Can Voltaren Be Used For Hip Pain

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
• 16 min read

The hip is one of the largest weight-bearing joints in the body, which is why hippie is so common. Hippie may be felt in many related areas of the body including the thighs, groin, buttocks and hip joint.

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Hippie may get worse with activity, for example after exercise, a long walk or a run. You may find that your range of motion is reduced, and you can ’t move your hip or leg as freely.

As your hips play such a big part in keeping you mobile, hippaincan make all kinds of daily activities painful, or even impossible. Just getting out of bed, going for a walk or climbing stairs may hurt, not to mention going for a run.

The hip joint is designed to move fluidly, allowing it to cope with repeated motion and wear and tear, for example running for the bus and jumping on board. But when muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons (soft tissues) are put under stress, particularly as we age, they can get inflamed and cause hippie.

Locate the cause of your pain Hippie may be experienced in different areas that surround the joint and identifying the specific location of the pain may help diagnose the cause. Gentle exercise and stretching can also help to reduce pain and improve joint mobility.

If you are treating with OTC painkillers and your pain is severe or does not improve as per the directions on pack, you should see a doctor. Learn all about the processes that cause inflammation, why it happens and how it can make our bodies feel.

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Learn how Voltaren works to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. In fact, I don't notice any odor at all. As for pain relief, I believe Voltaren gel works.

Now, it's available as an OTC pain relieving gel. I use a thin layer on my left hip & on my knees. Generally speaking the gel helps loosen muscle stiffness and alleviates aching joints. As a precaution it's a good idea to tell your general practitioner that you're using the gel.

It is recommended to. Discontinue use two weeks before having any surgery. Any further concerns or questions should be referred to either the pharmacist or your doctor. I hope the Voltaren gel works as well for you as it has for me. Take care!bestpup. I went to her after months of Voltaren, metal, Celebrex etc, and she says it's bursitis and that I'll need steroid injections.

Also, when I'm working or doing physical activity it kinda becomes numb, but the pain comes later on. I'm doing this to soothe pain from inflammation caused by increased circulation from running a lot.

I know it takes away pain, reduces inflammation, and increases blood circulation. Also, I got the blood flowing through some decadent veins and arteries on my skull.

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Voltaren gel is a prescription topical anti-inflammatory gel used for all kinds of arthritis pain : rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and osteoarthritis of the knees, hands and hips. People who have stomach issues from taking anti-inflammatories by mouth can bypass that problem with Voltaren gel.

Despite these horrible side effects, diclofenac gel remains on the market. Voltaren Gel is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, commonly known as NSAIDs.

It works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body. Voltaren Topical Gel is used to treat joint pain in the hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, or feet caused by osteoarthritis.

T always easy doing it, would make my hips feel better the rest of the day, ) ibuprofen, ladder patches or a prescription gel, like the Voltaren gel. Also, I have a prescription for ladder patches and Voltaren gel which also help take the edge off.

I have a shoulder problem and used to be on strong painkillers, but my doctor told me to change to heat rubs! I've had continuing pain in my left wrist since having a surgery about 12 months ago.

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My doctor prescribed Voltaren Gel to try, and I've been using it for the past 30 days with little relief. During my last visit I let her know it wasn't helping much, and she prescribed Elector Patches.

I need to know if I can use Voltaren gel 1 per cent on my back for pain I have triple bye pass need this for my shoulder I have had a steroid injection to my hip area and also a Botox injection to the performs muscle and have been walking almost every day since, but I have constant pain behind my knees.

Now I am aware that some of these muscles haven't been used in a long time but here it is February, and I am till having pain behind both knees, and it doesn't stop. No matter how many foam cushions I use, my hips and entire pelvic girdle hurt like crazy.

A couple nights ago my left hip started hurting so bad, all I could do was moan. My wife has pain terrible in upper arm and elbow and tingling in all fingers, sometimes.

Thank you for your comments... I have just had one more pain free day... I am aware of the nasty side effects of this drug and I intend to take as many precautions as possible as having blood testing every 3 months to monitor liver and/or kidney function.... Running Mom, have you seen a chiropractor for your neck pain ?... I have lived 66 years virtually pain free and at 67 all hell broke loose, so I intend to fight back with this drug and hope and pray for the best... This is an over the counter gel geared for sore muscles and aches.

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Someone at church has a similar injury as me and swears by this gel. The exercise I do involves laying down preferably on your bed and crossing one leg in a bent position over your other leg which remains in a straight position.

I tried Voltaren gel, and I eat a lot of bananas. She takes Voltaren and the gel and some pain meds.Tylenol, Advil and sometimes. Vicoden 1/2 tab.any ideas of the cause.2 weeks of pain now.

I'm scheduled for surgery in a week- permanent spinal cord stimulator. I've been told to stop the Voltaren gel because it's a NSAID medication.

A nurse friend gave me a sample of Voltaren gel, and it worked great. Now I use a compounded cream prescribed by my PM nurse practitioner.

I had a monarch sling put in 2 years ago, and it is great. I have just finished a series of three shots of Slavic for the left knee arthritis.

