice.

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Unstirred question- this requires a written answer and hence, supplementary questions cannot follow. The President’s speech takes place at the beginning of a new Oksana and on the first day of a new Parliament year.

Thus, it is an informal device available to the members of the Parliament to raise matters without any prior notice. It is an Indian innovation in the field of parliamentary procedures and has been in existence since 1962.

The lynching of a man in Rajasthan's Altar district was on Monday raised in the Oksana by a Congress MP, triggering protests from BJP members. Those who claimed to be 'gau-rakshak' (cow protectors) are behind this murder, he said amid protests by some BJP members- who were not audible- and also attacked the police for wasting time in taking the victim to hospital, leading to his death.

He also raised the issue of rape of a child in Madhya Pradesh' Mandate district but was cut off by Speaker Sumatra Malayan midway as she pulled him for doing politics over such incidents. Expelled RJD member Rajesh Iranian alias Pappy ADAV spoke about the alleged sexual exploitation of girls in a government shelter in Muzaffarpur in Bihar and sought a CBI probe.

This article is all about amazing, rare, unknown, less popular, interesting facts about Indian Parliament. Parliament or San sad is the supreme legislative body of this country India.

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Parliament is the ultimate manifestation of the democratic values of our country India. The Parliament building was designed by Edwin Lumens and Herbert Baker and was inaugurated by Lord Irvin, the then Governor General of India in 1927.

The Indian parliament is circular with 170 meter diameter, and it covers an area of 6 acres. A rare fact about Indian Parliament is that it has striking similarities with 64 Login temples of Moreno, Madhya Pradesh.

Raja Sasha (Upper House), OK Sasha (Lower House) and Library Hall are located radially outside central hall at equiangular spacing. The open verandah on first floor has total 144 numbers of sandstone columns.

At the time of inception, during British era, the name of this building was Council House. The three houses inside the main premises were called as i) Council of State (Raja Sasha presently), ii) Legislative Assembly (OK Sasha presently) and iii) Chamber of Princes (Library Hall now).

The Central Hall is also circular and there is a dome on its top with a diameter of 30 meters. The official power transfer from Britain to India took place in this central hall.

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Central Hall also witnesses the meetings and proceedings of Constituent Assembly. Jawaharlal Nehru gave his famous speech tryst with destiny in Central Hall on eve of 15th August 1947.

Presently Central Hall is used to organize the joint sittings of both houses of Parliament. The President addresses the first session of Parliament from Central Hall after fresh elections.

Green color symbolizes greenery, field and vegetation to which common people are associated with. There are a large number of books on vast topics in different languages to assist the parliamentarians.

But due to constantly increasing volume of books and lack of space in main building, lead to the construction of new Parliament Library very close to the main Parliament House. It is an interactive museum based on rich cultural heritage of India.

Raja Sasha has 250 members out of which 238 belongs to states and remaining 12 are from union territories. OK Sasha has 545 members, out of which 530 comes from states and maximum 20 can be elected from union territories.

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The Oldest member ever served the Indian Parliament was Fishing Washing. He was Raja Sasha member from Congress party representing Manipur state.

The members with prior approval of Speaker can raise and discuss different issues related to public, social and in general matters of national importance. Constitution of India authorizes the Indian President to summon each house for Parliament sessions.

The President can call special session on the request of council of ministers based on 14 days advance notice to speaker. In these situations a common decision is taken as per the majority vote of both the members of houses.

In case of money and constitutional amendment bill, it must be passed from both the houses separately. The Oksana on Monday passed the Finance Bill, 2020 by voice vote and without holding any debate in the backdrop of COVID-19 outbreak, which has claimed seven lives in the country.

The opposition parties, including the Congress and DMK, however, sought for a special financial package in the wake of COVID-19 before the Bill was passed. In the Union Budget 2020-2021, the government proposed to spend Rs 30,42,230 crore in 2020-21, which is 12.7 per cent higher than the revised estimate of 2019-20.

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The receipts are expected to increase by 16.3 per cent to Rs 22,45,893 crore, owing to higher estimated revenue from disinvestment. Leader of opposition Air Iranian Chowdhury requested for a financial package in the wake of spread of COVID-19, the deadly virus which has infected over 400 people and claimed seven lives.

Interrupting Chowdhury, Oksana Speaker Om Barley asked him to raise the issue after the Bill was passed. “I request the Prime Minister to announce a proper financial package for poor and other sections of the society.

