Code For Voltron Force Ultimate Victory

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 26 July, 2021
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Vol tron is a Japanese Animation cartoon that was originally called “Beast King Motion.” The colors of the lions are: Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.


It's up to Vol tron to blast pesky space enemies and defeat Wade's lion in the all new level! It's up to Vol tron to blast pesky space enemies and defeat Wade's lion in the all new level! Evil never takes a break.

This VoltronForceUltimateVictory game can be played directly in your browser, free of charge. This game has been played 35.5k times and has received a rating of 4.35 / 5 din 100 votes.

And was built with WWF technology to work fast in most browsers. VoltronForceUltimateVictory is a great action game appeared on our site where you will go in some missions with our heroes from cartoons.

At the beginning of the game you will get some instructions and I suggest you to read them carefully because only in this way you can have the chance to know how you can control the lion robots in this game to complete your missions, what you have to do to get points, what means every bonus from the road and so on. In this game your goal is to reach the finish line safely with the robots, to complete every mission.

You can chance the lion robot that is in the middle using the z key. Do your best to complete every mission in this game with VoltronForce, a new animated series from Netflix.

The Power Rangers only protected a single city, full of overdramatic residents... Plus, I just liked Vol tron better! The collector's edition DVD series is EXCELLENT, I would highly recommend it. I hope this helps to answer your question.

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In 1948, one year after the USAF separated from the Army, the Air Force Honor Guard was born. Yet, the only published information outlining which weapons are to be used by either enlisted or officer, is the Honor Guard Manual, which can be found at www.honorguard.af.mil I hope this has been helpful, LT. “Prior E” Honor and Dignity.

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They control the flying lion robots and this time we also have several young cadets. Their main enemy is Motor, who is trying to gain control over the entire Universe.

Lions are strong enough to fight the Motor's robots, but when the danger is immense and the opponent mighty, they combine and create the great Vol tron robot. In this game we have several locations where the fight takes place against Motor's robots: 'Arms Hot Plates', 'Taros Asteroid Belt', 'Arms Desert' and the new episode 'Planet Doom'.

Arms, mentioned in these episodes, is the name of a distant and very sparsely populated planet where Voltron's lions reside when not in use. The loins can be killed not only by the laser projectile and explosion but also if they run into the rock or any kind of hard obstacle.

A fer FTIR still EU getup hand breast OVNI í rum, OG EF til will á artwork reikistjarna. Composed of five robot lions piloted by the VoltronForce, Vol tron has the power to defeat the toughest opponents.

Its construction is steeped in ancient mystery, and even today the VoltronForce is finding out new and previously unknown capabilities. The traditional configuration: Black Lion is the center, and Vol tron wields his classic Blazing Sword.

Add a photo to this gallery One Legged Black Center While fighting Wade's robots the VoltronForce is initially unable to form Vol tron with the Blue Lion resulting in a weaker Black Center Vol tron. Add a photo to this gallery Yellow -center configuration gives Vol tron a set of Rock Wrecking Maces, which can extend to be used as a kind of grappling hook.

Add a photo to this gallery When Blue Lion is the center, Vol tron walls the double-sided Titanic Trident, which has freeze ray capabilities. Add a photo to this gallery At one point in time Daniel's consciousness went inside Vol tron.

Kitty: With all the things that can hurt you, on whom can you depend? Burble: A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike.

(Then, a yellow line fades in as it then makes a few zigzags while SAVE is talking.) SAVE: (Mimics Jeff's laughter and voice while acknowledging the audience) Hello, fools.

Before we cut to the chase, I would like to tell a recap of this film's predecessor. (Narrating) It all started with Dr. Abel lo's log: (Reads) “By the turn of the millennium, a technology known as 'virtual reality' will be in widespread use.

Leroy's neighbor, Dr. Abel lo, experimented with this “virtual reality” to vastly increase Jeff's intelligence. The research was funded by The Warehouse, a top secret United States government agency.

But thanks to our friend, Leroy, we worked together and sent Jeff packing. SAVE: (VO) Then, six days passed after those events and there was no emergency on the horizon, ... not for Leroy to help the Danger Rangers with I should make that.

Our story begins with the Danger Rangers themselves spending the weekend off at a resort in Florida and I can tell Gabriela's been here many times as a child. Little did they know that another big adventure of their lives is about to come.

(Then, the opening credits begin as the Rangers (from left to right: Sully (in his orange swimming trunks), Kitty (in her yellow swimsuit), Burble (in his red swimming trunks), Squeaky (in his ruby red swimming trunks) and Burt) relax in beach chairs while singing the song, “Everybody Is Water Safe.”) We want mom, dad, son, and daughter safe.

Kitty: I especially like the best part, digging our bare feet in the sand. Burt: The sun feels good on this outside and inside.

SAVE: Oh, speaking of Leroy, he may not have told us this before but tomorrow is his birthday. Sully: Listen up, Rangers, on the way back to headquarters, we better pick up some cards.

Leroy: Now, time to put in my “Steven Universe” T-shirt. Leroy: Now, to get my “Mystery Science Theater 3000” DVD.

(He then goes to get his “Mystery Science Theater 3000” DVD and then puts it in his suitcase.) Joyce: Time to put in my Angela Anaconda doll.

Angela: (Smiles) Sure, sugar cube, after all, you are the birthday boy. Angela: (Notices) Oh, honey, please don't jump on the bed, you know mother doesn't want you getting hurt.

(We then cut to scenes of the car driving as the rest of the opening credits start.) Angela: Hey, you two, I brought “The Muppet Show” for you and your cousins to watch together.

Leroy: (Realizes) Oh, now I remember, well, anyway, time to read my cards. Leroy: (Reads) Hi, Leroy, I just want to say Happy Birthday and I hope that you will have a great time for your birthday unlike last time, when Hill almost... Yeah, I don't wanna talk about it but anyways, see ya later.

Leroy: (Surprised) Hey, they're from my heroes, the Danger Rangers. Sully: (Heard in the background) Hey there, Leroy, I just want to put it very simple, so I can wish a very happy birthday...

