Can Lil Wayne Skate

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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This isn’t Justin Bieber on a skateboard, trying to build street cred. Nor is it a way for the Young Money boss to sell more records to a new audience.

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The broadcast featured guests like Travis Scott, Baby face, Jessie Reyes, New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell and more. During the show, Wayne played two previously unreleased tracks from the upcoming deluxe edition of Funeral.

This year alone, Jonah Hill’s Mid90s is already receiving early critical acclaim, and this summer’s revelatory Skate Kitchen became a sleeper hit. Rappers from Travis Scott to ASAP Rocky have recently tried dipping their feet into the world of skateboarding, in often transparent attempts at co-opting the culture’s “cool” factor.

My favorite clip is of him skating a manual pad that rises off the ground as soon as he rolls onto it (I imagine that Weezy’s late entry into the sport has somewhat impinged his ability to Ollie very high). The past decade of the rapper’s career has been mired in legal battles with his label, Cash Money Records, and its founders, Bryan “Bird man” a.k.a.

If his run of legendary mixtapes and collaborations says anything, it’s that Lil Wayne is an artist fixated on evolution, on finding new ways to challenge and push himself. His flow has been morphed and mimicked dozens of times over and his oddball aesthetic has become more or less the norm within the rap world.

He stopped by the Skate park of Tampa for a late night session, where he pretty consistently did not fall, even cruising around confidently. Lil Wayne has gotten lots of attention over the past few weeks because of his album They Carter V and its subsequent delay.

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The album is said to boast an all-star list of guest features, but one that may surprise some fans is Reginae Carter, Wayne’s oldest daughter. She’s said to contribute vocals to a song called “Famous,” which was previewed on Instagram earlier this year.

In addition to Reginae, the New Orleans rapper has three other kids, with rumors of a possible fifth surfacing late last year. Reginae Carter was born on November 29, 1998, to Wayne and his high school sweetheart Antonia Wright (née Johnson).

The couple were married in 2004, but the latter filed for divorce two years later, citing inability to cope with Wayne’s lifestyle and his affair with singer Nivea as the primary causes. Reginae was the victim of an internet hoax in August 2008, when several outlets reported that she had died in a car accident.

Earlier this year, Reginae began dating Atlanta rapper YEN Gucci. Wayne had the child with radio host Sarah Ivan, who he met at one of his concerts three years earlier.

Ivan was born and raised in Cincinnati where she worked as a radio host for Street 94.5, but she currently lives in Atlanta with her son and her daughter Essence from a previous relationship. Empire BBK reports that Weezy and Ivan are still great friends and keep in close contact to raise Little Tuna together.

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The child’s mother, Lauren London, is an actress and model who first met Wayne back in 1998 when she was a teenager. According to Lil Wayne, London and Wayne were secretly engaged at one point, but ultimately decided to call it off due to incompatible lifestyles and career opportunities.

Wayne can be heard rapping about his relationship with London on the freestyles to “California Love“, “Young’n Blues“, and “Fronting’.” They refer to their son Cameron by the nickname Kill, and they also keep in close contact to raise him together. Wayne and Cameron was spotted at a Los Angeles Lakers game in 2016, and London posts several photos of him on her Instagram.

The rapper fathered him with R&B singer Nivea B. Hamilton, whom he met in 2002 and dated prior to his marriage to Antonia Wright. According to Lil Wayne, Wayne and Nivea nicknamed their son “Meatball,” and make a point of keeping him out of the spotlight as much as possible.

The report stems from an Instagram video of Wayne and Soda no where she appears to be sporting a baby bump in the background. Wayne was going to father another child with rapper Trina back in 2005, but Complex reports that she suffered a miscarriage.

Composite internet reports tell of a whirlwind adventure that took the Canadian artist through both San Francisco and Vallejo, as well as a handful of just about the most random East Bay spots you could think of (including Southland Mall, Eastman, the Oakland Zoo, and Gordon's Taquería on Solano). The whole point of the trip was to shoot a video for Take Care cut “The Motto,” which according to multiple reports went down in East Oakland and should be out soon.

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Soul Culture posted a photo of Drake on set with Mist ah FAB, wearing his ridiculous leopard-print North Face jacket. Fresh off announcing the release of They Carter V this Friday, Lil Wayne is now collaborating with 14 different designers and brands for a limited collection of merch dropping over the next nine days.

The roster of labels is curated by the music merch masterminds at Bravado, and will be released on shop.thacarterv.com at 5 p.m. The people behind them each have an emotional connection to Lil Wayne and the long legacy he's established not just in music, but also on the style front.

