Candidates For Wayne State University Governor

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 31 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Gates is a consultant and operational architect for Insight Global with JANUS Research Group. Rodgers is a professor at Northwestern Michigan College and a columnist for the Traverse City Record Eagle.

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Live Media Group has partnered with the League of Women Voters of Michigan to provide candidate information and other voting resources to readers ahead of 2020 elections. Describe your qualifications and experience for the University Board and explain your reasons for running.

Garza Dewaelsche : I’m a life-long Detroiter and CEO of SER Metro-Detroit, a nonprofit workforce agency. I’m running because I’m worried about WSU’s future in this pandemic, the turmoil on the board, and recent loss of affiliation with DMC Children’s Hospital.

I’ve sat on many boards and commissions, and I bring commitment and 40+ years of administrative, education and workforce experience. As a retired Colonel in the Army Reserve, I know how to lead effective teams and treat people with dignity and respect.

I am trained to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions. I know how to work with all stakeholders, present recommendations, make compromises, and implement winning solutions.

Library Board, Chair Traverse City Human Rights Commission, etc. For almost 20 years, I served as the president and CEO of New Detroit, where I worked across the proverbial “aisle” in the private and public sectors to create a more equitable and just community.

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I am passionate about improving public education in Michigan, particularly at WayneState, where I am a proud, first-generation alumna. Garza Dewaelsche : Dissection on the board negatively impacts WSU’s reputation and progress.

The Board’s priority should be to support and guide WSU on surviving this global pandemic, developing virtual learning that works for all students, improving student retention, and ensuring a solid financial position. Gates: The two issues are keeping student and faculty safe from COIV-19 and providing a quality education using a hybrid teaching format.

Providing safe instruction means students and faculty must follow all the protective measures outlined by the CDC during and after classes. The classes must be challenging and teach the same content, so students receive a quality education.

Rodgers: Students: Restore hope/opportunities, mental health needs, school re-imagined via COVID-19, affordability, personal safety, alumni outside DET. More connected to WSU, Jubilee on debt, provide free internet & address other barriers, vets/disabled/BIPOC/LGBTQ & international students beget greater support.

Leadership: Wider participation/decision-making by all, challenging enrollment & funding issues more fully addressed, teacher needs higher priority. Staccato: I am deeply concerned about the skyrocketing costs of a college education.

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We must be proactive and think creatively about how to address tuition affordability at WayneState, particularly in this age of COVID-19, where state resources are strained and higher education support is more uncertain. We must ensure the value of a WayneState education and degree continues to grow, whether students are learning in the classroom, remotely or a mix of the two.

What recommendations would you propose to make university education more accessible to all Michigan’s residents? Garza Dewaelsche: Affordable tuition will improve access among low income families.

Stronger partnerships with workforce and nonprofit agencies will reach underserved communities i.e., long-term unemployed, returning citizens. WSU needs to address student retention and other barriers through enhanced wrap-around social and mental health services, housing, daycare, transportation, and remedial resources.

Faculty and staff need adequate tools, ongoing training and support to ensure they meet students where they are in this new virtual learning environment. Students MUST be a larger part of WSU’s creative process & decision-making.

Increase WSU connection to the community & entire state ; needs & resources. Take $ out of politics (including at the university level), no greed, no privatization, no union busting, no forgotten employees or students.

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Staccato: More than ever before, students and parents are questioning the cost of a higher education. While affordability is not the only factor affecting students' accessibility to higher education, I think it is the most significant one.

In addition, I support the review of the heavy value placed on the ACT and SAT as an effective measure of scholastic aptitude for college admission and success. I also believe new recruiting strategies should be developed to attract the best minds from all geographies and socio-economic backgrounds.

(Note : Due to an increase in mail-in voting, clerks are expecting delayed results, up to multiple days. Introducing DIV Insider : A new way for loyal Local 4 fans to gain access and customize your ClickOnDetroit news experience.

DIV Insiders will gain exclusive access to the Local 4 team and station, including personalized messages, offers and deals to big events, and an elevated voice in our news coverage. But despite strong challengers, Michigan voters should return MARK BERNSTEIN and SHAUNA RYDER RIGGS to the board.

