Duration Of Zero Hour In Lok Sabha

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Apart from the Question Hour, Parliament allocates additional time slot for the members to discuss issues. It was during the 1960s when several issues of national and international importance used to be raised by members of Parliament immediately after Question Hour.

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This act triggered an idea among other members who called for another provision for discussing important matters in the House. As the 9th Oksana Speaker, Rabbi Ray introduced certain changes in the proceedings of the House to create more opportunities for the members to raise matters of urgent public importance.

He proposed a mechanism to regulate the proceedings during the ‘ Berthoud ’, raise matters in a more orderly manner and optimize the time of the House. Members wishing to raise matters during the Berthoud need to give notice to the Speaker prior to the start of the daily session.

Only after the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs gives assurances on the issues raised during ‘ Berthoud ’, the relevant extracts from the proceedings are sent to the concerned ministry on the same day. The Berthoud concept has gained popularity because of the freedom its gives to any member irrespective of party affiliations to ask questions and seek immediate answers.

Over the years, Berthoud has come to be known as an important ‘device’ to air grievances and reaffirm Parliament’s role as a platform for debate. Berthoud is the time when Members of Parliament (MPs) can raise Issues of Urgent Public Importance.

However, Speaker, Oksana / Chairman, Raja Sasha may allow or decline a Member to raise a matter of importance. During the sixties, members of parliament used to raise many pressing issues of national and global import after Question Hour.

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This act caused an idea among other members who called for another provision for discussing important matters in the House. Rabbi Ray, the ninth Speaker of the OK Sasha introduced certain changes in the proceedings of the House to create more opportunities for the members to raise matters of urgent public importance.

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New Delhi: The Congress party will raise the gold smuggling in diplomatic baggage case in the Oksana today. Prime News, Nation, (New Delhi), July 2:-Muslims in the country are facing problems and several incidents of lynching have been reported in states like Jharkhand, Samajwadi Party (SP) member Shafiq Rahman Bar said in the Oksana on Tuesday.

“West Bengal is being singled out unfairly in the House for discussion about violence in the state,” she said, adding things are being generalized. Congress MPs, backed by the DMK, protested in the well of the Oksana, demanded a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah and walked out when the Speaker refused to allow party leader Air Iranian Chowdhury to raise the issue in detail.

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Air, his party’s leader in the House, had given notice for an adjournment motion, which was denied, and then tried to raise the issue during the zero hour. The Congress leader, who spoke in Hindi, kept repeating the words, Japan KO Kara HAI (there is a threat to their lives)”.

Speaker Om Barley objected, pointing out that Air’s zero hour notice was on another subject and that he had raised the withdrawal of the SPG cover on Monday too. The government withdrew the SPG cover on November 8, with officials saying there was no “direct threat to the Gandhi's”.

The move came two months after the Center removed the SPG cover of former Prime Minister Manson Singh. Baal raised the withdrawal of the SPG cover and managed to speak a few sentences before the Speaker intervened.

Barley told the DMK MP he couldn’t be allowed to raise the matter as his notice too was on some other subject. That was after Congress MP Kodikunil Suresh had stood up where Rahul sits while trying to raise a matter related to Kerala.

The question that Rahul had wanted to raise was about the Pradhan Mantra Gram Sadat Jana (Prime Minister’s rural road scheme) for Kerala. The proceedings include Legislation, Debates on the pressing issues, Questions by Members of Parliament (MPs) and answers by the Government of the day among other things.

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The Oksana & Raja Sasha websites are updated every day (when the parliament is in session) with all the information that a citizen needs to understand their functioning. Here is a dummy’s guide on how a common citizen can follow the proceedings of the Oksana & Raja Sasha.

The provisional Calendar lists down the broad business planned for the entire session. Step 2: Check the List of Business planned for each day The list of business (the proposed plan) for each single day when the parliament is in session, is uploaded on the Oksana & Raja Sasha websites.

The final agenda is contained in the Revised List of Business and is issued the preceding working day of the sitting. A Supplementary List of Business is issued to cover any additional items being taken up at short notice, on the same day.

The bulletin lists down the total time taken for the debate and the names of the members who participated in the debate. If any particular bill was introduced, discussed or passed by the Oksana or Raja Sasha on any given day, those will be available on both the websites. These are also a very important source of information since a lot of latest up to date information/data is provided in the form of answers which are not usually available else where.

The day wise list of questions asked by the MPs is available on the websites of Oksana & Raja Sasha. Step 5: Read the verbatim debates For those who are interested to read through the detailed proceedings, the Oksana & Raja Sasha websites have uncorrected verbatim debates hour by hour.

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This document has detailed information on the important business that took place during that session. Statement of Work : The statement of work document has detailed statistical information on each session like number of sittings, time of sittings, time lost due to disruptions etc.

Let us know what you found on the Oksana & Raja Sasha websites by writing in to NEW DELHI: Concern was voiced in the Oksana today over reports that nearly half of the thermal power plants in the country, including over 20,000 MW capacity stations of state-run NPC, are reeling under coal shortage with stocks to last less than a week.

