Can Voltron Beat Superman

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• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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Nah, I have read all the posts, and it went back and forth but the red son scan show all that needs to be known. Man you really enjoy dissing Frank Miller don't you? I guess he's not important NAH he just wrote what is considered one of the end all be all books in comic history.

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I guess he's not important NAH he just wrote what is considered one of the end all be all books in comic history. I'm not dissing Frank Miller I'm saying nobody in their right mind will think Batman can actually beat Superman. But of course you want to end this quickly because your scared of me.

Make it Gigantic or maybe Optimum Prime vs Voltron, and you've got a fight. As Galactic and Superman exist in different comic book universes, the World Devoured is not someone you’d think would be able to bump into the Man of Steel for a battle.

Here, Doom managed to subdue the Man of Steel with a combination of kryptonite, technology, and trickery. Fortunately, a timely intervention by Spider-Man saved Superman from falling victim to Doom’s machinations.

Grant Morrison’s run on Justice League was a high point for DC Comics in the ‘90s, as he truly understood the characters and their dynamic and wove them well together. The first arc pitted the JLA against the Hyperclan, a seemingly altruistic group of superheroes who were really evil White Martians in disguise.

However, once it was revealed that the kryptonite was really a mind manipulation, Super was able to break free and settle the score. Unfortunately, on the way back south from the Fortress of Solitude, he had a violent encounter with a bully at a truck stop diner.

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As the battle took place on a planet where Superman’s powers were negated, he was trounced pretty decisively by The Greatest. While recuperating, Superman was able to regain his powers and halt the alien invasion, saving the Earth and building a friendship with The People’s Champion.

Superman eventually broke free of that control and defeated Daresay, but the sting of that loss stayed with him for a long time. Though they’ve tussled occasionally, one of the most memorable was during the Sacrifice story arc, where a mind-controlled Superman went wild, putting Batman in critical condition.

The most famous battle was in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which was adapted for the big screen in Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice. Their first battle was iconic, bloody, and visceral, and ended with what villains from Led Author to Daresay have been attempting to achieve for years: Superman’s death.

His interests are varied and eclectic: European literature, ancient and 20th century history, existential philosophy, comic books, film, gaming, travel, physical fitness, wildlife conservation, martial arts, heavy metal music, 80s trivia, early Hungarian cabinet-making and obscure movie/TV show references round out his most frequently visited passions. His sense of humor, much like his personality, is dry and sardonic, while simultaneously self-deprecating and self-aggrandizing; no mean feat, in all humility.

When not teaching, writing or training, Julian can be found contemplating the meaning of existence or planning his next trip to the UK in his backyard, over a mug of coffee, snoot of scotch, or leftover dishwater. Sure, there are instances in which someone stronger, smarter, or who has access to one of his weaknesses could take out the man of steel, but it doesn't happen often.

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Thus, we thought it would be fun to take a look at another group of superheroes to pit against Superman -- original cartoon heroes. The age-old internet debate of “Roku Vs. Superman has been fought for years, and the only “definitive” answer comes in the form of Death Battle.

Roku is rather unpredictable in a fight, and the potential destructive power of I is not exactly known, so there's a chance he could temporarily take out Superman. Of course, He-Man lacks a lot of Superman's other powers, falling short in speed, enhanced senses, laser vision and flight.

Being a superhero parody, The Powerpuff Girls gave the protagonists any superpower that the episode/situation called for. The girls are incredibly powerful on their own and even stronger working as a team, and with their seemingly unlimited potential for new and insane superpowers, a fight with Superman is pretty much no contest.

We think that Santana's power is not superhuman physicality as much as it is the supernatural ability to win every match he faces. Maybe it's magical in nature or maybe his body temporarily adapts to outclass his enemy, but whatever the reason, his power is to win with one punch.

This is a bit more of a fun one, since Captain Planet himself was made to teach people about pollution and the environment, but let's roll with it anyway. Captain Planet's abilities are rather impressive, combining the elements of earth, wind, water, fire and heart to give him a vast array of superpowers.

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Captain Planet has exhibited flight, strength, speed, durability and elemental transmutation, among others. Meaning, if we're to consider this a power itself, a match between Captain Planet and Superman becomes similar to a fight with One-Punch Man.

