Code For Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay From Scratch

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 27 July, 2021
• 8 min read

Remaining government forces are gunning down anything in their path and survivors are still scattered. If you are not receiving emails from us, please try after 8am EST. Updated 7 May 2019You remember the time from before, all this chaos, before the apocalypse ... It just happened; people started getting sick...

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Rules-~ No killing or hurting anybody without permission.~ My dear goodness, I know this is like a golden rule for every RP, but, please be nice to each other.your characters CAN BE YOUNG OKAY. Characters: @ImaWeeblol Corey/Girl/16/No Group yet/Machete/Was 11 when the apocalypse started, been alone since 13, learned a lot/ Good at scavenging/ Loner---------------------------------------------- @stormgirl52 Kabuki Tarawa // Female // 16 // Survivor // Her Electric Guitar or a sniper Rifle // Still goes to Hope's Peak High school, However, She is allowed to bring people who need refuge // She's normally Uplifting // No Problem killing traitors.------------------------------------------------ @studentG5884 Alyssa Woods// female// 17// survivor // Usually uses her 5-inch heel or her spear and fists// Used to be a preppy girl, but she only did it to stay with her best-friend who was brutally killed by a zombie.

Name || Gender || Sexuality || Age || species || looks (or Ref link) || personality || weapon || dead or alive || crush || bf or GF || relatives || other Mikey is the younger sister of Lizzie and has been taught to be brave in the face of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Mikey Samuel's was hidden in a tent at an abandoned camp with her sister shortly after her father's death. She watched with her sister as Skylar pulled Ryan aside to talk to him, and was pleased when they agreed to adopt them.

Mikey was seen heading for the evacuation bus when Phillip Jackson and his militia attacked The Prison. Mikey and Lizzie are later seen shooting two militia soldiers in order to save Jack.

As Ryan and Lizzie prepare to abandon The Prison, they both find Mikey being devoured by Walkers. Mikey's death during the Fall of the Prison put a big dent in Ryan and Skylar's relationship for almost an entire month.

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For example, you create a big sign-up for a character and, all of a sudden, the RPG dies. I wouldn't say it's a mortal sin, but I'd rather not do it unless it's a recovered character from a dead RPG.

It can be anything from age to clothing to history, and without those changes, your character may not fit properly in that world. Ropers also become better with experience, so they may realize that the character they used as a newbie has room for improvement.

We all come to love our characters, but an Per has to be objective enough to know when to make these kinds of changes. The wonderful thing about characters is that they do undergo change, and it's up to an Per to see that and make sure it shows.

I felt that way somewhat recently, and since I didn't want to redo a second full character and stay in only one RPG (being low on time), I did a compromise: introduce her as a secondary character/NPC! So often times the characters I make tend to fit in the RPG I'm using them for without problems.

Credit to Sketchier at Coronet Designs II for the banner Video Game Stuff You'll be spending more time trying to figure out what can transfer over well rather than building the character to shape and adequately represent a person or creature that would fit the storyline's situation and setting.

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If you're just recycling all those same details over and over again, then your character is way too generic and is more of a distraction to the storyline than it is a working component of the setting. Take for example, a character sign up that was used for a trainer Pokémon RPG being recycled for a kind of cyberpunk setting mixed with a little zombie apocalypse, where an experiment with mind-controlling nanobots goes out of control.

First off, your character's clothing, being the traditional Pokémon Trainer garb, would definitely have to be changed to reflect the setting and what other people will be wearing. Also, the RP's events and situation should be influencing their personality and their moods.

If all you're doing is recycling the generic fluff that seems barely tied with the setting and the storyline of the RPG, you're only going to make yourself seem unoriginal to the GM, who has probably read something like that before. So, instead of trying to recycle a character, I highly recommend just trying to create a new one from scratch each and every time.

Read the storyline, brainstorm some ideas for a character that really fits and seems like they have a role and a real tie to the setting, and then put it to work. Serbia isn't the only forum where I've participated in RPGs, so out of the many characters I create, none of them seem to fit into another RPG.

Of course, I change and make appropriate edits to histories, appearances, and personalities when necessary, but I don't see it as any terrible crime against Raging to reuse a character. Remember, a sign up is a character outline, it's only a starting point.

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I love exploring the evolution of characters and that idea and concept. It's why I don't mind using the same/similar character in different RPGs...or at least the same/similar sign up (since settings and fandoms usually require altering).

I always like to use myself as a basis when I'm playing as male character no matter what the age, which is why you'll often see the blonde hair, blue eyes' thing going. I think as long as you don't C+P straight from another sign up it's fine.

For example, my Pokémon Ranger and Adventures in Nixon character sound a lot alike, yet they are 4 years apart, so I had to change them. The point is, as long as they are edited to fit the RPG I think it is fine to reuse.

For instance, I generally use myself as a template appearance wise with a few changes but tend to give my characters different histories/personalities from myself. And if I do reuse a character, it's normally in name and/or appearance only with everything else being built up from scratch.

I generally start to generate some sort of vague idea for a character the moment I read the plot, so there isn't any time for me to even think about using older characters. Their rps died young, and there were so many things left undone.

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I'd never, for example, transfer a Pokémon trainer to a Resident Evil game or something'. That was because I was planning to join a couple of RPGs with them, but never got around to before they started and moved so fast I was left in the dust and decided not to bother anymore.

I don't really mind if people reuse characters, given that there's enough time between their uses, and that they aren't used simultaneously in two places. Doesn't matter if the character idea is OMG TEN BESTESTEST EVAN, if I've seen it five times before, I won't warm up to it.

So if a character is used in gazillion places all at once, I feel like it... sort of lessens the impact of the surrounding people. If they've got many best friends forever, many lovers, many rivals, many people responsible for killing their dog on their 15th birthday and traumatizing them forever, none of those relations seem unique or important anymore, somehow.

Every RP I've ever joined has died before they reach a proper conclusion. I never know what's “canon” and what's an alternate universe/timeline that has no effect on the real one, if that makes any sense.

Using my example in my earlier post; me as a ranger won't turn out the same way as a trainer version of myself. For me, RP would get doubly boring if I were controlling a character that was basically me.

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But yeah, I have a giving character I really want to reuse, because he didn't get to do much in his own RP before it met its end. I have one character based on myself, It's easy to RP as him, but I find it awkward talking about myself in the third person.

Credit to Sketchier at Coronet Designs II for the banner Video Game Stuff As long as it doesn't contradict with anything in the RP's backstory, then I am fine with whatever the Per wants to do.

3DS Friend Code : 1118-0538-5698 Twitter / Tumblr / Secret Base It looks lazy, a bad sign when you want regular posting to keep a game alive.

That always makes me cringe, because someone else may be working a few hours over a completely new character and a copied SU just shows up. If you must cut and paste, then make absolutely sure that the character will fit into that game's world.

On another note, I posted a Character Recycling Guide in the “Making a Sign-Up” thread in the main RPG forum. I've seen a few people copy-and-paste sign ups, and this really annoys me because they clearly have no concern for the RPG they're signing up for.

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Whenever I re-use a character, I mold them to the situation, which often causes me to modify or re-write parts of the sign up. Her personality was pretty much the same in all three; I just had to make minor modifications to her Appearance (not to mention I had to add superhero clothes in the X-Men RPG, and then I had to give her either Pokémon, powers, or a Persona depending on the RPG, which wasn't too hard.

Changing the History just involved modifying her hometown and re-writing the last few paragraphs in accordance with the plot. Also, I know of one user here (DVB) who uses the exact same character for every RPG he signs up in, no matter what the setting.

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