Can Tanjiro Beat Zoro

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But he's also basically a newbie within the Demon Slayer Corps, so there are still plenty of characters still able to defeat him. He's a master of the Breath of Water technique and his word is still widely respected within the Demon Slayer Corps.


He's the faithful and overprotective assistant of Ta mayo, working with her to study ways to develop demonic cures. Unfortunately, Bushido's Blood Demon Art isn't all that strong, being able to hide or reveal something's presence by using paper talismans.

She may appear to be a kind and soft-spoken young woman, but underneath it all lies a deep-seated hatred toward demons. Zenith often seems cowardly, terrified of almost everything and constantly worrying that something's going to kill him at any moment, but when he falls unconscious, his true powers are awakened.

The few times he has been shown facing a demon, GIYF is able to kill them in just one swipe of his sword, all with a calm demeanor. Insure is really short-tempered and always thinks he's the strongest fighter in the room, causing him to constantly challenge most people he comes across to a test of strength to prove it.

The boar mask-wearing Demon Slayer is armed with two Nichiren Blades that he modified to make saw-tooth-like as to tear flesh instead of slicing it, and he utilizes the Breath of the Beast technique, which he created and only he uses. This lovely ball of sunshine and rainbows is a Demon Slayer who passed the Final Selection alongside Janeiro.

Kenya also happens to be the estranged younger brother of Sane mi Shinazugawa, the Wind Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps. Even so, because Tanjirocan technically use two breathing styles and Kenya can use none, we've got our money on Janeiro winning.

Coming out on top for the list of characters Janeiro cannot defeat is the big bad himself, Muzak Kibutsuji. Muzak is immensely powerful, wiping out the entirety of the Lower Moon Demons with no effort at all simply because he became disappointed at their failures.

To put things into further perspective, the Upper Moon Demons are exceptionally powerful and have killed many Pillars over the years, yet Muzak far outranks them. Kana Suburb is the adoptive sister of Shinobi Koch, whom she has been training under since she was a young child.

Her winning streak continues until Janeiro learns total concentration breathing and is then able to defeat her. He studied business management at Dowling College but found his passion in writing.

Asia is the overpowered underdog protagonist of the Black Clover universe. He possesses a Five-Leaf Grimier, allowing him to cancel out any form of magic attacks that it touches.

After the time skip in the Manga, Asia becomes even more powerful, taking him one step closer towards his dream to become the Wizard King. He possesses immense Spiritual Power and is an expert in Flash Steps, a technique allowing the user to increase their agility exponentially.

During the Final Arc of the series, Chico undergoes a huge power up making him even stronger. Naruto Suzuki, the protagonist of the series, is a fun-loving Knuckle Headed Homage of the leaf village.

Starting as a jealous rival of Leisure China, both of the quickly evolve into better enemies and then BFFs forever. Naruto is the master of all six basic nature transformations specializing in wind release.

Naruto also possesses the power of Nine Tails, increasing his stamina immensely. His special Attack, Scissor Paper Rock packs the power to devastate his enemies.

During the Chimera Ant Arc, On losses his And is said to be powerful enough to defeat the King which even the leader of the Hunter Association was having trouble against. Melinda has also been the previous leader of the Ten Commandments of the demon clan.

Akihito, the protagonist of the series, Sword Art Online and the character of Hiragana Auto. He is a master swordsman with skills and speeds to rival the creator of the game himself.

But compared to full power Asia, Akihito's skill and speed fall short. Caped Baldy (The Funniest Hero Name Ever) is so bored with his power, that he dreams of a fight which can get his blood pumping.

The only things that can get Santana excited are the deals at the supermarket and video games. DEU is very similar to Asia as he is also an underdog starting at the bottom of the power chain.

Given all the similarities in the plot of both series, the battle between DEU and Asia will be of huge scale with both of them trying to surpass their limits. Roku is so powerful that he can destroy Planets and even defeat the Gods of destruction.

Janeiro uses the original Breath of the Sun which was passed to him by his father in the form of Fire Dance ritual. He skills rival that of the Pillars and Janeiro was even able to defeat the number 3 Upper Moon demon, Aka.

