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• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
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How Biden's digital team tamed the MAGA internet All I heard are his spoken words with childish rhymes and sounds like a d|ck in his mouth while he raps.

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Who ever wrote this can get on your knees and suck a dick because Lil Wayne can rap circles around u, he's possibly the sickest rapper to hit the radio, TV, and your mp3. I bet u can't rap for your mom, Lil Wayne is the best freestyle so don't get things twisted homey.

The laid-back track comes off the rapper’s latest mixtape, No Ceilings 3, hosted by DJ Khalid, which dropped exclusively on Ratliff last week. King Freestyle marks Lil Wayne and Drake’s first collaboration since 2017’s “Family Feud” remix.

Earlier this year, the two hip-hop icons teased the possibility of collaborating when Drake stopped by Wayne’s Young Money Radio show on Apple Music. The 20-track No Ceilings 3 marks the latest mixtape in Wayne’s No Ceilings series, and features contributions from Young Thug, HoodyBaby, Gudda, and Euro, among many others.

Earlier this year the artist made the original No Ceilings (2009) available across all digital streaming platforms for the very first time. No Ceilings 3 also follows LilWayne’s 13th studio album, Funeral, which dropped at the top of the year.

The star-studded album included such guests as Big Sean, 2 Chain, Lil Baby, The-Dream, XXXTentacion, Jay Rock, Takeoff, Adam Levine, O.T. Genesis, and Little Twist, and debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200, marking the rapper’s fifth chart-topping album in the US.

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In June, the rapper released a deluxe edition of the album, which added eight new tracks and contributions from Dora Cat, Lil Uzi Vert, Jessie Reyes, Tory Lane, Benny The Butcher, and Conway the Machine. The two artists spoke about their influences, growing up in the south, and their creative processes, among other topics.

‘Here Come The Warm Jets’: Bathing In Brian Eno’s Genius The rapper first announced the project back in August during an appearance on ESPN, where he also said that fans could expect the release of They Carter VI in the near future.

Wayne released the project just days later, and one highlight has been “BB King Freestyle, ” which boasts and a guest appearance from Drake. The two rappers reunited once again, adding to a lengthy list of collaborations, including “Miss Me,” “She Will,” and “Love Me.” On their latest effort, the two rap over a smooth and luxurious beat.

Takeover, the breaks over Hit yo' breaks 'cause the race over, I'm the case closer Bust yo' whole fucking face open, that's a makeover Lean makes every soda grape soda, purple taste golden Make me have my skaters skate over to your place soldier You a play soldier, you a snak, you are a fake cobra You ain't safe, have th safe open, I need payola On yo' knees, nigga where the keys? I'm like Beethoven It's like bringing a knife to a gunfight, a pen to a test I bring the night to his sunlight and zen to her stress I bring the gun to a fist fight, the dick to her breast She wants the come on her tongue like it's mint to her breath This is grown man BI, R.I.P B. I Nigga, you might be a CI, talking' to the FBI Big beast to the east-side, now she's on my G5 Fuck on her to some C5, cut on Funeral, and she dies Your reach ain't long enough, yo' peeps ain't strong enough Yo' beach ain't warm enough You ain't been in the throne 'Cause the seat ain't warm enough And nigga, I'm the only one I got the crown on, I'm the goat and you are the pony, son Don't let me do it to him Dune 'cause I overdo it The choppy was too big for me, had to grow into it His stylist split his wig for me if I told her do it We hit his crib and broke into it, if it's smoke, we blew it We don't believe you, you need more people Ain't shit sweet, boy, you need more Equal ain't running' shit boy feed your Ezekiel All my niggas rich boy, clean no illegal Don't let em gas you, like Tune chi reading Thrasher He won't thrash you 'cause I'll be glad to split your apple, I had to Stab you, chop you up in the bathroom so casual Then drop you off in front of a chapel with candles Detach you, body from soul Anita Baker body and soul, come out of my soul I made a way to the rockiest roads and highway patrol Full speed ahead clean the bread from the sloppiest does I got it in the hot and the cold, the mud in the rain I stomach the pain, got more bloods than the blood in my veins I'm hunting' the game, you guys ain't fucking with Wayne Ask your vibe 'cause she fucking' Lil Wayne, yeah.