We got the chance to speak to several of the collaborators, who tell us about their favorite Wayne Moment” and share a bit about the myriad of inspirations behind each product. The final drop of They Carter V capsule collection sees Advisory Board Crystals reuniting with free Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia on a long-sleeve tee.

Cerebral streetwear label Brain Dead is known for its graphic-driven gear that makes esoteric art references and really bold prints. For They Carter V Brain Dead's Kyle NG taps '90s festival tees and psychedelic animals as inspiration.

PIZZASLIME's favorite Wayne Moment: “Definitely the week They Carter III came out. The brainchild of Alexandre Dalliance, better known as Millinery, POSTSEASONS is a young, Paris-based label known for its statement caps and tees, and already has a collaboration with luxury luggage brand Iowa under its belt.

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Its Fall/Winter 2018 collection shows an expanded oeuvre of outerwear and more cut-and-sew pieces, and this They Carter V collaboration also speaks to the label's rapid rise. I was like 11 or 12, from Paris, and not really into hip-hop at that age, but They Carter III really put me onto the American hip-hop scene, and all the songs like ‘Lollipop’ and ‘A Mill’ inspired to me to do what I did later in fashion.

Even though he’s aggressive and curses in his lyrics, he’s painted a more vulnerable image on his own face, remembering family members who have passed with the tears and holding religion close with the cross. The next collaborative product to release for They Carter V is done in conjunction with Scott Pepper's Ignored Prayers line.

Known for playful graphics with a meta-referential pop culture sensibility, the brand also has a penchant for garment dyeing its gear for a lived-in, neo-vintage appeal. Scott Pepper's long-sleeve tee pays homage to the eclectic style of Wayne's flow.

I wanted the type to evoke an emotion and that's why ‘CARTER’ is sharp and has a bit of heavy metal inspiration to it. Fresh off his recent feature in the latest issue of Highsnobiety magazine, Mike Sherman of Chinatown Market offers up a special T-shirt inspired by '90s hip-hop tees for They Carter V.

Channeling the label's penchant for nostalgia and bootlegs, this limited-edition tee pays homage to old-school graphics and Wayne's musical legacy. Mike Sherman's favorite Wayne Moment: : They Carter III for me kind of fucking blew my mind as a kid.

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He just had a big effect on me as a young person listening to rap music, just having a different perspective and being weird. The Inspiration: “We really wanted to have the opportunity to have our own execution of a parking lot-style bootleg shirt that you may only find outside a Lil Wayne concert.

The back graphics turn They Carter V collection into a fictional track list. When I discovered Lil Wayne in maybe the 4th or 5th grade with my friend Chad, it really changed the way I listened to music.

Advisory Board Crystals is a psychedelic-inspired label whose graphics are influenced by space travel, holistic healing, and all types of Trippe stuff. My best friend’s boyfriend was older than us, so we would always drive around in his car with him, and that’s when we would listen to it blasting with his crazy 305 style speakers.

The result of that tuned frequency is the ability to be creative and exist at any and all of our maximum potentials. From simple typeface graphics to more subdued takes on streetwear fare, dirtbag's collaboration with Lil Wayne includes a skull that depicts several of Wayne's famous face tattoos, combined with one of the most memorable quotes from his 2012 deposition.

Cryptic label Cactus Plant Flea Market is known for its puffy prints and dadaist graphics that give its wares an undeniably offbeat appeal. Their contribution to this collaboration pays homage to Wayne's hometown of New Orleans, which was hit hard by category 5 Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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Part tight-knit skate crew, part-killer clothing line, Illegal Civilization is known for its great videos as much as its lo-fi graphics with a cartoon-like sensibility. Illegal Civilization's Mikey Alfred recalls the first time he met Lil Wayne when he came to skate the bowl at Supreme's Los Angeles store, forming an instant bond.

But it wasn't until Alfred and company began working on Cherry Bomb: The Documentary that he was able to connect on a deeper level with the artist. Alfred's reverence and respect for Lil Wayne shines in this collaborative tee melding Illegal Civilization's DIY aesthetic with the spirit of anticipation around They Carter V.

All he says is: ‘ Wayne is ready now, you down to go over there?’ I reply: ‘Hell yeah, text me the address.’ I pull up to a CVS parking lot around 3:30 am, and Taco says: ‘Get in with me. We’ll go together.’ I hop in Taco’s BMW, we pull up to a random recording studio in Hollywood.

The only part that was challenging was figuring out the Dino’s: How do we make them look like real people but staying close to our cartoon aesthetic? Preston tapped several artists off of Etsy to bring his ideas to life, resulting in an authentic, DIY appeal to the final design.

One of the first directions I started to take was his lyric that I can ’t really get out of my head: ‘What’s a goon to a goblin?’ That was one of his most famous lines.

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