Can Wacom Intuos Connect To Ipad

James Smith
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Wacom’s drawing tablets are the industry-leading accessories for digital artists and creative professionals everywhere. Newly released this year is the Waco One, an entry-level pen display for those who aren’t yet ready (or don’t have the budget) for the Into line.

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Because it’s priced very close to the popular WacomIntuos Pro Medium, choosing between the two is interesting and more difficult. Model Waco One Intros Pro Medium (PTH660) Price Check Precheck Price Type Pen Display Pen Tablet Active Area 13.38.7 x 5.8 Resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels/a dimension 8.9 x 14.1 x 0.68.5 x 13.2 x 0.3 Weight 2.2 lb1.54 lb Pen Pressure Levels 40968192 Pen Tilt Angle 60 degrees60 degrees Pen Resolution 2540 lpi5080 LPI Replacement Nibs 36 standard, 4 felt Stand Built-in 19-degree legsDesktop pen stand Expressways None8 Software Bamboo Paperclip Studio Paint (6 months free)Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Premiere Rush CC (2 months free)Adobe Fresco (6 months free)Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan (2 months free) Compatibility Windows, Mac, Android Windows, Mac Released January 2020January 2017 The Waco One has a display while the WacomIntuos Pro has customizable buttons.

The presence of a display on the Waco One (left) makes for a different drawing experience from the WacomIntuos Pro (right). The Waco One’s 13.3-inch display is larger than the screen size of the iPad Pro, so you have plenty of drawing space to use.

Its resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels makes it as sharp as most displays, but the screen might seem dim if you’re working in a well-lit room or office space. You can easily spot the 8.7 × 5.8 inch active area on the WacomIntuos Pro Medium thanks to the corner ticks on its surface.

That means you’ll find the Intros Pro to be more precise and responsive to your brush strokes. That rings truer for the Waco One, since you’re drawing on the display itself and can see your lines appear on the surface you’re working on.

In comparison, since you’ll still be sitting up normally and looking at your monitor while using the WacomIntuos Pro, there’s less stress on your neck even after long hours of use. You can set each one to your favorite shortcuts, letting you switch brushes quickly, undo previous changes, and more.

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This lets the Waco One work as a standalone drawing tool, which is a clear advantage over the Intros Pro. Meanwhile, the WacomIntuos Pro only offers 2 months free access to Adobe CC Photography Plan.

You’ll be able to use it with select Android smartphones, and even use their stylus pens too, in addition to Windows and Mac. The included Waco One X-Shape Cable has four different plugs: an HDMI port to feed video into the Waco One, a USB-A to transmit input from the tablet to the computer, a USB-C to connect both to the device itself, and finally an AC adapter for power.

In contrast, the WacomIntuos Pro only needs a single USB cable to connect it to a PC or laptop. They both feel nice to hold, a bit thicker than typical pens but still light for hours of use without fatiguing your hand.

Having a display you can draw on makes it easier to transfer your skills if you’re used to working on paper and other physical canvas. Creative professionals who value shortcuts and quick tool switching will appreciate the WacomIntuos Pro Medium more.

WacomIntuos Pro tablets have higher resolution or LPI (lines per inch) than non-Pro models. In addition, Intros Pro also has other advanced features such as rotation and pen tilt sensitivity.

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Guest shoppers get 15 days to return or exchange this item. Shortly, the button below will turn back to yellow (unless we sell our).

Pro Tip: If that works, checkout as fast as you can. Create impressive digital art with this 10.4' x 7.8' medium WacomIntuos pen tablet.

Its battery-free pen and 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity let you draw well-defined lines, and its Expressways customizes favorite shortcuts. This black WacomIntuos pen tablet connects wirelessly with its built-in Bluetooth, and access to free downloadable software provides useful graphic tools.

I am a structural engineer and do a lot of hand sketches at my office. Transitioning to work at home, I needed a good alternative medium to produce sketches digitally.

The pen tool acts as a mouse and is set to “left-click” when pressed down on the tablet. By hovering over the tablet without pressing, you can track your mouse pointer on screen without “clicking” anything.

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For example, I set one of the pen buttons to shift, so I can draw on top of my previous notations in PDF Change without accidentally grabbing and dragging them. All in all, this is basically a pen version of a mouse and although it may be used with higher end digital media and graphic design software, it can also be used with anything and everything you'd prefer a digital pen to a traditional mouse.

There are extra nubs inside the pen when you purchase it, so that's nice. The 3 free programs were a bit weird to install and I haven't used them yet, but did get them downloaded.

Not a lot of negative stuff to say here, I'm super happy with the purchase and will be even more psyched when I get Bluetooth going. If you want something for draw in your computer (like Apple Pencil in iPad) don’t buy this.

I purchased this tablet about a month ago for remote learning. I like the fact that I have an option to use Bluetooth or USB cable to connect the tablet to my computer.

I don't know if I am using too much pressure on the pen nibs, but the tablet has light scratches after a month use. In the past month, I have used this tablet to teach remotely using Google Hangouts, One Note, and Microsoft Whiteboard.

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I have owned two previous generations of Waco tablets, one that had the pen and mouse, then the Intros Pen+Touch. Both were wired via USB, so I do really like the wireless connection and the pen sensitivity on this model.

I wish this model had the touchpad ability on it, but the wireless and new pen makes up for it for me. I’ve found the battery life to be more than enough for long editing sessions (a few days or more if I don’t use it constantly all day) and the recharge times to be good (I do admit that I charge overnight usually if needed).

The tablet can also be used plugged in via USB while charging, so you won’t miss any pen time. I ended up trading the medium for the smaller version as I found it too large for my usage as I had to move my arm to reach the edges of the tablet.

The day I found out I was going to have to start working remotely due to shelter in place, I drove straight to Best Buy to pick up this tablet. I've been using it to write and draw notes on a virtual whiteboard with my students.

It was a little of an investment, but I really don't know how I would have made it through the last 3 months of online tutoring without it. I purchased the tablet to use in lieu of the whiteboard I normally employ during lectures.

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After a couple of days of practice and adjusting the pen settings, it is difficult to imagine how I would conduct a class without it. I recommend this device to anyone who needs to write or draw online.

A: Answer If you do not have a Bluetooth connection to your computer then you will need to use the USB cord. Also, the USB cord is needed to charge the internal battery in the tablet.

I'd like to clarify that the Intros tablet doesn't have a screen, this is a pen tablet input device that sits next to your keyboard and needs to be connected to a computer to work. When you use the pen inside the active area of the tablet this one maps to the screen you have for your computer.

A: Answer The smallest version comes in two varieties, wired and wireless. The small wireless version is half the cost of the medium size.

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