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Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 27 July, 2021
• 7 min read

There are tons of people who have been struggling to get the updated and active Pet Suicides and if that is you then don’t worry, we got you covered. In this guide, we have compiled all the latest, new, active, valid and working Roblox Pet Zoo codes that you can redeem right now (January 2021).

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Make sure to bookmark this page because we will keep updating this list whenever new Pet Zoo codes become available. Using the following codes, you can get a lot of coins that will help certainly help you to upgrade your Zoo to keep earning and get better pets.

In order to redeem Pet Suicides, you simply need to navigate a gift box code on the left side of the screen. Now, either type or paste any of the above mentioned active code and click on the Claim button to get rewards.

This page has the active list of working codes that you can redeem for some free coins. You can use these codes in your zoo to expand, so you can get more pets to have the best park in the whole game.

This page contains the information of amazing active codes, expired codes, steps of how to redeem the Pet Suicides, steps of how to play the game and much about Pet Suicides. Following is a list of active pet zoo codes.

The following list of pet zoo codes that provides the details of what you will get with these codes. Here is the list that contains the steps to redeem the pet zoo codes.

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Firstly, Head into your game and search the twitter button. There is the list of Expired pet zoo codes that is no longer used now.

You can TRAVEL through all of our custom bio-mes, capture the pets, and earn the money. The playing steps of the Pet Zoo are very simple.

First, you have to travel through all of our custom bio-mes and search for pets. In conclusion, so at the end, you have got the all information of the pet zoo codes.

1MIL: Redeem this code to receive a lot of coins or money as reward. RICH: Redeem this code to receive 1 000 coins or money as reward.

Our Roblox Pet Suicides Wiki has the latest list of working OP code. By using the new active Pet Suicides, you can get some free coins and others, which will help you to expand your zoo.

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We highly recommend you to bookmark this page because we will keep update the additional codes once they are released. Go to the game and click the codes button with the present icon on it.

Input the code and press the Claim button to receive some sweet rewards. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.

We assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under the United States copyright law. We will keep the list updated, come often back to check if there is a new code added to the Roblox Game.

Here is a full list of all the Pet Zoo active codes that are currently working: Once you are in the tab simply paste the code from the list and tap Claim to redeem.

Home Summary Release Data Also Playing Collection Stats (Any eggs will remain in your zoo) Name a reindeer Comet The bear will break out of its exhibit.

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(Excluding electric fences) Name a bear Deer Name an exhibit one of the following to activate the cheat. It should also be noted that if you name a brand-new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game.

Effect Code All dinosaur poo will turn into rocks Copra lite Corner Deinosuchuse will be in the Animal Adoption window Super Crop Double Exhibit Donations Microsoft Guests pay 2x original amount for attractions Blue Fang More people will come to see that exhibit Wonderland Triceratops will be in the Animal Adoption window Cretaceous Corral Unicorn will be in the Animal Adoption window Xanadu Effect Code All animal shelters available. John Wheeler All scenarios completed Okayama Animals breed faster/more often Dr Dolittle Birds scare the heck out of guests Alfred H Change's everyone's shirt blue.

Stinky Make some guests puke Zeta Psi Research all staff research automatically Hank Howie The demand for hamburgers goes up Bill Clinton Unlock all animal houses and types Andrew Binder Unlock all animal toys Lou Catenary Unlock all Dino's. Ron Props Unlock endangered animals Steve Strafing You gain a small amount of money.

Rich Uncle Penny bags Rename your scientists one of the following to get the desired effect. Effect Code Gives you a 10% chance that an egg will change contents when visited by that scientist Dr. Frankenstein Makes all scientists walk twice as fast Dr. School Rename a member of your staff one of the following to get the effect.

Unlockable How to Unlock Bottle nose Dolphin statue Win Best Dolphin Show award California Seal Lion statue Win Best Sea Lion Show award Elephant Seal statue Win Zoo of the Year award Iceberg Win the Excellence in Art cit Exhibit Construction award Mermaid Place the mermaid statue in one of your marine tanks Orca statue Win Best Orca Show award Photo Booth Win the shark world scenario Show Grandstand 2 Win the Aquatic Show Park scenario Trio statue Win the Super Zoo scenario Yellow Brick Road Put a Lion, a Bengal Tiger and a Grizzly Bear in one exhibit Place a Lion, Bengal tiger and a Grizzly bear in one exhibit. Then check your paths and scroll down. It should also be noted that if you name a brand-new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game.

