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They can make you faster, they can save your life, or they can get you killed, even if you’re the star of a major car-centric action franchise, and even if you aren’t driving. You have to go into the Grassroots Motorsports catalog, or to a very specific sub-genre to see a tire comparison test for your desired application, so most people just end up reading reviews on Tieback.

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They have insanely complicated naming schemes like Grubber GoodGripper Pro XGV25, which makes them even harder to discuss than Infinite’s current lineup. Most people don’t have the luxury of actually testing tires before they buy either, making decisions based on either anecdotal evidence, a roll of the dice, budget, or a combination of the three.

Nevertheless, the four small patches of rubber connecting your two-ton manslaughter machine to your city’s lowest-priced asphalt are, if you ask me, the best way to improve your car, or, the quickest way to fuck it up, crash, and even die. In November 2012, I entered my modified C5 Corvette in the “Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car Invitational,” a multi-discipline driving event held the day after SEA ends in Las Vegas.

The engine makes 400 horsepower to the wheels with some mild bolt-on upgrades, and it has a Stop tech Big Brake kit, PFAT coil over suspension, racing seats, harnesses, and more. If it rains, the worn tread won’t disperse water as well, and you will have poor wet-weather performance, as well as a tendency towards hydroplaning.

With cars driven frequently, you will wear out your tread before you age-out your rubber, which is the problem I want to address. The chemical compounds in your tires will degrade over time, significantly reducing your available grip, or worse, blowing out a sidewall under load.

In general, five years from date of manufacture (stamped on the tire) is about as old as you ever want to go in a car you plan to drive quickly. If that car (or the tires themselves) are stored in a climate-controlled facility under perfect conditions, maybe you could squeeze an extra year or two out of them.

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But the fact is, if you have a few cars, some maybe that you only drive a few times a year, replacing tires can easily become a dangerous afterthought. I arrive in the paddock at Spring Mountain to find out that, as usual, every other person at the track has taken this event much more seriously than I have.

After punching myself in the face a few times, I creep back onto the track and black flag myself for being a moron, but don’t even get that far. My wheels looking like rock tumblers and my mint Torch Red paint now covered in a chalky fine layer of dust, I hang my head and limp back to the paddock.

I am saying that if I had bothered to actually do the proper maintenance on my car, I would have been able to set something resembling a lap time, instead of doing a piece of terrible performance art. Had the track layout been different; had it been a cold morning in Daytona, or Wisconsin, rather than Nevada, I may have hit a wall at 100 mph rather than some gravel at 20.

In November 2013, Paul Walker and Roger Roads were hanging out at an open house and car show in front of the business they owned together, Always Evolving. The red-over-black Carrera GT was the right color combo and had a famous owner in its history: Graham Rahul.

Roger lost control of the Carrera GT at an estimated 90 mph, and hit a tree. The mainstream media, and indeed many automotive-focused websites, simply couldn’t wait to report on the irony of the situation, that someone known for playing a character who drives crazy is killed in a supercar doing double the speed limit in an office park.

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I’m not saying you should be legally allowed to rip around an office park at 90, but from a technical sense, the actual cause of the crash was trash old tires. “Unsafe speed for the conditions” may have been the ticket Roger would have gotten if a cop stopped him, but that’s not what caused the accident.

And if he had a new set of tires on the car, that crash wouldn’t have happened, because 90 mph on that corner is nothing for a Carrera GT. It’s got a notoriously grabby clutch, a manic engine, and no electronic drivers aids whatsoever.

It’s known for being nasty, sharing its legacy alongside the Ford GT as the last of the truly analog cars, discontinued because the government said we need stability control now. Sort of like the Porsche 550 Spyder, a beautiful and successful racing machine far overshadowed by the young, handsome actor who happens to have killed himself in one.

I haven’t driven a Carrera GT in years, but I’m told that fitting a new set of Pilot Super Sports or Cup2’s on them really improve the disability and dial back a bit of the sketchiness. After the dust settled, I got a phone call from a lawyer claiming to represent Meadow Walker in a lawsuit against Porsche.