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So, speak with your doctor, of course, but would advise not to use these together based on the provided information. The gel can be applied to joints that hurt because of osteoarthritis.

The FDA approved Voltaren Gel based on studies that together included more than 900 patients with knee or hand osteoarthritis, according to Novartis, which makes Voltaren Gel. It wasn't evaluated for use on joints of the spine, hip, or shoulder, according to the drug's label.

Other topical treatments have shown little potential in the past, like the popular “spicy” ointments like tiger balm or Arica creams (e.g. Trammel, T-Relief). No, just accessible : a pain -killing gel is useful only for joints that aren’t covered by a thick layer of muscle (like the shoulder).

A topical drug mostly eliminates the risks associated with digesting the stuff. I’d been having some unexplained knee pain intermittently for several weeks when it kicked up a notch or two and became constant and even started waking me up at night.

Topical diclofenac is now widely available without a prescription in most places around the world. Most other countries made it available without a prescription long before the US did (the FDA has a laudable history of being cautious with drug approval).

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Topical diclofenac is now sold with several other major brand names and forms in addition to Voltaren Gel: Elector, Penn said, Rexaphenac, and Solarize. Oral diclofenac has been around decades, and has been widely used globally since the 90s, and it continues to be prescribed frequently despite major safety concerns in recent history.

The first generic (cheaper) equivalent of Voltaren ® Gel entered the marketplace in 2016, produced by Anneal Pharmaceutical, and that should be for sale most places now. They concluded that it could be a “convenient and safe clinical intervention” for a few types of back pain.

Over the past two decades, evidence has emerged to demonstrate that topical versions of NSAIDs are well absorbed through the skin and reach therapeutic levels in synovial fluid, muscle, and fascia. For chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, the data are of fair quality and are persuasive.

On balance, there’s good evidence to show that topical NSAIDs are clinically- and cost-effective for short term (< 4 weeks) use, especially when pain is localized. One concern about the use of products like Voltaren is that several conditions are less inflammatory in nature than they feel like.

Patients usually assume that the “burning” pain of repetitive strain injuries like tendinitis is caused by inflammation. But classic inflammation is almost entirely absent, especially after initial flare-ups have died down (but pain is still carrying on).

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The drug is active biologically for just an hour or two as traditionally measured, but when absorbed the synovial fluid of joints, it sticks around for least ten hours, which may account for why it particularly makes a difference for arthritis pain. Long term and/or large oral doses of the NSAIDs can be extremely dangerous, even lethal.

These drugs can and do cause complications at any dose, and are linked to heart attacks and strokes and ulcerations of the GI tract. … Diclofenac has no advantage in terms of gastrointestinal safety, and it has a clear cardiovascular disadvantage.

23 Multiple studies have concluded that topical NSAIDs are both effective and safe. At correct dosages for limited time periods, I think Voltaren Gel is probably very safe: the worst side effect is probably the chance of irritated skin.

The drug is still being absorbed, but instead of being a “gut burner” it can be a “skin burner.” From the Voltaren ® Gel website … With all NSAIDs there may be an increased risk of serious cardiovascular thrombotic events, myocardial infarction, and stroke, which can be fatal.

But those warnings are primarily there in an abundance of legal and medical caution provoked by the problems with oral NSAIDs. For short-term, moderate topical use, I believe the benefits clearly outweigh the minor risks.

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The benefits of topical diclofenac aren’t so great that they justify the risks of frequent use indefinitely. If I wished I could use it that way, I’d probably plan to take usage breaks: just stop using it for a while, a few times a year.

But that’s just an educated guess, extrapolating from the short term safety data. The types and risks and benefits of common pain -killers are bewildering (although they are much safer than opioids).

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications are fairly safe and somewhat effective in moderation and work in different ways, so do experiment cautiously. There are four kinds: acetaminophen/paracetamol (Tylenol, Paradox), plus three non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs): aspirin (Bayer, Buffering), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), and naproxen (Alive, Naproxen).

The NSAIDs all reduce inflammation as well as pain and fever, but at any dose they can cause heart attacks and strokes, and they are “gut burners” (they irritate the GI tract, even taken with food). Voltaren is an ointment NSAID, effective for superficial pain and safer (Derry).

Although there’s some anecdotal evidence that taking an anti-inflammatory medication reduces muscle pain, mostly it doesn’t seem to work very well. One of the classic signs of low back pain powered by muscle, for instance, is that ibuprofen doesn’t have much effect on it.

Complete update logging of all noteworthy improvements to all articles started in 2016. And of course they screw up; there’s a long history of embarrassing examples of things the FDA should never have approved.

Dubbed #19332972 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have shown efficacy in patients with osteoarthritis (OA) pain but are also associated with a dose-dependent risk of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, hematologic, hepatic, and renal adverse events (AE's). Topical NSAIDs were developed to provide analgesia similar to their oral counterparts with less systemic exposure and fewer serious AE's.

