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**Online prices and sale effective dates may differ from those in-store and may vary by region. The tire producer / manufacturer and Canadian Tire use this fee to pay for the collection, transportation and processing of used tires.shipping times may be impacted by Canada Post/third party carrier service disruptions or inclement weather, so we cannot guarantee orders will be received before December 24, 2020, in all regions.

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**Online prices and sale effective dates may differ from those in-store and may vary by region. The tire producer / manufacturer and Canadian Tire use this fee to pay for the collection, transportation and processing of used tires.shipping times may be impacted by Canada Post/third party carrier service disruptions or inclement weather, so we cannot guarantee orders will be received before December 24, 2020, in all regions.

You immediately feel the difference when you walk with this new collator with pneumatic tires. The Roll Motion Performance hardly vibrates, not even when you walk over a square with boulders.

To understand why pneumatic tires reduce vibrations better, we ask Jan Willem de Joode for an explanation. “With wheelchairs and walkers you basically have to deal with two important characteristics of the tires: suspension and rolling resistance.

In other words: the harder the tire, the lower the roll friction and the easier it is to push the wheelchair. But at the same time the following applies: the harder the tire, the less the suspension and comfort for the person sitting in the wheelchair”.

Such tires make the collator easy to push but cause a lot of vibration while walking. Collator with pneumatic tires A big wish of people who like to walk outside on bumpy road surfaces is a walker that pushes light and does not vibrate.

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This is also very pleasant for people with sensitive hands, wrists or shoulders or back problems. The solution is, according to movement technologist Jan Willem de Joode, a walker with pneumatic tires.

This makes driving feel very comfortable, while pushing requires little energy. Especially in combination with extra large rear wheels such as the Roll Motion Performance, it also goes over pavements and thresholds more easily.

Pneumatic tires provide the best damping and ride comfortably with much less vibration over uneven terrain. Provides relief for people who are sensitive in their hands, wrists, neck or shoulders.

For those who like to walk on uneven terrain or live in an environment with bumpy roads. This pump fits next to the footrests in the bag of the wheelchair package, so it’s out of sight and yet at hand.

The tires are too soft if you experience too little suspension and comfort or if the pushing takes more effort. By keeping the tires at the correct pressure you prevent walking or pushing from getting heavier.

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The Walker's design promotes an active lifestyle and brings the collator into the 3rd millennium. Walker 9er with 9"/23 cm big wheels and SuperS oft PU solid tires.

Watch the video to learn more about the unique features and functions of the Tr ionic Walker collators! Spending time in nature loads your batteries, and it gives you positive and green energy to manage your everyday life in an easier way.

The photo shows Thomas Niebergall out walking with his Walker 14er Collator in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. Go grocery shopping, visit friends and family or simply enjoy the city on foot.

Shimmying and skewed swivel wheels are frequently mentioned by collator users as being a definite problem area. As a result the collator often comes to an abrupt stop, and there is a considerable risk of the user tripping or even falling over.

The new Tr ionic Walker collator is equipped with a synchronized steering feature that eliminates the problems with shimmying and skewed swivel wheels. Thanks to its clever design, the function of the Tr ionic Synchro Steering doesn’t get affected when you fold and unfold the collator.

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Conventional collators have rock-hard solid tires that offer nothing in the way of comfort when you are walking on cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground. There are several advantages with air-pressured tires; they offer you a soft and plush ride and an unbeatable comfort.

As they do not cause vibration like solid tires do, you are less prone to suffer pain and discomfort in your hands, elbows and shoulders when you walk on uneven ground. You can choose between air-pressured tires from high-quality manufacturers Schalke, Continental, In nova and Diamond.

Conventional collators usually have only 8"/20 cm small wheels that hardly manage to overcome smaller thresholds. In comparison with conventional collators with 8"/20 cm small wheels, thanks to their bigger wheels the Walkers manage curbs, cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground with both greater ease and higher comfort.

With its 9”/23 cm wheels and extra-soft PU-tires you’ll enjoy high comfort and a well-balanced performance. Thanks to its hub brakes, the 9er is equipped with solid PU-tires of a much softer compound than other premium collators.

The tires are about 50% softer than the competition, and this of course raises your level of comfort when you for example hit obstacles or walk along cobblestone streets. With the Tr ionic Walker 12er you take a step up in wheel size, to 12”/31 cm, and this model is a great outdoor collator.

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In order to raise your comfort level another notch, the Walker 12er is equipped with air-pressured tires. The 12er is your perfect companion for going grocery shopping, for taking daily strolls and for enjoying the outdoors.

For years our customers have been coming back for friendly service, contact us to see how we can assist you today. We're conveniently located in Gonzales, Prairieville, Grammy, Walker LA.

We are your one-stop, on-the-spot, headquarters for a complete line of quality tires from Bridgestone, Firestone & Fusion. For years, we have provided Ascension and surrounding parishes with the latest products and unprecedented service for everything we sell.

At Gonzales Tire & Automotive, our friendly and knowledgeable staff, quick and dependable service professionals, and affordable prices all come together to make driving out on a new set of tires easy. Besides that, we never tire of tires! We also serve customers in Baton Rouge, Den ham Springs, Walker, Port Vincent, French Settlement, St. Am ant, Sorrento, St. Gabriel, Camille, Luther, Grammy, Reserve, and Areas, LA.

As an avid climber, hiker and adventurer with a love of the outdoors, … I’ve spent countless days, weekends and months traversing different landscapes and countries, and like most people who enjoy the freedom of traveling light, I went with the best backpacks I could find. But no matter how light my gear was, I still had the typical strains on my knees, shoulders and neck.

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The width and profile of the tire runs perfect on sand or snow, dirt roads and single trails. Discbrake You may use the mechanical disc-brake as drag-brake to slow down your walk downhill, but you can activate it as well as stop brake.

The width of the tire prevents the trailer from sinking, even with heavy luggage and loses ground. Read more Thanks to the special geometry of the Monowalker Flatmate, you will carry half of your gear weight on your hips…without sacrificing comfort.

Bush walkers -who want to do long distance walks, carrying water and food for many days without access to civilization for periods of time Introducing the monowalker flatmate, carry large loads ANYWHERE easily.

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