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He's a good friend of all the rangers, including Trent Malloy and Carlos Sandoval. CD is always able to put a smile on their faces... especially James Trieste.

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Personal history: Little is known about CD's past prior to becoming a TexasRanger. It is revealed that he served in the United States Army during the Korean War, and had a strong personality.

It is also revealed that he and Walker had been Rangers at the same time and at were one point partners. His service was so well known and respected he was inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame.

CD died of a heart attack in 2000, which was later revealed to be ricing poisoning by the criminal mastermind Local. CD's signature weapons are his two twelve-gauge shotguns and his .38 Smith and Wesson snub-nose revolver.

(1974), Aloha, Bobby and Rose (1975), Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York (1975), Fighting Mad (1976), Greased Lightning (1977), The Boys in Company C (1978), Norma Rae (1979), Fast Charlie... the Moonbeam Rider (1979), Breaker (1980), The Howling (1981), Harry's War (1981), Independence Day (1983), La Samba (1987), Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), the HBO film The Heist (1989), Blind Fury (1989), City Slickers (1991), The Last Boy Scout (1991), Pastime (1991), Article 99 (1992), The Distinguished Gentleman (1992), Of Mice and Men (1992), Fire In The Sky (1993), The Sucker Proxy (1994), Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold (1994), Up Close & Personal (1996), and The Corn dog Man (1999). His additional television credits include A Woman With A Past, The Children Nobody Wanted, The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory, and Unconquered.

In 2000, Willing ham was the Republican challenger in the northeast Texas 1st congressional district (Longview, Texarkana, Nacogdoches, Marshall, and Paris) against incumbent Democratic congressman Max Handling. Willing ham ran a hard-hitting campaign and attacked Handling for bringing Bill Clinton to the district and for voting for the Democratic agenda in Congress.

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Walker, TexasRanger is an American actioncrimetelevision series created by Leslie Graph and Paul Haggis. The show aired on CBS in the spring of 1993, with the first season consisting of three pilot episodes.

Eight full seasons followed with new episodes airing from April 21, 1993, to May 19, 2001, and reruns continuing on CBS until July 28, 2001. It has been broadcast in over 100 countries and spawned a 2005 television film entitled Trial By Fire.

The characters refrained from the use of drugs, and they participated in community service. Martial arts were displayed prominently as the primary tool of law enforcement and occasionally as a tool for Walker and company to reach out to the community.

The show is centered on Sergeant Cordell Walker (Norris), a Dallas–Fort Worth–based member of the Texas Rangers, a state-level bureau of investigation. Walker was raised by his paternal uncle, an American Indian named Ray Fire walker (Floyd Red Crow Westerman, pilot episode, Season 1; Apesanahkwat, Season 2).

The surname being, possibly, a nod to the 1986 Norris film, Fire walker. Cordell, prior to joining the Rangers, served in the Marines elite recon unit during the Vietnam War.

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Both Cordell and Uncle Ray shares the values characteristic of Wild West sheriffs. His partner and best friend is James “Jimmy” Trieste (Clarence Gil yard), a former Dallas Cowboys player, “Go Long Trieste”, who takes a more modern approach.

Walker's young partner grew up in Baltimore and used football as his ticket to college education. He was dropped from the team after he tore up his shoulder in a major game, which led to his career in the Rangers (often making references to watching the Lone Ranger and how C.D.

Trieste also works inside the office using computers and cellular phones to collate information of the people who have been taken into custody. Walker also works closely with (and shares a mutual attraction to) Alexandra “Alex” Cahill (Sheree J. Wilson), a Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney, who on occasion puts up a frown if Walker does not obtain results in time.

Parker (Gaillard Certain, pilot season; Noble Willing ham, Seasons 1–7), a veteran Ranger (later inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame) who worked with Walker (and is the only character on the show to address Walker by his first name Cordell on a regular basis) until retiring to operate a small restaurant and bar called CD's Bar and Grill”, a restaurant widely known in the series for its chili. In Season 7, two rookie Texas Rangers, Sydney Cooke (NIA Peoples), and Francis Gage (Judson Mills), are assigned under Walker and Trieste's command.

The series was well known during its run for its product placement deal with Chrysler, especially its Dodge division. After Walker used a GMC Sierra during the first season, he switched to the Dodge Ram (which at the start of the second season was completely redesigned for 1994), which would be advertised during commercial breaks.

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Coincidentally, the show ended just as Dodge was getting ready to redesign the Ram again for the 2002 model year. However, the 2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 was used in the movie Trial by Fire, driven by Walker.

He is a decorated Vietnam vet and a martial arts expert. Clarence Gil yard as Texas Ranger Sergeant James “Jimmy” Trieste, Walker's partner and best friend.

Alexandra “Alex” Cahill, whom Walker dates for a few seasons and finally marries. Noble Willing ham (Gaillard Certain, pilot) as retired Texas Ranger Captain C.D.

Black belt in Karate and runs both his own Dojo and Protection Agency. Mary Williams, a medical examiner in most of the murder cases that occurred on the show.

Frank Salted as White Eagle, the spiritual leader of the Cherokee reservation Walker grew up on. Rod Taylor as Gordon Cahill, the once-estranged father of Alex.

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James Drug as Texas Ranger Captain Tom Price. Terry Kaiser as Charlie Brooks, a clumsy and fast-talking informant for Walker and Trieste.

