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• Monday, 28 December, 2020
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With the Want arc finally reaching its climax, fans are incredibly excited for what’s to come. After all, Want is the arc where we would witness the Straw Hats in their final forms.

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By now, a few years have passed since the time skip, yet the only Straw Hat that we truly know the limits of is Buffy; everyone else’s capabilities are partially in the dark. We may have a general idea of his strength, but where his limits lie is completely unknown to use.

Vice admiral Sure is a veteran marine from the golden age of Roger. She never once showcased her full powers, but it’s widely speculated that she is insanely strong due to the immense respect she garners from the younger generation.

Though his success could partially be attributed to Gap’s tutoring, Coby can not be denied of his own credit for surviving such a wild training. However, as talented as he is, it would be unrealistic if Coby caught up and overcame Zero in terms of strength.

Zero is a swordsman at his core, it’s only natural that he would pick a fight against Fujiwara sooner or later. Huge props to Tahiti for becoming a captain and learning rudimentary Heidi relatively quickly, but she is just not on the same league as Zero ; their capabilities are worlds apart.

Tashigi’s battle against Monet proves the wide gap between her and Zero. She was almost killed during the process, but Zero stepped in and ended the fight in a single cut.

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Again is the current fleet admiral of the marines and one of the series’ main antagonists. Vice admiral Smoker is one of the Straw Hats’ oldest rivals.

As he ate a logic devil fruit, Smoker was the bane of the PRE time skip Straw Hats. But now that the monster trio are fairly proficient in Heidi, Smoker won’t have his way as easily as before.

Gap’s strength was always a mystery; he was praised as Roger’s rival, but the fans always faced that statement with pessimism. After the latest reveals about the Rocks pirates though, the last bits of remaining pessimism all vanished to naught.

In all likelihood, those who can defeat Gap in the current world could be counted in one hand. In One Piece, Zero and Kanji are the second and the third strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates respectively.

Together with Buffy, they form the Monster Trio, and they're capable of taking down most threats in the world of One Piece. Here are five teams Zero and Kanji should be able to defeat in battle, along with five duos they would not stand a chance against.

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Daisuke and Oven are strong, however, with Zero and Kanji receiving new powers in the Want arc, they are not going to pose much of a threat to them. Daisuke and Oven should be easily handled by the Straw Hats' powerful pair.

They're incredibly powerful, as evident from the bounty of Queen, which is 1.320 billion berries and King's, which is unknown but likely higher. King and Queen are quite similar to Zero and Kanji in terms of their relationship and with Buffy going up against Died, viewers could possibly see this matchup happen in Want.

The two are likely incredibly powerful together and barely anyone in the One Piece world can put up a fight against them. Another popular duo from the Straw Hat Pirates, Frank and Brook share a great relationship with each other and ride into battle together at times.

Together, they've put an end to countless pirates and clashed against some of the strongest, including the likes of Roger, Whiteboard, and also Ships. Smoker and Tahiti are members of the Navy's G-5 Unit and they both wield great authority.

Although they are powerful, it's quite difficult to imagine Smoker and Tahiti facing off against Zero and Kanji and coming out with a victory. With the Raid Suit, Kanji is more than capable of taking on a Vice-Admiral of the Navy, as is Zero with Emma.

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When it comes to Zero and Kanji's chances of pulling off something like defeating Died and Big Mom, the odds are completely against them. Strong as they might be, defeating Zero and Kanji in combat is an uphill task for Cavendish and Bartolomeo.

Hello Minoan, today I’m here to list down all the opponents Zero faced throughout the course of his journey in becoming the Greatest Swordsman in the World ”. Zero ends up defeating Cabal and other minions before falling down exhausted. Later on buggy was taken down by Buffy.

He also launched counterattacks against the captain of Black Cat Pirates, Kurt. Despite his unique three sword style technique he still suffered a crushing defeat.

But the fight ended on a positive note with Hawkeye praising Zero for his tenacity. Still recovering from Mohawk’s slash, Zero had little troubles fighting him and soon defeated him with his superior skills.

He ate the devil fruit of SBI Sabi-no-m i, and rusted Zoro's Yubashiri sword. Zero admired the black sword of the samurai and challenged him for a fight.

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After a rapid-fire altercation, Zero got the better of Yuma and claimed victory with his Hired Keen attack and end up obtaining the Black Sword Suzuki of the samurai. He first allowed Tahiti, the marine captain to take on Monet, while he sat cross-legged on the floor.

But when he noticed Tahiti in trouble he kissed the cheeks of Monet with his Busoshoku Heidi infused sword and sliced it upon. Zero managed to counterattack with his flying long-range slice and got out of the Fujitora’s gravity clutches.

But it couldn't go on further due to Amazon, After he dispatched his fellow member of the worst generation, Zero again focused his attention on Gyukimaru. Despite this turpitude, Zero emerged victorious and was able to retrieve his sword Sushi (Kokomo) back.

Currently, Want Arc is in full swing, so there might be some more matchups which are in await for Zero. Ever since his ghastly defeat in East Blue, Zero has been profusely training in order to become the greatest swordsman in the world.

Asked's popularity soared after Vinland Saga received its anime adaptation. He was a master tactician and his tactics enabled him to win countless fights throughout his entire life.

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Aka me possessed the Murasaki, which was a cursed sword that was capable of killing anyone with just one cut. Aka me proved her skills with the sword when she fought against Esdeath, and it was a gargantuan task.

Santa Into is one of the biggest names in the history of shnen manga. Not many characters come close to Into's skill with the sword, but Zero easily has the upper hand in the fight.

Guts used to be a regular mercenary until he met Griffith and his Band of Hawks. His sword is abnormally large and no one would like to face Guts when he starts swinging it.

He has managed to fight against a hundred men and not to mention the countless number of apostles. Guts' skill at handling his sword is quite brilliant, and he has managed to adapt to use it in any situation.

With the Berserker Armour added into the mix, Guts gains more speed, strength, and endurance. Hyakkimaru was the star of Door, which received another anime adaptation last year.

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In order to beat the demons, Hyakkimaru's had to go through many ordeals to gain his body back. Hyakkimaru is pretty reckless, and he lost his artificial limbs several times.

Zero would easily beat Hyakkimaru due to his superior strength and speed. The only problem that Flash will face in this fight is that Zoro's endurance will allow him to tank many of his attacks.

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