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When the world knew him mostly as Harry Osborn, the son of The Green Goblin from the Toby Maguire Spider-Man series. In the video below Franco was giving an interview to MTV News when he was on the set of the mockumentary film Finishing the Game.

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Franco’s focus about the questions seemed a little slow and at times he looks confused, spacey and giggly. Maybe he was just method acting because he was just about to get ready to film Pineapple Express, where his character, Saul is the always stoned pot head.

Tracy Morgan is a comedian and actor best known for being on Saturday Night Live and playing a caricature of himself in the TV series 30 Rock. Tracy started raving about how he loved the ladies in El Paso and that “someone might get pregnant.” The news anchor and crew could barely keep their composure they were laughing so hard.

In January 2001, one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses of its classical era in the 1950s, Elizabeth Taylor, was a chosen presenter at the 58th Golden Globe Awards. She was in the middle of opening up the envelope before the host of the event, Dick Clark had to stop her.

She was definitely a little tipsy, but the whole scene was really cute as Elizabeth Taylor has been one of the most charming people to have ever worked in Hollywood. Johnny Depp, famous for playing the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, stepped up to the microphone to present the best documentary from that year.

Depp was pretty wasted as he slurred his way to the end of his time on stage, but he’s made Hollywood a couple billion dollars, so I doubt they care much. She was never afraid of spectacles, she married the 89-year-old business magnate billionaire J. Howard Marshall when she was just in her 20s.

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In 2004, during the American Music Awards, Anna Nicole Smith’s job was to introduce Kanye West right before he performed one of his early songs live. She appears to be on a wide host of substances, but she claims she was completely sober, just a bit sleep-deprived from being sick the night before.

In the following video rundown, we've collected footage of various celebrities who all seem to have thrown a few backs prior to stepping in front of the television camera. Mark Wahlberg can't stop flipping the red chair in this clip from The Graham Norton Show.

When Britney Spears got drunk during a Kevin Federline-filmed video? Diane Keaton talks about Tactic sex, Susan Saran don and a lot more while seemingly wasted in this clip from Ellen.

Emma Thompson may have been a bit sauced during her Golden Globes presentation of Best Screenplay. Emma Thompson, David Hasselhoff, Julia Roberts and Johnny Depp are just a few of the stars who have gotten drunk at award shows.

During the dinner, Kylie Jenner had one of her gloriously spontaneous musical moments, belting out an impromptu song about getting wasted on Don Julio 1942 tequila. As with Kylie's first “single,” “Rise and Shine,” celebrities are taking to social media with covers of Wasted and they're amazing.

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The reality star and makeup mogul sang the impromptu song after ordering a Don Julio 1942 tequila. By Kylie's own account, the drink was not her first of the night and, TBH, it showed in the glorious song that the moment inspired.

After ordering a “42 on the rocks and a ginger ale,” Kylie started living in her own personal musical, belting out, “Because I'm going to get wasted. And, like Kylie's first single, “Rise and Shine,” the Wasted moment has also inspired celebrity covers.

In the picture above, it appears that Loan drunkenly lost her balance and fell into some bushes outside the club. 15 Reasons Meghan Markle’s Transition Into the Royal Family Will Be No Fairy Tale 7.

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tv reality
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He Received Backlash for Coming Out After actor Anthony Rap accused Spacey of laying on top of him when he... Mary-Kate Olsen tries to talk about her new film, Beastly, (arguably our generation’s Citizen Kane) but she has trouble stringing together words.

My favorite part is when she takes a pregnant pause and says the word, “magicallllllll.” Michelle Tanner, where art thou? Here’s a video of Misc ha Barton behaving erratically and looking STONED AS He'll while she talks about fashion or Darwinism or whatever.

BuzzFeed’s Matt Charette made this Hilarious super cut of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards acting wasted during a cast trip to Hawaii. Even though Kim recently completed a 30-day treatment at some rehab, she claimed to be totally sober while filming the latest season.

The darkest point of the episode comes when Kim and her drug supplier boyfriend, Ken, have lunch on the patio of their hotel and proceed to talk gibberish. Of course, it took 2.5 seconds for Letterman to notice that she wasn’t sober, and he spent the rest of the interview having a gay of’ time screwing with her.

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Besides being unable to understand anything Kevin is saying, Spears also deviates into typical stoned behavior by talking about the possibility of time travel. Cars, trucks, limos and even tanks not only serve as ways to transport wrestlers to the ring, but also aid them in their destructive ends.

Harder than a padded mat, cars catch wrestlers as they’re slammed, thrown and beaten into its exterior. While many cars get destroyed by wrestlers in the WWE, there are plenty they drive in but wouldn’t dare put a scratch on.

After exchanging heated words, Big Show took out his anger on Roman Reigns during a match in London. For the first couple minutes, Big Show repeatedly flung Reigns into the side of a stationary Hackney Carriage.

Then, for the final act, he raised Reigns up by his throat and threw him down, making a huge indent in the roof (YouTube channel WWE). Eddie Guerrero wasted his own vehicle back in July 2003 during a Smackdown when he teamed up with Tahiti vs Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

In a major event billed as “Armageddon” on December 17, 2006, the Undertaker took on Mr. Kennedy in a brutal showdown that involved a Hearse. The rules stated that in order to come out the victor, someone had to throw the opponent on top of the vehicle and drive out of the arena.

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The Undertaker delivered a brutal Tombstone pile driver on the Hearse, which sent Mr. Kennedy packing (JR Wrestling). All Angle and those who were present could do was look on in amazement (YouTube channel The Fumble).

After countering Randy Norton’s RIO in the ring, Wade Barrett fled backstage. They eventually found their way into a garage with crew members fleeing the area.

That’s when Norton threw Barrett on the roof of a car and RIO’d him (YouTube channel Blazing Lion). The Undertaker even struggled to get his crushed bike out from under the semi-truck and looked for Hogan in a rage.

Stone Cold even chased Vince around backstage while on his ATV and drove it on top of The Boss’s black limo. One of the coolest ring entrances involving a car (outside all Eddie Guerrero’s) was John Cent’s at WrestleMania 23.

Rolling up in a black Mustang from outside of Ford Field was a memorable way to kick the match off. It was during his discord with Stone Cold Steve Austin though that Kurt Angle’s milk truck came into the picture.

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During one match in particular, Guerrero even took a break to kiss his blue low rider after getting kicked by Ultimo Dragon. Before Kurt Angle gave Stone Cold a taste of his own medicine, The Texas Rattlesnake rained on The Rock’s parade.

Ahmed Johnson Pearl River Plunged D’Lo Brown on top of a sedan in the middle of the street. Sporting a black paint job with a red stripe down the side, the jet is a sight to behold.

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