Can Walkers Wear Running Shoes

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By Reviewed by Michele Stanton Updated on July 28, 2021 It's true that runners have different needs compared to fitness walkers, and so there are running shoes that won't work well for walking.

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Comfort shoes are highly cushioned to relieve stress from standing, and they may be inflexible and heavy. Even when comparing fitness walking shoes with running shoes, the running shoe models incorporate more of the latest developments for cushioning, motion control, and support.

For example, there are many new materials that provide shock absorption with lighter weight. You may find that built into running shoes but not in walking shoes from the same company.

Flexibility : You should be able to bend and flex the shoe in the forefoot. But if they are so flexible that you can bend them in half with ease, as is the case with minimalist or barefoot shoes, they may not provide enough structure and support for longer walks.

Many running shoes, and especially trail running shoes, have a flared heel for stability for runners who land on the arch or ball of their foot. By learning how to select good walking shoes you can compare both running shoes and walking shoes to find the model that fits your foot the best.

You will see many running shoes selected as good models for fitness walking, using the principles outlined. Cushioned shoes : If you walk long distances or on hard surfaces and experience a lot of leg fatigue, you may need shoes with more cushioning.

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Some models use lighter materials and so the shoes may not be heavy. S hoes are used to secure and protect our feet from injuries when walking or running.

Some special shoes that are designed with high-quality leather that allows fresh air to circulate within the feet keeping them dry and free of unpleasant smells. The shoes are made of more flexible materials so that they can flex easily at their breaking points.

The natural flexing is crucial to ensure that the feet are not subjected to unnecessary pressure when one is running. Most running shoes have very low heels that help the runners have a sound footing on the ground while running.

Running shoes have heels that are flared so that runners can land on the ground with maximum stability. However, a significant number of running shoes have little or no flares, and this attribute makes most of them suitable for use as walking shoes.

In addition to that, the perfect fit ensures that friction is reduced between the backs of the feet and the shoes. The cushion is essential because it protects the feet from injuries when someone is running over rough terrain.

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They may seem similar but in reality, running and walking are very different activities and require their own specialized footwear. Walkers land on their heel and the weight then rolls through the ball to the toe.

Also, when you're walking there are points where both of your feet are on the ground at the same time, dividing your weight. Walking shoes should not have a big difference in height between the heel and toes.

Running makes your feet hotter and running shoes have often mesh to allow for breathability. Many brands make walking shoes, and there is a wide range of styles and fits to cater to nearly any personal preference.

There isn't usually a separate section for walking shoes, which leaves you to linger by the running area, wondering if that pair of jogging-specific sneakers is going to feel OK on your walking-specific feet. POPULAR asked Victor Ordeals, director of brand management and shoe expert at the running store chain Fleet Feet, to clear things up for us.

The variation mostly has to do with the way the shoe hugs the top of your foot (rather than the makeup of the sole). Walking shoes “tend to be stiff to provide balance and stability,” Victor told POPULAR, while running shoes have greater flexibility in the midsole.

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You're more likely to see reflective accents, brighter colors, and newer technology used in running shoes. Here are our best tips and tricks, from tracking mileage to checking the shoe's flexibility.

And when you're ready to hit the road, track, or treadmill with that fresh pair, here's a seven-day walking workout plan to get you started. LeventKonuk/Editorial RF/Getty Images Walkers need shoes that flex in the forefoot, and they do not need as much heavy cushioning as is often found in comfort shoes or cushioned running shoes.

But many New Balance running shoe designs are excellent for training and walking longer distances such as the 10K, half-marathon, and marathon. You will also benefit from these designs if you use the run/walk technique for races and charity runs.

New Balance uses a variety of different lasts for its running and walking shoes. The lasts differ in heel width, toe box width, toe box depth, and instep height. New Balance provides a chart of their shoe lasts, so you can check which models may be best for your feet.

Most athletic shoes produced by other companies are manufactured overseas, but New Balance has five manufacturing plants in Maine and Massachusetts and a commitment to purchase materials from domestic suppliers. They label their shoe models “Made in the USA” when the domestic value is at least 70 percent.

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They produce over 4 million pairs of shoes each year that carry this label. Often this will be listed in shoe features, and you should look for a heel drop of 8 millimeters or fewer.

A slightly undercut heel is best, but hard to find on running shoes. Fit : A big advantage of New Balance is that they have a full range of models and widths, and you should be able to find the perfect shoe for your gait and foot shape.

The staff of those stores can give you a good assessment and fitting. Stability shoes : These are designed for people who need more support, and they are more durable.

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Running shoes tend to be flashier than walking shoes in design and color. On the downside, running shoes tend to have thicker soles than walking shoes.

And that stability is equally important when you roll your foot forward and push off with your toe. But go to a store where a knowledgeable salesperson can assist you in selecting a brand and style.

If you're a racewalker, you will have to search until you find a walking shoe that is flexible enough to meet the demands of your sport. Believe me, it can make a world of difference in the quality and fit of the shoe you take home.

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It compresses on long walks, but springs back after a day of rest. Some shoes have dual-density EVA, which simply means that the material has two different compression rates.

Heel-strike This is the point where your heel makes contact with the ground if you're using proper walking technique. You need to consider heel-strike when selecting a shoe, because your heel takes a pounding with each step--and that may happen thousands of times when you're out walking.

Look for a shoe that provides stability, with a slightly beveled heel and plenty of cushioning. Medial support Sounds fancy, but don't let the term confuse you.

Overproduction This means that your ankle rolls inward when you're walking, which puts way too much pressure on your arch and nearby ligaments and tissues. Over time, overproduction can lead to heel pain and other problems.

Without a sock liner, you would feel stitching or little lumps of glue when you walk. Their feet take a lot of abuse, so if they want to run for long, they need really great-fitting shoes.

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