He wanted me to testify that I thought the Carrera GT was a dangerous car, an opinion that he presented to me, and not the other way around. I do not think the Carrera GT is inherently dangerous; I just don’t think it’s reasonable to expect a car to save passengers in a 90 mph broadside crash, nor to expect that the lack of stability management, rather than the old tires, caused the crash.

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While he has a right to his opinion, we note the writer is not an engineer, has no scientific credentials or degrees, and we don’t believe he would qualify to testify as an expert witness in a court of law. As badly as I feel for both Paul and Roger’s children, it is my opinion that the wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche is a greedy lawyer cash grab and has very little to do with the Walker or Roads family, both of whom have plenty of money to live off.

They may look like they are in good shape with not many miles on them, but if they are out of date, and you don’t check, you won’t know anything’s gone wrong unless it’s too late. Insider” from a business across the street from where the fatal crash happened Saturday shows an explosion, smoke, and flames shooting about 20 feet into the air after the Porsche GT Walker was riding in crashed into a tree.

The video seems to dispel the theory that the Porsche, believed to have been driven by Roads, was involved in a street race. It sounded to me like the tire blew before the car hit the pole,” witness Jim Top said.

The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT involved in the accident was one of only 1,300 produced that year, less than half of which came to the United States. McGrath has test-driven the same make and model of Porsche and said the car, capable of speeds over 200 mph, is difficult to drive and is intended for a racetrack.

“We would just ask that people give the family privacy right now to mourn and in his honor, in his name, go out and do something nice for somebody,” Walker’s half-sister, Amy KAZ, said. Actor Paul Walker suffered horrific burns and multiple injuries in the 100-mph Porsche crash that killed him and a pal, autopsy reports released Friday show.

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According to the reports, police at the crash scene believed Roads, 38, was driving approximately 100 mph or faster when he lost control for unknown reasons. Jameson Brooks Witty, 18, was one of two men accused of stealing part of the burned Porsche that Roger Roads was driving when he and actor Paul Walker died.

Jameson Witty, 18, and Anthony Jan ow, 25, appeared in a Los Angeles County courtroom Friday and agreed to return Feb. 25 to set a date for their preliminary hearing. The men were charged last month with felony grand theft and two misdemeanors counts each of destroying evidence and resisting, obstructing or delaying a peace officer.

The Porsche Carrera GT that Paul Walker died in is no ordinary supercar, and his daughter has filed a lawsuit alleging that the car contains defects that were directly responsible for her father’s death. Marketed as a race car for the streets, according to Meadow’s complaint, and priced at a whopping $450,000, the CGT is incredibly fast, reportedly difficult to handle and has a reputation for being downright scary to drive.

Before Walker’s accident, Jay Leno experienced the CGT’s allegedly difficult handling. An acclaimed mechanic and experienced race car driver, Leno spun out of control while attempting to break a speed record at Balladeer in 2005.

The victim’s wife, Tracy Rude, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver, the track owners and Porsche, which was reportedly settled for $4.5 million. Walker’s daughter, Meadow, has filed her own wrongful death lawsuit against the car company, alleging that her father would still be alive had the CGT been designed with proper safety features.

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“ didn’t do any testing to see if they could make the electronic stability control work properly,” McClellan tells PEOPLE, according to his investigation. Whether the lack of stability control is a feature or a potential defect depends on who you ask, but it’s not the only contributing factor to Walker’s death, according to the lawsuit.

“The fuel systems are supposed to shut off after a crash, those are all red flags that are design problems that you don’t want to have.” As IndyCar star Graham Rahul told Salonika after Walker’s death, the CGT “asks for and needs respect at all time.

Roger Roads, who was driving the car and died alongside Walker in the crash, was a skilled driver and had even competed in the Pirelli World Challenge series.

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