Can War Lead To Peace

James Smith
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Would J Street still find no moral distinction between the terrorist bombs of Hamas and Israel's long-delayed response to defend its citizens? Israel, it seems to me, has decided that if it can 't eliminate the terrorists' desire to murder Jews, the least it can do is significantly reduce their growing capacity to do so.

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In a recent editorial, David Horowitz, editor of the Jerusalem Post, touched on one: “Operation Defensive Shield, carried out in the spring of 2002, was a carefully planned and effectively executed attack on the Palestinians' suicide-bomb infrastructure in the West Bank that remade the reality in the years ever since -- precisely the kind of goal enunciated for Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.” The new reality that Horowitz refers to is that terror from the West Bank stopped because the enemy realized there was no way it could win a war against Israel.

Robert J. Lieder, a professor of government and international affairs at Georgetown University, took it one step further in the Washington Post : “Egypt and Jordan have made peace with Israel, not because they embraced the ideas of Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, but because they concluded that the effort to destroy the Jewish state had failed and that refusing to come to terms with it was harmful to their national interests.

Kelly appealed to my intellect, but my viscera still couldn't shake the potential horror of Hamas rockets igniting a nuclear meltdown in the heart of Israel. I have this vision of Hamas terrorists gleefully cracking open a fresh crate of new missiles just arrived from Iran with the capacity to kill several thousand Jews at a time, and doing high-fives in anticipation of using them.

But this should give you an idea of the unlimited faith I have in Hamas' callous disregard for human life, whether Jewish or Palestinian. From a PR standpoint, Israel is fortunate that the war in Gaza was started not by right-wing tough guys but by centrist leaders who have exerted enormous effort over the years to achieve peace.

The only thing that's certain is that as long as next door neighbors like Hamas pose a terrorist threat to Israel, you can forget about peace -- no matter what camp you're in. War is a state of conflict between different societies or countries.

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The World War 1 and 2 have already caused huge irrecoverable damage. There are many alternative ways such as negotiating to terms which are reasonable for both the countries and hence resolving the problem.

We might be divided by religion, sex, color and the boundaries between our countries, but we all belong to the human race. They have proved that wars cause major suffering and in fact, the only reason that World War I ended was that most of the countries involved were exhausted and fed up, and begged their leaders for a ceasefire to be called.

After World War 2, an organization called United Nations was established. The UN works to prevent conflict; helping parties in conflict make peace and creating the conditions to allow peace to hold and flourish.

Most of the countries are in possession of these weapons of mass destruction. Hence, the war in this generation does not bring peace but in turn, causes more violence and despair.

When war destroys tyrannical and aggressive governments, it does indeed promote peace. War is hell, but freedom is worth the price.

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When Hitler invaded Austria and Poland, everyone stood by and did nothing. Only when he encroached into France did the rest of the powers stand up and fight.

Because the use of war literally forces one individual to die if not in support. War is not the solution to a problem, But at times situations are such that it is the only option left to opt.

When war is against terrorism, Brutality, Aggressive powers, It makes sense to fight against it. When compassion and consideration gives a message of weakness, War would be an option to devastate wrong people from the system and create a better tomorrow.

In order for peace to win, War will need to take place. Looking at the world wars and observing them how people suffer and die, this not why the humanity was created, it was created to see all the people equal as brothers not some crazy people fighting for something which can't be gained. Do not think, start to observe and realize.

In fact, peace seems to be the last thing we're ever going to achieve. There are a lot more ways to settle things other than war.

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War does not create peace, it ends innocent peoples lives and destroys humanities hope. Looking at the world wars and observing them how people suffer and die, this not why the humanity was created, it was created to see all the people equal as brothers not some crazy people fighting for something which can't be gained. Do not think, start to observe and realize.

Often, after a war, there is still a group that survives from the previous ruler. They will try to get sufficient forces and convince people to their side so that they can rebel and get what they want.

If Prime Minister Abby’s federal troops win the war, it could open the way for a more peaceful development in the region, writes Donald Bottom. The declaration came after a number of massacres, carried out by OLF-SHENE, which is a small faction within the Promo Liberation Front, loyal to the TPL.