Janeiro is a fan-favorite character who helped Demon Slayer to rise to huge fame in the western world. Even though his job is to slay demons, in a fight against the Devil Possesses Asia, Janeiro has very little chance of winning.

His hobbies are playing table tennis, creating posters, reading manga, and watching anime. In One Piece, Zero and Kanji are the second and the third strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates respectively.

Together with Buffy, they form the Monster Trio, and they're capable of taking down most threats in the world of One Piece. Here are five teams Zero and Kanji should be able to defeat in battle, along with five duos they would not stand a chance against.

Daisuke and Oven are strong, however, with Zero and Kanji receiving new powers in the Want arc, they are not going to pose much of a threat to them. Daisuke and Oven should be easily handled by the Straw Hats' powerful pair.

While Zero and Kanji are extremely powerful together, they simply don't compare to Gap and Roger. They're incredibly powerful, as evident from the bounty of Queen, which is 1.320 billion berries and King's, which is unknown but likely higher.

King and Queen are quite similar to Zero and Kanji in terms of their relationship and with Buffy going up against Died, viewers could possibly see this matchup happen in Want. Another popular duo from the Straw Hat Pirates, Frank and Brook share a great relationship with each other and ride into battle together at times.

When compared to Zero and Kanji, however, Frank and Brook fall short by quite a margin. Together, they've put an end to countless pirates and clashed against some of the strongest, including the likes of Roger, Whiteboard, and also Ships.

Although they are powerful, it's quite difficult to imagine Smoker and Tahiti facing off against Zero and Kanji and coming out with a victory. With the Raid Suit, Kanji is more than capable of taking on a Vice-Admiral of the Navy, as is Zero with Emma.

When it comes to Zero and Kanji's chances of pulling off something like defeating Died and Big Mom, the odds are completely against them. Strong as they might be, defeating Zero and Kanji in combat is an uphill task for Cavendish and Bartolomeo.

Corona Zero is the right hand of Monkey D. Buffy and arguably the most powerful member of the Straw Hats. It's full of strong opponents which are as powerful as Marine Admirals, and Zoro’s chance to rise and shine has arrived.

Drake ate a Zone Devil Fruit type called Alxasaurus that gives him the ability to change into a dinosaur. The Want arc revealed that X Drake is a double agent that works as an informant for the World Government.

In a twist of events, Drake asks Buffy to be his ally against the Beast Pirates to save his head. In the Big Mom arc, Buffy struggled against Atari, and only after a long battle of endurance that he could have beaten this beast.

Not only that Atari can see glimpses of the future which can make him dodge any attack, but he also wields a powerful Armament Heidi. In a face-to-face battle, Zero could easily avoid Scratch man Adieu’s attacks by covering his ears.

Marco ate a tremendously rare and powerful Bird Devil Fruit, the Phoenix. In a majestic scene, Marco stood in front of Big Mom, and she respectfully spoke to him; which proves that she thinks highly of him.

His brutality and power make him a great candidate for Zero to test his new sword; “the Emma”. Even if it was a lucky shot, Queen proved himself capable of knocking down Big Mom in the Upon prison.

Queen is the true manifestation of raw power due to the Ancient Zone Devil Fruit. In addition to that, Died tried several times to take his own life; either by jumping from a sky island, or by attacking fully-fledged marine bases solo.

It is hard to compare Zero to him simply because Open used to fight the strongest of the world: Whiteboard and Go D. Roger. Both Died and Big Mom have bodies similar to tanks, which makes it hard even for skillful swordsmen to pierce through their skins.

He ate an ancient zone type Devil Fruit that gives him the ability to turn into a Pteranodon Dragon. In Want, fans were surprised when King, single-handedly, dropped Big Mom’s entire ship off a cliff.

His power and persistence granted him a seat on Whiteboard’s Ship “Moby Dick” to explore the outside world. Moreover, the narrative showed that Open actually sailed aboard Roger’s ship as well and accompanied him to the final island Laugh Tale.

As if that is not enough to prove how great this swordsman is, the beast Died announced that the world has never seen a samurai/swordsman as strong as Suzuki Open.

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