Can Walkers Drown

Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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They are now made wider, so they cannot fit through most doors, or they have brakes to stop them at the edge of a step. They still have wheels, so children can still move fast and reach higher.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on the manufacture and sale of baby walkers with wheels. Last Updated 9/17/2018 Source Adapted from Baby Walkers : What You Need to Know (Copyright © 2008 American Academy of Pediatrics) The information contained on this Website should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician.

There may be variations in treatment that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances. Fish and amphibians on the other hand are born with gills (instead of lungs) which allow them to extract oxygen directly from the water.

This difference plays a huge role in determining how fish, amphibians and marine mammals breathe. In fact just as it’s possible for a whale to drown underwater it's possible for fish to suffocate above the surface of the water because most gills are not designed for breathing air.

Because whales have lived in the ocean for millions of years they have adapted their lungs, vital organs and body to allow them to be more efficient swimmer and divers than most land mammals. As for why their blowhole is located on top of their head, it is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation that was designed to make breathing more efficient and effortless.

Over the course of evolution the whales nostrils were moved from the front of its head to the top and the air passage and esophagus is separated to make hunting and breathing easier. Having a separate hole for breathing and eating helps ensure that the whale doesn’t accidentally take in water while hunting for and swallowing its food.

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In addition to holding their breath for extended periods of time whales are able to extract significantly more oxygen from the air than land animals which helps these marine mammals fill their lungs and bloodstream with clean high quality oxygen ultimately increasing the quality of each breath and allowing the whale to stay submerged for longer periods of time. Due to the fact that these marine mammals are always surrounded by water they are always conscious of their breathing and oxygen requirements.

Baby walkers are unsafe and are a leading cause of injury in children under the age of four (2). The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has also called for a ban on baby walkers with wheels (3).

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPC), most walker-related injuries happen when a baby in a walker moves to the edge of the staircase and falls (4). Moving at such incredible speeds is overwhelming for a baby and can result in the loss of balance.

A study has found that 82% of falls from a baby walker lead to a head injury in the infant (5). The head is extra delicate in babies due to their soft skull bones and developing brain.

Any grievous injury can cause a lasting impact on the baby’s life. Medical experts state that a baby on a walker can have access to upper shelves from where they may pull down large items that can fall on their heads.

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The easy accessibility increases the risk of the baby getting access to poisonous substances, hot food items, and also places like the swimming pool or the bathtub where they can fall, choke, and even drown. Parents can do little during an untoward incident since things happen quickly with barely any time to react.

An infant will stand up and start cruising (walk with support) once their legs are ready, irrespective of whether they use a walker or not. This causes a miss on practicing important, repetitive movements needed for them to reach their walking milestones.

This tightens their leg muscles and interferes with normal walking development. A baby doesn’t balance in a walker, delaying their learning of this important skill.

Being in a walker also means less time on hands and knees in a crawling or pre-crawling position. Play yards or playpens and stationary activity centers are safer alternatives to a baby walker and are known to boost a baby’s physical development without causing any risks.

Stationary activity centers are like walkers with no wheels and can be used for a few hours every day (7). At the end of the Massacre at Hard home in the 5th season of Game of Thrones, the army of the dead stood on the shores watching as Jon Snow and the survivors very slowly rowed away.

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Any effective assault against a boat by an attack force that is in the water, swimming, is pretty implausible. The strongest swimmer would struggle to catch even a leisurely paced boat, and the army is without projectiles.

One thing that should be mentioned: if white walkers /Whigs can easily swim or even perhaps build boats in time, then what's the point of THE WALL in the first place? It is unlikely that first man & children & giants pulled such enormous physical and magical effort, without occurring to anyone that undead can swim or build boats.

Perhaps magic that allows White Walkers life (or whatever that is called in their case) is either dispelled under lot of water, or they are too heavy to swim due to no air in lungs. In this case they would be able to walk on sea bottom if water pressure is not too much.

