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In One Piece, Zero and Kanji are the second and the third strongest members of the Straw Hat Pirates respectively. Together with Buffy, they form the Monster Trio, and they're capable of taking down most threats in the world of One Piece.

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Here are five teams Zero and Kanji should be able to defeat in battle, along with five duos they would not stand a chance against. Daisuke and Oven are strong, however, with Zero and Kanji receiving new powers in the Want arc, they are not going to pose much of a threat to them.

While Zero and Kanji are extremely powerful together, they simply don't compare to Gap and Roger. They're incredibly powerful, as evident from the bounty of Queen, which is 1.320 billion berries and King's, which is unknown but likely higher.

King and Queen are quite similar to Zero and Kanji in terms of their relationship and with Buffy going up against Died, viewers could possibly see this matchup happen in Want. The two are likely incredibly powerful together and barely anyone in the One Piece world can put up a fight against them.

Another popular duo from the Straw Hat Pirates, Frank and Brook share a great relationship with each other and ride into battle together at times. When compared to Zero and Kanji, however, Frank and Brook fall short by quite a margin.

Together, they've put an end to countless pirates and clashed against some of the strongest, including the likes of Roger, Whiteboard, and also Ships. Although they are powerful, it's quite difficult to imagine Smoker and Tahiti facing off against Zero and Kanji and coming out with a victory.

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With the Raid Suit, Kanji is more than capable of taking on a Vice-Admiral of the Navy, as is Zero with Emma. When it comes to Zero and Sanji's chances of pulling off something like defeating Died and Big Mom, the odds are completely against them.

Strong as they might be, defeating Zero and Kanji in combat is an uphill task for Cavendish and Bartolomeo. Kanji is a prince of the German Kingdom, and a member of the Smoke Family in One Piece.

His father, Smoke Judge, wanted to make him into an emotionless weapon, however, his attempts were thwarted by his wife, Sort. Living most of his early life in misery, Kanji escaped from the place and abandoned his 'Smoke' name forever.

After meeting Red-Leg Jeff, Kanji grew strong enough to set out on his path to find the Blue, along with Monkey D. Buffy, whose own goal is to become the Pirate King. Moreover, with his newly acquired Raid Suit, he has improved vastly, and will likely defeat the Vice-Admiral without too much trouble.

Hancock is a veteran pirate, and just after one voyage, a bounty of 80 million berries was put on her head. At the Flower Capital of Want Country, the two finally clashed, and Kanji used his Raid Suit for the first time.

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Interestingly, there was a major power gap between the two, as Kanji was absolutely dominating him in combat, and he managed to defeat him without so much as received a single scratch. As the Captain of the Straw hat Pirates, it's no surprise that Buffy is stronger than every other member of his crew, including Kanji.

Even though Sandiest him at Whole Cake Island (with a heavy heart), it was only possible because Buffy didn't fight back at all. With Buffy's newly acquired future-sight Heidi, and Ryukyu, Kanji isn't much of a match for him, just like all his other crewmates.

Charlotte Oven is a veteran of the Big Mom Pirates, and the triplet brother of Atari, and Daisuke. At Whole Cake Island, Kanji blitzed him and broke his collar bone without him even realizing what hit him.

One of the Navy's most terrifying members, Lizard holds the rank of an Admiral, the mere name of which sends shivers down most of the pirates' spines in the One Piece world. With his Raid Suit, he's strong enough to fight against the Big Mom Pirate veterans, and as such, he's a decent match for Kanji.

Sanji's new Raid Suit takes him a step ahead of his brothers now, but even without it, he's more than capable of defeating Chili in combat. If the two fight, Gabon's experience and knowledge in things like Heidi will gift him the victory.

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Towards the end of the series, Kanji will surely have surpassed Gabon in terms of power, but that's still a long way off. Judge was able to fight on par with the former Sweet Commander Snack of the Big Mom Pirates.

Also known as 'Queen the Plague', he's a vile pirate who loves torturing his opponents and killing them slowly with the toxic weapons that he invents. Queen possesses an astronomical bounty of 1.32 billion berries, which indicates how big of a threat he is to the World Government.