Kitty: (Heard in the background) ... And even though I'm not with you, I will always keep in touch with you, little monkey... Gabriela: (Heard in the background) ...' Cause safety rules but anyway, happy birthday...

Leroy: Aw, that was so nice of them to give me these letters. (Thinks) But you know, this letter sending from another dimension is kinda like “Equestrian Girls” and I'm also wondering if other shows could travel to my dimension.

Neil On TV: Whoa, what a cool looking puzzle piece, lots of buttons and lights. (Repeats when Patrick presses on the remote) Whoa, what a cool looking puzzle piece, lots of buttons and lights.

(They then go downstairs to see Harriet, Drew, Brittany, Turner and Tessa.) (To Harriet, Drew, Turner and Tessa) And there's the pool.

SAVE: (VO) And that his sister, Brittany, came back from another secret outing with her boyfriend, Rocky. If Dad catches you, he's going to kill you.

Do you think Brittany got accepted to Keystone by messing around all the time? Drew: No, your sister worked her tail off, and that's exactly what I expect from you.

Drew: (To Turner) Well, whatever, you're still going to be in this vacation whether you feel it or not! Some good old-fashioned no-tech (Unplugs Turner's computer) family togetherness is exactly what we need.

Brittany: Hey, Tessa, do you want me to help you with your suitcases? Turner: I hope there was a discount for booking us into the most boring spot in the whole country.

Brittany: Hope this teaches you a lesson for hacking into the school's online system. Turner: Oh, come on, Brittany, I just want to be at the top of my class like I used to.

Brittany: That was before we moved to Texas, Turner, you were at the top of your class when you were at Glen Inner Preschool, you idiot! Drew: Come on, Turner, we're only a stone's throw away from at least a half dozen top-notch fishing lakes.

Angela: Hey, Drew, maybe you can try out the new fishing pole Dad got you when we were kids. Drew: I don't know, little sis, that old fish rod is getting a little too rusty.

Drew: Probably, kiddo, but if you ask me, I think it was just to teach him a lesson. Marcus: Well, anyway, we can't start the fishing trip until the rest of the family gets here.

(Then, they see another car, with the song, “Shining Star” by the Dust Brothers playing on the radio, driving near.) Dust Brothers off-screen: When you wish upon a star, Your dreams will take you very far, But when you wish upon a dream, Life ain't always what it seems, What'd you see on a night so clear, In the sky so very dear, You're a shining star, No matter who you are, Shining bright to see, What you could truly be.

Drew: Nice try, Nick, but you just missed my kids. Grammar: (Coming out) But he did almost give your mother a heart attack.

Nick: Angela, what a delightful surprise to see my little sister again and how you have grown. Angela: Well, it's kinda hard when your growth is always spurting without you knowing.

Nick: Ah, yes, I heard about that but that doesn't make sense. Angela: Hey, you should know, Nick, you made that line up when we were kids.

Leroy: (Notices) Hey, that's a nice outfit you got there, Val. Val: (Smiles and does a twirl) Thanks, it's my brand-new Brock from “Pokémon” outfit.

Mom got it for me for my birthday, she said she got it from some anime store down in Melbourne, Australia. (To his brothers and cousins) Well, anyways, Twins, Turner, Leroy, Joyce, let's go put our stuff away.

Joyce: (Puts her suitcase down and opens it to get her Misty outfit) Hang on, guys, I have to change into my Misty outfit. Jerry: Yeah, Joyce, and if you had orange hair, you would look just like the real Misty.

Joyce: (Smiles) Thanks, Val, you too, Jerry. Chris: Well, I got your suitcase on the bed, Jerry and I must say they are really heavy.

(That night, Joyce, Leroy and Angela were looking at old family photos in the living room on the couch.) Angela: This place brings back so many memories.

(Notices a picture) Aw, look at Leroy, crawling on the carpet in his little onside. Angela: (Notices) Oh, and there's Joyce trying out baseball and almost smashing a window.

Leroy: (Notices) Hey, look that's me with my Danger Rangers blanket. Angela: (Closing the album) Okay, you two, that's enough for today, you have to get ready for bed.

When the singer's gone, Let the song go on, It's a fine line between The darkness and the dawn, They say in the darkest night, There's a light beyond And the ending always Comes at last, Endings always Come too fast, They come too fast, and they Pass too slow, I love you And that's all, It's really all I know, It's all I know, It's all I know Meanwhile, in the animated world, the Danger Rangers are sitting on the couch in sorrow, as they miss Leroy.

He walks up to Gabriela, who was cooking dinner for the team.) Fall bot: You know, Gabriela, I think the Danger Rangers are sick, they're all sitting on the couch.

SAVE: Fortunately, Leroy left a message for them. Fall bot: (Walks up to the couch) Hey, guys, Leroy left a message for all of you.

SAVE: Precisely, it says, (Reads) “Hey, guys, I would like to thank you for the birthday cards you have given me. Just to let you know, I will be on vacation with my family, but I will deeply miss you, especially you, kitty cat.

Keisha off-screen: Young hearts, out our minds, Running' till we out of time, Wild children, looking' good, Living' hard just like we should, Don't care whose watching when we tearing it up (you know), That magic that we got nobody can touch (for sure), Looking for some trouble tonight (yeah), Take my hand, I'll show you the wild side, Like it's the last night of our lives (uh huh), We'll keep dancing till we die! Leroy: (Shocked) (Thinking) Oh no, that means I have to spend some of my vacation with this lunatic.

Brittany: I heard you're going to be here for the afternoon or maybe the night. Brittany: Well, I am always welcomed for anyone I like to come to my vacation home.

Harriet: Hey, Rocky, do you want anything to eat or drink? But my parents have a lake house in San Diego and shoot, I have to get back before dark in case my car breaks down again.

Why don't you stay here tonight, and then we'll take your car to the shop in the morning? Drew: Hey, come on, kids, give this young man a chance, besides he won't be here for long.

Rocky: Oh sure, Brittany, 'cause I think JA'MIE King is really hilarious. Brittany: Yeah, I love how JA'MIE screams at the boarders.

Turner: Yeah, Leroy, because something tells me this won't end well. Jerry: If Rocky touches my suitcase, I'll kill him.