The people most in shock had missed the wood shedding Wayne had done over the course of seven Squad Up mixtapes and his The Drought 1 and 2 and Prefix releases. But even as They Carter pushed him to a new level of acclaim, the album was unable to crown him rap’s ruler, a title he was sure he’d by then already earned.

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A native of New Orleans (“That’s why I holler ‘Holly grove’ on each and every song,” he raps on They Carter II’s “Fly In”), Wayne (born Dwayne Carter in 1982) started writing rhymes at eight or nine, attracting the attention of Cash Money Records cofounder Bryan “Baby” Williams by freestyling relentlessly into Williams’ voicemail. After joining the short-lived but influential Hot Boys with fellow Cash Money rappers Juvenile B.G., and Turk, Wayne launched an instantaneously successful solo career, exploring his ever-evolving lyricism while moving further into the mainstream, turning out a dizzying string of albums and mixtapes in the 2000s that were as radical as they were popular, his They Carter series most notable among them.

American rapper born September 27, 1982, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Yet, as I covered Sunday, rapper/actor Ice Cube recently met with the Republican President for a three-hour meeting on Black America.

Add to that the founder of BET offering considerable praise, and iconic musician Kanye West having been greatly complimentary of the Commander-in-Chief, and you’ve got some very highly visible reminders that what once was assumed by the Party of the Donkey has incurred a considerable mule kick. On Thursday, rap superstar Lil Wayne announced his support for the GOP incumbent.

Trump wasn’t in the White House (Obama was on his way instead), everybody was watching Iron Man at the movie theater, and Britney Spears was in the headlines for her tumultuous life crisis, chronicled carelessly by gossip blogs the world over. Meanwhile, the Billboard 100 was in the stronghold of a rapper who’d spent the past two months crawling up the charts with a tongue-in-cheek, fellatio-fueled anthem that made your parents wince.

LilWayne’s “Lollipop,” an auto-tune heavy banger, would have experienced a viral, spin-off following on social media, probably catalyzed by a Liner of some sort, if we’d fully understood what that entailed back then. The four records that followed the chart topping, award-winning They Carter III were well-received, if not by critics than by his fervent fans; each album nabbing a number one or two spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

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But those rumors were swirling when They Carter V’s release was a few months away, and with the record indefinitely shelved, Wayne has tried to fill the silence with innumerable mixtapes and EPs that have failed to match the kind of success his past work so readily received. “I am a prisoner and so is my creativity,” he tweeted, somewhat sadly five days before the record was due to drop on the revised date of December 2014, already seven months off schedule.

A month after the lawsuit, Wayne told Rolling Stone that They Carter V was “a dead subject right now”, “a jewel in the safe” and “stash-house money.” After months of legal battles that wound up taking him nowhere, he dropped an album exclusively through JAY-Z’s TIDAL, collaborating with friends and artists that worked on it pro bono; a move that we all know isn’t necessarily a surefire route to highly-publicized success. The breaking of the silence held between Bird man and Weezy broke at the beginning of 2016, when the pair were spotted at Drake New Year’s Eve bash, then on stage together where they publicly admitted they were on speaking terms.

When he was sent to jail in January of this year, his copy of They Carter V became property of the US government, who seized it as payment for the security-fraud charges he was landed with. Despite the fact he hasn’t been present on the Billboard-approved mainstream rap scene for some time, LilWayne’s Instagram account still boasts some 7.5 million followers.

It’s plastered with adverts for Bum bu, his Caribbean rum venture, alongside sporadic tour date announcements and teasers for songs from his latest mixtape, Dedication 6. But today, we’re used to rapping stars being omnipresent, constantly working on mixtapes and singles, touring incessantly to ensure they’re ingrained in our minds.

Several other prominent American rappers have previously endorsed Trump for president, including Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Lil Pump, though 50 Cent apparently backtracked his endorsement on Oct. 24 and West announced his own presidential bid on July 4.

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