And fights for all that is good, a team up between him and Captain Planet seems more likely than a death match. Castro Boy was built to be the most advanced robot of his time, and he's pretty powerful as a result.

He is stated as having 100,000 horsepower, but we're not going to pretend we know the math that compares this power to Superman's. On top of jet-propelled flight and an arsenal of weapons, Castro Boy has a robotic brain, granting him the ability to solve complex equations with incredible speed and sense things no ordinary human can.

Superman can fly, but Gang could bend the surrounding air to throw off his flight And if you want to get really creative, earth bending has been shown to apply to meteorites, so both Avatars could find ways to bring Kryptonite to the battle. Armed with magical abilities given to them by the Moon Kingdom, the Sailor Scouts hold great power.

Now, we know what you're thinking, pitting a bunch of teenaged girls with a few magical attacks against Superman might be unfair. They are not only powered by magic, but the variety of their attacks and experience dealing with much stronger enemies could give them at least a temporary edge over Superman.

Remember that scene in Stand By Me where Vern and Teddy are debating whether or not Mighty Mouse could beat Superman ? Their adolescent conclusion was that Superman, being a “real guy,” couldn't lose to Mighty Mouse, a cartoon.

With this kind of power, Ben could simply erase Superman form existence if he wanted to. In a fight with Superman, Lion-O (in both iterations of Thunder cats) already has the advantage with a magical sword, but his physical capabilities aren't too shabby either.

He has increased strength and durability and possesses speed and reflexes great enough for him to perform sword slashes faster than the eye can see. The blade is indestructible, making it possible to cut through Superman's skin, but its real power lies in its magical abilities.

To be fair, Sonic is more well known as a video game character, having originated in the medium, but he's also had a pretty hefty presence in the world of animation. However, we're looking at the form he takes when absorbing the power of the chaos emeralds, which might be magical in nature.

If that's not enough to convince you he could take down Superman, Super Sonic has taken on and won against giant robots, monsters, forces of nature and even full-fledged deities. The Tick doesn't actually originate from the world of animation, but prior to the Amazon Prime series, he was perhaps best known for his cartoon.

With this information, we can confidently say Vol tron could easily defeat the Man of Steel, or at least give him a good fight. The Vol tron of Legendary Defender stands over a hundred meters tall, but Superman has taken on giant robots and monsters before, so the much has to bring more to the fight, and it does.

Both the individual lions and Vol tron itself can fly at speeds faster than light, possesses great strength and a wide variety of weapons and special abilities. Vol tron was also constructed using a unique asteroid component, a material that could perhaps combat Kryptonite abilities (though that's just speculation).

Once again, we have a character who originated in video games, but one could argue that a good portion of '90s kids remember Mew two from his role in Pokémon: The First Movie. Well, we can definitely assume his immense telekinetic power could give the man of steel one tough fight.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #3 by Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer and Ru's Wooten, on sale now. Many of the most powerful figures in the DC Universe have been compared to each other, but have never had cause fight full-out, as these battles would likely result in untold destruction around the world.

In the reality of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, one such battle occurs between two of the most powerful figures in the universe -- and comes to a decisive, bloody end. In this post-apocalyptic version of the DC Universe, Wonder Woman and Cheetah find themselves outside the doors of the Fortress of Solitude, which in the years since the end of the world has essentially become a mass grave.

Countless souls made their way to the Arctic to beg Superman to come to their aid, but the doors to the Fortress remained shut for decades until all of them had died of exposure to the elements. The armies of Themyscira advanced onto the world to try and force their ideas of order onto humanity, but all this did was escalate the conflicts.

Eventually, the human governments turned their full arsenals against Themyscira: A volley of nuclear weapons was aimed at the island and every known location of Amazons and their allies. Superman tried to ask for forgiveness, as he'd departed to make sure the rockets aimed at Millville had been stopped -- saving his family but dooming the Amazons.

Eventually grabbing a handful of kryptonite from the fortress and clutching it between her fingers, she punched Superman until one last fateful hit went through his chest, killing him instantly. In the present day, Wonder Woman is horrified by actions she can 't remember -- possibly having even blocked them out due to trauma.

Wonder Woman has enough power to actually be a threat to Superman and when unleashed, her magical aspects might even give her an additional edge in their battle.

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