Robert Fuller as Ranger Wade Harper, a retired El Paso Texas Ranger who came on board to work for Walker and Trieste. “Average Joe” Queen an thoroughly roasted the series, particularly over targeting a wider audience than suited for its late-night time slot.

2008May 28, 2008July 31, 2008 The Complete 5th Season 25July 1, 2008October 21, 2008October 2, 2008 The Complete 6th Season 23January 13, 2009February 19, 2009March 5, 2009 The Complete 7th Season 25March 9, 2010 N/March 3, 2011 The Complete Final Season 24June 14, 2005 N/March 3, 2011 Walker, TexasRanger : Trial by Fire 1 N/January 2, 2007March 5, 2014 CBS broadcast the television film Walker, TexasRanger : Trial by Fire, produced by Paramount Network Television (now CBS Studios), on October 16, 2005. Chuck Norris, Sheree J. Wilson and Judson Mills reprised their roles, and Clarence Gil yard shot a cameo for the film but was not featured due to the filming's conflict with a long-planned family vacation.

To fill the void, Judson Mills, who was not in the original script, returned to reprise the role of Francis Gage. NIA Peoples, who played the role of Sydney Cooke for Seasons 7 and 8, was also not featured in Walker's return to prime-time television.

The explanation given was that producers decided not to follow much of the original WalkerTexasRanger series, as to give the film a fresh look. Even the show's original opening credits with the theme “Eyes of a Ranger performed by Chuck Norris, was absent from the TV movie.

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Although the return of WalkerTexasRanger did not garner the ratings CBS had hoped for, indications were that CBS was green-lighting future WalkerTexasRanger “movie of the week” projects. But as of spring 2006, both CBS and the Norris camp have been silent as to the future of the franchise, leaving many to wonder if it will return.

Trial by Fire ended with Sheree J. Wilson's character the victim of a courthouse shooting, leaving many viewers to believe that there would be a follow-up movie. When they announced their fall 2006 prime-time schedule, CBS said that they would no longer be producing “Sunday Night Movie of the Week” projects, which severely impaired any hopes of Walker's return to television in the foreseeable future.

On May 15, 2007, CBS announced its fall line-up, but this did not include the return of the “Sunday Night Movie of the Week.” In June 2018, cast members Clarence Gil yard and Sheree J. Wilson expressed interest in reprising their roles in a potential revival of the series, particularly to address the cliffhanger at the end of the post-series film.

A short-lived series, Sons of Thunder, featured recurring character Carlos Sandoval, who resigns from his post with the Dallas police and teams up with childhood friend Trent Malloy (a protégé of Walker's), to start a private investigation firm. In September 2019, it was announced that a reboot of the series titled Walker was in development at CBS Television Studios from writer Anna Cricket, with Texas native Jared Padlock attached to star.

Cricket and Padlock are also set to executive produce the project alongside Dan Lin and Lindsey Livermore from their production company Ride back, as well as Dan Spill of Industry Entertainment. Like the original, the reboot, in which Walker would get a female partner, will explore morality, family, and rediscovering our lost common ground.

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In March 2020, Jeff Pierre, Violet Bronson and Kale Cullen were cast as Trey Barnett, an Army medic and Mick's boyfriend and Stella and Carlo, Walker's teenage kids. The show has garnered a particular cult appreciation among Conan O'Brien fans, from one of his most popular segments called the WalkerTexasRanger Lever”.

He explained since NBC had recently purchased Universal, he could now show clips from WalkerTexasRanger without having to pay any money. The joke was that he would pull a giant red lever, causing a random and comically awkward scene to play.

Random scenes included Walker jumping out of a plane and punching a woman in the face, or being shot in the back while proposing, or Haley Joel Sent playing a boy who is first meeting the rest of Walker's friends, and suddenly interjects Walker told me I have AIDS “. Conan would go on to riff at the bizarre nature of the scene out of context.

He did this primarily on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, which prompted the show's star, Chuck Norris in character as Walker, to make a surprise guest appearance by acting out a skit in parody of the action scenes from Walker, TexasRanger. The series began with Cannon Television, but after Cannon folded, CBS assumed production responsibilities and is currently the full owner for this series.

“Tough Love: Norris Fans Board the Chuck Wagon”. Walker Marks a Year of Fighting Injustice on CBS : Television: Despite controversy over TV violence, Chuck Norris' action series beat the competition in its time slot and helps the network ensure its top spot”.

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“At Home on a New Range : CHUCK NORRIS: KARATE CHAMP TURNED SERIES STAR?” “Chuck Norris Plays Dirty In TV Debut”.

“STANDING IN PLACE FROM CHUCK NORRIS, ANOTHER MARTIAL ARTS BEAT-'EM-UP”. ' Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Starring Jared Padlock In the Works”.

' Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Starring Jared Padlock Lands At The CW”. “Jared Padlock's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Ordered to Series at The CW”.

' Daisy Jones & The Six' Casts Sam Chaplin; 'The 100's Lindsey Morgan Joins Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot”. “Keegan Allen Boards Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot at CW (EXCLUSIVE)”.

“Mitch Pile To Co-Star In The CW's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot”. “Molly Pagan To Co-Star In The CW's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot”.

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“Coby Bell To Co-Star In The CW's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot”. “Jeff Pierre Joins the CW's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot”.

“Violet Bronson & Kale Cullen Join the CW's Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot”. “The CW Sets Delayed Premiere Dates for Flash, Superman & Lois, Riverdale, Charmed, Bat woman and More”.

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