Can Lil Wayne Actually Skate

Ava Flores
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
• 9 min read

This isn’t Justin Bieber on a skateboard, trying to build street cred. Nor is it a way for the Young Money boss to sell more records to a new audience.

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While Lil Wayne was in Miami, before closing down Red Bull Guest House with a solid performance (and revealing some music news), he met up with skater Today Pud will for a session at his private skate park. This year alone, Jonah Hill’s Mid90s is already receiving early critical acclaim, and this summer’s revelatory Skate Kitchen became a sleeper hit.

Rappers from Travis Scott to ASAP Rocky have recently tried dipping their feet into the world of skateboarding, in often transparent attempts at co-opting the culture’s “cool” factor. My favorite clip is of him skating a manual pad that rises off the ground as soon as he rolls onto it (I imagine that Weezy’s late entry into the sport has somewhat impinged his ability to Ollie very high).

The past decade of the rapper’s career has been mired in legal battles with his label, Cash Money Records, and its founders, Bryan “Bird man” a.k.a. But even beyond his legal battles, Wayne has veered since his premiers days, an era when he was the undisputed “best rapper alive,” known for out-of-this-world witticisms and metaphors.

He’s been chased by expectations that he may simply be not very interested in meeting, and his predilection for exploration hasn’t always been met with open arms from fans (remember 2010s Rebirth?) If his run of legendary mixtapes and collaborations says anything, it’s that Lil Wayne is an artist fixated on evolution, on finding new ways to challenge and push himself.

His flow has been morphed and mimicked dozens of times over and his oddball aesthetic has become more or less the norm within the rap world. The fact that skateboarding, too, has become a dominant feature in rap likely speaks to Wayne’s uncanny ability to be miles ahead of his peers.

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Ok I've been skating for 10 years so if you don't ask what's the difference between a guy who skates and a skater ...I'm just getting tired of the fake ****. Wayne will try something new based on what ever trend is out then being a complete novice and beginner he flaunts around with a guitar like. “Its him” when it's not I also play the guitar and make rock music which I was offended by him being a fraud.

Now he calls himself a skater he can barley Ollie and drop in but yet he's running around with skateboards in his videos he wears a skateboard necklace which real skaters don't wear that **** it only makes him look like a fan not a skater. Little Wayne should stick to rapping, but to answer your question; he said this in an interview a while back... “So I watch television and I get real amped.

So I put a ramp on the roof about five months ago, and man, I’ve been skating ever since.” I admit, I'm not a fan of his music but if he wants to try skating, he can.

The most relevant answer is going to come from Lil Wayne soon........ :) nice weather we're having He could buy to mammals booty if he wanted.

Nov 08, 2013Image via QuartersnacksQuartersnacks, a skate blog that's “really a rap site” caught up with Connor Champion, a pro skater who serendipitously wound up on tour skateboarding on stage with Lil Wayne for two months. In case you didn't know, Wayne's summer “America's Most Wanted” tour featured chaotic lighting, psychedelic projections, and skate ramps (naturally).

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This interview puts Wayne's love for skating into perspective, and sheds a little light on what it's like to be on the road with one of the biggest rappers in the world. Bird man coming onto our bus with a million dollars worth of jewelry on and rolling dice with Guide and Mack.

It's easy to assume that his new favorite hobby is some kind of gimmick, but it seems his commitment is undeniable. During their conversation, YD shares the story of how he ended up featured on Side A of LilWayne‘s No Ceilings 3 mixtape, which happened from first meeting Wayne while with Little Twist at The Berries skate park in L.A.

The Chicago born rapper, who now lives in Dallas, also spoke on Tune chi liking his skateboarding style, going on a skate tour with Tune for 2 weeks, his personal favorite songs from NC3, filming “Growing Up Hip Hop” with Twist, his top 3 favorite music artists, Young Thug recently downplaying Andre 3000, and more! The Limp Biz kit frontman mentioned people would be very surprised to see how metal Wayne actually is, as well as how they have bonded over skateboarding in the past.

Episode 11 took place on Friday night (July 10th) of LilWayne‘s Young Money Radio show, which included special guests Kid Audi, Gucci Mane, Rich The Kid, Bubba Wallace, and Ashley Robinson. During the show, Wayne chatted to Rich about his top 3 skaters before making a promise to attend his wedding with his wife, talked to Ashley about how it feels to be the first African American President of the Football Championship Subdivision Athletics Directors Association (FCS ADA), and spoke with Gucci about music, sending a new song over, his new book, sports and how he was supposed to go on a tour until COVID-19 happened.

It’s very possible that this unreleased song could appear on their forthcoming Young Mule compilation that has been teased a few times in the past ! 1.2k Views Comments Off on LilWayne’s Skateboarding Skills Surprisingly Good, Says Pro SkaterGrammy-winning rapper LilWayne‘s quest to be one of the best skateboarders alive by next year appears to be on track as professional skater Rob Derek calls the Young Money boss’ learning rate remarkable.

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“I think it’s pretty amazing, because a lot of rappers have gotten into skateboarding over the years, but this is like, he’s so dedicated,” Derek said. “He goes to all the contests, flies out to street leagues … he’s friends with all the pros.

“I mean, you couldn’t possibly start skating at 26 or 27, it’s going to take you some time to get good, that’s just the reality, but he is learning at a pretty remarkable rate, which we all love, because he will get so excited; like we all know the feeling of what it feels like to land a trick for the first time, and now we see that coming out of him, where he’ll freak out! Over the summer, fellow pro skater Stevie Williams hit up SOHO and gave his reaction to Wayne’s skateboarding obsession.

He’s still got a long way to go, but Lil Wayne is taking this skateboarding thing very seriously, and you can see the improvement in this latest video. When Tune chi sets his mind to something, he takes it as far as possible, and this new skating obsession is no different.

They haven’t signed on with a network yet, but they’re hoping to create some good content to prove just how knowledgeable and entertaining they can be. With his recent passing of Elvis Presley as the artist with the most Hot 100 chart appearances, it’s understandable that Weezy would want to try his hand at something new.

Talking about sports takes a unique skill set and plenty of time to work out the kinks. Regardless, betting against Lil Wayne has proven to be a disastrous idea plenty of times in the past, and there’s no reason to think he can ’t climb this mountain as well.

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Mack Raw den View Profile Enthusiastic about Clue, case-of-the-week mysteries, the NBA and cookies at Disney World. Recording artist Lil Wayne skates in a new skateboard park he helped finance along with Flu Agency and Mountain Dew, in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012.

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