(Later, Leroy, Turner and Jerry were walking into the same room that Turner chose while having rainbow Billabong popsicles that Angela got for them because it is a hot day today.) SAVE: (VO) Needless to say, like his older cousins, Turner and Jerry, Leroy doesn't like Brittany's boyfriend, Rocky Hartman.

(Jerry then went over to his bed and took a suitcase off it and walked back to Leroy and Turner.) Jerry: It's up to you, Turner, you got a defend your family honor, like a man.

(Opens the case, revealing a paintball gun) (In the accent of Tony from “Scarface”) Say “hello” to my little friend. Jerry: Perks of divorce, Addie add.

Never underestimate the power of a grown man's guilt. (To Leroy) Or the power of a Danger Ranger's, in your childhood idols' case.

(To both Leroy and Turner) If we even mention Mom, Dad drives us straight to the mall. (Gives Turner the paintball gun) She's all yours.

Brittany: (Chuckles) Thank you, handsome, and you know, ever since I tried a handful of this sunblocks you gave me, I feel like I'm relaxing in a cool mountain stream, and I'm loving it. (Brittany then took the sunblock off the ground, poured some onto her hand and then rubbed it onto her arm.

Meanwhile, Turner is holding the paintball gun targeted in Rocky's position and Jerry is with him dressed as a shrub.) Turner: I'm starting to agree with Leroy that shooting my sister's boyfriend isn't the best idea.

Brittany: Can't you keep him in his room for the rest of the week? Leroy: Yeah, Brittany, Jerry pulled the trigger on the paintball gun.

(Brittany put her hand on Leroy's shoulder.) Brittany: Uh, no offense to you, Leroy, but you didn't touch that trigger of life, you just didn't want to get yourself into trouble.

“Harry's Practice” is coming up on Channel 9, and I'm missing it. Angela: I might need it in a few minutes, Nick, “The Slap” will be coming on soon.

(Rocky then comes up to Leroy while listening to his “Pink Floyd: The Wall” album on his iPod.) I told your Uncle Drew a lot of things.

(Leroy set his alarm clock to 6:00 and pulled the covers on his bed.) Leroy: (To himself) I wish for the Danger Rangers to come into my world.

You see, the dramatic irony is that Jeff did survive the explosion, even though Kitty hoped he didn't, and that he went back to his original body, like Leroy went back to his, even though Ranger Rodent thought he was stuck in the Danger Rangers' world. Jeff was still badly damaged due to being so in the Danger Rangers' world.

His body was retrieved by employees of Julian Wiley, corporate tycoon, virtual reality entrepreneur and head of The Warehouse, who took over the development of a special computer chip called the “Z-2.0,” that would connect all the computers in Leroy's world, known by you as the real world,” into one network, with the help of a group of scientists and his loyal robot, Mother Black Widow, which we didn't know, but we will later, is the source of the Cyber-Bugs. Wiley and Mother Black Widow were aware of his abilities, and they nursed him back to help in order to use his power for world domination.

(In a prison, a portal opens in front of Commander Codon, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams.) SAVE: (VO) The villains that Jeff rallied up are the ones you might know, Commander Codon and his accomplices, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Vanderbilt, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster and his bodyguard, Knuckles and the two rats, Lonnie and Jenkins.

That is until, one day, a scientist named Dr. Abel lo convinced me to be a human subject of his experiments, telling me it will make me smarter. The experiments may have been successful and my intelligence grew as a result, and I even began to exhibit powers of telepathy and telekinesis, being able to manipulate objects with my mind, as well as hear the thoughts of others, but one day, with my newfound intelligence and powers, I soon decided that it was about time I have punished those who have wronged me throughout my life...

They've foiled my plan with the help of my idiotic, good-for-nothing, piece of filth, old ripper friend, Leroy! Ever since that day, I had to be reprogrammed, I even had to lose my black hair and now, look at me, (Does a turn) I have become more powerful.

Joey Clams: I have to admit, he's wonderful at scanning things. Quentin: Hey, I remember that I underestimated their power, too.

Jeff: My apologies to hear, Commander Codon, Henri Ennui and Quentin V. Vanderbilt because the one thing I can't stand is those old butt brained Danger Rangers. Joey Clams: Boss, Mr. Vanderbilt is his father.

Rusty: Capture the Junior Danger Rangers and take them to the world where you and your friend, Leroy came from. Jeff: It is, and I marked some locations on Keystone for you to hide the Junior Danger Brats.

Jeff: Capture every Junior Danger Ranger on the globe! While I make a new batch of Cyber-Bugs with Mother Black Widow's help.

Jeff: Alright, my Cyber-Bugs, those bolt heads took you out of this world, and now I'm going to bring you back, and I'll make sure you won't fail me this time! Bradley: Wow, Also, thanks for inviting us to this sleepover.

(Throws a bandana around Derek's mouth, so he can't speak) Jeff: Well, well, well, if it isn't the kids who made Zorn disappear.

Rusty: Now, let's take the Junior Danger Rangers to the world where Jeff and his friend Leroy came from. Jeff: I would like all of you to know that I have seen each of your kind in that world.

(In the real world, Leroy and Joyce are still sleeping and the TV set begins to static but neither of them notice. (Comes out of the television, converting from a 2D animated character into a CGI three-dimensional animated character, gaining the features a real raccoon has (such as five fingers on his hands) and bringing a bag) Okay, fellas, bring out the Junior Danger Rangers and put them in the bag.

(The rest of the villains carry out Rusty's instructions and come out of the television, converting from 2D animated characters into CGI three-dimensional animated characters and gaining the features each of their kind in the real world has.) Quentin: Call me a silly goose, but “Rocky and Bullwinkle” did it first.

Codon, Lobster Theodore, Joey Clams, Quentin, Henri, Buck, Knuckles, Lonnie and Jenkins: (Notice Leroy sleeping) Whoops. Jenkins: We've by mistake arrived in a room where someone is sleeping.

SAVE: Commander Codon, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Vanderbilt, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster and the two rats, Lonnie and Jenkins have kidnapped them! SAVE: Fortunately, the last known whereabouts are in the real world.

Kitty: The same boy who turned into a monkey once he entered ours? I saw them come in through the TV set's screen in the room where Leroy's asleep.

