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• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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The co-creator of The Walking Dead has clarified why a cure for the zombie apocalypse will never be introduced into the show’s plot. Speaking about the potential plot point over the weekend at Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego, Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman gave his reasons for why it’s highly unlikely that a cure for the zombie apocalypse will ever be introduced into the show.

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There are also a number of steps a person can take to lessen the impact of sleepwalking. There is no known way to absolutely prevent sleepwalking; however, certain steps can be taken to minimize one's risk.

Avoid any kind of stimulation (auditory or visual) prior to bedtime. Keep a safe sleeping environment, free of harmful or sharp objects.

Medications may be necessary if the sleepwalker is at risk of injury, if sleepwalking causes significant family disruption or excessive daytime sleepiness, and when other treatment options have not worked. Drugs can often be discontinued after several weeks without recurrence of sleepwalking.

Occasionally, sleepwalking increases briefly after discontinuing the medication. Relaxation techniques, mental imagery, and anticipatory awakenings are the preferred treatment options for long-term treatment of people with a sleepwalking disorder.

Anticipatory awakenings consist of waking the child or person approximately 15-20 minutes before the usual time of a sleepwalking episode, and then keeping them awake through the time during which the episodes usually occur. Relaxation and mental imagery techniques are most effective when done with the help of an experienced behavioral therapist or hypnotist.

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Follow-up with your sleep disorders specialist if symptoms persist, or if injury to self or to others occurs. Although disruptive and frightening in the short term, sleepwalking is not usually a serious disorder.

WebMD Medical ReferenceReviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD on January 23, 2021 Wake-Up Tips 11 ways to make the morning easier.

You have to remember that CORPS is not like lightning that strikes unlucky, healthy people. CORPS affects those who, for whatever reason, have unhealthy nervous systems, and/or unlucky genetics.

I call this “The perfect storm.” While it is possible to compensate for your genetics, this does mean that you will have to live more carefully than most. I have had many patients, after completing their treatment, suffer injuries or undergo surgeries, with no ill effects.

CORPS attacks weak spots in the nervous system if it is unable to self-limit the inflammatory cycle. During the “fight or flight” response, a chemical released by the adrenal glands called norepinephrine causes the body to temporarily “borrow” blood supply from, among other, the skin, the GI tract, and small nerves.

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When the perceived threat or stress has passed, healthy bodies can reverse this. However, the bodies of patients who suffer from CORPS have difficulty to reverse this process.

In my experience, the bodies of CORPS patients can be supported and guided to once again obtain balance between the two autonomic states called the parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) and sympathetic (“fight or flight”) states. In order to do this, the Central Nervous System must be supported to heal, as discussed in my earlier blog.

The “myth of remission” generally consists of the belief that once cured, ” patients will have no pain, ever. Rather than thinking in absolutes, or black and white, you must envision life after CORPS as consisting of more of a gray scale.

The patient must understand that, while their pain levels may be drastically decreased and even gone altogether, they still inhabit a body in which the perfect storm once came together to ultimately result in CORPS. You make decisions going forward that will help to support a body that was once so stressed, that it allowed CORPS to develop.

Remission essentially is a process by which you regain trust in your own body’s ability to heal from within. Ideally, it involves a basic understanding of why/how you got sick in the first place, so that you feel more in control of your future health, rather than a sitting duck.

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Living in fear means that anything can “get” you, at any time, like a predator stalking you in the bushes. Special care must be taken during times of great stress, such as the death of a loved one, illnesses, or injuries.

During a monsoon, you need to be extra diligent, or your roof may leak and ultimately collapse. In my experience, when patients fantasize about what healing will look like, it generally resembles a smooth road without many obstacles in which everyone lives happily ever after.

For this reason, I thought it would be valuable to share the characteristics of healing that I have observed over time. While healing can be extremely rewarding, exciting, and fun, it also involves incredibly hard work.

Besides the initial work when researching treatments, as well as the practical problems you will have to sort out (financing, lodging, etc. While you may soon feel like a butterfly emerging out of a cocoon, ready to spread your wings, your nervous system more resembles a newborn fawn, vulnerable and shaky at first as it acclimates.

For this reason, I caution patients during the early stages to do only 25% of what they feel capable of doing. It also helps to enter the process of healing with the mindset that you are a willing, active participant, ready to bring whatever it takes to the table.

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Each function and metabolic process in your body requires a predetermined amount of energy. This may leave every other body part and function now lacking the energy to be performed optimally.

Using the same reasoning, the nervous system will always focus most of its energy on the injury that threatens your survival the most. Conversely, as the main sight affected by CORPS begins to heal, you may feel pain somewhere new as your body is cycling through old injuries as it now has the energy freed up which allows it to shift focus.

You cannot get better unless your nervous system is made aware of every malfunctioning area or body part. People who suffer from daily chronic intense pain will develop what I refer to as a “pain callous.” This is a protective mechanism used by the brain that prevents a massive daily leak of energy as discussed above.

For this reason, your brain is forced to start ignoring pain to a large extent. The minute your brain unleashes your inner healing, your body will return to a state where it experiences pain the same way normal people do.

This means that when the pain does come back, even though it won’t be worse, you will perceive it as more intense. Coupled with this phenomenon is the fact that no matter how many times I tell my patients that ups and downs are to be expected, and that the pain won’t disappear for good after one treatment (except for a very lucky few), a part of them will still be crushed by disappointment when they have a bad day.

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When you picture being healthy again, I bet you never expect that feeling better may be petrifying at times. In addition, if you have suffered from CORPS for a year or longer, you typically have been forced to change your circumstances in order to adapt.

If you share children with a partner, they may have gotten used to being a single parent essentially, and making all decisions on their own. While this may be a burden, it may also be hard to give back some power they have grown accustomed to.

Getting better may leave you feeling a little like Rip Van Winkle, waking up to a changed world. If you have ever observed a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, you will know that this change has to happen very slowly.

Luckily, most people will adapt after a few months and embrace life with a gratitude that can only come from literally having been to hell and back. Charcot's foot can make walking difficult or impossible, and in severe cases can require amputation.

Incur, one of the nation's leading surgeons who treat Charcot foot, describes the device in the journal Hospital Practice. The device, called a circular external fixation, is a rigid frame made of stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum.

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The fixation “has been demonstrated to achieve a high potential for enhanced clinical outcomes with a minimal risk for treatment-associated morbidity,” Pinter wrote. Chart foot typically occurs following a minor injury, such as a sprain or stress fracture.

Traditional surgical techniques, in which bones are held in place by internal plates and screws, don't work with a subset of obese Charcot patients. Their bones, already weakened by complications of Charcot foot, could collapse under the patient's heavy weight.

A 2007 study by Pinter, published in Foot & Ankle International, demonstrated the benefits of the external fixation. Incur followed 26 obese, diabetic Charcot foot patients who had an average body mass index of 38.3.

After surgery to correct the deformity, the foot bones were held in place by the external fixation. A year or more later, 24 of the 26 patients (92 percent) had no ulcers or bone infections and were able to walk without braces, wearing commercially available shoes designed for diabetics.

Incur is a professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation at Loyola University Chicago Stretch School of Medicine.

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