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Effect Code Double Exhibit Donations Microsoft Guests pay 2x original amount for attractions Blue Fang More people come Wonderland Unlock Deinosuchus (Requires DD) Super Crop unlock the Unicorn Xanadu Unlock Triceratops (Requires DD) Cretaceous Corral Rename a guest to the name given for the desired effect. Effect Code All Animal Shelters Available John Wheeler All Scenarios Completed Okayama animals breed more Dr Dolittle birds frighten guests Alfred H Change's everyone's shirt to pink.

Mr. Blonde donates a lot of money Bill Gates Get all Animal Shelters Adam Levesque hamburger demand goes up Bill Clinton Make Fences Deteriorate Russell Make Some Guests Puke Zeta Psi Research all Staff Research Automatically Hank Howie Unlock all Animal Houses and types Andrew Binder Unlock all animal toys Lou Catenary Unlock All Foliage Charlie Peterson Unlock Endangered animals Steve Strafing First, do the $+Shift cheat. Make an exhibit with a lion, a Bengal tiger and a black bear.

When you use the shift+4 method to get an extra $10,000, be aware that a section of fence will be destroyed, which will allow an animal to escape. First, use shift+4 to get as much money as you'll need before you build any exhibits: that way, there are no fences to destroy.

Remember, this only works in the BETA builds of Zoo Tycoon. By pressing CRT + F, you can make all trees in your zoo ''disappear'' (they still exist, they are just invisible for building purposes).

Effect Code Dienosuchus Super Crop double the exhibit donations Microsoft more guests will enter the zoo Wonderland While you're playing in a game, press: Effect Code Dinosaur's eggs hatch faster Eggman Unlock All Dino's DONOVAN Unlock Dinosaur Foliage research program Ron Props Name the guest the following to get the desired effect.

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Effect Code all animal buildings Andrew Binder all animal care research programs Adam Levesque all animal enrichment research programs Lou Catenary all animal shelters John Wheeler all endangered animals research programs Steve Strafing all exhibit foliage Charlie Peterson all fences are destroyed Russell C all staff education research programs Hank Howie blue guests and buildings Mr. Blue brown guests and buildings Mr. Brown orange guests and buildings Mr. Orange pink guests and buildings Mr. Effect Code all foliage removed and a $300 tax rebate George W destroy all buildings The Rock Change a male maintenance worker's name to “Bob V”.

Change Pointer Color Name a male guest one of the following for the desired effect. Effect Password All animal buildings unlocked Andrew Binder All animal care research programs unlocked Adam Levesque All animal enrichment research programs unlocked Lou Catenary All animal shelters unlocked John Wheeler All endangered animals research programs unlocked Steve Strafing All exhibit foliage unlocked Charlie Peterson All scenarios unlocked Okayama All staff education research programs unlocked Hank Howie Blues guests/buildings Mr. Blue Brown guests/buildings Mr. Brown Destroys all buildings Name a male maintenance worker The Rock Deteriorate fences 100% Russell C Make guests sick Zeta Psi or Stinky Orange guests/buildings Mr. Orange Pink guests/buildings Mr.

Pink Removes all foliage and get a $300 tax rebate Name a male maintenance worker George W Repairs all broken fences Name a male maintenance worker Bob V Sets all tour guide salaries to $0 Name a female tour guide Rosalie White birds will attack Alfred H White guests/buildings Mr. White Yellow guests/buildings Mr. Blonde Rename your exhibits to unlock the following: Effect Password Cretaceous Corral Triceratops Microsoft Double the exhibit donations Wonderland Increase number of visitors to park Xanadu Unicorn Rename the specified staff member one of the following.

Name a male maintenance worker “Bob V” All the foliage in the zoo will disappear. Name a male maintenance worker “George W” All tour guides will work for free.

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