SAVE: However, I can't open the portal yet because Leroy is asleep. I heard what happened, and I want you to know that I'll stay put and cover for whoever goes.

(To the rest of the Danger Rangers) And as we all know, all the mammal members join all missions, not that I'm saying that the mammals are superior to every other animal, which saying so is wrong, even for me, but I recommend that any non-mammal member should elect to stay put and cover for us along with Fall bot. Sully: Well, it looks like the real world's going to be in for a surprise.

(In the real world, Leroy gets woke up by his music alarm clock that has the song, “Do Ya Thing” by Gorilla playing when it hits 6:00.) Gorilla off-screen: I'm a pale imitator of a boy in the sky, With a cap in his head and a knot in his tie, I'm the light in the mall when the power is gone, The shadow in the corner, just playing along, I'm only laying in my bed, I'm rolling aside, But if I get a car, a moment to ride, Because I know if I ever shared a living of you, You got a volunteer, and you don't know what to do.

(Turns off the alarm and notices the window the villains left open) Huh, that's funny. I could've sworn I had the window and curtains shut last night.

(Then, Squeaky jumps out of the television, converting from a 2D animated character into a CGI three-dimensional animated character and gaining realistic looks and the features a real mouse has (bigger front teeth in his mouth, whiskers, five fingers on his front paws, five toes on his hind paws, visible nails on each paw and paw pads on each paw) as his tail is then caught by Sully.) Burble: G.B., Fall bot, let everyone in our world know that the rest of us won't be here.

The three of them come to a collision course with Sully and Kitty onto the wall, and they all fall onto Leroy's bed.) Sully: (Jumps off Leroy's bed with the rest of the Rangers) Yeah, we're okay.

Squeaky: Hey, wait a minute, this doesn't look like Leroy's room. SAVE: Wow, Leroy, we didn't know you had a vacation home.

Burt: Hey, I remember this show and I loved the part when they fuse together to become a powerful dinosaur warrior. Sully: Fall bot wanted to stay put and cover for us and G.B.

Monsters have taken over Sully, Kitty and Burble's bodies! Leroy: Calm down, Squeaky, it's only that Sully, Kitty and Burble's teeth are different.

Leroy: Sully, sea lions in my world have tails between their hind flippers. Leroy: (To all the Danger Rangers) Calm down, guys, I've seen each of your kind in my world, and they have the features that you've never had before.

Joyce: Why is she calling my brother a little monkey when clearly he isn't? Squeaky: (Chuckles bashfully) It's a long story, ma'am.

Joyce: (Confused) Why would Jeff be getting revenge on you guys? Burble: (Puts a paw on Marcus's shoulder) Yeah, he and Leroy had a bit of a falling-out.

Leroy: (VO) ...while you guys were out, I was pulled into another dimension through the TV by that old friend of mine, Jeff. After I met my childhood heroes, the Danger Rangers, they asked me to help defeat Jeff, but I managed to escape and tried to find a way out of there.

Joyce: And since then, when I got home from having a little walk in the park, I thought you went with your friends down at the mini mart, so I had to get you back before anyone realized you were gone. Joyce: I was worried about you, I tried to call the police, but they wouldn't find you, I mean, I...

I mean I had searched for you everywhere and all this time you were in the Danger Rangers world! (She then puts her head on Kitty's chest and cries.

Kitty put her arms around Joyce, stroked her hair and comforted her.) Sully: Now, team, there's no time to waste, we have to get the Junior Danger Rangers out of Jeff's clutches and bring them back to our world.

SAVE: And recapture Codon, Rusty, Quentin, Henri, Buck, Lonnie and Jenkins as well. Angela: But first, Leroy, we'll have to introduce your childhood heroes to the rest of the family.

Burt: (Points to the TV) Check out that show. Uncle Grizzly on TV: You are welcome to “Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids,” a series of cautionary tales for lovers of squeak.

Kitty: (Sighs calmly) That's better, I really like that smart bear. Kitty: Oh, sorry, Burble, you're smart too, but I was talking about the bear on TV.

(Shows the Rangers a picture of Rocky holding flowers shirtless) Drew: (Annoyed) (Whispers) You know, this doesn't make up for the fact that you hit him with a paintball gun yesterday.

Drew: (Annoyed) (Whispers) I'm keeping an eye on you troublemakers. Leroy: Anyway, the Danger Rangers have come here to stop the villains that kidnapped the Junior Danger Rangers and came from their world to our world.

Turner: You mean Commander Codon, Lobster Theodore, Joey Clams, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Vanderbilt, Henri Ennui, Buck Huckster, Knuckles, Lonnie and Jenkins? Marcus: Well, Sully, Kitty, Burble, Squeaky, Burt, first off, we would like to introduce the family to all of you, this is my wife's brothers, Leroy and Joyce's Uncle Drew and Uncle Nick, Leroy and Joyce's Aunt Sarah and Aunt Harriet and Leroy and Joyce's cousins, Turner, Drew and Harriet's son and Brittany's brother, Tessa, Turner and Brittany's younger sister, Jerry, Nick and Sarah's son, twins Val and Chris, Jerry's younger brothers and Grammar Christie.

Sully: Well, first off, Leroy, Joyce, Turner, Tessa, Jerry, Val, Chris, you guys better come with us. Kitty: So we can use your help to search where those jerks went throughout Keystone.

(He brought out a draw that was filled with mind control plugs when a Cyber-Bug came to see him.) Cyber-Bug: Sir, some dude named Rocky told Leroy that he lied about many things.

(He laughs evilly as he presses a button on the draw to load a gun with the plugs, puts on a headset and wields a controller.) Jeff: Find Rocky and shoot him to make him a virtual zombie.

(TV static then appears as a news report comes on screen with some scenes from the first film.) News reporter off-screen: This breaking news just in, the evil identity by the name of Jeff Sheen was reported to be found destroyed after the Danger Rangers' biggest rescue of the century.

