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Posted @withrepost • @veganscranslam Liverpool Get Ready Scan Slam is finally coming! #meatfreemonday just got easier at the world-famous Jacaranda Club @phaseonelpool.

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Hit the ‘notifications on’ in the top right hand of our profile to be in the know about our opening extravaganza and food Lineup #scranslamliverpool Organic, plastic-free vegan café bar with changing menu using food sourced from local, independent suppliers.

Examples of dishes include pies, sushi and sandwiches along with local craft ales, canned wines, lager, soft drinks, teas and coffee. Also sells and delivers produce in partnership with Root22 organic market.

Note Jan 2021: Restaurants in England are allowed to open for takeaway, click-and-collect, delivery, and drive-through services only. AdBlock Detected Happy relies on advertising in order to keep bringing you the best FREE online vegan restaurant guide.

MOST who journey to Waterloo to witness Anthony Morley’s iron clad army standing watch over Liverpool Bay, will never set foot in St John’s Road. Probably never heard of it, unless, via TripAdvisor, they have happened upon Saffron, recently number one of its 1,385 Liverpool restaurant listings, or they perhaps caught baker Stephen Paddock’s confectionary creation, the “Mac lair”, being drooled over on daytime TV by pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

You can get your hair chopped, your dog shampooed, your decks lengthening, your cough quieting, your holiday booking and your granny treating If they come by train, they will first encounter its nearby sister street, South Road, the brassy boisterous one, the one which, frankly, with a few drinks down it can be just a little embarrassing.

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A purse or a sledgehammer; a new pair of shoes; a vintage dress; a ball of wool, any color you like; e-cigs and lizards; a World of Flowers; a butcher; a baker, no, make that three bakers; an artist who’s also an engraver; four cafés, two restaurants, a Mexican fast food outlet, and a local institution in the form of Charlie Chan’s Chinese takeaway. You can get your hair chopped, your dog shampooed, your decks lengthening, your cough quieting, your holiday booking and your granny treating.

Turbot charged: A big fish caught off Form by Point, just hours earlier, lands at Williamson's butchers Alongside the launderette and the discount furniture store, a raft of alternative sole traders have moved in, low rents giving each a fighting chance.

At Florence and Fox, Tracy Nichols sells the work of John Darlington who, at his home a few streets away, fashions formidable doorstops of English oak reclaimed from the dock wall. At Barnett’s I’ve found chocolate made at a workshop in Sand hills, and at Williamson’s butchers, the fish counter features the weekly catch from one man and his boat somewhere off Form by point.

The last couple of years have seen sturdy roots established by the likes of Stephen’s Little Macaron Shop (main picture, top), which generates occasional orderly queues on to the street, and Can’s Kitchen, makers of cakes fabulous enough to have earned the custom of Delifonseca and south Liverpool cheesecake legend Dana’s. They embraced the micropub concept, with one correspondent anticipating “a calm and considered atmosphere where well-mannered members of the public get together and enjoy said environment”.

Caroline Hill (below, right with Katy Johnson), she of Can’s Kitchen, is keen to work with the local authority, suggesting a local task force to bridge the gap between independents and the council “to better understand each other and work more closely together for the greater good of the community”. Masquerading as just another coffee house (even the name refers to a type of bean), Pea berry is actually a little hotbed of culinary creativity.

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Hummus with bread twirls (£3.95) is a treat; the wholemeal twists are their own softer, freshly-baked-that-morning variation on bread sticks, great dipped in two types of hummus, both silky smooth with a bit of rough for interest, a gently spiced red pepper, and a deep blush of beetroot with the zing of lemon. Spicy sausage bagel and chili fried eggs The irresistibly entitled mumbojumbo marinated tofu (£5.65) is a showstopper; blocks of good tofu steeped in sweet and spice, with a glorious pile of pink slaw, formed from finely shredded red cabbage and served in a hollowed out half of iceberg lettuce, which, what it may lack in flavor, makes up in substance and style.

Drinks wise, there're eight choices of coffee, all sorts of syrup shots if you must, loose-leaf teas from English breakfast to Moroccan mint, and shakes like brownie and Nutella which sounds like it should come with a warning. They do takeout, a great option with the usual discount, but it’s best enjoyed straight from the kitchen, in a sizeable room, in contemporary surroundings that are plain and simple, so as not to detract from food that is not.

Refugees from London compare it favorably to the best of Brick Lane’s Indian curry offerings, but it is for their Nepalese dishes that many make the trip to Waterloo. Poppadoms (£1.10), brittle and grease-free, with the usual selection of sundries, solid if not spectacular, are followed by a classic starter/snack from Nepal, memos (£5).

Here, diminutive dumplings filled with lean minced lamb, steamed, dunked in a dipping sauce warmed with Szechuan spices, and devoured as a single mouthful. King prawn Diana Then mutton, chosen for flavor, comes flattened, spiced, skewered and cooked to retain its succulence, served with a creamy sesame and tomato relish.

From the chef’s specials, we liked Sahara chicken (£9.95), moist, tender breast stuffed with barbecued lamb mince, served alongside two sauces. And from Nepal, for the fire-eaters among you, hot garlic chicken, the heat coming from a habanero sauce, while good chunks of red and yellow pepper and mushroom add in China’s influence on the country’s cuisine.

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Cookies (90p) have the right proportion of crunch to chew, made with Mars Bar, but for out of this world try a two-tiered brownie (£1.40), layered with chocolate panache to make for a geometrically perfect cube of melting gorgeous dimensions. WITH a Kurdish management and an eastern European chef, there are plenty or refreshing cross-cultural vibes coming through at Sunrise.

Seafood gulch (£12) wins the dinners, fat prawns and chunks of marinated monkish bobbing about in another crimson tomato sea. SOMETHING draws you towards Can’s Kitchen, whether the non-conformist colors or the free and easy way with fonts, or maybe aroma of cakes, tarts, tortes, cheesecake and tray bakes.

Or the riches of an orange, poppy and chia seed cake (£3.30 eat in, £2.20 takeaway), topped with cream and run through with lemon curd. Whatever it is, it’s amazing, a rich seam of Belgian Ouverture chocolate, whose slight resistance melts dreamily away on the tongue.

A super berry power bomb (£2.40 to eat in, £1.60 to take away) is a toothsome, slow-release explosion of fruit, seeds and shades of coconut all wrapped up in a soft oath ball. The other side of Waterloo, at Can’s allotment, trees laden with damson, figs, gooseberries, plums and more provide ingredients for cakes, home-made jams, marmalade and vinegar.

Map and Street View Local Amenities Waterloo (Merseyside) 0.3 miles Blundellsands & Crosby 0.8 miles Waterloo Primary School 0.1 miles Merchant Taylor's' Boys' School 0.3 miles This freehold terraced house is located at 127 St.

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Johnson, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 9QE. Johnson, L22 has 142 houses and flats on it with a current average value of £120,982, compared to an average property value of £189,927 for L22.

There have been 8 property sales on St. Johnson over the last 5 years with an average sold house price of £89,311, and this terraced house was last sold on 19th Jul 2002 for £25,000.

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