For a long time now, the CCP leaders including CM Jeganathan Reddy are saying that the previous Chandrakant Regime has not notified Amaravati as the Capital City of Andhra Pradesh. But, the Union Government clarified in the Oksana today that Amaravati was notified as AP Capital way back on April 23, 2015.

Union Minister Nityananda Roy told the House today that the then AP Government had a choice to set up Capital in any place in the state. With this, doubts are being raised once again whether CCP Ministers Bots Satyanarayana, Bugging Rajendranath Reddy and others spread falsehoods on Amaravati Capital notification.

The Ministers were saying from the beginning that Baidu didn’t care to notify Capital but merely wasted his time showing graphics on Singapore model buildings in Amaravati region. Union Minister of State for Home Nityananda Roy said in the Oksana today that the Central Government cannot interfere on the contentious issue of 3 Capitals plan in Andhra Pradesh.

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In his reply to a question asked by TDP MP Galley Jayden, the Union Minister said that a state government can set its Capital in any place of its choice, but the Center cannot put any objection to that. However, the Minister said that it has come to the notice of the Center through media reports that AP is getting 3 Capitals in place of present one at the global city in Amaravati.

The Mode government official statement now came as a big boost for CM Jeganathan Reddy who is making uncompromising efforts to shift Capital out of Amaravati. Samajwadi Party leader Mohammad Adam Khan stirred up a controversy yesterday in the Oksana as he passed some objectionable and sexist remarks against BJP member Rama Devi, who was presiding over the House.

During this debate, Adam Khan told to lady MP who was acting as speaker, ‘I want to tell this by seeing into your eyes (Jackson Man Ankh Deal KE)’. However, his party chief Akhilesh ADAV, defended his remarks and told it is BJP who used ugliest language in the parliament.

Women MPs from the ruling party as well as opposition came down heavily on Adam Khan today in Oksana. Finance Minister Normal Starman told, “This is an abominable act, I appeal to you for exemplary action” to the Speaker of Oksana.

Another minister Smith Iran also criticized Adam and said, “The entire nation watched what happened… This is a blot on all legislators including men. Before elections, he made very vulgar comments on Jayapura saying she wears khaki underwear (to refer her joining into BJP).

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The most eligible in this regard are BJP’s Santosh Kumar Gangway and Lanka Gandhi, who have been elected to the Oksana for the eighth time. The next in seniority are Dhirendra Kumar of BJP and Malaya Singh ADAV of Samajwadi Party, who have been elected for the seventh term.

As expected, the election to all the 25 Oksana seats and 175 assembly constituencies in Andhra Pradesh will be held on April 11 in the first phase itself. This is in tune with the wishes of the CCP leaders for conducting the elections to twin Telugu states in a single phase.

Oksana Speaker Sumatra Malayan on Monday again suspended four TDP and AID for two consecutive sittings for causing “grave disorder” in the house. The situation was no different when the House resumed and Malayan issued a warning and suspended the four members of both the parties including AID leader P. Venugopal and TDP’s N. Shivaprasad.

“Therefore, all of them stand automatically suspended from the service of the House for two consecutive sittings of the session under provision of Rule 374A. Hyderabad: Oksana Speaker Sumatra Malayan on Thursday suspended 12 TDP MPs, who’re agitating and raising slogans demanding Special Category Status (SCS) for Andhra Pradesh.

MPs displayed placards at the Speaker’s podium and raised slogans against the discriminatory attitude of Prime Minister Narendra Modified NDA Government. The Speaker has also suspended nine MPs from Anna DMK (AI DMK) for creating ruckus over Carvery river water sharing issue.

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Speaker Malayan said that the decision to suspend MPs was taken under Section 374A due to coming into the Well of the House and violating the rules. Ashok Gujarati AJU, Butte Rebuke, Impala Kishtappa, Galley Jayden, K Narayana, Theta Natasha, Malaria Sriram, Mag anti Baby, Muralimohan, Av anti Srinivasan, Ramon Baidu and JC Dakar Reddy were among the suspended MPs.

Hyderabad: After tasting the jubilant victory in the just concluded Assembly elections in Telangana, TRS party is now busy with charting a new strategy to repeat the same success in forthcoming Oksana polls in 2019. As part of it, TRS will target BJP more than any other party like Congress, for not fulfilling promises mentioned in AP Reorganization Act-2014 and several pending issues pertaining to irrigation and other projects in Telangana.

The second advantage is that it can send a message to not only Tanzanites, but also entire nation that it doesn’t have any under current agreement with the saffron party. As a preset to the Oksana elections, TRS MPs will begin attacking BJP government in Parliament winter session.