Plus any survivor seeing such scene of tens of thousands simply rising with light blue eyes is surely more devastating for the living south of the wall when they hear about what happened, than catching few more survivors. Walkers are not mindless zombies, quite opposite as we know, and won't perform rushing or foolish attack because of hate or bloodlust.

We see Night King actually savoring the moment of showing horror and supremacy, and since he is self-conscious and intelligent, that might not be just his ego at work but also attempt at psychological warfare. It is harder for them to attack south of the Wall by swimming and then landing on shore, but there is too many of them, they can attack by night, simply makes no sense that Wall would be built if they can swim or mind-control the weights into boat building.

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It seems to me that they simply because White Walker and their army of Wight had no chance of swimming and reaching the boats. One more thing to consider, white walkers are very less in count (2-3), they mostly rely on Wights for this task.

It is not funny when you’re hearing everyday loud walking upstairs all the time and to make matters worse when this is happening at night. These footsteps can be frightening and even sometimes make you feel the ceiling is going to fall on you.

Well, there are a couple of approaches from my experience that can be used to put the situation under control. Tempers can flare at if you approach your neighbor at the wrong time.

Even though your upstairs neighbor might unknowingly or knowingly be disturbing you, if they feel like you are attacking them, it might not be a peaceful talk. It took disaster(gas explosion) in my neighborhood to be and my next neighbor to become very good friends.

If not, some lousy management won’t believe the upstairs neighbor is actually disturbing you. If after you have spoken to them and maybe let the apartment manager or landlord know about their noisy behavior.

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However, if it is during the day, and you think they might be busy with something, it might be worth it to wait for them to finish. Sometimes, some noise is unavoidable like repairing things or the kids trying to play in the room.

You can't ask your neighbor to stop their workout completely, but they can minimize how much they are making while doing so. The same way you can't say the upstairs neighbor’s kids or their dog shouldn’t play.

Learn to tolerate some amount of noise from both upstairs and downstairs neighbors. So if your upstairs neighbor floor is hardwood, tiles or concrete.

So that when they are walking or when something drops, it won’t cause too much impact to the ground. This is because nobody wants to be told that they need to change their lifestyle or how their apartment is looking to make the other neighbor comfortable.

Still on this one, you can even offer to get them the color that they will like and show them a couple of designs to choose from if you want. White noise machines are effective at masking sound, but they are a temporary solution.

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White noise devices are available in the market in different forms for a variety of different uses, This includes audio testing, sound masking, sleep air, and power napping. If you feel the loud footsteps from upstairs neighbors are disturbing your sleep, then put on a white noise machine anytime you want to sleep to drown out the noise from the upstairs neighbors.

You can use them to listen to music or any sound that will make you feel comfortable. You don’t have control over the noise your neighbor chooses to make at night.

The ceiling is actually one of the most difficult places to soundproof in a room. You can use acoustic foam panels for the ceiling in your room to help dampen the impact sounds coming from the upstairs neighbors.

These foam panels are designed in a way that they absorb the sound and then convert it into heat energy and dissipate it. There are many soundproofing techniques for the ceiling you can implement in your apartment, condo or flat to reduce the impact of the noise.

But if after following all the steps above you still feel you have a real big noise problem that is unbearable. So before you rush to get a new place, try and do your due diligence to ensure there the management actual takes noise making issues very serious in your new apartment.

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This way, you know you can have some level of peace to enjoy your space just like everybody else. I know how it feels like to live in an apartment and to have both noisy upstairs and downstairs neighbors.

If you are really thinking about your Loud Walking Upstairs Neighbor What to Do, then I am sure if you implement these steps above, you will be a step closer to dealing with your upstairs neighbor constantly walking on your ceiling. But if you bring them to the awareness, they will probably find ways to reduce their impact on the floor.

I personally do not like to put the earphone on my ears while asleep because of the electrical signals. The other way of dealing with upstairs neighbors stomping at night is to get soundproofing ceiling materials for your apartment.

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