Chinese news reporter off-screen: , (Indian, CAI median DE Liang the DUI tang jungle Singh hooding, Huawei Annie lieu zhngjiùle Zheng Xingu, Dan me men Zhivago die FM rule Nazi) (Caption reads: “Today, a celebration was held at the town hall for the Danger Rangers as a thank-you gift for saving the entire planet but no one still knows where Jeff went.”) Interviewed lion: Well, I believe that the guy disappeared because he was too afraid of those spectacular and most inquiries Danger Rangers, that he performed a magic trick on himself and vanished.

News reporter: (Shows a picture of Jeff) The question of where Jeff is simply unanswered but the bigger question on everyone's mind is (Shows a picture of Leroy in his monkey form) who is this monkey? Yes, that is right, the monkey who was found on this security footage that was taken days ago.

(Cut to the makers of the show outside the set, which is in a studio.) I'm just calling to let you know that the rest of the Danger Rangers won't be here until further notice.

Cyber-Bug: It's almost finished, sir, but when it's done, it will have a cockpit for you and will have a function armory of weapons. I'll make sure either villain is successful in capturing the Danger Rangers too.

(He then laughs evilly as the song, “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana starts to play.) Nirvana off-screen: I've been drawn into your magnetic pit trap, I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black.

(They turn around to see a “Danger Rangers” poster on a Videophones window, they all went up to it.) Joey Clams: And it looks like they're coming out on (Reads) DVD.

(Meanwhile, Codon, along with Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams, was walking down the street when a police officer notices him.) Police Officer: (Thinks) One of those guys looks familiar.

(The gang turns around and see the “Danger Rangers” poster on the Videophones window, they all went up to it.) Sully: Looks like someone is giving us credit.

(They then saw other footprints each going in six separate ways (some individual, some more than one villain).) Kitty: You know, I have the strangest feeling that these footprints match where those jerks were.

News reporter: Today, security cam operators have just informed us that they have spotted talking animals hanging out at the Videophones window, one of them acting like maniac, insulting a poster. Kitty: That's correct, my friend, I used to work with him at Global Pol.

Jeff: Keep an eye on this ferret, he could be the guy who gave me the V.R. Jeff: (Smirks) Since you chose to go after Codon, I'll make sure he gets you, Danger Rangers.

(We then see Codon, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams walking in the street carrying a bag that has Bradley, Beth, Also and some other Junior Danger Rangers in it.) Codon: (Out of breath) Gee, I think I need to find a place to take a short break.

(Codon then turns his head and is then freaked out by a CGI man staring at him.) Joey Clams: Calm down, boss, it's just a billboard.

(The three villains, carrying the bag, then went to the indoor watermark to rest.) Gustav H on the screen: I miss you deeply as I write from the confines of my regrettable and preposterous incarceration.

Until I walk amongst you again as a free man, the Grand Budapest remains in your hands, as does its impeccable reputation. Take extra-special care of every little bitty bit of it as if I were watching over you like a hawk with a horse-whip in its talons, because I am.

Should I discover a lapse of any variety during my absence, I promise swift and merciless justice will descend upon you. A great and noble house has been placed under your protection.

Then there's a poem, but we might want to go ahead and start on the soup, since it's forty-six stanzas. Codon: Well, this looks like a good place to hide the Junior Danger Rangers.

(He turns off the car radio so that the Rangers and the kids could uncover their ears and sigh in relief.) Leroy: Yeah, he likes to listen to heavy metal music at 200% volume.

Lifeguard: (Blows his whistle) Attention, everyone, in about a few minutes, we will be closing the pool. Burble: Well, we better hurry the pool's going to close in a few minutes.

(They all then race to the pool operating room. Lifeguard: Your attention, please, the pool's water system is going wild at the moment.

(Shows the villains pictures of food made from octopus, lobsters and clams) Codon: (Scared) Aw man, I think I'm going to be sick.

Leroy: (Calling) Val, Chris, Tessa, the bag's on the bench by the pool! Val: Alright then, Tessa, I think I can see the bag.

(Just then, Sully got a call on his SAVE watch and when he answered it, Gabriela came onto the screen with a huge smile on her face.) Gabriela: (On Sully's SAVE watch) Danger Rangers, Fall bot and I made sure everyone in our world knew that you'll be gone.

Fall bot: Never heard of the trope, “Beware the Nice Ones,” did you? (Fall bot beats up Codon, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams off-screen.

Codon, Lobster Theodore and Joey Clams are then shown to be bruised.) Turner: Uh, guys, you might want to look at this.

(One of the Cyber-Bugs shoots a mind control plug at Rocky from behind.) Cyber-Bug: (Chuckles) (On his communicator) Sir, we've got this Rocky guy.

Jeff: (On the communicator) (Puts on his headset) Now, the fun begins. Rocky: (Repeating in a distorted voice) Testing.

(The song, “Zombie” by The Cranberries then starts to play.) Rocky: (Chuckles) (Repeating) I haven't seen you since our last fight, monkey boy.

Rocky: (Repeating) Yes, ever since the day you ruined my plan on taking over the entire world..., Jeff: ... I had to find a way to get revenge, so now, it's time.

(Jeff then controls Rocky to do a black flip into the air and land with a giant slam on the ground, Rocky then gets back up and goes into a fighting stance.) Turner: I think this Jeff guy's got him into a mind control thingamajig.

(Burble then kicked Rocky in the groin, sending him flying out of the water operating room door and out the window.) Jerry: Whoa, I didn't know he was strong, Leroy.

Leroy: You should have seen him fighting against The Brick, Burble was able to take him down in seconds. (The Cyber-Bug who shot Rocky shoots two more mind control plugs at Turner and Jerry from behind.

Then, the mind control plugs suddenly fly out of Turner and Jerry's necks.) (Shows Jerry the failed plugs) These things that turned Rocky into a zombie flew out for some reason.

Chris: Well, looks like these kids aren't waking up, they're still in deep sleep! Leroy: Second, this is my sister, Joyce and these are my cousins, Turner, Jerry, Val, Tessa and Chris.

Leroy: Alright, guys, let's go roast this bad dog! SAVE: Well, I was able to collect the data from Henri's footprints, so he should be going east.

Leroy: Well, all we need to do now is head east. SAVE: And it looks like he's heading for someplace called Ruby House Restaurant.

