Can Tennessee Walkers Jump

Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Crystal, do you have any scientific evidence to back up your claims that Tennessee Walkers are unsuitable for jumping, or do you just like talking out of your @$$ with no thought whether it is correct or not? And close-minded breed bigots like Crystal up there will tell you to pass over a gained horse as a jumper or evener simply because they are too narrow-minded to judge a horse as an individual instead of just stereotyping the breed.

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If you want to jump your horse, get one that has the body for it and the mind set you need for him to be comfortable eventing. I own a Quarter Horse Palomino that we think has Tennessee Walker in him, and I am currently barrel racing training with him.

Eventing horses I would look into Thoroughbred, or Thoroughbred and Arabian cross, both do very well with it. Most are perfectly healthy as well as you know the rescues keep up their medical care.

Or find a stable near you and speak with them about possible horses for sale. They were bred to be good walkers, but they are often shown in English and western competitions.

They were originally used by deliverymen, farmers, and other people who were required to sit for hours in a saddle. However, just because it was created to have a smooth gait does not mean it's not a good jumper.

People often tell me that Lippmann aren't good jumping horses, solely because they were more commonly used in dressage. My Tennessee Walker has jumped before, with his previous owner, but it wasn't for anything serious. Just for fun.

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Do some research on the computer about TW's also to learn about their bloodline. Never really knew much about them but had ridden some Spotted Saddle Horses and remembered their smooth ride.

I have recently acquired my boy Raisin at the end of August. As some of you may know he is a 15.2 HH 5-year-old Tennessee Walker Quarter Horse mix.

Every horse can jump, some are just better than others Posted via Mobile Device He didn't pace but that was a specific requirement when I was looking, before I bought him, because I knew I wanted to jump.

Just because a horse can gait doesn't mean they can 't do basic things that every horse knows how to do to some extent, it just means they were bred for a different purpose and will excel in what they were bred to do. Oh yes I agree, but I was just so amazed I guess lol cause when I was younger someone beat into my head that they couldn't.

And a lot of people told me it was a mistake guying a gained horse, but he has an amazing temperament and I love him. My Arab/saddle bred used to be a show horse in western/English pleasure, Arab/saddle bred classes, driving classes etc...and since then he can be western game, trail ride in the mountains here at home and jump small obstacles.

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He free jumped a 4ft fence at a dead stop one day when the horses were changing fields for turn out. Do you know what gait(s) he does? The reason I ask is that I have a 1/2 HQ (sire) and 1/2 Fox Trotter (dam) yearling.

I had a trainer come out and mess with him when I first got him, and he told me he was gained. He is still very green, but I can get a video of him today and put it on facebook, and you can add me as a friend, and maybe you can help me figure out what kinds of gaits he does lol I only have internet through my phone and only know how to upload AIDS to Facebook .... or possibly email.... lol I am very ignorant about what kind of gaits he has lol (I guess some of you don't have your gained horses in your backyards to watch them.

If you want a hunter or a jumper you will NOT pick a gained horse. The only REALLY great jumping horses I've owned were a HQ and an OTTO.

I was surprised last month when DH and I did a living history demo for 5th graders, and my KM HSA mare was “Miss Perfect.” Every cue I gave her was light and every response was calm and correct.

I backed with 2 ounces of pressure on the reins--she won't do THAT at home, but she was showing off. I just posted bc a LOT of people think that their breed of horse is multi-talented and can do it all, and it just isn't so.

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I would suggest, if you want to jump your gained horse, that you try it either at a walk or at a lope. Lol no harm done Corporal takes a lot to upset me I'm just happy I got my big girl pants on finally and am actually into horses again... and happy I got nice people around here to talk horses.

I am pretty sure I have driven my bf to the point of insanity (he is not into horses) so this is a good way for me to get it out of my system. We pop over odd cross rails a few times a month, but now we're starting gymnastics and grid work.

I just put a few ground poles before a jump to get her trotting. Named for its birthplace in the hills of Tennessee, this American horse is easy-going, utilitarian, and a pleasure to ride.

Gliding gait, 10-20 mph, nods head in rhythm, comfortable and easy to sit. Feet land in diagonal pairs, 8 mph, bouncy, hard to sit, riders often forced to post.

Controlled, 10-20 mph, propelled by one back leg, comfortable “rocking chair” motion Canter: 3 beats. Controlled, propelled by one back leg, 10-20 mph, can be bouncy and hard to sit.

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These devices encourage the horse to lift its feet higher in an exaggerated “big lick” style of the running walk. Flat shod horses wear regular shoes and perform a less exaggerated, natural running walk.

Because the running walk is so unique to the Tennessee walker, it may look odd or wrong to the untrained eye. The exaggerated high steps in the performance horse show ring are boosted by artificial means, but the running walk itself is something that colts do in the pasture on their own.

As the TWO competition field narrowed, trainers began to take shortcuts to achieve the “animation and accentuated brilliance” of performance horses. Scoring is the abusive practice of applying a caustic agent to sensitize a horse’s front legs: drain cleaner, diesel fuel, or mustard oil.

Action devices (thick pads nailed to the horse’s feet or rolling ankle chains) add pressure to the damaged limbs, and the horse lifts its feet to escape the pain. The compliance calculation is faulty: the rate of scored horses is statistically much higher than is being reported.

This bill is science-based, objective, and the industry hasn’t fixed the problems in 40 years: it’s time for the government to step in once again. There are over 250 endorsements for the PAST act, from horse welfare organizations to veterinarians and celebrities.

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No matter which side you’re on, everyone agrees that scoring is a barbaric practice that should be stopped, for good. The Tennessee Walking horse was bred for utility, and breed enthusiasts specifically wanted an animal that could excel in a wide range of disciplines.

Champion : This stallion toured the US and made personal appearances with “America’s Favorite Singing Cowboy” of the late 1940s, Gene Au try. Be cause of this, a calm Tennessee Walker is often a great choice for a beginner or a rider with joint problems.

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