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Depending on what type of injury you have, a tall boot walker may be more beneficial compared to a short cam walker. The air feature is extremely important for post-surgery patients because it is necessary to reduce swelling, pain, and improve the healing time of the injury.

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With this feature, you can control the level and amount of air that is pumped into the boot to support the foot. These cam walkers are easily removed and taken off, which makes it convenient to shower and isn’t permanently on your foot.

Cam walkers usually allow you to walk even with the most intensive injuries, they are meant to completely stabilize the leg, restricting any movement in the foot. Another benefit is that these boots position and fix your ankle at 90 degrees, which can be especially helpful when healing.

When buying a cam walker, make sure that it completely fits your ankle. Never buy an oversized or undersized boot because it could cause future harm to the injury.

When putting on the air cam walker, slowly place your foot into the boot. It helps to make sure that it is placed correctly before positioning the Velcro straps.

In addition, never pull the straps too tight that it cuts out blood circulation. The Even up is the easy way to “even up” leg length from your hip to the sole of your foot, making walking with a shoe safe and pain free.

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Pairing a sock liner underneath your cam walking boot is advised for many reasons. These socks can help prevent the foot from getting dry during different weather conditions.

Also, medical sock liners can help promote circulation in the foot and prevent any rubbing that would occur from the boot. Compared to other retail stores such as CVS, Walmart, or Walmart, Traceability’s sock liners can be paired with any of our cam walkers, whether short, tall, air or non-air, these liners fit perfectly with each.

Sock liners not only encourage adequate blood circulation but helps ward off against infections that could occur from these boots. A CAM walker boot allows you to walk even after a severe foot or ankle injury.

The process helps maintain the realignment of a bone over an extended period of time. These adjustable orthopedic boots act like foot braces and are used for immobilization of the injured part.

‘CAM Walker is the brand name of fracture boots produced by Aimed. They are recommended for various medical conditions like stress fractures, tissue injuries, plantar fasciitis, diabetic foot pain, etc.

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Stress fractures of the foot are common among military recruits, athletes who participate in high-impact sports, and others who suddenly increase their level of physical activity. Cigarette smoking, a high body mass index, and menopause (as it leads to low bone density in women) are some main contributing factors for ankle fractures.

The patient can inflate the air bladder until he feels the effect of compression. They come with a rigid plastic cover that encloses the leg and foot, and ensures maximum protection.

Although they don’t have inflatable bladder, they provide required support for all parts, leg, ankle, and foot. One can decide whether to buy a foam-padded or Air cast walking brace depending upon the nature of the injury.

Different ROM (Range of Motion) These boots are ideal when the ankle needs to be fixed at a certain angle. The health cares professional can remove the layers one by one as required and can adjust the height of the wedge during the recovery process.

Basically, these boots are designed with user-friendly features to increase the comfort level of the patient significantly. Since the boot is kind of a medical equipment, the patient should clearly understand the nature, extent, and severity of his/her problem.

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The boots are usually prescribed for sprains, fractures, diabetic ulcers, Achilles tendon injuries, and surgeries. As the foot bears the weight of your body, it is essential to take proper care during the recovery process, after a lower extremity injury.

After a few days, when the foot is capable of bearing some weight, he/she can move around with the boot. Moreover, the height of the boot wedge or the range of motion of the ankle should not be adjusted by the patient.

The physician would do this after observing the nature of the injury and the progress during the recovery process. While fastening the hook and loop of the outer frame, see to it that it’s not too tight, otherwise it can hamper blood circulation.

If you are allowed to move around, the injured foot should be put forward first, while walking. In case of any pain, redness, bruising, or blistering, you should contact your physician immediately.

You can hand-wash the liner in cold water with mild detergent, and you can wipe the outer cast with wet cloth or tissue. Replacement liners for CAM walker medical boots are available in the market.

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These medical boots not only speed up the healing process, but they also allow you to walk before complete recovery. Like other rehabilitation products, they improve the overall functional ability of the patient, and lower the burden on professional caregivers.

Treatment for ankle fractures and other lower extremity injuries can involve the use of special braces. The “cam walker design is a lower extremity boot that provides support, protection and immobilization of the ankle after injury or surgery.

If you have a prescription for a Cam walker brace, you should have a clear understanding of the type and extent of your problem. These medical devices have been widely used for treatment of sprains, fractures, diabetic ulcers and Achilles tendon injuries/surgeries.

Similarly, the boot shouldn't be so big that it protrudes significantly beyond your toes, or you risk stubbing your foot or falling. The straps should be sung enough to prevent slippage on the boot, but not so tight as to restrict circulation or be uncomfortable.

If you are using assistive devices such as crutches, the “bad foot forward” concept works equally well here. Tips Make sure you have a clean sock or wrap underneath the brace for protection and comfort.

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Make sure your heel is always seated completely to the back of the foot portion of the brace for optimal fit. Controlled Ankle Motion (CAM) walker boots and shoes are sometimes advised for plantar fasciitis sufferers depending on the severity of the condition.

People who have suffered a major plantar fascia tear, rupture or had surgery, may be advised to wear a CAM walker boot during the initial stages of recovery. If you have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for a prolonged period of several months or more, then you are now into the chronic stages of the condition and may need some assistance in your recovery process.

If you have found that even after diligently following a plantar fascia recovery routine involving rest, massaging and stretching, you are not seeing improvement or the condition has got worse, then you may need to consider alternatives. Compression socks, night splints and orthotic aids such as insoles are probably worth trying before investing in a walker boot.

If you have suffered a plantar fascia major tear or rupture, then you will almost definitely need to use a walker boot to prevent further damage and allow recovery to take place. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may also be required to walk with crutches to prevent putting weight onto the boot in the initial stages of recovery.

Read our article on Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Aids Sometimes Crutches are Required as well as a Walking Boor There are several kinds of walker boot and the type of injury you are dealing with will determine which boot is best suited to your needs.

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The most common type of walker boot is one that is made up of a foam insert and protective outer casing that is adjusted with Velcro straps to fit your leg. These walker boots look very much like the standard walker boot but have air pockets built within them to provide further stability and support.

These air filled boots are highly effective for injuries where movement of the foot or ankle needs to be restricted as much as possible. If you have been prescribed the use of a walker boot by your medically trained practitioner, then they will also advise you on how long, and often you need to be wearing the boot.

If you are deciding to try a walker boot as part of your own home remedy strategy, then it is probably advisable to wear the boot as often as you feel able. Again, if you are wearing the boot under the recommendation of a medically trained advisor, then you will no doubt be given a guide to the length of time they expect it to be worn.

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