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He appeared on the 2002 season of the British reality show Shipwrecked, which led to guest appearances on the television shows The Closer, Huff, NCIS, Jack & Bobby, and Numbers as well as a series regular role as the not-so-bright teenager Jeff Benton on the 2006 ABC sitcom Sons & Daughters. In 2006, Wayne starred as Robbie Apollo in the movie The Surfer King.

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In 2011, Wayne starred as Dick in the movie Cougar Hunting. In 2011 he played a side character named 'Matt' in HBO's True Blood for two episodes.

In 2012, Wayne starred as a young skater named Caleb in the movie Hard flip. He also starred as Johnny in the horror film Hold Your Breath co-starring Katrina Bowden.

Wayne had a role as Luke in the movie Heart of the Country. In 2013, he starred as Cyrus Roth well in the crime film The Freemason.

In 2015, Wayne starred as Mike in the horror film Paranormal Island co-starring Briana Evian. He also starred as Joel Gilbert in the family friendly film The Ivy League Farmer.

In 2016, Wayne starred as Collin Jenkins in the thriller film Cassidy Way co-starring Christopher Rich. He starred as Thomas J. Ryan in the history drama film Union Bound.

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He had supporting roles as Graham in the romantic comedy Accidentally Engaged and as Oliver in thriller The Last Bid. In 2017, he starred as Johnny Taylor in the thriller film Death Pool.

That year, he also starred as Jeff in the horror movie Escape Room. Wayne had a recurring role as Matthew Johnson in the season 3 of the web series The Bay.

He also had a supporting role as Detective Jake Dark in the film Paint It Red. He starred as Stephen in the short film It Happened Again Last Night alongside Gabrielle Stone.

Wayne had a supporting role as Detective Jacobs in the film Cops and Robbers. In 2018, Wayne played the role of David Carter in the direct-to-video horror film Hellraiser: Judgment.

^ Cohn, Jared (June 20, 2017), Death Pool, MTV HOME VIDEO, retrieved October 4, 2017 ^ “Cast”. ^ “Gabrielle Stone wins Best Actress at Film Festival for IT HAPPENED AGAIN LAST NIGHT”.

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2005 NCIS (TV Series) Grant Bridges First poster from Randy's upcoming movie 'Cheer For Your Life' directed by Jared Cohn.

“A high school girl’s spirits are crushed as she suffers through a humiliating “Cheerleader Initiation Week,” but her dreams aren’t the only thing in danger when another girl on the squad turns up dead, and when she disappears herself, her mom will have to rush to save her.” Thunderbird Films is producing a new movie called For The Love Of Money directed by Leslie Small.

Thanks to Randy's stories, we know that Thunderbird Films is producing the next Lexus commercial He has interviewed Jen Harris, a location scout for films and television.

Randy and Jocelyn Seen have shared two different photos of them on the set of Deadly Dormitory “Two Anishinaabe men are inextricably bound together after covering up a savage murder of a schoolmate.

The movie that Randy filmed last September is called “Cheer For Your Life” and is directed by Jared Cohn. However, as she and her fellow “Little Bees” enter Initiation Week, one of the seniors is murdered.

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The Bay returns on November 10, the new episodes will premiere every Tuesday at 3:00 pm ET Randy has a new project called Killer Infatuation directed by Emily Dell.

You can watch all the episodes of The Bay season 3,4 and 5 on Amazon Prime! According to Randy's IMDB, he has a new project called Reagan directed by Sean McNamara.

Randy will play Jason Pate a soldier fighting the demons of PTSD. “US Army Sergeant Jason Pate returns home after several tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Struggling to cope with life at home with his young wife and 5-year-old daughter, Sgt Pate finds himself in a world foreign to him. As his family suffers along with him, Pate decides to seek the help of a support group for returning veterans.

He discovers fellow soldiers who are struggling with the same issues he is having, all the while continuing in life altering situations that affect his entire family. Ultimately, Pate finds himself in a life-changing moment that will determine his fate and silences his demons.

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According to Grimmest (IG), The Medium will not premiere at the festival due to technical issues. New stunning picture of Randy from his photoshoot with Bradley Everett Young.

In the ABC Family mystery series THE LYING GAME, Randy Wayne has the distinct pleasure of portraying Justin, the heartthrob who stole Laurel’s heart while plotting revenge against her father. It’s a juicy role and taking a few minutes to chat with press in a recent conference call, Randy shared where he thinks the Justin-Laurel relationship is headed and how fans react to him now that Justin’s darker side has been revealed.

When you first learned that you had landed the role in THE LYING GAME, did you have that moment of intimidation because of the success of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, which was also inspired by the books of Sara Shepard?RANDY : I was not too intimidated by the success of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. And I knew that I wasn’t the lead of the show, so that pressure was not on my back, on my shoulders.

And if so, who do you think is behind THE LYING GAME?RANDY : I haven’t read the books. I guess the big question now is, I don’t think Ted’s going to accept them being together now after what his motives are.

So I think that’s the big controversy now is how is he going to deal with the kid dating his daughter that wanted to get revenge on him. Now that Justin and Laurel are kind of back together, Allie actually revealed in a different interview that things are going to be rocky between the two of them for a while.

And that means that Laurel’s being brought into the lies, which she hasn’t really been involved in yet. And I hate to answer it this way, but if you want me to be honest I will, I think that Justin’s always played the nice guy, whether his intentions were not, so he’s always come off as a nice guy except for maybe a couple of scenes.

And actually the scenes where he was a bad guy I enjoyed doing, so I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind playing a bad guy on the show, I wouldn’t mind Justin, if they did break up, Laurel and Justin, then he’s in this town, and he’s going to cause some controversy, and I think I’d like to see that happen. What is it like being surrounded by so many beautiful and talented women at work every day?RANDY : Well, it’s amazing.

The thing about the girls on the show is that yes, they’re all really beautiful, but they’re also really cool, so there're no egos on set. She has no problem piping up and asking the writer and director and the producer and saying how can we make this work.

Then off set once she’s separated from the two she’s just a fun young girl and just loves life. She’s a very, very talented actress, and she comes from such a genuine heartfelt place when she acts that it would be interesting to see, let’s say it didn’t work out between Justin and Laurel, there’s already friction between Ted and Kristin, so if Justin went back to his original plan, Kristin’s the first place to start.

I’d love to make her character question her relationship a lot more, and to be the instigator would be fantastic. People I don’t think would come up to you in general because of your character, but in person it’s nice and respectful and there’s separation, there’s a curiosity about what’s going to happen next, but online and in the Twitter world there definitely is not much separation sometimes.

The beauty of acting is making people like you and then dislike you and then like you again, because you can write something a certain way, but if you don’t bring that to the character then it’s not going to work. To see people change their mind about you and your character, it’s entertaining, and I love to hear it.

I realized that I had an accent, I didn’t know that before, and yes, I had to focus on basically just enunciating and articulating instead of mumbling so much. Where else are we going to see you in 2012?RANDY : Actually, it’s surreal a little, so Monday was THE LYING GAME, Wednesday was HOT IN CLEVELAND, and I also did a movie that was on Safe last night, and then I did movie called “To Save a Life,” it’s a teen drama, and it premieres Sunday on the GMC channel.

So “Honey 2” and then I also have a film that’s coming out called “HARD flip.” It’s a skateboarding family drama. To more of Randy and to find out where the romance between Justin and Laurel goes, tune in for THE LYING GAME on Mondays at 9PM on ABC Family.

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