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Check out this amazing limited time opportunity for Jamal Wildlife Lodge Click to learn more A reminder that anyone who has been in a designated COVID-19 affected area within 14 days of their intended arrival date will be required have their visit deferred.

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Book here Visit our Adventure Land playground, for children aged 2-12 to explore and play on. Hand feed a tiger, lion, bear and Hyena for an unforgettable experience.

Learn more All Encounters Hand feed a giraffe and pat a rhino for an unforgettable experience. Monies raised from animal encounters and Jamal Wildlife Lodge help support a number of local and overseas conservation initiatives and charities.

Learn more The National Zoo and Aquarium is proud to be associated with Perfect Pets Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected.

The National Zoo and Aquarium is privately owned by Canberra businessman Richard Tyndale, and is maintained as a predominantly family-run business. The zoo receives no Government or Commonwealth support and relies on entry fees from the public to continue operations.

The zoo also relies on many volunteer recruits to aid in the management of its grounds and the animals residing there. Other mammals include rhinos, brown bears, sun bears, zebras, giraffes, common eland, maned wolf, black buck, Barbary sheep, wapiti, fallow deer, alpaca, markets, black-capped Capuchin, seaman, common marmoset, pygmy marmoset, cotton top tamarin, black-and-white ruffed lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs, black-and-white colobus, squirrel monkey, De Brazil's monkey, red pandas, and Oriental small-clawed otters.

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Birds at the zoo include little penguins and peafowl, musk Lorient, bush stone-curlew, tawny frog mouth, satin bowerbird, golden pheasant, Java sparrow, plum-headed parakeet, noisy pitta, mandarin duck, whistling duck, black swan, helmeted guinea fowl, Cape Barren goose and Egyptian goose. 11 large high-technology fish tanks built for World Expo 88 at Brisbane were also incorporated into the structure utilizing a biological filter bank of a type never before used in Australia.

Sadly the venture was never fully completed as envisaged and did not attract the wildly optimistic “up to 8000 visitors per day”. The construction company suffered severe cash flow problems and in August 1990 was forced to put the Aquarium on the market.

The Aquarium continued trading under the Price Waterhouse receiver-manager who struggled to keep the business viable, incurring heavy weekly losses, and a bank deadline to find a buyer threatening its closure and a sell-off the assets. In March 1992, after reported losses of investors of more than $12 m a prominent district Frazier and businessman, Rod Han stein purchased the property.

During this period, the new operator added several outdoor exhibits that consisted mainly of native wildlife. The overall theme of the facility changed in an attempt to meet the demands of a large Asian inbound tourist market into the ACT and offered an “Australian” experience that incorporated the wildlife park aspects as well as other activities such as fly-fishing in the trout ponds, sheep shearing and boomerang throwing demonstrations.

It was modified to house a variety of animals over the next few years, including Snow Leopards, Sun Bears and Tigers. In 1999 the first significant enclosure was completed to house 3 Brown Bears that had to be re-homed after living for years in a private collection.

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By 2001 the wildlife park was in full swing, at one stage having 14 new exhibits under construction that, when completed, would house more big cats, additional native animals, a variety of primate species as well as large ungulates such as zebra, antelope and giraffe. The upper levels of the Aquarium building (the restaurant & function area) were restructured to incorporate an onsite residence and a donut-shaped shark tank.

In 2004 the NSA won the Canberra Region Adventure Tourism award for the Adventure Tour. In December 2014 the zoo opened its new development of onsite overnight accommodation, Jamal Wildlife Lodge.

Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. National Zoo & Aquarium | VisitCanberraPlease note, while restrictions put in place to respond to COVID-19 are easing, there may be some changes to business-as-usual to keep workers and visitors safe.

Our family of three (parents and five-year-old) had a great day at the zoo and aquarium. We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the zoo and range of animals.

Find nearby festivals, exhibitions, performances, markets and more. Whether you’re after family-friendly restaurants, cozy local cafés or fine dining, there’s something nearby to suit you.

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Duration: 15 Minutes (approx.) Developed for students with a keen interest in animals, Junior zookeepers learn about enclosure design; animal enrichment & wellbeing; animal training & conditioning; breeding & conservation; the preparation of appropriate diets; and the cleanup after feeding! The Junior Zoo Keeper program runs February to November and comprises seven 3-hour sessions and two special events.

The Junior Zoo Keeper programs builds upon the knowledge from previous sessions to gain an in-depth view of animal husbandry, the role of a Zoo Keeper and the wider impacts of conservation work occurring in the world. With two special events included in the year’s membership, Junior zookeepers have the chance to make a difference with our Conservation Celebration Days, and get the opportunity to see the zoo as night falls during our evening retreats.

Feeling the vibrations of a big cat’s roar as it races to devour breakfast. Free entry for an extra adult (or child) on our Conservation Celebration day.

Held in July, our Conservation Celebration day invites family and friends to the zoo to share in their children's’ newfound knowledge. Junior zookeepers run stalls, present talks or create enrichment for their family & friends to enjoy with the animals.

Time changes apply for the Conservation Celebration Day and the Night Out and are listed on the itinerary. There are three individually designed five-star accommodation precincts; Shaka Lodge, Giraffe Treehouses and Jungle Bungalows, each with their own unique wildlife experience.

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All suites feature bespoke African furniture, fit-out and artifacts, lavish king beds, climate control, complimentary wireless internet, music system with MP3 input, Foxtel television and premium amenities. A beautiful seven room lodges with a stunning lounge and dining area, pool, spa and tropical gardens.

Four Park Package includes one time entry to Cairns ZOOM, Rain forestation, Wildlife Habitat and Australian Butterfly Sanctuary. Capra Group Annual Pass includes unlimited entry to Cairns ZOOM, Rain forestation, Wildlife Habitat and Australian Butterfly Sanctuary for a whole year.

In this month’s edition, we have the latest NASA NSW 12-month comp standings, reports … Read More Volume 24 Issue 4 – November 2020 + Welcome to the November 2020 Newsletter. The nearby Sky Safari cable car transports you to the zoo.

Tonga Zoo is Australia's leading zoological park, featuring a comprehensive collection of both native and exotic species. A round-trip ride on the cable car is included in the zoo's general admissions ticket.

As you zigzag your way along the paths among the animal enclosures, you are able to enjoy magnificent harbor views. You'll be constantly surprised as you turn a corner and catch a different vista of the horizon.

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Then, when you reach the bottom you can catch the Zoo Sky Safari chair lift to take you to the top again and begin your downhill trek along a different path. For a small fee, with the assistance of the rangers, you can enter the enclosures of some animals on display and have your picture taken by a professional.

The Sky Safari cable car ride, which takes visitors from the wharf to the entrance of the zoo's plaza, provides spectacular views of Sydney harbor. Some of the zoo's residents have their own rocky penthouse views of the harbor and Sydney Opera House.

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