Can Walkers Talk Now

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• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
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In between growls, the walkers were clearly asking questions like “Where are they?” The zombies said “Where are they?”, “They must be close” and “Don’t let them get away.” It was a little tough to understand because the words were hidden among growls and said at a whisper level. It will be interesting to hear Eugene and Rosa report back to Alexandria about what happened.

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Of course, if it hadn’t been for Eugene making some calculated mistakes, they wouldn’t have heard this at all. The walkers were approaching as a herd when Eugene was up in the water tower.

He probably should have just stayed up there until they passed, rather than trying to climb down the long ladder superfast and injuring his knee, and then endangering Rosa’s life too. NEXT, a few clues you might have noticed from today’s episode without spoiling exactly what’s happening.

There have been other times on the show when walkers appeared to act differently and viewers weren’t sure how to take it. In Season 3, Episode 12, called “Clear,” Morgan tells Rick something about hearing walkers talking to him.

Scott Simple later said that he didn’t even know about Kirkman’s plan for the comics yet when this line was delivered. His take on walkers diverged quite a bit from the comics, and he made them smarter than the source material.

The short answer is no, walker scan ’t talk in The Walking Dead universe, and they haven’t suddenly gotten stronger. In fact, these aren’t zombies at all, but a different scenario entirely called The Whisperers.

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During the preview for the next few episodes of the show, there’s a point where you can distinctly hear the walkers talking if you listen closely. Since the show has diverged dramatically from the comics, it’s very possible that things will be done slightly differently this time around.

In the scene right after the growling, Aaron and Jesus are watching the walkers and talking about how they’re starting to act differently. There have been other times on the show when walkers appeared to act differently and viewers weren’t sure how to take it.

In Season 3, Episode 12, called “Clear,” Morgan tells Rick something about hearing walkers talking to him. Scott Simple later said that he didn’t even know about Kirkman’s plan for the comics yet when this line was delivered.

But it’s possible that it will be reconned to fit into the current storyline, or we’ll just continue assuming that Morgan was crazy at that point in time (which he was.) Examples frequently brought up are from Season One, when the walkers seemed a lot of smart.

His take on walkers diverged quite a bit from the comics, and he made them smarter than the source material. Robert Kirkman tried to provide his own explanation four years ago on a Reddit AMA, when he said: “Older zombies are less together and capable or doing things like that.

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Unbeknownst to his family, Rick doesn't perish after blowing up the much-discussed bridge connecting the established communities that's infested with walkers. His wounded body is tossed into the river and washes ashore downstream, where Janis spots him and convinces the mysterious helicopter people to take him to safety.

Since apparently being blown off a bridge causes Rick to not give an f×ck about his family anymore, we're to believe he stays away and will never be seen on the TV series again. The end of “What Comes After” shows a family broken by the “death” of their leader before flashing forward a number of years (yes, again) to introduce us to a new face with a familiar name.

In one scene, Daryl, Aaron, and Jesus observe a horde of walkers “just milling around” in a field, noting that they've never seen them do that before. Since Rick's exit from the AMC series, The Walking Dead has undergone a six year time-jump during which many things have changed.

Machine has grown more cautious and perhaps a bit paranoid in her role as Alexandria's head of security, Carol has married Ezekiel and become the Kingdom's “Queen”, and Daryl has completely isolated himself, living in the woods alone. The fate of Hilltop remains a mystery, but Lauren Cohan also left the series following last week's episode, so at the very least, someone besides Maggie must now be in charge.

They are also perhaps the most anticipated villains since Began, and the buzz surrounding their arrival has been building ever since the major roles of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Beta (Ryan Hurst) were cast. They mask their distinctly alive smell by wearing the skins of the walkers they kill, cleaning and tanning them like leather, so they won't catch diseases.

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They make a point of only speaking in whispers when near the walkers (hence the name) and move at the same slow, lumbering pace, which further helps them to go unnoticed by the dead. The Whisperers are people who have regressed to a more primitive state, abandoning their humanity in order to survive in this harsh world ruled by the dead.

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As the aforementioned 12-word phrase hisses forth from the passing army of the dead, it's hard not to wonder how Eugene and Rosa didn't die immediately from fright. Their stunned silence speaks volumes, both for the characters who inhabit the Walking Dead universe, and fans who have watched from a comfortable distance for several years.

The longer answer is ahead, and contains comic book spoilers, so proceed with the same level of caution you would exercise around this guy. In Robert Kirkman and Charlie Ad lard's Walking Dead comic book series, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the gang eventually stumble upon a new group of opponents known as The Whisperers.

The Whisperers are responsible for the most vicious attack on the group since the arrival of Began (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), one that even rivals the war with the Saviors in terms of barbaric brutality. Suffice it to say, there are two characters still actively involved in the Walking Dead TV series who do not survive the opening act of the so-called Whisperer War, a notion that's even more devastating to consider given the characterization of these individuals in the new time-jumped status quo.

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Through all the five seasons of Game of Thrones we had never seen a White Walker talking. For example, they may be able to reach countertops and get burned or poisoned by things they pull down, drown by falling into a pool, bathtub, or toilet, or simply hurt their fingers and toes if they get pinched.

Although they haven't been successful, the American Academy of Pediatrics is urging the U.S. government to do the same. Instead, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been promoting new safety standards for baby walkers that are supposed to lead to fewer injuries, especially from falls. After the mandatory federal safety standard was implemented in 2010 the annual number of walker-related injuries decreased by 22.7 percent.

But that still meant that 2,000 children were injured per year, with more than 90 percent getting an injury to the head or neck, including skull fracture or concussion. (2001) AA 7-month-old who died after her necklace got caught on her baby walker, and she became strangled.

(2003) An 11-month-old who died after he stood up in his baby walker and pulled a heavy chair back on top of him, hitting his head and snapping his head backward and causing the walker to flip over. (2004) A 10-month-old who died after pulling on an electrical cord which then pulled a slow cooker filled with hot water and cooking beans on top of him, causing deep scalding burns on 38% of his body.

(2007) A 12-month-old who died after she ingested some glass etching cream (a strong acid) that had fallen onto the tray of her baby walker. (2008) A 12-month-old who died after falling his baby walker tipped over into the family's backyard swimming pool, submerging his head and causing him to drown.

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An 8-month-old who developed a subdural hematoma after falling and hitting her head (2013) A 15-month-old who developed a femur fracture after her leg got caught on something (2013) An 8-month-old who burned her thigh after pulling her mother's hot tea onto herself (2013) An 8-month-old who suffered a head injury after falling down at least 14 steps (2013) A 12-month-old who suffered a skull fracture after his baby walker flipped over (2013) An 8-month-old who suffered burns on her face, arms, and thighs after a pan of grease that her mother was carrying spilled on her (2014) Baby walkers lead to more than 2,000 emergency room visits per year despite the newer safety standards.

New walkers that meet the voluntary Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMA) standards (1997), including being too wide to fit through a standard doorway, or having features, such as a gripping mechanism, to stop the walker at the edge of a step, are safer than older ones, but they are still a possible source of injuries for children. These standards help to make sure that mobile baby walkers are lead-free, won't tip over, and are made to prevent infants from falling out of the leg openings, etc.

In their vote on whether to ban baby walkers, the CPC stated that only one-third of injuries were 'more severe' than simple mild injuries and that was 'similar to that of other commonly used juvenile products, such as cribs, playpens, high chairs, and changing tables.' A mobile baby walker isn't necessary and is easily replaced with a stationary activity center.

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