NPC, the country's largest power producer and also the biggest consumer of domestic coal, is the worst sufferer as eight of its total 23 electricity generating stations have stocks to last mere two days, the official data said. The Berthoud also saw Pal's party colleague, Ashwani Chamber drawing government's attention to the plight of people from Bhagalpur and surrounding areas in Bihar hit hard by the power crisis.

Rajendra Agarwal, also of BJP, wanted urgent attention to the havoc caused by power cuts in Western Uttar Pradesh, affecting agriculture, industry and the common man. The productivity of Lower House as of Tuesday is 120%, according to data by the New Delhi-based PRS Legislative Research.

Oksana Speaker Om Barley has often reminded members during proceedings about the importance of maximum utilization of the time available by keeping questions and responses during Question Hour and Berthoud brief and giving more opportunity to first-time MPs to speak. Lawmakers feel that the decreasing number of MPs of the Congress and key Opposition parties has led to reduced disruption and zero adjournments till now in Oksana.

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On the Opposition front, it is necessary to see if there is enough debate on the issues and amendments,” said N. Bhaskar Ran, a New Delhi-based political analyst. They have been raising their reservations about those bills, they have staged walkouts and normal parliamentary procedure is being followed.

The Oksana is also referred to as the House of the People and the Raja Sasha is called the Council of States. The Parliament is the body of people’s representatives, who has supreme power of governance in a parliamentary form of democratic country.

India has opted for a federal system of Government, both Central and the State draw their authority from the same Constitution, though with a strong unitary bias. India is a large country, and it is not possible in the Indian federal system for the States to break away as a separate unit.

A federal set-up is of utmost importance, if India is to be saved from separatist forces. There is a division of legislative and administrative powers between the Union and the State Governments and none of them can violate the limitations imposed by the Constitution.

The Supreme Court stands at the top of the Judiciary to safeguard the distribution of powers and to prevent any action against the provisions of the Constitution. The Constitution of India has made provisions for the distribution of revenues between the Center and the States.

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The members of the OK Sasha are directly elected by the people of India. Direct elections are based on Universal Adult Franchise accepted by the Constitution.

However, it can be dissolved earlier by the President or can be extended for one year at a time during the proclamation of an emergency by the Parliament. This extension cannot continue beyond a period of six months after the emergency has ceased to operate.

Originally, the Constitution of India fixed the members of OK Sasha at 552. OK Sasha seats are allotted to individual States and Union Territories.

A person shall be disqualified if, at any point of time, he/she does not fulfill any of the qualifications for being a member of the Parliament. He/She signs all the Bills passed by the House before they are sent to the Raja Sasha or to the President for approval.

He/She regulates the admission of visitors and press correspondents to the galleries of the House. He/She decides whether there is a case for a matter relating to a breach of privileges or contempt of the House.

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He/She issues directions to the chairman all matters relating to their working and the procedure to be followed. The members (Elected) of the Raja Sasha are elected indirectly by the members of the State Legislative Assembly with the system of proportional representation by means of a ‘Single Transferable Vote’.

Powers of the Parliament Houses of the Parliament enjoy equal power and status in all the spheres except in financial matters and in terms of the responsibility of the Council of Ministers, which are in the domain of the Oksana. The powers and functions of the Parliament are multidisciplinary i.e., Legislative, Financial, Executive, Electoral, Judicial and Constitutional.

There are certain matters/subjects, in which Raja Sasha enjoys exclusive rights, e.g., Under-Article 249, the Raja Sasha, by a resolution adopted by 2/3rd majority, empower the Parliament to make laws, with respect to a matter in the State List. The Parliament acquires the power to legislate with respect to matters in the State List, while a proclamation of national emergency is in operation.

On legislative matters pertaining to the Ordinary Bills, it can originate in either House and in case of deadlock, joint sitting is referred wherein the opinion of the Oksana prevails. In case of Money Bills, Raja Sasha cannot reject or amend it by the virtue of its own powers.

It depends upon the Oksana, to accept or reject on the recommendations of the Raja Sasha. Executive Power The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to the Oksana.

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The Ministers remain in the office as long as they enjoy the confidence of majority of members in the Oksana. Adjournment Motion: It aimed at censuring the acts of omission and commission of the Ministers.

Monetary Controls: A cut motion may be moved during the budget session. It studies the reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG).

The Parliament also has the right to remove the President from office through the procedure of impeachment. It can also punish a person for obstructing the work of the Parliament or for showing any sort of disrespect towards the House.

If passed by an actual 2/3rd majority of both the Houses, the President must give his assent to the bill, the Constitution stands amended. The Quorum means the minimum number of members required to be present in order to enable the business of the House.

During Zero Hour (From 12 o’clock to lunch), the members raise all types of questions, without any permission or prior notice. A formal proposal made by a member stating that, the house should take up some particular matter which is of public importance is called Motion.

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An Adjournment Motion is laid to discuss a matter of urgent public importance. The Motion is moved by the opposition and admitted when a minimum of 50 members support it.

An independent member of a Parliament or State Legislature will be disqualified if he joins another party after his election.

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