This reflects the fact that the American guidelines were written several years before the first topical NSAID was approved for use in the United States. Neither salicylates nor capsaicin have shown significant efficacy in the treatment of OA.

This review discusses the pharmacology, clinical efficacy, and safety profiles of diclofenac sodium 1% gel, salicylates, and capsaicin for the management of hand and knee OA. The great majority of therapies and interventions that sound good actually don’t work all that well.

Homeopathy involves extreme dilution of ingredients, to the point of literally removing them. However, neither homeopathic nor pure herbal creams of this type have produced results better than placebo in good quality modern tests, for any condition.

The effect of NSAIDs on the GI tract is actually indirect: it’s not because the medicine comes into direct contact with the walls of the GI tract, but because the medication, once it is in the bloodstream, affects the behavior of cells in the lining of the gut. I am basing my opinions on the well-established efficacy and safety of the drug for arthritis, and on a good working knowledge of the biochemistry of the drug, and extremely strong knowledge of the science of pain and injury.

So tendinitis remains a fair label, and much more familiar to patients to boot. To the extent that neck pain and headache may be caused by fact joint inflammation, Voltaren may be useful.

Topical application of compound Ibuprofen suppresses pain by inhibiting sensory neuron hyperexcitability and neuroinflammation in a rat model of intervertebral foramen inflammation. Dubbed #20797917 Holdall RD, Beadle J, Courier PA, Pearl D, Clarkson PM.

Effect of ibuprofen use on muscle soreness, damage and performance: a preliminary investigation. Dubbed #8423760 An old and small but well-designed test of ibuprofen for muscle soreness, showing a modest but definite benefit for pain, but probably not function.

In other words, ibuprofen reduced the soreness only, but had no significant effect on other outcomes, like muscle function and inflammatory markers. Tokmakidis SP, Kokkinidis EA, Smiling I, Gouda H. The effects of ibuprofen on delayed muscle soreness and muscular performance after eccentric exercise.

Dubbed #12580656 Another very small test of ibuprofen, very similar to Hanson 1993 in design and results: “ibuprofen can decrease muscle soreness induced after eccentric exercise but cannot assist in restoring muscle function.” For more detail, see another article on PainScience.com, Icing for Injuries, Tendinitis, and Inflammation: Become a cryotherapy master.

2017 Nov. Dubbed #29118051 This paper now stands as the best available evidence so far that rumors of inflammation’s demise in retinopathy are exaggerated/oversimplified. There are no other important sources I’m aware of so far (as of early 2020), and Akin et al. cite only their own evidence on this.

Dubbed #30922983 Pains #52660 This is a highly technical petri-dish study of the effect of “exercise” (mechanical loading) on the inflammation signalling of cartilage cells. The surprising, good-news result was that the researchers reported that moderate loading actually reduced inflammation.

A “window of opportunity” (WOO) in therapy is a period of minor pain relief or boosted confidence that facilitates normal activity/exercise, which in turn is what delivers the true rehab value. The idea of Woos is also often used as a self-serving justification for ineffective methods that only produce trivial, transient benefits.

See “Windows of Opportunity” in Rehab: The importance of WOO in recovery from injury and chronic pain (using frozen shoulder as a major example). McGettigan P, Henry D. Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that elevate cardiovascular risk: an examination of sales and essential medicines lists in low-, middle-, and high-income countries.

Dubbed #23424288 Pains #54748 Holt RJ, Two T, Kent JD. Dubbed #26077436 “Systemic exposure to diclofenac is substantially lower after topical application as compared to oral administration.” PharmacyTimes.com .

“ … all topical vehicles of diclofenac delivery result in only a small fraction of the diclofenac that actually reaches the systemic circulation compared with the oral route.” Pontes C, Marshal JR, Elora JM, et al. Analgesic Use and Risk for Acute Coronary Events in Patients With Osteoarthritis: A Population-based, Nested Case-control Study.

Dubbed #29398161 “No significant associations were observed” between topical NSAIDs and acute coronary events.” Interesting side note: this study not only confirmed that oral NSAIDs increase the risk of heart attack, but that opioids do too! Despite the opioid crisis, this is not a widely recognized concern about that type of drug.

Cannot F, Pelletizer JP, Martel-Pelletier J. Efficacy and safety of topical NSAIDs in the management of osteoarthritis: Evidence from real-life setting trials and surveys. In real-life studies, topical and oral NSAIDs demonstrate an equivalent effect on knee pain over 1 year of treatment, with fewer adverse events due to lower systemic absorption of topical NSAIDs compared with oral NSAIDs.” Deng ZH, Zen C, Yang Y, et al.

Topical diclofenac therapy for osteoarthritis: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Dubbed #26242469 “Topical diclofenac is effective in pain relief as a treatment of OA.

Although, some adverse effects were observed in the application of topical diclofenac, none of them was serious.” Zen C, Wei J, Person MS, et al. Relative efficacy and safety of topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for osteoarthritis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials and observational studies.

Diclofenac patches may be the most effective topical NSAID for pain relief. No serious gastrointestinal and renal AE's were observed in trials or the general population.” Science Based Pharmacy .

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