(Meanwhile, Jeff saw this on his video screen and slams his fist on his desk in anger.) Henri better not fail me like Codon did or else I'll get very mad.

(Meanwhile, Henri was carrying a bag filled with some Junior Danger Rangers while going east.) Henri: Were's gotta be place to hide is bag.

(Henri smiled and then made his way into the Ruby House Restaurant.) I'll head over to he spice factory after I find a place to hide is bag.

(Meanwhile, the Rangers and kids, along with the ferret, in Rocky's car, were hot on Henri's trail.) SAVE: However, Henri left the bagged Junior Danger Rangers at Ruby House Restaurant and is heading toward the spice factory to make a fascinating spice.

Sully: I got it, let's have a food fight at Ruby House Restaurant to make a fool out of him. Let us know when he's on his way back to Ruby House Restaurant.

Henri: I'll bring in this spice for the talent show and soon, I'll get rewarded by Jeff! Kitty: Mr. Ferret, you stay here and watch the rescued Junior Danger Rangers.

Sully: Quick, we need to take it before Henri shows up! Later, as they get something to eat with the bag hidden under the table, Jerry comes into the restaurant in the nick of time.

Sarah: (Stroking Harry's fur) Hi, Kitty, what happened? Harry: (Being stroked by Sarah) Yeah, it felt like I had a crazy dream.

Leroy: No, those things they shot at us, their mind control plugs. Turner: Like you said, Jerry, we're wired differently.

Sully: (Shocked) Rocky's a College geek dating a High School student? Val: Well, Mister Burble, what we learned is if their plugs don't work on kids or animals...

Squeaky: Oh my gosh, Burt's been separated from his shell! Kitty: Well, now you kid know what Burt's uniform looks like.

SAVE: Don't know, Burt, but I think there was some kind of glitch in the dimension travelling. Leroy: Good, don't wanna risk another fallen off shell.

(Then, they stop at a TV, VHS and DVD store, where one of the TVs is showing static.) Kitty: Come on, let's take a closer look and find out.

(The Rangers and the kids see Chili Dog and Snarf on the TV on their bikes with safety gear.) Chili: We heard it on the news broadcast, and it was obvious what it meant.

Squeaky: It's Lucky Curl, Timmy and Kate's cousins, KC and Noah, and a few others! Kitty: Well, we caught Codon, Henri and Rusty, so the next one to get is Quentin V. Vanderbilt.

Lance on TV: Activate interlock, Dana Forms connected, Infra cells up, Mega Thrusters are go! Jeff: I'm giving you an anti-gravity grenade and a pair of gravity boots.

(We cut to Quentin hiding out at a cruise ship museum, watching a tour group.) Tour guide: And over on your left, you will see the Titanic, this is the most famous cruise in history since its destruction by an iceberg on April 15, 1912.

Member of the tour group: Well, you know, that coffee kept on bugging my stomach and well, I just wished it stays dead. Sully: Okay, Jerry, Val, Chris, Burt, Burble, Kitty, Squeaky, you guys go in and try to catch him.

(Holds the fire extinguisher like a baseball bat) (When the grenade is smashed, the gravity returns and everything, including the humans and animals, falls to the ground.

Tessa screams while falling to the ground and her sock monkey lands in her lap.) Tour guide: (Sits up) Maybe you should cut down on the coffee, sir.

(Chris presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Rocky return to normal.) (Rocky is shown with a disgusted look on his face.

Chris presses the on/off switch to on, which makes Rocky stand still.) (The Rangers and the kids notice Brittany storming up to Rocky.

Security guard 2: He's doing alright, sir, he has been able to try out the features Security guard 1: (Chuckles) Hope he didn't touch the big red button.

Sully: (After hearing the intercom) Hey, that sounds like Steve Burns. Sully: Guess so, but we have to keep moving, who knows what trouble those guys are getting up to.

(He presses the top floor button and the elevator door closes before the security guard, who slams into the closed elevator door, could get them.) Kitty: Yeah, great job, Sully.

(Buck then sees Leroy and the kids trying to find him and Knuckles.) Buck: (Whispers) Don't worry about them, they'll never find us or the bag.

Buck: (Whispers) Ah, but this will be different, dear boy. (She shows Leroy a collection of “Limits Sendai Granger,” “J.A.K.Q.

(She shows Leroy and Joyce a DVD of “Los Locavores.”) Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVE watch) I ordered all of these action figures as well as this DVD just for you 'cause a few days ago was your birthday, little monkey.

Kitty: (On Leroy's SAVE watch) I'll order these four just for you, Joyce. Leroy: That's amazing but anyways, you have to get up here, we just found Buck and Knuckles.

(The Rangers and the boy turn their heads to see the security guard against before.) Security guard 1: I had to take the stairs 'cause some people were crowding up the elevator, so now that I got you, you're under arrest.

Security guard 1: (To the Rangers) Alright, fine, you're all off the hook! Sully: (Sighs in relief) Thanks for the help, young man.

Asian boy: Always there to help (Whispers) and sometimes the guards here can be very stupid. Sully: Yes, young man for protecting us from the security guard and getting us off the hook, you are officially a Junior Danger Ranger.

Security guard 1: You want to know what makes me angry? Security guard 1: Some stupid Asian kid who wouldn't get out out of the way told me that they're Danger Rangers.

Security guard 1: Well, I did let them off the hook, but I told the Asian dork that I got my eye on him. If those animals really were the Danger Rangers, then this is the first time I've seen someone from the TV world in our own.

(Meanwhile, the Rangers go up to see Leroy, Joyce and the cousins waiting near the music CD store.) Sully: Good news, the guard realized who we are.

Kitty: (Interested) I think those girls do have a great way of music. Leroy: (Notices) Oh, yeah, well, those are The Quadruplets, they are Uncle Nick's favorite band ever since he saw them doing their song, “Real Life” at Carol's last year.

Kitty: Well, I guess he made the right choice because they're wonderful at their music. Turner: Cool, well anyways, we have good news too, we were able to get the bag which Buck and Knuckles foolishly hid in a shopping cart without being noticed by them.