Telangana chief minister and TRS party supremo K Chandrasekhar Ran has reportedly prepared a blueprint on how to fix BJP in the Oksana over pending issues and not fulfilled bifurcation commitments. Now, the pink party is targeting to sweep all the Oksana seats in Telangana leaving Hyderabad MP slot to its ally AI MIM.

Sweeping 16 MP seats and support of AI MIM will ensure more than enough bargaining strength to TRS to lobby with the Center. The major demands include division of high court, construction of air strips at Srinagar, Warangal, Islamabad and Mahbubnagar, enhancing reservations for minorities, OCS and STS.

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Oksana started with Sumatra Malayan reading the list of prominent people who have died recently. She also gave a length reading about renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who passed away on 14th March 2018.

The speaker wished New Year (Uganda for Telugu People) to the members, and invited them for a special lunch on Monday noon, in the Parliament premises. After a member started his conversation, Venetian Baidu intervened, stating that this is not the way a discussion has to be held and adjourned the house.

The adjournment of both the houses is seen as a strategic move from the Center, in order to suppress the no-confidence motion, opined political analysts. The recent statement given by the Vice President of India Mr. Venetian Baidu on action against the MPs who shifted parties in coming three months is rising hopes in Y.S.R.

Since three-and-half year, the SRC has been urging the speaker of Oksana for the disqualifications of four MPs who shifted to TRS and TDP. SRC MP Y.V. Subba Reddy told media that the party had been asking Oksana speaker to disqualify the four MPs under schedule-10 of the constitution.

With recent announcement of Venetian Baidu, the hopes on disqualification of the four MPs, 22 Alas and one MLC are rising in SRC. Telugu Durham Leader JC Dakar Reddy made a sensational proclamation that he is resigning to his post as Member of Parliament.

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The maverick leader representing Anantapur constituency said that his conscience would not agree to continue in the position after failing the people who trusted him. TRS Zambada MPs Kavita on Wednesday directly attacked AP CM Chandrakant Baidu in Oksana for the delay in the bifurcation of Hyderabad High Court.

However, Kavita made a scathing attack on Baidu during Zero hour in Oksana sparking protest from Government. Breaking the convention, Kavita, not only referred to CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrakant Baidu by name but also accused him of blocking the division of Hyderabad High Court, which was immediately objected to by urban development minister Venetian Baidu and law minister Savanna Golda.

Earlier, another TRS MP AP Tender Reddy said T-government was ready to allot any premises to Andhra Pradesh to set up their own High Court in Hyderabad, and they could stay put for ten years. Speaker Sumatra Malaya also disapproved of Kavita’s remark and advised her not level charges against chief minister of a state from the House.

Telangana Ashtray Smith PMs staged a protest in Oksana on Monday demanding immediate bifurcation of Hyderabad High Court. The MPs stormed into the well the moment house assembled for the day in morning and rushed towards Speaker’s podium with placards and chanting slogans.

Earlier, TRS Mahabubnagar MP Tender Reddy tried to move a resolution seeking division of the High Court. Speaker Sumatra Malayan, however, disallowed the resolution, which forced TRS MPs to stage the protest in the well of the House.

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TRS MPs have been agitating on same demand from the day one of the monsoon session They even staged demonstration near the Gandhi statue in the Parliamentary premises. The first day of monsoon session began today on stormy note in Raja Sasha while the Oksana was adjourned following obituary references.

The Raja Sasha, which continued till afternoon, was later adjourned for the day after four disruptions caused by the uproar following the Congress’ demand for action against foreign minister Sasha Sarah for her links with La lit Mode. 3:17 pm: Raja Sasha has been adjourned fourth time and for the day, following uproar over the La lit Mode issue.

Akbar, whose term will expire next year, had defeated Heidi Hussain An sari of the JMM by 19 votes. 1:10 pm: Leader of the House Arun Lately says the government is ready for a discussion and Ms. Sarah would also make a statement on the issue.

1:05 pm: Bailey says the government gets a distinct and clear impression that Opposition wants disturbance, they don’t want a discussion Is ready for discussion in any format, at any time: Finance Minister Arun Bailey on La lit Mode controversy.

11:30 am: Raja Sasha adjourned till 12 p.m. Opposition raises La lit Mode issue, troops into well of House. 11:27 am: Congress MP Hangman Ran raises banner seeking Sasha Sarah’s removal in Raja Sasha.

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A minister told UK government to sanction La lit Mode’s travel document’s over some humanitarian grounds,” Congress leader Anand Sharma said.

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