Can Pregnant Woman Visit Zoo

Ava Flores
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place. 3rd Trimester I've heard about how you're supposed to stay away from animal feces and not really sure if that applies to all animals or what the risk of “exposure” to feces might be.

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FWIW, 1st-trimester-specific considerations don't apply. I took DD to a petting zoo recently and just made sure I didn't touch any animals.

Just wash your hands and take the wee bottles of alcohol rub. I really don't think this is a wind-up, this poster is a first time mum who is having quite a stressful pg following 20 week scans, so please be kind in you responses.

Obi if you stroke or feed any animals then wash hands before you eat/prepare food. I think the worry is about touching lambs and baby animals.

And possibly reptiles but am sure you will be fine and have a good time.' I have always been asked at my booking in appointment if I am in contact with sheep but as i haven't been I have never found out the exact reasoning, the info is here if you are interested.

From what I can see the likelihood is really small, but it is something I would want to be aware of if I was pregnant so I could make an informed choice. I agree that it is healthy to have a relaxed approach to pregnancy but after having MCS which logically were 'just one of those things,' I know when you're going through it, you search for reasons and blame yourself for doing things that probably had no influence whatsoever.

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And it is pet reptiles that were highlighted as a salmonella risk, not a great link but basic info ]. As a said, choose to do what you will with this info but it isn't something I made up to get hysterical about merely facts highlighted to me when I was pg by health professionals.

Which means standing in a mismanaged Q...not suitable for any one leave alone a lady who is in the family way. Not a problem if you book a day visit or even an overnight stay with JR Nature camp.

You can conveniently drive up to the JR camp site and park your vehicle in a gated area. If told in advance they can also serve continental food as they do get a lot of foreigners.

The nature camp is good for a night stay, but the food is not something I would be excited about. Not advisable at early stage. However in 4-7 MTV if you stay in the jungle lodge and request manager they will create a safer special separate trip for you...

I am 15 weeks pregnant and due to visit the zoo in a few days with work just wondering if it is worth the risk didn't go to the farm but thought the zoo was more enclosed any ideas ?/ I know that there is some concern in regard to pregnant women being around certain types of animals, although I am not sure if it would be the same kinds at the Zoo or not.

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Like, for instance. A pregnant woman is advised to NOT be around Hamsters/Guinea Pigs/Cats... basically any type of animal that uses litter that would need to be changed. If I'm not mistaken though, I believe that only applies to having one as a pet, and being around it on a daily basis. As they say the fumes from the cage/litter can have a possible negative effect.

Ignore the cretins that call you dumb or whatever inventive insult they conjure up! Animal droppings can contain bacteria or parasites that are potentially dangerous to pregnant women or unborn babies.

I know I'm going to be accused of being paranoid but if you did catch anything you can 't take drugs to make it better, so could be at risk. My opinion is its only 9 months, and can effect the babies entire life.

On a funny note... when I was a couple of months pregnant with our daughter, a circus came to our front yard. We live in a rural area across from a field owned by the township.

From nausea and discharge to that metallic taste, chat about symptoms here. Please note, as this is a peer-to-peer support board, Nets hasn't checked the qualifications of anyone posting here.

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Guest its fine to got to them just don't touch goats or sheep as they carry toxoplasmosis. That's harmful to you and baby and make sure you wash your hands if you touch any other animals.

Also if you have cats you're not meant to change their litter tray as they carry toxoplasmosis also. Hope that helps exits fine to got to them just don't touch goats or sheep as they carry toxoplasmosis.

That's harmful to you and baby and make sure you wash your hands if you touch any other animals. Also if you have cats you're not meant to change their litter tray as they carry toxoplasmosis also.

It'll be fine, as another poster said I would avoid the sheep and goats and make sure you are very thorough when washing your hands. It'll be fine, as another poster said I would avoid the sheep and goats and make sure you are very thorough when washing your hands.

Schools and businesses have reopened in some states, but other states continue to have active outbreaks of the virus, and public health officials are urging people to practice social distancing and avoid close contact with those outside of your household as much as possible. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (COG) released updated guidance on COVID-19 in September that partly addresses this question.

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COG points out that while community mitigation efforts like social distancing help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, they could have “unintended impact” such as by limiting access to routine prenatal care. As a result, COG encourages OB/Guns and other healthcare providers make sure that everyone, but particularly high-risk patients, are given necessary prenatal care and testing.

You can also call ahead and ask the front desk if they’ll allow you to wait for your appointment in your car or just outside the office. Keep in mind, though, that your provider may ask you to lower it at some point to look in your nose or mouth, or to take your temperature.

Also, do your best not to touch your face, which can increase your risk of infection if you’ve come into contact with COVID-19, Dr. Adana says. If you’re nervous about going into the office for a prenatal appointment, Dr. Ross recommends talking to your provider.

Fiona, the three-year-old hippo who became a worldwide celebrity when she was born at a record-breaking low weight of 29 pounds and managed to survive against the odds, will kick off a series of “Home Safari” livestreams from the Ohio zoo. While the full schedule isn't out there yet, odds are good that other animals to star in future Home Safaris will be Kris the cheetah, Lenore the red panda and manatees Pippin and Truffle shuffle, all of which make regular appearances on the zoo's Instagram account.

“Until we reopen, you can check in on the sea otters, sway with the kelp forest, find tranquility with the jellies and look for wildlife out on Monterey Bay: mbayaq.co/39Xv9Ny.” Over the weekend Shed featured a cute video of one of its penguins exploring the zoo as if he were a tourist -- from the other side of the glass.

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