Today, as the war enters its third week, government forces have taken control of all important places and cities. At the time of writing (November 24), only the provincial capital of Moselle, with half a million inhabitants, remains under the power of TPL.

Since the federal government forces have taken over the other cities of the province, it is more than likely that Depression is trying to maintain failing morale than anything else. During its retreat, the TPL has blown up bridges and dug up roads to block the advance of the federal forces, but without success.

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What can be noted, however, is that the TPL separatists’ military successes have not been materialized and that they are being pushed back on all fronts. Initially, the form the outset popular Ethiopian Prime Minister Abby Ahmed had lost much of his support among many groups in the country due to recent events.

Despite this, the TPL conducted unilateral elections in the province of Ti gray, which was immediately declared illegal by the Ethiopian government. The Ethiopian government responded by tightening the budget for Ti gray and replaced the national currency with a new.

Of course, people, could be redeemed against the new currency to its value if a satisfactory explanation was given for how the money was acquired, knowing it could not always be done: the TPL management is dragged with accusations that they have privately enriched themselves from the national the budget. On November 22, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia gave a speech to the Ethiopian nation where he announced another deadline of 72 hours in the war. After that, there will be no mercy,” said Ethiopian military spokesman Defense Legates, something critics said could be seen as a violation of international law.

The dream of a Greater Ti gray When the TPL lost the grip of the government in April 2018, they withdrew to their province in the north with a significant portion of the country’s economic and military assets. The Eritrean civilian population had reluctantly to retrieve their weapons and national service remained unlimited.

It was only during the war against Ethiopia’s then-President Dentist, that the TPL in 1986 was persuaded by the Eritrean ELF movement to abandon plans for its own separate state and become ” All Ethiopian” and march against the capital Addis Ababa, as they did in cooperation with the Eritrean Liberation Movement ELF, where they took power in 1991. Over the years, the TPL has received widespread criticism for its ethnic chauvinist policies, which have divided the country and led many to fear a ” Yugoslavia situation”.

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Diplomats in Addis Ababa notes that the issue of ethnicity is number one on the agenda today. The dream of Greater Ti gray and ethnic provincial nationalism remained alive within TPL.

The TPL leadership, who were so-called Albanian communists, paradoxically had the support of the United States during their years in power and thought they could expand their province into a kind of” internal imperialism” without reactions or protests. When Ethiopia a few years ago was on the brink of ethnic, political collapse with widespread riots, economic bankruptcy and demonstrations against the TPL regime, the United States, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates intervened, and in cooperation with Eritrea and Abby Ahmed staged a plan in which the TPL regime lost power after 27 years.

On 14 November, TPL fired missiles at Ethiopia and Eritrea in an attempt to make the conflict international, which did not succeed either. If the Central Government of Ethiopia can take control of the province of Ti gray, Eritrea will get rid of its biggest threat and will be the big winner.

If Abby Ahmed and the federal forces take control of Ti gray, as it looks at the time of writing, the region could have a peace that has not been possible since 1990. The major threat to the central government in Addis Ababa and Eritrea so far has been the TPL’s plans for a Greater Ti gray, which includes territories from both countries.

If they succeed in that feat, the possibility for the remaining TPL fighters to retake the province and bring to life the dream of a Greater Ti gray will diminish. Another scenario, however, is that even if half of TPL’s fighters are eliminated, the rest will remain well-armed and retreat into the mountains and continue the conflict that could create a Libyan development that ends with an Ethiopian turning into a de facto failed state.

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During the war in 1998-2000, TPL exploited the children of other ethnic groups as soldiers in a major offensive against Eritrea. In this geopolitical game, therefore, some believe that the ethnic separatists in the TPL’s leadership should be supported, so as not to risk weakening the Eritrean opposition.

Others say that by supporting the Ethiopian government’s law enforcement campaign against the warlords in Ti gray, it is creating the possibility of stability in the region that has not existed for decades and which, turn, could force reforms in Eritrea when there no longer exists an external enemy to blame. In any case, it is certain that the ongoing military operation in Ti gray will not resolve all the underlying contradictions that exist in Ethiopia.

And soon Ethiopia will have to face Sudan and Egypt in the conflict regarding the giant reservoir project Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (HERD / Machine), which will be filled within the next decade.

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