Leroy: Bad news is Buck and Knuckles are placing the Decibels CDs on the shelves. Sully: I'm still glad my favorite band learned the error of their ways the last time we defeated their bad manager.

Morley: I've heard the news broadcast that the rest of you Danger dudes won't be here until you caught all the bad guys that escaped to the place they're in right now and that you defeated this dude named Jeff and I talked to my gang, my new Facebook friend, Chancy Spill and his friend, Duncan about training your new teammate, Leroy, to see if he could beat him. Harry: Going good, but I'm still a little surprised over the news that the rest of the Danger Rangers won't be here until they complete their mission.

(Meanwhile, at Leroy's vacation home, Grammar was cleaning her dentures when the Cyber-Bug who shot Rocky looking through the window held his gun.) (After she rinses her mouth, the Cyber-Bug shoots a mind control plug at Grammar.

Meanwhile, Kitty and Burble prepare to throw Buck and Knuckles into the TV.) Security guard 2: I sure did, they just threw those two other weird animals into that TV.

Jeff: Lonnie, Jenkins, you two are left, find a place to get those Danger Rangers when they come near! Cyber-Bug: Your new and improved Zorn is ready for battle in case the Danger Rangers come here and is awaiting your control.

(The team agreed, went over to the bench and laid Brittany on it.) Brittany: (Excited) Wow, I just want to say I'm a huge fan of yours.

Brittany: And I just want to ask why are you all here in my world? Burble: Well, Brittany, we are on a hunt to get all of our villains, who escaped.

Kitty: Right now, we've caught Codon, Rusty Ringtail, Quentin V. Vanderbilt, Henri Ennui and Buck Huckster. So, all we need to get now are the two rats, Lonnie and Jenkins.

Joey: Hope you guys can save the day! News reporter: This just in, the Danger Rangers are here in Keystone, in the real world right now and if there's any connection to those talking animals hanging out at the Videophones window, including the one who was acting like maniac, insulting their poster, there can be no doubt that those talking animals were in fact the bad guys from the world where the Danger Rangers were too, if anything else, please contact the authorities at 999-001-5582.

Sully: (Notices) Looks like we have to hurry. (The team, along with Brittany, carrying Grammar, get into the car and drive back to Leroy's vacation home.

Brittany: (Picking up Grammar) I'll get her inside, wait here. Brittany: Okay, I put Grammar to bed, hopefully she won't remember any of this.

(He presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Grammar return to normal.) Lonnie: Jeff is going to be so proud of us when we hide the bag somewhere around here.

Worker 1: (Scared) Oh, we should've been at home watching “Twelve Forever!” Lonnie: (Chuckles) What a bunch of scaredy-cats.

(They got out of the car and made their way into the chemical plant. Leroy: Maybe everyone's out to get the new “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs” DVD.

(Then, Sully's SAVE watch started blinking.) Sully: Well, G.B., it's not only thanks to Leroy but also to his sister, Joyce and their cousins, Turner, Jerry, Tessa, Val, Chris and Brittany.

Leroy: We have to get to Power Palace and get them back! Explain to me why I keep blacking out, why I'm bleeding and why your grandma did a flying ninja kick on my face all the way here.

(The Danger Rangers and the kids then glare at Rocky, with Kitty hissing at him and Sully and Burble growling at him and Brittany became shocked and angered when she heard what Rocky said.) Brittany: (Walks up closer to Rocky) Don't talk about my family like that.

Kitty: So, I'm guessing Rocky only liked you for your looks. Sully: Well, anyways, we have to find a way to Power Palace.

SAVE: I can give the car the same speed as the hovercraft. SAVE: Well, according to my calculations, the palace you seek is located somewhere below the real world's Mount Rushmore.

Kitty: You mean this place has a Mount Rushmore too? Sully: Well, then let's go to the real world's Mount Rushmore so once we get there, we can give Jeff a piece of our minds.

Dr. Place: Hey, boss, someone has entered Power Palace. Dr. Place: I'm afraid another thing you don't know is that Jeff has his own plans.

Burble: I got an idea, you guys try and figure out a way to get the new feature to work and me and the kids will go rescue the Junior Danger Rangers. Sully: Great idea, Burble, you get to the cell room now, they're probably in there.

(The kids and Burble then get out of the car and race to the cell room.) Burt: Now, let's see how we're going to get this babe to work.

Cyber-Bug guard 2: For the last time, telling girls you saw Michael Jackson live doesn't make you more attractive! Cyber-Bug guard 1: Dude, all the ladies scream in rejoice when I say the word Michael Jackson is live.

(Meanwhile, the kids and Burble were on their way to the cell room when a bunch of Cyber-Bugs surround them.) Burble: Oh man, looks like we got company.

Burble: Don't know, Leroy, but I'm puzzled to why Jeff's cell room looks like this. Cyber-Bug 2: Yeah, we're going to make you into a true Cyber-Bug.

Leroy: You're right, we have to see if the Danger Rangers' giant robot is ready. Brittany: (Smiles) Told ya I could distract them.

(Cut to the other Danger Rangers, who have finished figuring out a way to get their new robot to work.) Burt: All right, guys, I think we need to control it together.

Kitty: And that means me, you, Sully, Burble, Squeaky and Leroy? Sully: Well, Burt said we need to control this robot together.

Burt: And that means me, Leroy, Sully, Kitty, Squeaky and Burble. Burble: Well, we did manage to find Jeff, who is waiting for us in Cyberspace.

Leroy: Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Joyce, Tessa, Val, Chris you guys keep guard make sure no Cyber-Bugs are coming. (Leroy and the Rangers then grab the VR headsets Burt created and slipped them on, entering the virtual world.

Leroy: Wow, this is like controlling a real regard! (The robot's eyes then begin to glow purple as it then runs off to defeat Jeff once and for all.

Robbie Williams off-screen: And through it all she offers me protection, A lot of love and affection, Whether I'm right or wrong, And down the waterfall, Wherever it may take me, I know that life won't break me, When I come to call, She won't forsake me. (The safety cannon is then opened fire as the blast hits Jeff's robot.

Kitty: (Removes the headset) Good news, Jeff is defeated. Sully: (Removes the headset) And it's all thanks to our giant robot and Leroy.