Even though Queen is most likely destined to be defeated by Kanji at the end of the Want Country arc, right now is a different story altogether. Kanji isn't strong enough to beat him in a fight at the moment and will need more power-ups to pull off such a big achievement.

Corona Zero is the right hand of Monkey D. Buffy and arguably the most powerful member of the Straw Hats. It's full of strong opponents which are as powerful as Marine Admirals, and Zoro’s chance to rise and shine has arrived.

Drake ate a Zone Devil Fruit type called Alxasaurus that gives him the ability to change into a dinosaur. The Want arc revealed that X Drake is a double agent that works as an informant for the World Government.

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In a twist of events, Drake asks Buffy to be his ally against the Beast Pirates to save his head. In the Big Mom arc, Buffy struggled against Atari, and only after a long battle of endurance that he could have beaten this beast.

Not only that Atari can see glimpses of the future which can make him dodge any attack, but he also wields a powerful Armament Heidi. In a face-to-face battle, Zero could easily avoid Scratch man Adieu’s attacks by covering his ears.

Marco ate a tremendously rare and powerful Bird Devil Fruit, the Phoenix. In a majestic scene, Marco stood in front of Big Mom, and she respectfully spoke to him; which proves that she thinks highly of him.

His brutality and power make him a great candidate for Zero to test his new sword; “the Emma”. Even if it was a lucky shot, Queen proved himself capable of knocking down Big Mom in the Upon prison.

Queen is the true manifestation of raw power due to the Ancient Zone Devil Fruit. In addition to that, Died tried several times to take his own life; either by jumping from a sky island, or by attacking fully-fledged marine bases solo.

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It is hard to compare Zero to him simply because Open used to fight the strongest of the world: Whiteboard and Go D. Roger. Both Died and Big Mom have bodies similar to tanks, which makes it hard even for skillful swordsmen to pierce through their skins.

He ate an ancient zone type Devil Fruit that gives him the ability to turn into a Pteranodon Dragon. In Want, fans were surprised when King, single-handedly, dropped Big Mom’s entire ship off a cliff.

His power and persistence granted him a seat on Whiteboard’s Ship “Moby Dick” to explore the outside world. Moreover, the narrative showed that Open actually sailed aboard Roger’s ship as well and accompanied him to the final island Laugh Tale.

As if that is not enough to prove how great this swordsman is, the beast Died announced that the world has never seen a samurai/swordsman as strong as Suzuki Open. Kanji Smoke is one of the toughest characters Ericeira Odd has spoiled the fans with.

It is true that Odd still hasn’t brought the best out of Kanji, but this is potentially about to change in Want. With the new raid suit that he took from his family, Kanji will finally get a chance to impress the fans by possessing the capabilities to take down more foes than ever before.

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The raid suit that he got from his sister adds additional enhancements to both his offense and defense. And although it's still too early to determine an exact measure of her power, she would surely be able to take down Kanji among many other strong opponents.

Basil Hawkins is one of the Worst Generation pirates who troubled the World Government in Body Island. However, when it comes to sheer power, Kanji is a monster who can destroy all of Basil Hawkins’ toys without breaking a sweat.

He not only tried to take his own life hundreds of times before, but even his enemies and Marine Admirals could not beat or kill this beast. Prospero is the oldest son of Big Mom and one of her commanders who ate the Lick-Lick Devil Fruit.

In a furious battle, Black Leg African cook Prospero’s candies and deform their shape which renders his devil fruit attacks useless. Charlotte Linking is an emperor of the sea who has one of the most terrifying Devil Fruits in the world of One Piece.

Even more shocking, Big Mom’s body is harder than steel, and swords are proven useless against her. Combine this with a demon-level strength and hunger rampage, and you have an emperor of the sea who is able to destroy entire countries out of existence.

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He ate an Ancient Zone type Devil Fruit that gives him the ability to turn into a Pteranodon Dragon. When it comes to air attacks, Black Leg Kanji is the Straw Hat to call.

Normally, fans expect Zero to beat King and Kanji to take down Queen. However, in Want, Odd flipped the coin and made King a perfect match for Kanji in aerial battles.

Therefore, fans should expect Kanji to cook a great meal out of the Pteranodon Dragon. Experiencing new cultures and learning about them is one of his biggest interests which pushes him to take on new adventures and travel the world.

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