Can Morning Walk Reduce Weight

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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In fact, each time of day offers unique benefits to the body. For instance, if you are looking to have the most amount of energy in your day, you should go for a walk in the morning.

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You can lose more weight by walking in the morning because you can speed up your metabolism right at the beginning of the day. Below are some of the more significant benefits you can gain when you walk every day in the morning.

As you find later on in the list, walking has a number of physical benefits that will lead to improve blood flow to your entire body including your brain. Because you have a higher overall energy level from morning walks, you will naturally want to get more things done throughout the day.

When you don’t move around, you will notice that your body will get sluggish and your mind will get foggy. The good news is that you don’t need to walk too long or run in order to improve your body flow.

All you need to do is walk at a moderate pace for about 15 minutes to get the blood flowing throughout your body. One of the big problems of people who are chronically overweight is that they have a poor time digesting their food.

The good news is that walking every day will help you digest your food better. It is recommended that you go for a walk about 15 to 30 minutes after your breakfast to digest your meal better.

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There are literally thousands of research and medical studies that have linked walking to weight loss. If you are looking to lose weight by walking, it is important to note that the process will take time.

This can cause people to plop themselves on the sofa, eat comfort food and binge-watch Netflix. The good news is that walking can help break this cycle by improving your mood and motivating you to eat better.

The key to walking and mood improvement is the stimulation of blood flow to the brain. With an improved mood, you will feel better and weight loss will be much easier for you.

This will allow you to be more organized and to easily integrate morning walks into your daily routine. You can even take a little break in the middle of your walk if 15 minutes is too long.

It is important that you don’t miss too many morning walks, or you won’t be able to maintain your daily routine. Therefore, set a number of visual and audio reminds during your first month to keep you on your habit.

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For an audio reminder, put an alarm on your phone or your desktop. It is a good idea to set goals in order to keep you motivated to walk every day.

For instance, a 15-minute walk at a moderate pace is about 1 mile in distance. As you accomplish your weekly and monthly goals, you will be better able to stay on top of your morning walks.

Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve these weekly and monthly goals. It is really critical that you don’t miss a day of walking, especially during your first few weeks.

In fact, your body will crave that morning walk in order to get that shot of blood circulation and endorphin production. Research has shown that people who are able to “forgive themselves” for slipping up are better able to get back on their daily habit than those who “beat themselves up.” Simply get back to walking the next day and try your best to stay consistent.

By having any time of daily walking habit, you will be well on your way to permanent weight loss and better overall health. Also, going for a walk between 4PM and 7PM is optimal for lower body muscle development.

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That is when you body temperature and hormone growth is highest during the day. Also, make sure that you lift your knees up to your waist to ensure that you are stimulating your body enough.

However, if you simply go to bed earlier, you will be able to find time in the morning to go for a walk. Also, if you are a busy person, then morning walks are a great way to stimulate your body and give you more energy throughout the day.

Consider walking the energy boost that will help you be more productive throughout your day. Also, a couple of daily walks is a great way to take a break from your hectic day.

You can go for a walk after breakfast and improve your digestion which will help you lose weight and feel great. Simply go for a 15–minute walk, at a moderate pace, every day, and you will start seeing results in a couple of weeks.

You are welcome to share your daily walking routine in the comments section below. You can include information as to when you walk during the day and how much weight you have lost.

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Sharing your input will help others begin and maintain their daily walking habits. Walking is an excellent form of exercise that can aid weight loss and provide other health benefits.

Still, compared with other forms of exercise, many people don’t view walking as effective or efficient for weight loss. This article explains whether walking for an hour per day can help you lose weight.

Other factors that influence the number of calories burned include terrain, outdoor/indoor temperature, and your age and sex (2). Walking 1 hour each day can help you burn calories and, in turn, lose weight.

This result indicates that the time spent walking may be correlated with weight loss. While walking itself can help you lose weight, it’s much more effective when combined with a calorie-restricted diet.

Interestingly, weight loss may also be influenced by whether you walk continuously or in shorter bursts. Those who did the two shorter workouts per day lost 3.7 pounds (1.7 kg) more than those who did 50 minutes of continuous walking.

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Nonetheless, other studies show no significant differences in weight loss between continuous and intermittent walking (7, 8). Summary Multiple studies confirm that walking promotes weight loss, especially when combined with a low calorie diet.

To lose weight, you must consistently eat fewer calories than you expend on a daily basis. Based on this theory, you would need to reduce your calorie intake by 500 for 7 days to lose 1 pound (0.45 kg) per week.

Part of this deficit can be achieved by walking 1 hour per day, while you can also gradually decrease the number of calories you consume. These benefits translate to a reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and overall mortality, as well as improved quality of life (17, 18, 19, 20).

Moreover, an extra 30 minutes of walking, on top of your normal daily activity, is associated with less weight gain over time. Summary Walking is associated with several health benefits beyond weight loss, including improved mood and quality of life, as well as a reduced risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

If you want to walk daily for exercise, it’s important to start slowly and progressively increase your duration and intensity. If you’re just starting, walking fast for a long time can leave you fatigued, sore, and unmotivated.

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As with any exercise regimen, it’s good to shake things up every so often to keep your routine engaging and challenging. Try upping your pace or walking steep hills, uneven terrain, or soft surfaces like sand or grass (26).

Summary You can keep yourself motivated on longer walks by switching up your routine. Remember to intensify your walking routine to progress toward your weight loss goal.

Regular morning walks are the most ideal and practical form of aerobic exercise, as they do not require any special equipment or gear. Walking is an excellent cardiovascular exercise because it elevates your heart rate.

Doing something that elevates your heart rate will burn calories and in turn, help you lose that excess weight. In order to achieve significant weight loss, you need to walk at a brisk pace.

According to Jessica Matthews, M.S., walking (which is a low-intensity aerobic exercise) burns 60 percent of calories from fat, whereas high-intensity aerobic exercises burn 35 percent of calories from fat. Moreover, a pre-breakfast morning walk helps you lose inches around your waist, and also reduces the blood fats that tend to clog arteries.

Morning walk benefits weight loss by maintaining an ideal body composition. Walking is a low-impact activity that can help you burn calories and build muscle, particularly if you pair it with healthy food that is consumed in moderation.

By walking for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, the average person can lose up to 18 pounds a year! This is because your legs, calves, hamstrings, glutes, shoulder and back muscles work harder to move forward.

Lower-body toning and muscle building are additional benefits of daily walking. Morning walks boost your blood circulation and give you the energy to get through your day.

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