Leroy: What the people feared about virtual reality being a new form mind control is right and so was Fall bot deducting about what happened to Jeff. Jeff: That is true, I couldn't remember what happened after being put in Cyberspace.

(Turner holds the mind control plug gun and shoots the mind control plug into the back of Wiley's neck.) Jeff: You messed with the wrong Lawnmower Guy.

(Meanwhile, back at the vacation house, when a Cyber-Bug is about to get his knife at the netted Marcus, he begins to electrocute and Marcus punches his parts away as the car the team was driving in stopped at the vacation house.) Marcus: Well, I wasn't for a while until that weird robotic cyborg started to electrocute.

(Leroy, Joyce, Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Chris, Val and Tessa went to Marcus and released him from the net.) (At Ruby House Restaurant, some Cyber-Bugs electrocute and explode.

At the cruise ship museum, some more Cyber-Bugs electrocute and explode. SAVE: It looks like the Cyber-Bugs have all been destroyed.

Leroy: (Surprised) Yeah, the ferret was once a human too, and he's none other than Dr. Leonard Abel lo! Dr. Abel lo: (Smiles) Thank you, Jeff, being a normal ferret was way worse than when I watched “Level 16” for the first time.

Leroy: You see, after Dr. Abel lo's experiment, Jeff, was kidnapped by a horrible entrepreneur named Julian Wiley, who brainwashed him to become a monster. Dr. Abel lo: And because of Wiley's tricks, he cursed me into the body of a ferret, took over my work and brainwashed Jeff to create the Z-2.0, to connect all the computers in the world into one network, which Wiley would control and use.

Beth: (Shocked) I agree, he sounds very evil. Dr. Abel lo: Yes, I'm afraid that the world is not ready for the elixir of intelligence.

Sully: Well now, Joyce, Brittany, Turner, Jerry, Chris, Val and Tessa, we have a surprise for you. Kitty: Yep, for helping us save the day...

(Cut to the animated world, where Sully, who, along with the other Danger Rangers and the Junior Danger Rangers, went back, was holding Drew's photo. Kitty: (Holding a beautiful rose while smelling it) Oh, Leroy, this rose you got me from your great-great-great-grandpa's garden smells so precious, I'll have to put it in my vase.

Burble: Oh, the Junior Danger Rangers want to say goodbye too. Sully: G.B., put the Junior Danger Rangers on the screen, so they can say goodbye to Leroy.

News reporter: We interrupt this program to bring you a special news broadcast, I like many other news broadcasters have just been informed that the Danger Rangers have returned home after a long battle in the real world. Turner: (Looks at Drew) Dad, this has been the most magical lecture you ever planned.

Brittany: Well, it's hard to explain, Dad, but... he dumped me. Brittany: Well, he started to get a little overcooked when I told him that we were saving the world with the Danger Rangers, so he dumped me, insulted my family and went to Amy's.

Drew: (Angered) Oh, why that little punk, dumping my baby girl! Leroy: Not only that, Uncle Drew, he lied to you about his car breaking down and worst of all, about his age, he's a College geek.

Richardson: Your Grandpa House had noticed on the news that the Danger Rangers were here in the real world, so he called us, telling us to drop by and see them, but it looks like we were too late but at least we get to see you. Valencia: Some officers told us about the supermarket hold up, and they saw it all on TV.

SAVE: (VO) Leroy's Grandpa Jerry House is the real world counterpart of Team Leader Sully. SAVE: (VO) This guy, Kevin Michael Richardson, is the real world counterpart of Ranger Burble.

SAVE: (VO) This lady, Asia Valencia, is the real world counterpart of Ranger Gabriela. SAVE: (VO) This guy, Mark Hamill, is the real world counterpart of Ranger Burt.

SAVE: (VO) This guy, Rob Paulsen, is the real world counterpart of the little rodent, Ranger Squeaky. SAVE: (VO) And this other lady, Grey Demise, is the real world counterpart of Ranger Kitty.

(The family and the voice actors then went to go fishing as we then cut back to Florida, where the Danger Rangers were relaxing.) Gabriela: Harry told us after telling his former fellow construction workers he quitted them, they started arguing with each other while he just stood behind them, watching in disgust.

Gabriela: (Chuckles) Yep, he got really annoyed that he had to cover his ears and rush out the door. Sully: Well, good for him, but wait till you hear our story.

Burble: You should have seen it, we were fighting Cyber-Bugs, discovering Jeff's lair under Mount Rushmore and had a huge battle against him with giant robots! Gabriela: (Smiles) That's amazing, but we're just glad you guys are home.

(The Rangers get in a group hug as tears start forming in their eyes.) SAVE: Yep, I was able to create a 3D model of the robot the Rangers used to fight Jeff, now, we will be able to use it in this world whenever we need.

Fall bot: You know, I think we should give it a name. Danger Rangers: (In a soft tone while remaining in the group hug with tears in their eyes) Safety rules.

Fall bot: (Confused) Did anybody noticed Junior Danger Warrior can speak? Junior Danger Warrior: (In robotic voice) I was programmed to serve, protect and have more than 50000 languages.

Fall bot: (Smiles) Oh, well, I guess that makes sense. SAVE: (VO) Well, the Rangers and Leroy did have quite an adventure and so this brings another one of the Danger Rangers' biggest adventures yet to an end.

SAVE: (VO) But here's an add-on epilogue to keep you folks amused. (In the real world, Rocky rings the doorbell to Amy's house.

(Brittany presses the on/off switch to off, which makes Rocky return to normal.) Amy: (Strictly) Rocky, you're acting really weird.

Steve: Oh, well, that's an easy answer, (Chuckles) we had the day off for something! Larry: Yeah, they let us finish work early, so we can fix up something for ya.

Sully: How would you like to help on our song with your DJ skills? Sully: Harry, for helping us with our song and being a great director we are making you an official member of the Junior Danger Rangers.

Burble: A street, a pool, a dangerous tool or riding home on your bike. Sully: Danger Rangers, our team name, and teaching safety is our game.

(Cut to Harriet and Sarah dancing in the living room.) Squeaky: Danger Rangers, making the world a safer place to be, everything for folks like you and me.

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