Both incumbents supported the Go Blue Guarantee, a promise of free tuition to Michigan students with family incomes below $65,000 a year. Hubbard has won respect around the state from members of both parties for her political and policy pragmatism; Meyers, a longtime Dearborn resident, believes the university should invest in and promote its satellite campuses in that city and in Flint, noting that those schools are important tools for diversity and inclusion.

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As the university grappled with painful revelations about former sports medicine doctor Larry NASCAR, who sexually assaulted hundreds of young women during his tenure with U.S.A. Morally proposed reforms that change the way the university handles sexual assault complaints, and led the charge to oust former Gov.

John Angler, whose tenure as the school's interim president was dotted with missteps and serial insensitivity to NASCAR survivors. During the worst days of the NASCAR crisis, the board of trustees often seemed insular, concerned more with preserving the reputations and careers of longtime university allies than in promoting the transparency justice required.

Vassar, an assistant professor in Eastern Michigan University's College of Education, offers an objectivity those with more intimate ties to the school can't muster. She says the university must improve its outreach to Michigan's native communities, Black populations and working-class white towns alike.

For more than a year, the bitter contention among members of WayneStateUniversity's Board of Governors has been higher education's worst-kept secret. Staccato is an experienced civic leader who excels in conducting difficult conversations with grace, and that's exactly what this board needs.

A first-generation college graduate, Staccato is focused on ensuring that WayneState not only admits first-generation students but offers the support they need to complete their degrees. Dewaelsche has served on the WayneStateUniversity Alumni Board of Directors, and has been an active participant in the university community.

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She supports the school's promise of free tuition to Detroit students, but believes the university should do more to ensure entering freshmen can meet its entrance requirements. Staccato and Dewaelsche were also thrilled today to receive the heartiest of endorsements from Richard Leon, Immediate Past President and CEO, The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB), the country’s premier membership organization that strengthens higher education governing boards and the strategic roles they serve within their institutions.

“ … Their behavior has attracted the scrutiny of the university’s major accrediting agency and drawn criticism from higher education experts, including the immediate past president of the Association of Governing Boards. “ WayneStateUniversity cannot continue to be led by a divided board, particularly with members who don’t respect the boundaries of their governance role and have inappropriately inserted themselves into the university’s administrative functions.

Perhaps more than any other time in the history of the university, Michigan Democrats need to pay very close attention to the candidates we nominate to serve on the board of this venerable institution. The endorsement letter was signed by Michael Infuser, Denise Lewis, Annette Miller, Eugene Driver, Paul Macaron, Gary Pollard and Kim Trent.

With Michigan state term limit laws preventing her from running for Secretary of State for a third term, Land announced in February 2009 that she was forming an exploratory committee to run for Governor of Michigan in 2010. Four months later, Land bowed out of the race and threw her support behind Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard.

Graduated from Granville High School Bachelor's degree, Hope College in political science In 2000, Land ran unsuccessfully for a position on the Michigan State Board of Education.

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I will only support trade agreements that put Michigan businesses and workers on a level playing field with other countries. Obamacare regulations and taxes have discouraged health care innovation.

Small businesses are even scaling back plans to hire more workers to avoid the penalty for having more than 50 employees. Some employers have reduced employees’ hours and have been forced to drop insurance plans.

Accessed April 29, 2014 Federal Election Commission, “Terri Lynn Land April Quarterly,” accessed April 29, 2014 Federal Election Commission, “July Quarterly,” accessed October 15, 2014 Roll Call, “Two Senate Candidates Put Up $1 Million or More for 2014,” October 28, 2013 “Live”,”Profile: Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land is in the driver's seat”, February 20, 2009 “Live”,”GOP Senate hopeful Terri Lynn Landmarks Obamacare anniversary, reiterates call for repeal”, March 23, 2010 “Politico”,”Senate battle in Michigan: Whiskey and sled rides”, accessed August 22, 2014 “Associated Press”,”Land opposes proposed min.

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